Sister Witch by Naoko Takeuchi

This is an English translation, or scanlation, of Sister Witch by Naoko Takeuchi.

Sister Witch follows the story of Ruri, a girl who has just turned 13 years old. On her way home from school on her birthday, she comes across a little girl playing in a deserted playground across the street from her house. Ruri discovers that she is part of a family of witches, and may chose to become a witch herself on the night of her birthday. She decides to take the rite and become a witch. But what does that mysterious little girl across the street have to do with this? Read and find out!

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Sister Witch was originally published in September of 2002, and was created as a spin-off series to Love Witch. Sister Witch was supposed to spark an entire series with new characters, running off of the same basic plot lines of Love Witch. Unfortunately, this never happened. No explanation has been given as to why, other than that Naoko Takeuchi has a very poor track record of finishing series after she completed Sailor Moon.

Because of this, Sister Witch was never released in tankoubon or book format, and so it is incredibly difficult to find. In order to find this short story, you have to own the individual chapter of Nakayoshi magazine from 2002 in which this story was printed. Since Nakayoshi magazine is a Japanese periodical, it is very difficult to find in America, and so this is the only English language site to offer both Japanese downloads of this story and full English translations of Sister Witch by Naoko Takeuchi.

Here at Miss Dream you can read Sister Witch by Naoko Takeuchi online for free. Full English translation scanlations of Sister Witch by Naoko Takeuchi available for free download or reading online.

8 Responses to “Sister Witch by Naoko Takeuchi”

  1. cLm

    Hmm… there’s an address on pg.204 to send fanmails.
    What’s the card file Naoko’s talking about which is “on sale”?

    • sassypants678

      It was a limited edition release – I doubt anybody will be able to find it now. D:

      • cLm

        If card file is a thing like clearfile, then I’m pretty sure I’ve seen something like that, totally based on the cover picture of Sister Witch. No new art => not interesting ^^’

        • sassypants678

          I think a card file is similar, and it’s probably the same image you’re thinking of.

  2. AnimangaFan

    I really liked this story it’s so cute, tobad it never continued but it has a somewhat closed ending at least.


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