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“Zoicite has appeared many different ways in the manga, anime, etc.
This time I’ll portray him with a serious nature and a strong sense of justice.”

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Opening Day! [Sailor Moon]
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Today was the opening day of the musical “Sailor Moon”~(≧∀≦)
Thank you very much!!!

Before the show the director Mr. Hiramitsu gave us each a rose. (^^)

I’m grateful for the love from the Sailor Moon fans and everyone in the audience.♡
We’ll all combine our powers and do our best all the way through the finale!!!

The show runs until the 23rd!
By all means, please come to see it. (^^)

The musical’s Zoicite♪

[Sailor Moon] Matsuura Miyabi!
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The musical “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon.”

Every day we’ve been having hot! passionate! rehearsals.

The cast is truly full of beautiful girls. To the right, the left, above, below, it’s all beautiful girls!!!

Everyone shines with beauty~

On the way home from rehearsal I took pictures with Matsuura Miyabi, Sailor Mercury/Mizuno Ami.

The director, Mr. Hiramitsu said

“You two look like sisters,” and grinned at us.

But that’s a secret.

If I had a sister this cute…

I’d spoil her…

I’ll continue to do my best at rehearsals.(^^)

In the role of Zoicite,
Saika Ryo


2013.08.17 7:02PM | Original Source
@chitoseruto: I want to eat some grilled beef~. Ms. Koro was talking about delicious beef and now I can’t get it out of my head. (  ̄▽ ̄)
2013.08.17 7:28PM
@takahashiyudesu: @chitoseruto I want to eat some…
2013.08.17 7:42PM
@saikaryo814: @takahashiyudesu @chitoseruto I had some on the way home. \(^o^)/

2013.08.16 6:06PM | Original Source
@takahashiyudesu: I left my script at the rehearsal haaaaall m(_ _)m
2013.08.16 6:07PM
@saikaryo814: @takahashiyudesu Good work today! It’s on top of the creative staff’s desk~
2013.08.16 6:51PM
@takahashiyudesu: @saikaryo814 Thaank you so much (;_;) Good work today! Let’s do well tomorrow too♡

2013.06.23 6:44PM | Original Source
@koro_bu_chika: Today was the second dress rehearsal [for Uso wo Tsuita Shimokitazawa] and tomorrow the real show begins. Amazingly, my costar in Sailor Moon, Saika Ryo-san ( @saikaryo814 ) brought me gifts! I’m touched. Thank you so much, Saika-san!
2013.06.23 9:06PM
@saikaryo814: @koro_bu_chika Good work on your rehearsal! I’m glad I got to see you~! Good luck with your show tomorrow. (^^)
2013.06.24 4:03AM
@koro_bu_chika: @saikaryo814 Me too, you gave me strength. Thank you very much, I’ll do my best.

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