Tragedy Strikes

They say bad things happen in threes. With the illness of one of our staff member’s grandmothers, the death of one of our staff member’s dogs, now the ultimate tragedy has occurred: the wife of one of our staff members, named Lia, unexpectedly drowned in the Delaware River.

She is survived by her husband, Tommy, and their one year old son.

With the current economic crisis, Tommy is currently out of work. While friends and family are already doing their best to pitch in towards the cost of a funeral and memorial service, to say that finances are tight for a family undergoing crisis is an understatement.

I’m starting up a donation drive for Tommy, to help raise the money needed for his wife’s burial. Any additional you can toss their way is much needed for the cost of raising their son TJ.

Lia was an artist and an avid fan of Sailor Moon. In her memory, I am posting up some of Lia’s artwork.

At a time when Sailor Moon fans are coming together more than ever, I hope we can all work towards doing something good for Tommy, who has given so much back to our community.

(off topic: we’ll have our fansub of the niconico event available later tonight)

14 Responses to “Tragedy Strikes”

  1. Sakky

    Such a lovely girl, and what beautiful art. I met Lia only once or twice but she was so kind. Super sad to hear about this, I’ll do what I can to try to help. :(

  2. Chelsea

    This is horrible….I will be praying for the family <3 I hope she's able to fangirl in heaven and watch over her family at the same time. I will be wishing the best.

  3. Shiggity

    I only joined this group two days or so ago, but I’d still like to offer my condolences. Lia, I’ve never met you, but us as SM fans would likely have a lot in common. <_<

  4. sassypants678

    My heart is totally broken. As a mother about the same age as Lia was, I can’t even imagine how if the situation were reversed, this would impact my family. I don’t even have the words to describe the sick sinking feeling I have in my chest, especially for baby TJ.

    Tommy, I wish you and your family the best during this difficult time, and if there’s anything I can do to help more please tell me.

  5. jurirenee

    just said a brief prayer for Lia’s happiness in the next life. horrid news, I’m so sorry. Take some time for yourself dear, if your need it. the subbing can wait.

  6. Azurite

    I’m so sorry to hear this and send my condolences to both TJ and Tommy. Let us know when and how we can help.

  7. Tsuki

    I cannot even describe how sad I feel about this… I never knew Lia, but what a wonderful and talented girl she was… I hope she’ll live happily wherever she is now. Giving my thought to both, TJ and Tommy; I am so sorry for the loss of Lia and I hope you’ll still be able to hang on! I wish you all the best with warm hugs!

  8. Nanji

    Oh my God I am so deeply sorry for the family, this is one terrible impact on the lives of the bereaved :(
    I will keep her little family in my prayers. Please TJ and Tom, know that there are so many people out there thinking of you, you are not alone and you will get everything you need. Lots of Love!

  9. Claudia

    My sincerest condolences to Tommy and TJ. They are in my prayers and I wish them the best in this horrible tragic moment in their lives.

  10. Danielle

    My prayers go out to the family and staff. I read about the recent tragedies on this site and i’m very sorry for your losses. May God give you peace and strength during this difficult time.

  11. Mystic Saturn

    My condolences with the family of Lia. My prayers are with all who knew her. Sorry for your loss.


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