Prism Time 2 by Naoko Takeuchi

Prism Time 2 is a compilation of short stories by Naoko Takeuchi.

This volume includes the stories:

1. Rain Kiss
2. Yumemiru Rainy Button Dreaming Rainy Button
3. Secretna Kataomoi A Secret Unrequited Love
4. Love Call
5. Yume Janai ne? This Isn’t A Dream, Right?

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Rain Kiss was originally published in Amie magazine in March of 1997 – the only short story by Naoko Takeuchi that was published outside of Nakayoshi magazine during its first print. It was also the first new work that Naoko Takeuchi wrote after completing Sailor Moon. Naoko’s editor, Osano Fumio, also contributed to this work by translating song lyrics which appear in the story. This short story focuses on Shigure, a girl who is having trouble with her studies and may not graduate on time due to bad grades. One day she goes into her school library to try and catch up, where she happens upon the brightest pupil in her school – Ujou Rei. Ujou begins to tutor Shigure, when he discovers her hidden history with an old teacher, Mr. Matsunaga. This is my favorite story from the Prism Time series, so I encourage everyone to check it out. :)

Yumemiru Rainy Button (Dreaming Rainy Button) follows the story of Tomomii and her lingering crush on a boy named Misonou. Even though Tomomii has found a new boyfriend, she finds herself involved in a love triangle, unable to rid herself of old feelings. Her crush on Misonou appears to be unrequited, so she is tortured by her own thoughts. This is a great read with a wonderful ending!

Secretna Kataomoi (A Secret Unrequited Love) follows the story of Emi, and her unrequited crush on a boy named Gen, who she is class President with. She struggles with her feelings for Gen, especially since he has a very talented girlfriend whom Emi is fond of.

Love Call was Naoko Takeuchi’s debut work, for which she received an award from Nakayoshi magazine. It follows the story of Yurie, who is being cheated on by her boyfriend Tacchan. When Tacchan stands her up for a date, she bumps into another guy…another man named Tacchan. Will this one treat her any better? Read and find out!

Yume Janai ne? (This Isn’t a Dream, Right?) follows the story of Aizawa and her developing crush on a boy named Saeguchi, who loves remote controlled cars. Although Aizawa’s crush appears to be unrequited, it looks like she might have some hope if she can get to know Saeguchi through RC races.

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