Sailor Moon Giveaway!

Hey Miss Dreamers! We’ve got exiting news and an opportunity ;3 Miss Dream is hosting a Sailor Moon Giveaway! Miss Dream’s 5th Birthday is the 18th! Today :D sassypants678, Dan and James have recorded a special video for the celebration and the giveaway!


  • Comment below on the topic of what has kept your love of Sailor Moon alive.
  • Due to issues with the contest software following bringing it live, this will be the only way to enter the contest. This will end on 11PM EST on November 18, 2014.
  • A winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email for confirmation and shipping details. If there is no response to this email within 24 hours, then someone else will be chosen in the same manner.

Prize Pictures

  • A brand new Moon Stick Proplica mint in box!
  • A brand new copy of the Sailor Moon Crystal Visual Mook, in mint condition!
  • 2 clear files that were released recently

  • A sticker set
  • Two Sailor Moon posters from Viz Media, both signed by Stephanie Shea (Sailor Moon) and Robbie Daymond (Tuxedo Mask)!
  • Sailor Moon Crystal promotional postcard from Viz Media
  • the 2015 calendar from Kodansha Comics USA

331 Responses to “Sailor Moon Giveaway!”

  1. Rina Paradox

    My love for Sailor Moon has always been alive and well, but my friends are whats keeping it thriving. It’s because we RP the characters, we talk about Crystal every new episode, we make dumb OCs and fan universes, the works. Heck, even my friends were the ones to convince me to watch Crystal. I’m reading the manga currently, and they always have a silly grin when I say “something’s going to happen, isn’t there” and comfort me when there’s something completely soul crushing happening (and finales tend to do that for me). Anyway, the gist of all of this is that I wouldn’t be the Sailor Moon fan that I would be today without my friends.

  2. Stephanie

    My love for sailor moon has never died out.
    I first discovered it while browsing the manga section when I was 11. (I’m 21 now)
    As soon as I read the first volume of the Tokyopop manga. I had to have them all.
    Unfortunately the books were going out of print. So just recently I finished my collection by getting the SuperS series.

    Sailor moon was my first anime. And my first manga.

    She will always hold a special place in my heart. And my love for the series will never die.

  3. Oronde

    To still believe..evil never win. And goodness always win no matter cost and friendship are always so felt good in light. :)

  4. Casey Lin

    My love for Sailor Moon has been kept alive ever since I was a little girl. It diminished during my middle school and high school years, but thanks to fan art and the recently new anime, Sailor Moon Crystal (and PGSM), I’ve rediscovered my love for the series all over again. Big thanks to VizMedia for re-subbing the classic anime as well, since I never got to watch it subbed (originally).

    And of course, big thanks to you guys for all of your translations and stuff. :) Happy 5th anniversary! ^^

  5. Katrina

    The way I have kept my love of Sailor Moon alive is through fan made anime music videos, fan made Sailor Moon series (Such as Sailor Moon;Sacrifice) and finding all the merchandise that I can find to Sailor Moon. I also RP as a ‘Sailor Scout’ that is based in the same universe as Sailor Moon and her friends with one of my best friends. I love reading the Sailor Moon manga (I reread parts of them to refresh my memory on what is going to happen next on Sailor Moon Crystal).

  6. Alexis

    My love for Sailor Moon has been kept alive by the sheer fact that it has kept ME alive. Sailor Moon has given me hope during times that I thought there was no more hope for me. It has taught me things about myself and the world that I would not have learned if it had not been for the series. And it continues to teach me. Sailor Moon is amazing because it’s able to do this at all age levels. It did it for me when I was little, and it still does it now, just regarding different situations. It a series that taught me to embrace who I am and keep my head held high, even when there seems to be no end to the darkness.

  7. Margo

    I have always loved Sailor Moon, since the first time I watched it back in 1995 when I didn’t really yet know what anime was. I used to tape it since it aired a half hour after I had to leave for middle school, and it would be the first thing I watched when I got home from school that afternoon. My friends and I used to get together and watch as much of it as we could from episodes we’d taped. My older sister worked at a record store, and got me a 20% discount to buy the original dubbed soundtrack.

    I played the crap out of that CD. I collected all of the dolls. I first learned about anime bootlegs and what it meant to watch 4th generation copies of fansubs with grainy pictures.I wrote my first anime fanfic that summer about Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi. I squealed like a little girl when Mixxzine was announced in Animerica and Sailor Moon was going to be their flagship manga.And then I squealed again as a 29 year old woman when the 20th Anniversary Project’s details came to light and Sailor Moon Crystal was announced.

    I try very hard not to bounce on the couch and squeak when my boyfriend and I watch the new episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal. Sometimes I succeed, but often times, I fail. I had to make a deal with him to watch Dragon Ball Z just so he would watch Sailor Moon Crystal with me. Completely worth it.

    Sailor Moon is tied to so many of my memories of that time that I have -never- been able to just stop loving it. It’s tied to so many other people’s memories of me that whenever they see or hear something about Sailor Moon, they post about it on Facebook timeline. It makes me smile, and has always made me smile that it’s never really been far from me.

  8. Bonnie

    I first stumbled upon Sailor Moon on my lunch breaks during elementary school. There was “nothing on” and while I was flipping through channels, I found Sailor Moon playing on YTV. It was the episode where she becomes the princess. I always think of the way the crystals shimmered while Malachite/Kunzite is watching them, and then how they shoot off… I was hooked as of that moment.
    Over the years, I found new outlets to expand my love. First, I got to see Sailor Moon S, in Cantonese, with no subtitles. Sailor Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were just SO BADASS and of course the climax when Sailor Moon goes against Pharoah 90 is epic (and some of the most beautiful animation in the whole series in my opinion), it didn’t matter that I couldn’t understand the words. I could see what was going on. Then I finally got a hold of all the subbed Japanese episodes, including Sailor Moon Stars. Then, I made it my mission to own all of the Japanese CDs (which I accomplished thanks to eBay and the help of many people). Then SeraMyu… then PGSM… and now Crystal.

    I see a lot of Usagi in myself. I try to make others happy. I’m a bit of a crybaby. I get excited about things and then give up when it’s too hard. It makes me believe that I can one day be amazing even despite my shortcomings. When I’m melancholy, it cheers me up. When I’m feeling “forever alone” I can immerse myself in the romance of Serenity and Endymion and it gives me hope that I’ll find my own love. Most of all, when I feel my “demons” attacking my mind, telling me I’m no good and deserve to be alone, it gives me strength. I’m 32 years old, and I still try every once in awhile to see if I can summon up a power within myself. I don’t think I’ll ever stop trying.

  9. Dian

    For a time my affections for Sailor Moon was not that strong. I was hugely into it because of some of the strong characters. It wasn’t until I found more friends with a love for a series that my adoration of the series had been rekindled. :)

  10. Erin Eloise

    My love for Sailor Moon has been untarnished since 1998. I was very active in the fanfiction community, and even became good friends with some of my authors. It’s something that I will never deny loving because of the beautiful artwork, the ties to mythology, girl power, true love, and maybe a slight obsession with the moon. Love conquers all!

  11. Samantha Baker

    The TV show first caught my eye back when I was a child getting ready for school. The amount of content has kept my love of the show alive. I watched and rewatched every episode of the anime, read the mange, I watched the live action series and the musicals, and played the Sailor Moon RPG on the SNES. Now I am watching Crystal. I love everything about Sailor Moon. The story and the characters will forever keep my love of the show alive.

  12. Virginia

    My love for Sailor Moon has been alive since 1998 when I first started to watch the anime on american tv. I think over time my love for Sailor Moon increased as I found more episodes, books, and toys. I loved sharing my knowledge of Sailor Moon and learning more about the show as I grew up and rewatched the anime/reread the manga over and over. Sailor Moon gave me the friendship advise that I use today and it gave me a world that was different from ordinary. I think Forum RPs helped me connect to others who shared my love.
    Over all Sailor Moon has been the key component of my life.

  13. Vanessa

    What has kept my love of sailor moon alive? I’ve always loved how it portrays females as being strong and capable of taking care of themselves. The friendship that blossoms between these girls is honest and true. Tuxedo mask exists as sailor moon’s love interest and they equally take on battles and protect each other. So what basically keeps it alive for me is the fact that I could watch this show or read the manga a million times and still be encouraged by these girl’s acts of love and courage.

  14. Leen

    Looking back, I adored Sailor Moon because it was a show that offered characters and relationships I could look up to admire as a girl. My best and closest friend shared the love with me and now we’re gushing about SM Crystal together. SM has brought so much richness and positivity to my life. I won’t ever forget that.

