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“I’m incredibly excited to play the passionate and powerful Rei.
I’ll passionately do my best as the Sailor Soldier I looked up to!”

★☆The next day☆★
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Yo ho, Yo ho
How are you all doing?!
This is Kanon, who loves Saaton!

…I kind of feel like I’m in a different time zone from everyone else…Oh well~!

I’ve been hoping and hoping!! To go to Disney Land!

I went(*^^*)
Yah-hoo (Yah-hoo)

I met with Miiyan at 7:30am and we went together.(`・ω・)

I was super duper sleepy…I’m a dummy. An idiot.

Seriously. We were like “Why are we here? We’re dumb. Ahahahahaha!”

It was fun. (。・ω・)

Saaton arrived in the afternoon and we made her ride Splash Mountain. ψ(`∇´)ψ

She said it was her first time!

So we worked hard to craft a lie and reassured her that we’d be by her side!

Saaton did her best!!!

This is Saaton praying before she got on.

…She’s beautiful.

“Kanon I’m scared!!! Aaaaah!!” ←The two of us laughed as we cheered her on.(*^^*)


Miyabi was so intense that I was like “Who is that??”… She’s a genius. (`・ω・´)

As for me! I bought goods for the first time~!


Ms. Saika and Shii-chan came after 6:00pm, so the three of us did the Pretty Guardian dance as we waited so it would be easy for them to find us!

Now that I think about it, no one was around us…

We stayed until the park closed~☆☆

It was super fun. (*^^*)

Next time the Four Generals and 5 soldiers and Serenity are going to go~!

I’m looking forward to iiiit!!!

Ms. ROOT was supposed to come too but she had to work…

I felt lonely so I called her!
I bought her a souvenir!

I wonder if she’ll really take me to the aquarium~
Churaumi would be great, Ms. ROOT.
She’s also going to teach me to play darts.(`・ω・)ゞ
(TN: Churaumi is in Okinawa, so that would be a full on vacation xD)

I’m praying I get to see everyone again!(*^^*)

Oh yeah! Yesterday!

I was running around doing this and that and I ran into some of my friends★

Even Natsu & Ayaka!! That’s a holiday for you☆Everyone was out enjoying themselves.

♪ Kanon ♪

Thank you so much for leaving me so many comments.(T_T)
I was really really happy that people said they loved my Rei-chan/Mars!!

Being supported by Rei-chan/Mars sand Sailor Moon lovers
made be bawl all over the place.

And! I got messages from people who supported me even before Sailor Moon!
I’m so happy☆

I got lots of letters too!!

I’ve read them over and over with tears in my eyes.(>_<) I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart for your hand made presents... I'll treasure them☆ Please continue to support Nanaki. (・∀・)ノ

★☆I love them☆★
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How are you guys doing?!!

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon -La Reconquista-

Last week I, Kanon, successfully made it through the finale! (・ω・´)

To everyone who came to see us and who cheered us on,
and to people who worried for different reasons, thank you so very much!!!

I really depended on the cast & staff a lot!
I learned a lot from them! I’m reaaaally in their debt!!

I love them!!
I really love them!!!!

Sailor Mars, Rei-chan… everything about her is difficult for me,
so I might have depressed the Sailor Moon fans.

So if I’m able to play Mars again someday, I’ll do my best to become more like Rei-chan/Mars!

To the point that the Sailor Moon fans will say
“Rei-chan/Mars is here…!” !!

I’ll do my best so that people will love my Rei-chan/Mars!!!!!

Aaaah, I had so much fun. (*^^*)

The rehearsals were seriously wonderful. (。・ω・)

I’m happy from the bottom of my heart to have met everyone!

We ate together lots! We talked lots!
When we received the beef bentos all of our eyes lit up!

Ms. Shintani said that she’d like to draw like me. (`・ω・)

Ms. Koro calls me her daughter.

Ms. Hatsukaze told me many times that I’m passionate!

Saaton the worm is cute.

I have lots of fun stories to tell!

I’ll tell them next time!

I’m grateful, super grateful that everyone taught me so many things despite my inexperience. (T^T)

I love the other 4 soldiers!
I’m glad we met and worked hard together.
We’ll see each other again! (*^^*)

It was a wonderful and awesome summer being 16!!!

Mimi-chan and Momo-chan are super cute! I love them!

Runa-chan and Meina-chan, thank you for coming!
They even gave me a present that looks delicious…! I’m so glad to be alive!

Oh, the producer of Dolly♪Kanon also came!
We got to high five for the first time in ages, yay!

Thank you all for the wonderful letters and presents!
I’ll ☆treasure☆ them for my whole life.

