Tragedy Strikes

They say bad things happen in threes. With the illness of one of our staff member’s grandmothers, the death of one of our staff member’s dogs, now the ultimate tragedy has occurred: the wife of one of our staff members, named Lia, unexpectedly drowned in the Delaware River.

She is survived by her husband, Tommy, and their one year old son.

With the current economic crisis, Tommy is currently out of work. While friends and family are already doing their best to pitch in towards the cost of a funeral and memorial service, to say that finances are tight for a family undergoing crisis is an understatement.

I’m starting up a donation drive for Tommy, to help raise the money needed for his wife’s burial. Any additional you can toss their way is much needed for the cost of raising their son TJ.

Lia was an artist and an avid fan of Sailor Moon. In her memory, I am posting up some of Lia’s artwork.

At a time when Sailor Moon fans are coming together more than ever, I hope we can all work towards doing something good for Tommy, who has given so much back to our community.

(off topic: we’ll have our fansub of the niconico event available later tonight)

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