    I collected posters, figurines, art books, VHS, and SO many dolls. That was one particular love I could never let go.
    Since I was a young girl, I’ve gone to school, moved away, bought a house, got married and every single one of those Sailor Moon dolls has gone moved with me. :)

  15. Jessy

    Many things have kept Sailor Moon alive for me. The biggest part of Sailor Moon still thriving, are the fans. I’m immensely grateful for the fanworks such as art, writing, and costume play. The fun that is had working on it and the beautiful results of the hard work is such a pleasure to see. Miss Dream it’self is also such a huge part in keeping Sailor Moon alive. You all share news as it’s released and supply translations for fans outside of Japan. That dedication is wholeheartedly appreciated. I don’t think Sailor Moon would be as enjoyed as it is without all of your help. From a fan to a fan, thank you so much for keeping the spirit bright! You and other fans inspire me to create Sailor Moon fanart of my own and I’m so happy to be even just a smidgen of what helps keep the fire going for other fans. Sailor Moon is truly a great community to be a part of!

  16. Baillie

    Ah–the age-old question. Merely because Sailor Moon has been around for so-freaking long. Haha. What kept my love for Sailor Moon alive was…my friend Cheyenne who moved to my elementary school when I was 11 and all: PSH. I’m too old for Sailor Moon. She had a picture of Tuxedo Mask taped to her pencil case. Being right before me in the alphabet she sat next to me and of course, I had to ask about her pencil case. Because, come on. Nobody had spoken about Sailor Moon to me. EVER. Lo and behold she got me excited about everything Sailor Moon related. Cheyenne is who got me into fan fiction and also me writing it. And as I got older (to my ripe old age of 17 ^_^;) I learned to look behind this cute storyline to see a strong warrior who may not need a man–but sure appreciates hers! ;)

    Glad to see you guys celebrating 5! :D

  17. Lisa Lam

    Happy 5th Anniversary guys! And great video. I love hearing your thoughts about the community and your website operations. Make me appreciate you guys even more (if that is possible!)! Thanks for everything you guys do. May you guys have another great 5 years! =)

  18. Leticia Cosmos

    Sailor Moon is kind of imortal to me because there is always something new from the past popping up on the internet. Ans it’s thanks to this amazing fandom that we keep finding new images, scans, facts, stories from backstage and videos never seen before. And that makes Sailor Moon always “new” and interesting to me.
    Thank you for all your hard work! Looking for the next 5 years *-*

  19. bubblez

    Happy 5th anniversary, Miss Dream!
    My love for Sailor Moon has been kept alive by rewatching the old Sailor Moon in Japanese with English subtitles and recently finished collecting all the Sailor Moon Manga books (except for Codename V, the short stories). Along with watching both the new and old Sailor Moon, I am also an admin of a Sailor moon fanpage, which connects me with other fans who have similar interests as me. Looking at the fanart other Moonies have created also help me to keep my Sailor Moon alive. Sailor Moon was always a series I could watch when I am feeling moody or upset. It is inspiring

  20. Satu

    Sailor Moon gave me hope when I was at primary school. I was really lonely but SM made me to forget all those bad things, it made me laugh and cry. I started my drawing hobby because I wanted to do fanart. So my life nowadays would be really different without it. That’s why I treasure Sailor Moon in my heart forever :)

  21. Mei

    I’ve loved Sailor Moon since the manga was first released in my country, back in 1994. At first, I loved the series, because everyone loved Sailor Moon, and it was a trend in my school. But as time went by, I’ve come to love the series genuinely, not because others loved it, but because the series itself was attractive. I loved all the sailor soldiers, mainly Makoto Kino, Sailor Jupiter. She is beautiful, strong, honest, and good at cooking. I’m basically the complete opposite of her, and that’s why I’ve adored her so much. Basically, I love everything about Sailor Moon. I love their friendship, relationship, I love the story, the drawing (Naoko-sensei has one of the most beautiful drawings ever!), and I’ve collected as many Sailor Moon merchandises as possible. I don’t know if there will be a time when I’ll forget this series and leave it behind forever, but I seriously doubt it. It’s been 20 years since Sailor Moon became one part of my life, and I sure hope that there’ll be another 20 years, or even more!

  22. Margaret

    I’m an artist and a writer, and I don’t think I go a month without drawing at least one senshi, haha. The series is a huge inspiration for me. Sailor Moon left a real mark on me! When I was a little girl it was the first show I ever saw where girls got to be strong heroes. They were princesses that rescued themselves and it was just the coolest thing I’d ever seen! I run a Sailor Moon fanblog now. The series continues to inspire me and it’s my go-to cheer-up anime when I need a mood boost. :)

  23. John

    Sailor Moon has always been a big part of me since the first time I saw her back in 1995 on the WB (now CW) network when it aired early in the morning. I would wake up before going to elementary school and watch it, while eating a nice bowl of cereal. Despite how it was edited (plus the Sailor Says , due to regulations regarding the Children’s TV Act in the 90s), I loved how she invoked the message of love and friendship. I think she’s a perfect role model for the underdog-turned-superhero in all of us growing up in the 90s. To my surprise that Christmas of 1995, I got the whole collection of the 6-inch adventure dolls (they’re all destroyed, plus Moon went missing), and from there, I was the hugest Sailor Moon fan. My love for the franchise didn’t stop there (even when I was getting into new things back then, such as Star Wars), because for me, she wouldn’t leave, thanks to Cartoon Network fueling my addiction to the series (I even taped a few episodes, if I recall).

    Around 1999/2000s, I got my first desktop PC and it was from there that I’ve discovered that there was more to Sailor Moon and there were other seasons to the show (I’ve only had seen Classic and R at the time, prior to S and SuperS being aired here on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block), and was saddened by the fact that we couldn’t get Sailor Stars. That’s when I went to watch the fansubs in the lowest quality possible and that’s when my love returned (also, in 2002, I was taking Japanese classes in High School). After the events that happened to me in my life regarding personal drama and stress, my love for Sailor Moon came back when I’ve discovered the fansubs to Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (the live action series), back in 2005. I think it’s a sign telling me to watch this and remember how much this series made me happy in the past, but in a whole new way (same goes for Sailor Moon Crystal in 2014).

    Sailor Moon is special in my heart. Watching the series helps me feel at ease from all the stress and bad times I’ve been through and I thank the series for that.

  24. Justine

    Sailor Moon has been a big part of my life from the moment I found it. It got me though middle school, kept me going though home school. I loved making my own senshi, and even recently have been working still. Some of my best friends are fans, and seeing their excitement has kept me going in my love. Then the Internet got better and I was able to watch more, read more, learn more. Even now there is still more to do. I will always love Sailor Moon

  25. Alicia

    I watched Sailor Moon since I was a little girl, 4 years old, in the 90s. It was one of the first shows I fell in love with. I watched it so much, my parents got annoyed lol I didn’t have much friends who liked Sailor Moon at the time, but once I got older, I found so many people who loved it, and it grew so much. When Crystal was announced, we were all so happy! It was such a big part of my childhood, which was a happy time, the best. With that, and my friends, it just grows so much. Sailor Moon brings people together, and that is how my love for it was kept alives.

  26. Jessica

    My love for Sailor Moon hasn’t died ever since I first saw an episode. There was something about how strong she was even if she was considered “weak.” I remember coming home every day from school and making sure I was in front of that TV at 4:00 pm when it was on so that I could see her. She never failed to make me happy, and whenever I was sad, I would pop in one of my VHS tapes I had and watch her. She loved and cared so much about her friends and family and would never stop trying until she knew they were safe. I was always super weak because I had a bunch of silly health issues, but I noticed that if my friends were ever being bullied, my “Sailor Moon” senses would kick in and I would defend them the best I could. Fifteen years later and I’m still inspired every day by Usagi. No matter what happens in my life, no matter how old I get, I always find myself coming back to her. To be honest, without her in my life I don’t think I’d be the same person. I don’t think I’d be as strong as I am, nor do I think I would love as much as I do. When I was at the lowest point in my life, I tried thinking what Usagi would do, and I knew that she would never give up, so neither did I. <3

  27. Kasi "Eternalkitty" Leonard

    To me, Sailor Moon has never really died. Sailor Moon has been my getaway world since I was little. I read the English novels of the anime, continuously read and re-read the mange. I’ve watched all of the live action when it came out and re watched the first 2 seasons more times then I can remember. Also, knowing that others love Sailor Moon as much as I do, even more, made Sailor Moon more alive then ever. And going to Animazement for the past 8 years straight and still seeing 10+ Sailor Senshi just makes me light up. ^^

    Whenever I felt like the world was against me, reading or watching Usagi and her friends going through a touch battle (mostly the final battles of any arc) made me cry and happy that in the end everything worked out. Sailor Moon has given me a love a reading and astronomy. (Was really mad when Pluto was declared not a planet.) Even the art and story of Sailor Moon gave me an interest in draw, write and create. To this day I still think of fan fiction and I draw (by hand and digital) fan art. I even made my own Senshi.

