Sailor Fanbuch – Sailor Princesses (english)

These galleries and downloads are English translations of “Das Offiziele Sailor Fanbuch” – officially licensed German Sailor Moon fan books that were released between 1999 and 2000 by Diamond Publishing. Originally, the Germans had translated the first five Japanese official Pretty Soldiers Official Fan Books into their own language, however, due to the immense popularity of those items in Germany, Diamond Publishing eventually expanded on the line, creating 22 books in all. 17 of the 22 books are completely original works which you can’t find anywhere else.

These have been translated by our German staff member, P-chan. Please note while reading these translations, that these books are essentially the German equivalent of our Tokyopop and other releases. This means that the books may not necessarily reflect accurate information in comparison to the show. This is most notable when these books print out “Rea” instead of “Rei” and so on. These are direct translations of the books, and to maintain the integrity of these translations, nothing canon has been “fixed” as a result.

The German raw of this book can be seen here.

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Download: pdf

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  1. Kousagi

    Lovely translations! ♥ My only nitpick is the use of “belligerent” to describe the princesses on page 18. Belligerent is more associated with, say for example, people who become too intoxicated and lose control, often embarrassingly. Kriegerisch, I think, was meant to imply something more like a warrior noble in this context. Considering we know what the senshi are, I’d probably suggest something like “Guardian Princess” relating to the idea of a Guardian as something of a sentinel or protector-warrior. That’s just my suggestion though. ^__^ Everything else is rockin!


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