Scanlations of Manga by Naoko Takeuchi

Miss Dream hosts a collection of scanlations of manga by Naoko Takeuchi for download. By selecting the links below, you can view the galleries for each particular project, as well as download .rar archive files. Our manga releases have been converted into .pdf format for use on your eReader of choice.

Although Naoko Takeuchi is most well-known for her work on Sailor Moon, she has published many other stories. Here are Miss Dream, our goal is to translate the entire canon of Naoko Takeuchi's published works. This includes translations for: Chocolate Christmas, Miss Rain, The Cherry Project, Prism Time, Toki Meca, Maria, PQ Angels, Love Witch, Sister Witch, and Ooboonuu and Chiiboonuu.

Other books by Naoko Takeuchi

Naoko's "Punch" Series

Mermaid Panic

Volume Packages

Individual Chapters of Volume 1

Naoko Takeuchi's Earliest Known Work

Kare wa no Sugar

Separate eBooks

Love Witch
Sister Witch
Toki Meca Prequel
Toki Meca Volume 2
PQ Angels

Naoko Takeuchi is a Japanese manga artist who lives in Tokyo, Japan. Takeuchi's works have a wide following among anime and manga fans worldwide. Her most popular work, Sailor Moon, rose to become one of the most recognized manga and anime products of all time. Naoko Takeuchi gained recognition as an artist at the age of 19 after winning Kodansha's 2nd New Manga Artist Award for her short story "Love Call". After that she rose to prominence after her series "The Cherry Project" became a huge success, with Codename: Sailor V and Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon going on to become mega-hit manga series.

Although many of Naoko Takeuchi's manga works were published in tankoubon or comic book format by Kodansha, some of her manga stories are only available by chapter via back issues of Nakayoshi magazine. We have separated her works by method of publication. The works that are found in the "tankoubon" section are fairly easy to find on sites like Yahoo!Japan Auctions or eBay. The works that are listed under the "chapter" section are extremely rare and difficult to find, and we are especially proud to have tracked them down and translated them for your enjoyment.

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