    Also you all at Miss Dream have kept my love of the series going. While going to AZ every year, my favorite event was always going to your fan panel. Seeing you all, listening to the news you collected, and also the fun mini games you planned for us (I participated in all of them, if I could.) I really loved the sing-a-long game. Anyway, your website kept me up to date with the facts, and scanlations have helped me in art projects, when I wasn’t near my manga.

  28. Sara Nash

    Oh my goodness where do I even start? I dont remember much from when I was around 3-4 years old, but what I do remember is sitting downstairs in my old house in New York watching Sailor Moon on the cathode television. Then when I moved and got older continued to watch it on Toonami (ahhh Toonami <3). When I got into middle school, I still had a huge passion for the show and the characters and would draw them all the time. Around the same time was when cliques were forming and anyone who liked anime would get made fun of. I already got made fun of for my weight growing up so I tried to hide my deep passion for Sailor Moon (it saddens me that I did that now that I look back). When high school came around, I actually started to show that I liked what I liked, and no one would tell me otherwise. I also had to start thinking about college (ugh that horrible pressure they put us through!) and I was stuck between animation or becoming a chef. Animation was a big part of my life growing up. Disney movies, Nickelodeon, WB Kids, DreamWorks, and especially Cartoon Network with its segment Toonami airing Sailor Moon. It was then and there I decided to pursue animation as my career. I went back and rewatched Sailor Moon (this time in Japanese) and realized how much these characters had an influence on me. They taught me to care about others and to fight the negativity (no pun intended) that was around me. If it weren't for this series, I really don't think I'd be where I am today. Now that I am older, I can realize even more that Naoko was trying to tell women through her creation. I am a proud feminist now and she is one of my idols. Thank you for this contest and considering my post! MOON PRIDE EVERYONE :)

  29. Siu Yung

    Sailor Moon pictures was the first thing I looked up as a kid on dial-up internet. That’s how I learned there were more seasons not yet dubbed to Latin American Spanish. I found a few volumes of the manga at my local super market’s book section and bought VHS tapes of the movies and specials. My mom made me a costume, bought me the dolls and the musical crystal brooch, t-shirts, birthday cake, you name it.

    As I got older, I was able to get the original Japanese anime and manga with English fan translations. After I moved to the States I collected the re-run of the manga and Sailor V, and then we got bombarded with all the beautiful 20th anniversary stuff.

    I squeal like 7 year old me watching the show for the first time with Crystal. I look forward to work overtime, to collect gashapon sets and the shiny new edition of the manga. There’s just something about this epic story of powerful, reincarnated warrior princesses that resonates so deeply with me. I enjoy all incarnations of it, the musicals, the live action, both animated series and the books. This revival is awesome and so many of us have loved this franchise for so long. ❤

  30. Nicole

    For me what has keep my love alive is not only the fandom behind sailor moon. But Usagi herself. What sailor moon stands for is why I love the series so much. To never give up no matter have dark things may seem

  31. Cat

    My love of Sailor Moon, though it may be more newly kindled than some, was first stoked and driven by my nearly rabid SM fan of a girlfriend. For nearly a decade, we lived across the country from one another – it was very long distance we were unable to close due to both our ages and personal situations, and very frustrating. When you’re that far from one another, all you have is time to talk – and when the Sailor Moon bomb was dropped atop my head the first time in casual conversation, it never quite stopped exploding.

    By the time she moved in, I had yet to see an episode but could honestly recap the main events of the first few seasons, the errors between the anime adaptation and the manga, and name minor characters based upon the long, long descriptions she’d spend possibly an hour or two every week or so explaining to me.

    When she moved across the USA to live with me, it quickly became a bonding point. She scrounged up a great many episodes to show me, and we curled up in bed and binge watched everything we could. Her excitement became my excitement, and I developed my own enthusiasm for the show – we made cosplay plans together, as she said I’d make a great Queen Beryl and I thought she’d make a wonderful Usagi. Later on, our plans changed to Mamoru and Usagi instead – it’d be easier to keep the peace that way, right?

    When the 20th anniversary announcements were made, we celebrated together. Saturday mornings are OURS now, and those around us know better than to interrupt – we’re on the couch together, snuggled up close with snacks reserved just for the occasion (She prefers Calpico cones which we’re sure to have on hand, whereas I’d rather have an actual breakfast.) If one of us works that morning, knowing we’ll be together in the evening to watch the new episode helps us pull through a rough shift or being apart.

    I don’t fancy myself a romantic cheeseball, but I don’t have any shame in saying it : I am a Mamoru who has found my Usagi (Or is it a Haruka that has found my Michiru?), and Naoko Takeuchi and her creation have left a permanent mark upon my life.

  32. Eri

    Being born in 1990, I grew up with Sailor Moon on Cartoon Networks Toonami. I was a comic-booky kid, and instantly fell in love with this strange kind of ‘superhero’. I grew up with a very strict religious mother, but my father at the time allowed me to watch the show despite the magic. Over the years I collected and was gifted with merchandise that I adored, though I never acquired the long lusted after star-locket.
    Sailor Moon was unlike any other cartoon I had ever seen. It was my gateway into anime and manga, but more than that, it was my first glimpse of bigoted, honest, gender-less love. Sailor Moon S quickly became my favorite season, I never missed an episode.
    Haruka and Michiru, (or as I knew them then, Amira and Michelle) where the most interesting and captivating characters I had even seen. I was drawn to them, their story, their relationship- which felt plainly like what Usagi and Mamoru had, even though it was presented as ‘close cousins’.

    My mother also realized this (looking back, it was SO obvious, I laugh) and became much more opposed to allowing me to watch the show. One day, while visiting Sailor Moon websites after school as I often did, I found website that explained the relationship and dubbing edits to the American audience. I remember distinctly the part in which the articular explained that though in Japan, it was normal for two girls to be very very close, Haruka and Michiru’s friendship and grown so deep that it had overflown with love. I remember feeling happy, and calm. Cheerful.
    My mother of course, was very upset, and the next day while I was at school she came to the decision that it was best to purge everything of the show out of the house. All my merchandise, some of which I have never seen again (gold embossed stamps given to me by a friend in Japan) was piled into three large trash bags and placed on the curb. Stuffed animals, broaches, dvds. My mother hated anything with magic, but she hated homosexuality more- and couldn’t allow anything involving it to ‘taint’ me.

    Ironically, latter that same year, I started playing Neopets- where I came to meet a young girl my age on the chat boards who would latter become my partner. At the time we were just friends, but as we grew older, braver, and understood our feelings- we realized the only thing keeping us from loving each other the way we wanted to was fear.
    On October 24th of this year, we will be celebrating our 5th anniversary as a couple, at the very location where we first met in person. Six months after meeting, and sharing our every first experience together, I moved from Los Angeles California to Tennessee to be with her, and have only ever felt overweeningly grateful for the love I have been lucky enough to find.

    Its surreal, looking back.
    Sailor Moon was such a strong, impactful part of my childhood. It was my first experience with coming into touch with my true feelings, instead of what I had been told to think. It taught me, through my mothers reaction, how hateful the world could be- but also how full of love it was.
    You never see Haruka or Michiru’s family, in the show or the manga- and its never explained why.

    I had to chose what I needed in my life, not because I wanted to, but because I was forced to.
    Haruka and Michiru only had each other- it was all they needed.
    And I knew, that first week I spent with my partner, that that kind of love was all I needed too. It didn’t matter if we were two girls, two boys, or heterosexual. I have everything I need.

    Today, my partner and I watch Sailor Moon Crystal every other Saturday, and every Saturday I am reminded of coming out of the worst time in my life and into the best. Sailor Moon always will.

