Sailor Moon News Event Livestream Plans

Hello everyone! We are officially less than a day from the NicoNico Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Event Livestream part 2! We have spent the week preparing for the big Sailor Moon news event, and have a system in place to bring the news to you as fast as possible. Here is everything that you can expect to happen starting around 4AM EST tomorrow morning:

* We have a special page set up for the Sailor Moon news eventlive feed, which is now online here. We have a countdown timer leading to the event, and will be streaming from one of our NicoNico accounts to this page. Our twitter account will be updated live just to the right of this feed with information as it happens on stage. We even have a chat room set up on the page for those who wish to talk about the event as things happen.
* Our other NicoNico account will be used to record the stream. This raw recording will be put online not that long after the event ends.
* Translation work will begin immediately following the posting of the raw video. The event is scheduled to take an hour, so this should hopefully take less time than last year’s, but there is no way for us to give an accurate time frame. Once complete, this will be available for download via a direct download as well as a torrent.

This is going to be an exciting (though stressful here XD) time! We know for sure that there will be information of the new musical and new anime, as well as a performance by the musical cast! They even said other news as well, so be prepared for a lot of information coming our way! It’s going to be a fun time, we hope y’all enjoy everything that’s going down both here as well as the Sailor Moon news event in general, and will see you in a little over 16 hours! =D

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  1. Luke

    You guys never stop to amaze me. :D Thank you for all the effort you put into making this stream available for us live as well. Couldn’t wish for more. THANK YOU :3

    Yay! 13 hours to go! It’s going to be the first thing I watch in the morning :D


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