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Monday Night Raws–July 9

Hello, Sailor Moon fans! For today’s Monday Night Raw update, we have three volumes of the Sailor Moon Animanga again. R Volume 9 R movie S Volume 1 For those of you just joining us because of the 2013 Anime announcement, Miss Dream offers not just press release translations and translated manga; but also raw,… Read more »

Tragedy Strikes

They say bad things happen in threes. With the illness of one of our staff member’s grandmothers, the death of one of our staff member’s dogs, now the ultimate tragedy has occurred: the wife of one of our staff members, named Lia, unexpectedly drowned in the Delaware River. She is survived by her husband, Tommy,… Read more »

Donation Target Met!

Wow. I am shocked and humbled that so many visitors to this site have been so generous in our time of need. Thanks to all of your support, we were able to raise $200 to replace Yen-sama’s laptop…in under 24 hours. I am totally blown away, and can’t thank you all enough. I am so… Read more »