  33. Heather

    Nostalgia and love has kept Sailor Moon alive for me. I remember first discovering it in middle school while it was on Toonami. I loved the vibrancy and the friendship, it was my first show. The first one that I rushed home and had to watch every episode of it that I could because it was mine. I got to see a clumsy crybaby succeed at things, and knowing I wanted to be stronger, to not be so sensitive and that I could be because Sailor Moon could save the world, why can’t I?

    I love now being able to go back and watch the show and read the manga, and still remember how important it was then and how important it still is with the friendships and love that they show. I love being able to watch it in new ways, I’ve only recently started watching PGSM and going through the older Sera Myu’s. There’s still so much more for me to see and experience in this wonderful world that has characters I genuinely love.

    And I love being able to share Sailor Moon every other Saturday with my husband. We wake up and he watches it with me, and it’s something that means so much to me that we get to share together.

  34. Denise

    As a child I felt I had a dual life among school friends and family friends. One group it was ok to like Sailor Moon, while the other pressured me into saying I didn’t like it. After the release of Sailor Moon Crystal I’ve gone back to explore the synopsis and even began reading the manga. While it may seem silly to others, even as an adult I feel Sailor Moon continues to carry a strong message. The characters make me feel that even as a woman I can be strong and achieve great goals.

  35. Tiaker

    I first found Sailor Moon on Toonami. I was already in high school but was intrigued by the story (and probably the awesome attacks). I would run home between school and play practice to record episodes. My love continued (and actually grew) as I went to college and discovered the joys of both T1 cable and the Myus. I watched a raw video and wanted to keep watching even if I didn’t know what they were saying. I drifted away from it for a while (save Classic and the movies) but eventually got interested in the Myus again through, oddly enough, the Antics forums. I don’t think I would be remiss if I said that the Internet has kept my love for Sailor Moon alive. Antics, Tumblr, YouTube, and Facebook have all kept me informed and given me years and years of enjoyment with the Sailor Moon franchise.

  36. Erica

    one of the reasons I love sailor moon is because it kept me alive. I started watching it as a child, and it’s so beautiful. From the managa, to the original anime, the musicals, the live action and now Crystal it’s a wonderful story and a fantastic imagination.
    I have to say that Sailor moon has helped me in one of darkest times. It was litterly like usagi had used her moon rod and healed my broken heart. Several years ago I had fallen into a bad depression. My ex had broken up with me, I dropped out of school, and just pushed myself away from everyone. I had even lost interest in anime. I don’t know what it was, but I remeber one night thinking about the anime and I remeber smiling. I dug out my DVDs and old VHS tapes and just started watching it. It made me feel good. I started feeling better. That in the thoughist times everything will be okay. It turned my life back around and so I keep sailor moon close to my heart. That’s why I still love sailor moon.

  37. Wendy

    Omg! It’s been so long since I’ve started to love Sailor Moon and still love her. I remember telling a friend that I why I love Sailor Moon so much. The way she never gives up, fights for rights, her bravery, always smiling, respect and so many wonderful things she made me feel.when I was a little girl I would pretend that she was like my older sister since I never had the love from my real sister. So every time the show would come up I would get really excited. Sailor Moon taught me love, respect, to be brave, and loyalty. I will always keep her in my heart, for all the happy moments she Gave me in my childhood. She really deserves a special place in me

  38. Starry Cat

    My reasons for loving Sailor Moon are changing as I’m growing up, however the love is always with me. Rewatching and rereading the series I begin to understand and appreciate the characters once I thought to be unimportant.
    For now my main reason to love Sailor Moon is that it is a story of people with different destinies, of how they accept their destinies and fulfill them.
    In our time when we all are programmed to have the same reason to live, I find Sailor Moon the most important thing to show to everyone, especially to children. Each of us has its own destiny, its own reason to live.
    And of course I love Sailor Moon for being the Light of Hope. The Light that helps me going my way and not the way I’m told to go.

  39. Kiki

    I’m still with Sailor Moon because I don’t have religion. But the love and trust exemplified by this show are a sweet and simple reminder of the best qualities of people.

    I’m not being a troll. I really mean this.

  40. Leah

    Sailor moon as been there for me since I could remember. I watched her a lot when I was four. She helped me with my parents divorce. They has a nasty divorce so I turned to Sailor Moon as much as I could. No matter what. Either I was at my mom or dad’s house. I always knew I could watch Sailor Moon. She was there to help me recharge me so I could find the strength to deal with my life as a child. I learned so much from her. I remember learning that having the will and helping out your friends and other will also help you be a stronger person. I also admired her because she showed me that anyone can be a hero and do anything. Once she was off tv. I watched my episodes that I had on VHS and I also had one movie from her and I would rewatch those because I needed her to be there. I needed her to be my strength and show me that she can get through anything. I’m a cry baby and a dumpling head but she showed me that crybabies and dumpling heads could be the greatest people in the whole universe and save the world numerous times. If I didn’t see Sailor Moon, Sailor Mecury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Pluto, Chibi Moon, and Tuxedo Mask have the struggles in their life and push through it no matter what. I wouldn’t be the brave and indpendant person I am today. I love Sailor Moon because she fights for love and justice. I love Sailor Moon because she is my strength and reminds me that I can do anything with my power and my friends by my side. That is why I still have my love of Sailor Moon. That is how I keep in touch with it. That is why I will never forget it.

  41. Michael H

    Well it may not be quite a history to tell (and even know I’m a male), I quite have a LOT of sailor moon to feel.

    Unfortunately, I DID NOT watched Sailor Moon (dubbed or original Japanese language), nor grew watching it on CW4Kids (1995) or Toonami (1998). This was because since the English dub aired in the US in 1995, on that year, I was born in 1995. And as I grew up, NEVER even heard, seen or even heard of the word, Sailor Moon for my LIFE until Fall 2011.

    On September 11, my ‘phycotic’ best friend (also a big fan), showed me a drawing of Serena/Usagi, and I’ve never heard of it, then he suggested me to check it out when I have the chance. And so, I did, starting with episode 25 (Too Many Girlfriends) then at the beginning with the Plot (A Moon Star was Born), I was literally blown away by all the characters and their personalites

    I even loved the DiC music so much, and hope to have the music soon. Even with over 3000+ photos I still keep in my memories.

    I have only a few merch which still keeps me in the game, didn’t want to get too much or i’ll be embarrassed of becoming a moonie. I even still have the Sailor Moon Crystal Poster. Speaking of Crystal, I first watched the plot at AX 2014, I even loved it and the best part: the fangirls screaming.

    Even I am 19 yrs old and a male, I’m still Sailor Moon strong! Even I love for the excitement of Sailor Moon Crystal st each act.

  42. Cristina

    The reason I started learning Japanese is my love for Sailor Moon. I started watching Sailor Moon since I was little. Sailor Moon was like a model for me, her kindness, goodness, I always tried to be like her. There is no wrong, everyone has something good in them and she had the capacity of seeing it. That’s why I will always love Sailor Moon!!!

  43. Ana Musat

    Sailor Moon is amazing because it’s able to do this at all age levels. It did it for me when I was little, and it still does it now, just regarding different situations. It a series that taught me to embrace who I am and keep my head held high, even when there seems to be no end to the darkness.Sailor moon as been there for me since I could remember. I watched her a lot when I was 11 years old. She helped me with my parents divorce. They has a nasty divorce so I turned to Sailor Moon as much as I could. No matter what. Either I was at my mom or dad’s house. I always knew I could watch Sailor Moon. She was there to help me recharge me so I could find the strength to deal with my life as a child. I learned so much from her. I remember learning that having the will and helping out your friends and other will also help you be a stronger person. I also admired her because she showed me that anyone can be a hero and do anything.

  44. Alexandra Ioana

    I think the statement itself ” Keeping my love for Sailor Moon alive” is wrong because Sailor Moon is a great part of who I am as a person. I first started at 5 years old and because of Sailor Moon ( and other animes as well) I started speaking fluent Italian. Then, because it was broadcasted on a german chanell, i also started learning german for the sake of Sailor Moon. Finally I ended up seing it in Romanian as well, which is my native language. Overall, I watced Sailor Moon seven times, the complete series in Italian, German, Romanian and Japanese, so I think this makes me a a little fan. I even watched it when I was in hospitals at the only TV available, so all the people there were stuck and they had to watch Sailor Moon every night wether they wanted or not. Then, in 1994, even tough things from abroad were really hard to get, Santa Claus brought me 2 Sailor Moon dolls for 2 years in a row. I actually wanted 2 different dolls, but since Santa Claus was so old, he got me Sailor Moon in 2 transformations. I was more than thrilled to get them and I still have them now, even tough I regret not keeping them as new, but I think a child should actually play and enjoy it’s toys, not only keep them new and shiny for when you get old, but in this case, it would be a pretty nice collectible. Apart from that, I watched the series a few times on Youtube 2 years ago, so the fact that Sailor Moon is back, it’s like getting a little bit of my happy childhood back. If I won any of these items, it would be the best gift I would ever received, ever since the dolls, so thank you very much for the chance.

