Sailor Moon Anime Merchandise Scanlations

Miss Dream hosts a collection of translated Sailor Moon anime merchandise scanlation downloads. By selecting the links below, you can view the galleries for each particular project, as well as download .rar archive files. Our manga releases have been converted into .pdf format for use on your eReader of choice.

Currently Translated Items:

Character Bread Party Set

Sailor Stars Jumbo Banpresto Card Set

1993 Official Sailor Moon Fan Book
Kodansha TV Picture Book - Volume 6 - Sailor Jupiter Appears!
Kodansha TV Picture Book
Volume 6
Sailor Jupiter Appears!
Pretty Soldiers Official Fan Book-  Sailor Jupiter
Pretty Soldiers Official Fan Book- Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Keytar

Sailor Moon, known in Japan as Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (美少女戦士セーラームーン Bishōjo Senshi Sērāmūn?), is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi. Toei Animation produced an anime television series based on the manga. The series, also titled Sailor Moon, began airing in Japan on March 7, 1992 and ended on February 8, 1997. The series spans 200 episodes, and is one of the longest-running magical girl anime series. Sailor Moon sparked a highly successful merchandising campaign of over 5,000 items, which contributed to demand all over the world and translation into numerous languages. Sailor Moon has since become one of the most famous anime properties in the world. Sailor Moon consists of five separate arcs. The titles of the series are Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, Sailor Moon SuperS and Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. Each series roughly corresponds to one of the five major story arcs of the manga, following the same general storyline and including most of the same characters.

Here at Miss Dream you can read fully translated English versions of Sailor Moon anime merchandise scanlations, such as toy boxes, Sailor Moon card sets, Sailor Moon fan books, promotional pamphlets and flyers, and much more! Our site hosts a unique collection of Japanese Sailor Moon anime merchandise scanlations translated into English. This is a great resource for any serious collector of Japanese Sailor Moon anime merchandise who is wondering what the text on the side of their Sailor Moon doll box says!

This section will also feature materials related to the Sailor Moon anime that were never released outside of Japan, such as episode scripts, fan books, promotional ads and flyers, box set covers, and more! This is the best place on the internet for Sailor Moon anime merchandise scanlations!

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  1. Mishi

    I have a copy of the English Sailor Moon fanbook. Maybe I could scan it sometime. Really curious how that one is different from the Japanese version, considering all mention of Eternal Sailor Moon is cut out. If I can get my scanner working, I wouldn’t mind delivering raws to Miss Dream. :3

    Nice work on the Jupiter fanbook btw.

  2. Kate

    Thank you so much for doing this! Reading the 1993 fan book was a real treat and I’m sure the Jupiter fan book took a lot of work! :)


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