My friends and seniors too, woooo!

Until we meet again…!

Here we go~! 3, 2, 1…

(TN: She’s combining “aishiteru” (I love you) with the “ru” sound in ROOT’s name.)

♪ Kanon ♪

★☆Charging Energy!!☆★
Original Source

How are you guys doing? (・ω・`)ゞ

The first half is over~

of the Sailor Moon Musical!!

To everyone who came on the 15th & 16th during the bad weather★ Are you guys okay?

To everyone who has been coming to support us despite your own busy lives★ Thank you very much♪

To everyone planning to come to the rest of the shows★ Please be careful on your way to the theater~!

From the bottom of my heart, I’m grateful to all of the people supporting the Sailor Moon musical.☆

I’ll give it my all until the very end. (・ω・)ノ

Today we’re taking a break from the show。。
But I’ve had a bunch to do all day.

Oh! Today I’ll be on the show “Gods of Backstage” at 21:00~.
Other cast members will be there too, including ROOT-san who I l-l-llooove~(●´mn`)

I wonder if I’ll be okay。。。

Yup! Everyone will be with me so I’ll be fine!

Oh yeah! Rina came to the opening day!
I’m glad I got to talk to her a bunch for the first time in ages~

We talked for so long that we forgot to take a picture…

I displayed her flowers along with my rose from Mr. Hiramitsu~。・。・゜

♪ Kanon ♪

Miiyan and I went to the audience seats to recieve all of your energy!

Energy power, come to us!!

It’s heeeere !!!?

★☆It’s gonna start☆★
Original Source

How are you guys doing? (・ω・`)

It’s finally here☆

Opening day at last!

I’m talking about the Sailor Moon musical. (・ω・)ノ

I worked super duper hard at rehearsals. I even practiced my stage makeup!

Saaton is Usagi.
Miyabi is my mom.
Shii-chan is my big sister (and sometimes a baby).
Yuu-chan is my teacher.
Saika-san is a PTA member.
Koro-san is my dad.
and I love ROOT-san!

I’ve been truly happy to be surrounded by wonderful people.

We can only stay together until the finale…

I want all of this happiness to reach you guys!!

I’m off~!!!

♪ Kanon ♪

Someone snapped a photo right as I was trying on ROOT-san’s shoes~

The person fast asleep in the front is Saaton.☆

Cast Blog Relay Vol. 3 ☆ It’s Rei~
Original Source

Nice to meet you all.

This is Nanaki Kanon, playing Rei. ヾ(=^ω^=)ノ

I’m having fun and working hard every day with the cast and staff at rehearsals. ♪♪

At the rehearsal hall there are always lots of snacks to eat.☆

They’re all so delicious that it’s really hard to keep from overeating. (´;ω;`)

Speaking of delicious food!

Ms. Naoko Takeuchi brought us some!


It was a gift~♪

There was watermelon and peach and apple and mango and grape and melon, it was so extravagant!

After a lot of thinking I choose peach and watermelon.

The cups were so cute. So after I finished eating I carefully washed them and brought them home to display with my other treasures.★

They were delicious. ・。・゜

Of course the rehearsals aren’t just about delicious food.

I feel deeply happy for all of the guidance I receive from the teachers and the cast.

Being here makes me feel grateful from the bottom of my heart!

In order to convey this happiness to everyone supporting the Sailor Moon musical, I’m going to keep working really really hard.

(;`・ω・´)!! Oh yeah! Usagi~ has been cheating~

Ms. Saika is supposed to belong to everyoooone(`ω´)

I’m gonna tell Mamoru. ー_―〆

・。゜・。Rei☆Nanaki。・ ゜ 。

☆★…It’s hoot☆★
Original Source (Only an excerpt is translated.)

◇The Sailor Moon Musical♪ I’m also really looking forward to it. (^・ω・^)ノ

Ticket presales have already started through Nelke and it feels like the show is getting closer already, so I’m running around like crazy!

◇To study for the role of Mars I’ve been watching a lot of the source material! Kitagawa Keiko-san is really amazing☆

◇I’ve watched all of the Sailor Moon Musical♪ DVDs☆

I’ve watched them over and over. I’m going to keep watching! Thank you for your support★

☆★Next, Nanaki☆★
Original Source (Only an excerpt is translated.)

◇Sailor Soldier! Amazingly! I’m now allowed to tell you about this☆

(For details please check the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Musical site.)

I love Mako-chan, and every morning I had my hair done like hers♪

I always really looked up to Rei-chan, so I’ll passionately give the role my all. (・∀・)ノ

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