  45. Ghita Rodica Maria

    What made me keep my love for Sailor Moon still alive is just that my childhood was based on the heroine.
    The first time I watched this anime I was stunned in front of the small screen and I could not peel it until I saw it.
    I was surprised by the story, the way it was designed, the way the characters fight and especially Sailor Moon / Princess Serenity has remained and will remain my hero. I’m not ashamed to admit that Sailor Moon is the model and my hero since childhood. I remember now when I listen to the Opening and watch videos with her and draw my favorite heroine. For Sailor Moon I learned a lot … how to be good friends, you care about your friends, to be loving and to be strong in every situation.
    And when I was a kid and even now always used to collect a lot of things … I Produce Sailor Moon wands and brooches transformation and then her costume that I could not peel.
    All characters have played an important role in my life, they taught me the most and they was my imaginary friend.
    Sailor Moon will always be my favorite heroine and the prettiest guardian in my life.

  46. Simona Niculescu

    Sailor Moon for me is a part of my personality, I have so many things in common with Usagi that it was hard for me not to keep the idea real in my life. I was born on the year of the Rabbit, in june and my astrological sign in Cancer, my blood type is O, I was born on a Monday, I am very clumsy, I still am a crybaby and I still have dreams of finding Luna as I was dreaming at 12.
    (I am 27 btw)
    I still cry after every episode of Sailor Moon and wish with all my heart that one day Sailor V will appear and start the whole thing!
    So the thing is I will always LOVE SAILOR MOON! <3

    Simona Moon xoxox

  47. Shody

    How did my love for Sailor Moon stay alive for so long? Well… a major part was the story. A normal girl gone super hero – gone princess – gone ETERNAL where it was as Sailor Moon-as the new queen- or in my heart. Loved the ups and the downs, the villians, the way Naoko just kept going and making the store more capitavating. I also loved the fact that she had 4 best friends and continued to make more and cherish and love all of them. In a way I felt like I was almost like Usagi with my 2 best friends, we were so close and even created our own Senshi characters who I began to write about. Sailor Moon truly holds a spot in my heart whether it’s the manga, the anime, or Crystal.

  48. Kitty

    The love was kept alive due to how positive the show impacted my life as a kid. You never forget how much you love something when you like it. I was 7 when it aired, I am 26 now. The love will never die. I will pass this show on to my niece when she’s old enough to comprehend it.

  49. Lauren de Ruijter

    The internet is definitely what has kept my love of Sailormoon alive and thriving. :) Even back in the 90s, I would scour the internet for pictures to print out and KISS dolls to play with. Now, I keep a growing folder of fanart and official images, chat with other Sailormoon fans on forums and social media, and even get to watch Crystal live with fans all over the world. Many of my friends who are also fans share stories, art, and merchandise links with me. It’s a wonderful time to be a Sailormoon fan!

  50. Cristina Voicu

    First of all, Happy 5th Anniversary!
    I kept my love for Sailor Moon alive through the albums, stickers, posters I collected over years. I was 10 when I saw the anime first and I still love it. I learned japanese and I made penfriends by changing and sharing stickers for the albums.

  51. Jessica Nelson

    My love for Sailor Moon is a love that been almost 20 years long! I’ve watched Sailor Moon since I was either 7 or 8 years old and loved it ever since! I was sometimes made fun of for liking Sailor Moon but that’s never stopped me for loving it! I have a lot of Sailor Moon stuff and wish I could get more if I had space and could afford some of it. Now is the best time to be a fan since there’s tons of new stuff out, the new musicals and Crystal!

  52. Anca Voicu

    Happy 5th Anniversary!
    I grew up with Sailor Moon. My love has been kept alive through all the things I collected all these years. I still have and cherish my albums, the stickers, the drawings I received from my penfriends. I made friends because of Sailor Senshi. They are my models of love and friendship. Sailor Moon made my childhood more beautiful.

  53. Sarah Langer

    Happy 5th Anniversary, Miss Dream! Here’s to many more anniversaries, I hope!

    My love for Sailor Moon has been kept alive in a few ways. Although I wasn’t able to keep all of my Sailor Moon merchandise that I gained in my childhood, I did keep the Mixx manga. I only owned about a 1/4th of the manga, several of the single act magazine-like publications from the first and second story arc as well as the first book of Stars. As life moved on I kept returning to the manga, flipping through the pages and admiring the art, characters, and story. I was always a little heartbroken that I let go of all my Sailor Moon toys whenever I picked up the manga (not that I had much choice, as we moved a few times and I had to keep my possessions at a minimum to make moving easier.) One day in my early 20’s, after I was married and we were in our own place, I discovered that someone had fan subbed and uploaded every episode. I couldn’t resist re-watching the anime. My childhood friend owned the whole series in Japanese, and since I moved away from her I didn’t have the opportunity to watch it in Japanese anymore, and the dub was off the air. I had gone most of my teenage years without access to watching Sailor Moon. I was really excited. I rewatched the anime and shared it with my best friend. Then, several years later, Kodansha released a new publication of the manga with an all new translation. Without asking permission of my husband to spend that much money, I went and bought both box sets without hesitation. I read the whole series within a couple of weeks, and wanted more. That’s when I discovered online communities: Miss Dream, Moon Kitty, and Sailor Moon: The Mooniverse. Connecting with fellow Moonies, mostly my age, has been a ton of fun! Very few days go by where I don’t get to participate in a great Moonie discussion, and I love it! Thanks Miss Dream!!

  54. Dana

    I have loved Sailor Moon since I was a little girl. I used to wake up early before school so I could watch before I left, then would race home everyday after school to watch the new episodes on Cartoon Network. I had over 10 VHS tapes from recording every episode.

    Sailor Moon Crystal brings me SO much happiness, I love that it is more true to the original manga and has a more “adult” tone to it. Me and my friends get together every other weekend and have viewing parties together. We also hope to do a big group cosplay of the scouts next year for New York Comic Con.

    Sailor Moon has stuck with me since I was a little girl and I still love it today. I already have nieces that I am trying to pass the show on to, I hope they will love it as much as I have =)

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  55. Naomi

    I’ve been in love since 1995 and never let go.

    I know that’s not much to say when compared to everyone else… but I’m not an artist, or a cosplayer, or anything special. And it’s a love I can’t put into words either.

  56. Danie (Usakoi)

    Sailor Moon has made a major impact on my life. I started back in the ’90s when it was on Toonami. I remember clearly the episode I saw. It was “A Friend in Wolf’s Clothing”. I came in about the time where (SPOILERS) Nephrite protected Molly from a fatal blow, taking it for himself. Her heart-wrenching cry killed me. I had to see more, so I came back the next day… and have been hooked ever since.

    The love of Sailor Moon never died for me. Since I started with Sailor Moon back when the internet wasn’t as big (Angelfire sites and whatnot), I started with the fanfiction. I even wrote some of my own, and started adding my friends into the Sailor Moon fandom by naming them as each of the Senshi. The grew a lot of relationships. From then on it’s been collecting various items, drawing fanart, coming up with ideas for my website project, and finally starting my website. I even got in touch with MissDream to help out with a couple projects in the Photoshop area (which I’ve really enjoyed!).

    The start of Crystal has deepened my love of the series, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

  57. Someone

    The first time I watched Sailor Moon, I connected with Usagi because I was a lot like her. A clumpsy crybaby. While progressing in the show she has grown to a strong independent character who, even though it may seem impossible to the viewer or even Usagi herself, succeed to resolve the threat by giving love first and using violence as a last resort.

    I reconnect with Sailor Moon because over the years I’ve watched the show, I feel like they have become my friends. They can not talk to me and I can’t talk to them. But every time I’m down, I watch the show and somehow it always cheers me up. They let me remember that life can be simple, even though deadlines for university are always lurking around. It also let me remember to get happiness from the smallest things.

    Every time I rewatch the show, I feel like revisiting some old friends and get happy.

  58. CM

    Sailor Moon..
    I first discovered the beauty of this fascinating anime when I was 8 y/o. Usagi and her friends taught me what it means to have a dream and fight for it no matter what, to see light when everybody sees darkness, to love everyone unconditionally, and of course to forgive. Thanks to Sailor Moon I began to love everything related to Japan, to discover a brand new world where simplicity and beauty coexist in pure harmony.
    Sailor Moon Crystal revealed a brand new perspective in my life, I realized at 25 y/o that growing -up begins when you dare to conquer your fears, when you and your destiny form a whole capable of great sacrifices . After all is the story of each one of us, cause in order to hope for a better world, first you need to understand, accept your role in this world, and only then act in consequence.
    Sailor Moon is, was and will remain my joy, my hope and my desire for a better world.
    In the end, the lesson of Sailor Moon is this one: See life with optimism and everything will be all right. Thank you. CM

  59. Rae

    My life for Sailor Moon has never died out. I used to wake up earlier than needed on school days just to watch it when it came on in the mornings, and I remember being so upset when it was taken off standard television. I was overjoyed when I found out about SMC, and it only further fueled that persistent love. For the past several years, I’ve even roleplayed as Sailor Venus/Sailor Saturn on rp sites, mainly because they’re my favourite two senshi. There’s so many good morals and lessons in the series. I think this is even more true with SMC – especially the theme song. The series is predominantly female, and shows them being able to take on life and challenges with a fierce determination, contrary to other anime and shows that feature a male hero with the female being the damsel in distress. For the most part, I think it’s an excellent show for girls to watch and relate to, and I adore the lyrics when they say, “we are not helpless girls who need a man’s protection.”

  60. Iridescent-Princess

    I first started watching Sailor Moon in 1999 when I was 8 years old. At first, I thought the show was silly, but it grew on me, and it became my inspiration for drawing and writing. Back then, I didn’t know that Sailor Moon was Japanese and I didn’t know that it was originally a manga, and I knew at the end of Super S that there was supposed to be something else. I didn’t have a computer (and didn’t get one til I was 14) and I didn’t have any friends that were into Sailor Moon, and so I didn’t know about Sailor Stars and the manga (or even what a manga was). All I knew was that I wanted to continue the show and that’s what got me started on drawing. I tried my hardest to draw just like the animators, but I could never perfect it. I’m much better at it, but it still doesn’t look perfect. And funny thing is, I actually tried to turn some of the episodes of Sailor Moon into a manga (since I didn’t know about manga back then, I called it a comic). Watching Sailor Moon opened my imagination up. While most American cartoons are stagnated in my opinion (almost never anything new, interesting, or having an appealing art style), Sailor Moon was like a breath of fresh air. My imagination went WILD when I got into that anime. I grew up in the country (where there weren’t many people around) and was a very lonely person growing up. Never had any friends, and when I did make friends, I lost them pretty quick because I just couldn’t grow up and mature as fast as they did. I used to always pretend that I was Sailor Moon and I would try to find whatever clothes I could that I could try to make it resemble her fuku and then I would run around the yard pretending that I was fighting the “Negaforces”(this was before I knew what cosplay was). Drawing Sailor Moon and the other Senshi and trying to better my skills kept me occupied, as did coming up with stories and eventually I started branching off to creating my own Otaku Senshi in middle school (didn’t even know they were called Otaku Senshi back then). And in high school, I continued developing my Otaku Senshi’s story until it was so dark and complicated that she wasn’t the same person that she was when I had created her when I was 13. And eventually it led me to create my other characters and stories. My main problem, though: finishing the things I start. I learned a few years ago that Naoko has that same problem lol. Sailor Moon has always, and still is, a great inspiration to me. If I hadn’t gotten into Sailor Moon, I would be a very different person.

  61. Kristen

    I’ve loved Sailor Moon since I was 4 (and I’m 22 now)! My mom has photos from my 5th birthday party and all the decorations were Sailor Moon – so I’m assuming I liked it before I even turned 5, but that’s the earliest documentation I have! I can’t remember why I watched it or how I even started, except for maybe that I was probably watching Cartoon Network and Toonami came on and that’s where I saw it. I had tons of the merch that’s really rare now, as a kid and I’m still really sad that my parents either donated or trashed it. What I think kept my love for it going strong though was how cute the show was (c’mon we all know the dub is adorable) and I love the messages it puts forward in each episode (English dub and Japanese original). When I was 18 I got the Cosmic Heart Compact on my ribs as my first tattoo because I love the series so much. I will always hold Sailor Moon close to my heart (a reason why I chose to have the tattoo done on my left side) and watching it honestly makes me so happy! I really can’t be in a bad mood at all when talking about the series and characters! I can’t imagine how I would be without discovering SM since it’s probably why I love watching anime so much.

  62. Jose Basilio

    Sailor moon taught me never give up on your dream and friendship is one best gifts you can received from a fellow human being..

  63. Kori Davis

    I fell in love with Sailor Moon when I was in the 5th grade. It was the one thing that got me through the night, the reason I got up in the morning. I grew up in a very abusive home where violence was the norm and I didn’t have any hope or bright lights. Sailor moon was that hope and the bright light since it gave me something to look forward to every day. It helped me smile and gave me a reason to laugh. Now at 29 I don’t think I could every live my life without Sailor Moon… it helped me build friendships and I can’t see my life with out this fandom. It gave me all the reasons in the world to be happy when my home wasn’t.

  64. Emily

    There are many reasons why I love, and still love, Sailor Moon. I think the #1 reason why I love it is because of its message that love conquers all, and that with love, anything is possible. As a hopeless romantic, Usagi and Mamoru’s love story is one of my all time favorites because their love transcends, and endures, the test of time. They’re destined to be together, and no matter how many times they become separated, they will always find their way back to each other. Throughout the series, their love for each other has been instrumental in saving the world, and in saving each other, and I think that’s simply beautiful. It never fails to touch me and leave me teary-eyed. Similarly, Usagi and the 4 Inner Senshi’s love for each other are also instrumental in conquering evil. I love their friendship and strong bonds, and how they’re always there for each other, no matter what.
    This message has stuck with me throughout my life, and I think it’s a great message that brings hope to people when times are bleak. Sailor Moon has brought me, and countless others, so much joy. Bless Naoko for creating such an amazing series! I’m relatively new to this site, but I’m so glad I found this great community of Sailor Moon fans! Happy birthday Miss Dream!

  65. Erica

    I would say the various Sailor Moon forums and tumblr have reunited me with my love for Sailor Moon. I had lost touch with it, but seeing people’s posts on tumblr made me fall back in love and now everywhere I go online I see Sailor Moon. It makes me happy. I also feel like Sailor Moon is a big part of my identity, she is such a role model for my life even though she is a fictional character, she has attributes I strive after and is just so inspirational. I also just love the fans, the ones who are supportive of all moonies regardless of what knowledge they have of SM. It is a great fandom, most of the time :P and i am so proud to call myself a moonie.

  66. Jane M

    I have been into Sailor Moon since it aired on American TV back in the 90s. I always find myself coming back.
    If I ever feel burnt out, I just take a step away, and let myself by immersed in something else. Sailor Moon just connects to me, so if I start re-reading or re-watching, I can feel that old fire burning for Sailor Moon.

    At least once every year or two, I like to go through all my old Sailor Moon stuff. Just take a peak at my old cards, posters, and dolls.

    Buying cute little new memorabilia, or at least new to me, helps me out. All the revival with the anniversary and Crystal has refreshed my desire to see Sailor Moon.

    I love the message of Sailor Moon, the story, and the fans. I think I will never have a time where I will give up on Sailor Moon.

  67. Andrea Melisa Medina Ruiz

    I first heard of Sailor Moon when I was 7 years old in 1993, from a Chinese friend who was living in my city with their parents who had a restaurant and moved from China when she was a baby. They traveled to Asia every year and she brought back, stickers, manga, toys, calendars and other items from Sailor Moon. I was fascinated and In-Love with the stories she told me about it. Later at age 10, year 1996 I heard the anime was gonna be played in my country and I remember I cried of happiness.
    Watching it gave me hopes, and dreams. It literally made me fly and during some hard years of my child hood and teenage years was a relief and a escape from sad things.In adult age I became mother of a beautiful girl. By that time I had taped the series and got myself a dvd copy of it. I waited patiently until my daughter had enough age to sit with no help and played the series for her…She grew with it and so has my second daughter. They’re 11 and 6 now. I never stopped loving Sailor Moon and I guess I never will since now I share this love with my family. We watch the new Sailor Moon Crystal episode together every 2 weeks and discuss every scene. We share stories about the original anime, and the manga. I have danced to Moonlight Densetsu with a loved one as a waltz and cried over some songs from the American Dub soundtrack.

    Sailor Moon taught me about friendship, courage, dreams. Watching it I learnt to love myself, accept myself and tolerate others, also about never giving up and always have a smile. I became a better person because of it ’cause it made me realize there is so much more good things about this world than there is bad. I met a lot of wonderful people who I have shared this devotion with.

  68. Hollie Hughes

    Sailor Moon has always meant something to me since I was small. She represented imagination, art, friendship, and love. Even today those are some of the things I like to live by and now being an adult it means connecting with my childhood as well as those same morals. Sailor Moon made me who I am today, I keep my love a live for the series through memories, and occasional collecting of items.

  69. Raven Sotelo

    My love for Sailor Moon was actually kept alive through myself. I fell in love with it as a kid when it was on Cartoon Network, and after it stopped airing, I went to the local dvd shop and bought my own dvds and vhs’. And since I’ve grown up I kept my videos and dvds, and the old purse and figure I got as a gift as a kid. I actually make my own SM inspired jewelry as well. If I was lucky enough to win this proplica, I’d make a whole little SM area in my room, with the proplica being the centerpiece

  70. Philip

    I’m heartbroken, I wrote what seemed like an essay of my life and my experiences with Sailor Moon and when I tried to submit it, my browser decided to act up and I lost it all.

    …but I guess that’s not important, because as I was writing this lengthy message, I remember how much Sailor Moon has meant to me and still means to me. Everytime that I thought my sailor moon chapter in life would come to a close, she always manages to come right back. Time after time, she has revived anew.

    Tsukino, Usagi – Serena – Bunny – Sailor Moon – Super Sailor Moon – Eternal Sailor Moon is my dear childhood friend. We grew up together! And I hope that we will continue to grow old together.

    thanks for your hard work Miss dream and happy 5th!

  71. River

    whats kept my love of sailor moon strong, is its what brought me and my best friends together and kept us together through some EXTREMELY hard times, Through moves to different country’s(England for for our “ami” and Japan for our “Chibi Usa”) Its how I came across my own Tuxedo Mask whome I will Be marrying. It was the gate way anime for my whole group and remind me that no matter how far,no matter how hard life gets, that I am never alone and it will get better. Sailor moon is more then just a manga,or anime for me and my freinds, its a way to keep life from draging us down.

  72. Kensey Phillips

    My love for sailor moon has never died out because it was my first experience with anime and connected me to so many other ones that I love. I still remember each character as a role model for young women.

  73. Pyper

    Sailor Moon’s always been a part of my life, since I was too young to even know what it was. It’s always been there for me, even when I didn’t have others who where. It’s probably what caused the making of my original character, among other things. But then after finding out my best friend, Whiizu, had the same love- it’s gone out of control! We made DeviantART accounts, started drawing harder, making our own Senshi (god, I have to have over one-hundred Senshi these days). We met friends, made a family for ourselves. I can’t go a single day without having Sailor Moon in my life or talking to my Sailor Family. I love them and I would probably go crazy without them.

  74. Nyokou

    I’m not really sure what exactly has kept my love for the series alive. It’s just always been a part of me and helped shape me into who I am today. If it weren’t for Sailor Moon, I’m not sure what kind of person I would be today. It was the gateway anime and manga series that led me to the world of Asian entertainment and inspired me to pursue my artistic talents and my interest in learning foreign languages.

    Everything about Sailor Moon is just great and the 20th Anniversary events plus the new anime that started this year have really brought back my full love and attention for these great characters and their stories. Especially with the direction the new anime has been going, which I personally adore because it really portrays very beautifully one of my favorite aspects of the whole series which is of course Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship.

    I don’t think I will ever get sick of Sailor Moon, it’s just something that I will always go back to no matter what. It’s been 16 years since I first ‘discovered’ it on TV as a kid living in Utah and still to this day, I get excited and fangirl like crazy over Sailor Moon, and I’m not ashamed of it in the least bit!

  75. Jonatan

    Desde 1996, cuando empecé a ver sailor moon todos los mediodías antes de salirpara la secundaria, la serie gha permanecido en mi vida de alguna u otra forma, incluso evolucionando! Primero viendo lasserie completa en el lapso de tres años, después las repeticiones. Luego con laeemoción del live action, que me encanto. Conseguir el viejo manga por Amazon, comenzar a ver la serie esta vez en japonés y con subtitulo y lluego la emoción de saber que empezaría Crystal y esperar durante dos años su estreno!!!! Hoy cada día veo algún capítulo de cualquier reencarnación y sentir que Usagi sigueen mi ccorazón hace tantos añoses eemocionante!!!!

  76. Cassie

    I can still remember the first time I saw Sailor Moon. I was 5 years old and it was the new show on Saturday mornings in Canada. I don’t know why but I was hooked from the moment I heard “MOON PRISM POWER!” I became obsessed. My mom tells me now she was worried about me because I loved Sailor Moon so much. As I got older my love for it continued (not like when I was 5) but enough that people knew I liked Sailor Moon. I was made up a lot because I liked it. Kids called it a baby show and I would come home from school crying. Then when I was 13 PGSM started and I was hooked again! I always look forward to a new episode week but had to watch them in Japanese with no subtitles. That is what started my quest to learn Japanese. I also then became more into Japanese culture itself. I now live in Japan and can’t believe I moved here the same year as Sailor Moon Crystal. I even got to go see the Sailor Moon Musical too! It’s all been a dream and I give a lot of credit to Sailor Moon for guiding me to new adventures in my life. Who knew one TV show when your 5 can really changed your life! I don’t think I would be living in Japan today if it wasn’t for that. MOON PRISM POWER!

  77. Druston

    Sailor Moon was the first anime I watched as a child and it sparked my love of anime and manga. It has been and always will be one of my favorite series.

    As for what kept it alive, I’d give credit partially to myself for never really losing the love for it. Sailor Moon went past being my favorite girl-power TV show when they brought in Haruka and Michiru. Even as a kid that was growing up on the English dub, I didn’t fall for the “We’re cousins!” BS that they tried to sell to the American audiences. I knew they were a couple, and it helped to answer a lot of questions I had about myself as a little girl.

    But I would also give most of the credit to both the fandom and the creators of all things Sailor Moon that have been produced over the years. The games, the manga, the anime, the Sera Myu, the live action series, all of the toys, etc. Without all of these things, Sailor Moon would have died out outside of Japan (and maybe inside) way before now. New generations would not have been introduced. No one would remember. But we do, because all of us are the ones keeping Sailor Moon alive in the world, even 20+ years later. Here’s hoping we can go for another twenty.

  78. Brady

    I was introduced to Sailor Moon in 1993 and quickly fell in love with it! Working in Japan allowed me to watch the anime & learn Japanese at the same time. Some of my fondest memories are going to the musicals with friends. In 2007 I discovered cosplay and met even more friends while dressed as Sailor Moon. I have been collecting dolls & Sera Myu goods since 1993 and my love for all things Sailor Moon has only grown!

  79. Simon

    My love for Sailor Moon began when the show first aired in my country, i was around 5 or 6. Being a boy, sailor moon was considered a ‘girl’ thing but i didn’t care, and even got a Sailor Moon doll for my 6th birthday! (i love you, grandma haha). Since then, my love has only grown. I enjoyed the anime and then discovered the manga, i bought everything i could find, from magazines to videogames. When i got older i drew my own sailor moon stories and wrote my own fanfics. Even though the show ended, internet and reruns helped me keep that love alive. Then PGSM started and it was a boost for the love i never stopped feeling. It was different but good, a new side to Sailor Moon. When PGSM ended i thought i had seen it all, i was wrong. With the announcement of Sailor Moon Crystal i went BANANAS. I could believe it. As a 25 years old man, i am super happy. I believe Sailor Moon Crystal fits with my age, just the same way the 90s anime did with the age i had at the time, that makes me really happy. Always and foerever a moonie ♥

  80. Sarah

    My love for Sailor Moon is just as strong now as it was when I first discovered it. I literally owe half my life to SM as cliche as it sounds…it was not only my first exposure to anime but Japanese culture in general. SM has made me proud of who I am…I never used to like much of myself when I was younger…like the girls in the series I felt like an outsider being one of the few ASIAN American kids in school. I used to hate being ASIAN and always wondered why I couldn’t “look” American. It wasn’t until I watched Sailor Moon and saw so much of myself in Usagi that I for the first time felt like I finally found something I could relate to. And now I wear my ASIAN heritage high and proud. I owe my love for Japan to Sailor Moon. No matter how many incarnations will be done my love for it only grows.

    I’m not even into anime anymore but I always, ALWAYS, come back to SM. It’s a long story and yes a deep story but I think that’s why so many people love and can relate to it. We all see a piece of ourselves in each of the characters. I’m a huge Usagi and Mamoru fan as well their love story is just beautiful to me. It’s what made me start to get into it when I first saw it on Cartoon Network. I was 13-14 when I first watched it and I’m now 31. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. :)

  81. Valerie

    When I was 13 I moved for the first time to a new city, and had to start over with making friends. I had a Sailormoon notebook for class and I met my best friend that way. I remember back then it was Windows 98 with slow internet, and we would sneak to her house on lunch breaks and spend the whole hour waiting for pictures of Tuxedo Mask to download so we could scream girlishly over how cute he was.

    The dub was cheesy and inaccurate and once I saw the original Japanese with subs, I cringed. But it’s still very special to me and it’s what brought me to meet my best friend. Since then I’ve read the manga watched the original version watched the live action and all the musicals, and of course now we have Crystal as well. I love Sailor Moon in all its forms.

  82. Bawuk

    Like many others, I encountered Sailor Moon for the first time as a kid. The anime gave me one of the first figures to idolize, worship, identify with, and aspire to be, and that is what Usagi means to me. As a kid, seeing Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon fed my fantasy of becoming a hero myself. Little did I know, it built quite a strong impression on me as a young girl.

    Fast forward today, around 20 years later, when I watched the show back, read the manga, watched the new anime, Sailor Moon gives me everything I got before but didn’t realize, only this time on a much deeper level. As a young woman now, Sailor Moon gives me strength to be myself, to embrace myself, and to never let go the fantasy of becoming a hero. I may not be an actual hero who saves the world, but I can be something else using the same kind of passion and faith that Usagi has.

    What has kept me loving this series is precisely because it empowers me, then when I was a kid and now as an adult. In one way or another, the series has become like a friend, a really old one, who may disappear for a while only to come back giving me more fascinating stuffs to uncover about myself.

    P.S. Happy anniversary guys! You have done such a wonderful job with this site! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

  83. Argocub

    What I like and learned from the Sailor Moon anime and manga series is that it has a message and that message is, to always believe in yourself ,friendship ,love, hope, life, dreams,to never give up ,fight and go for what you believe.

    I have been a fan of the series since I was in high school and to this day I am still a fan , My SM collection has grown and still grows to this day. I also made some friends thur that show as well and who I am still friends with to this very day.

  84. Paz

    My love for the series has been the curiosity for knowing more of the universe Naoko created. I love how everything has an astrological background, and how the relationships amongst all the senshis and the villains are well thought.
    Every character has its own story and personality, and when I related to some of them, it created a bond between me and the series.
    It might sound cheesy but I learned from the series, too! I was very very young when I saw it, and took very seriously true friendship and loyalty, and to behave correctly and not driven by selfishness :)

  85. Ricardo Chirino

    Sailor Moon was a very important part of my childhood. As the series reached its 20th anniversary and Crystal got announced, as well as the revival of SeraMyu with La Reconquista, all the memories of my childhood kicked in and I got so into Sailor Moon all over again! What can I say? Sailor Moon is a classicl and I’m never going to let it go!

    Congratulations to Miss Dream on the 5th anniversary! おめでとう!

  86. Delani Neal

    Sailor Moon was a huge part of my life growing up, at recess my friends and I used to play Sailor Moon and I would have a hard time choosing whether to be Sailor Moon, because she was the leader, or Sailor Mercury because she reminded me of myself at times. When I got older I rediscovered Sailor Moon in a way, I started watching all the old English episodes, I hadn’t really understood what a large world Sailor Moon was, in an abstract way I new it came from Japan but not fully. Then I decided to find the Japanese episodes online, this led to several weeks of determining what sites online were safe, and free to use to see the show. I was watching them all on an 8 in tablet that was a gift, and that made it a bit harder to know which sites were safe and to block their ads. However, I managed to watch every single episode, both English and Japanese before said tablet finally gave in to all it’s problems.
    Once I got my own computer, I knew the safe sites, and about adblocker to keep the not-so-safe ads from messing it up, and continued to enjoy episodes online. Then I found scans of the manga in English online and read all the books to better understand the story, and loved it.
    I even convinced my big to change the name of our family, in our sorority, to the Sailor Scouts. And I plan to share my love of Sailor Moon with my littles and their littles as the time comes, just as I have with family and friends.

  87. Suzanne

    Like many I’ve loved Sailor Moon since I was young and that love has never faded. While I think I would have retained that love no matter what, my friends have definitely played a huge role in keeping that love alive!! I’m a cosplayer, so I dress up as characters from the show with my friends. We all fangirl/boy together over the series which helps make the love of the series feel fresh and exciting year after year!!

    Crystal has played a huge role in rekindling that love as well, as I get to experience Sailor Moon reimagined with fresh eyes ~ it’s beautiful and I love it. I also get to watch the show with my husband who is new to the series … and he gets as emotional watching it as I do!! It’s something really special that I get to share with him now and that makes me so happy. The next step will be sharing that love with our future children, which I look forward to… my love for Sailor Moon will never die <3

  88. Krystle

    Sailor Moon is what brought me to some of the most important people in my life. I was 9 when Sailor Moon first aired in the United States. It had been a very rough year with the passing of my grandpa, a horrible car accident for my dad and the impending divorce of my parents. Watching Sailor Moon gave me strength and reminded me that I was a strong person and no matter how bad things got, I’d be able to get through it with the people I loved. Over the following 10 years I’d meet the best friends I’d ever have through message boards and chat channels. I’d also meet my now husband. Without Sailor Moon, I may have never come to have these amazingly wonderful, caring and genuine people in my life. Sailor Moon will always have a place in my life because through it and the love it fostered in each of us, I now have the most amazing family I could have ever asked for.

  89. Stephanie

    My love of Sailor Moon has been kept alive by passing it on to the next generation. My friend’s daughter (7) loves superheroes, princesses, Disney and Star Wars. Naturally, I figured she’d love Sailor Moon – a show about superheroes who saved the world and kicked but while still being girls. Before the end of the opening theme song, she was hooked (nor surprise). What I didn’t expect was halfway through the first episode, her nine-year-old brother slid over and joined in. He’s just as big a fan as his sister and his Sailor Mercury and the kiddos are planning to cosplay as Mercury and Moon (with me as Pluto) next year at our local con.

    We’re about halfway through season 2 now and it’s been a blast reliving my childhood and rekindling my love of Sailor Moon and there’s already been so many wonderful memories – Playing pretend in the backyard, making Cardians for the kids, them begging me to take them to buy the manga, my niece having an existential crisis because for the first time in her little life she likes villains – and we have so many more to make.

    Thanks to you and other fan sites, Sailor Moon resources are always a click away, something I didn’t have as a kid and something that makes passing the fandom down to new fans that much easier and fun – and keeping my Sailor Moon love alive in the process <3

  90. Eblin

    My love for Sailor Moon has never died down or lost its flame. I discovered Sailor Moon at the age of 7 and as a little girl I was taken in by the pretty magical girl world Usagi lived in. A few years later I discovered fanfiction and I fell in love with many many stories as well as wrote a hamdful of my own. Now fast forward to 23 year old me and me watching Crystal is one heck of a heartwarming experience, my childhood hero will always be that, the greatest hero with the most amazing love story ever ♡

  91. George

    I love Sailor Moon because I grew up with her! She was the only superhero back then with a below average school performance and I identified with her. I loved and always will how she is able to make anybody her friend and Usagi’s faith in love and the people she loved is something se passed onto me. Now I always know that believing is power and even in my darkest moments Usagi’s hope for love is what reminds me that this world is a beautiful place! I will always love Sailor Moon and I will never forget the lessons she taught me (in the Japanese version, not the cheesy Sailor Says). And in the end she made me proud about who I am and thus Moon Pride as a title and song has a truly deep meaning for me..

  92. David E. Nelson

    I stumbled upon Sailor Moon by accident while channel surfing back in September of 1995, just after I entered junior high school. Being on the autistic spectrum, Sailor Moon and her cohorts have come to be consistent friends of mine—almost to the point of being adopted family—for almost two decades now. The fact that they are fictional characters really does not matter to me. And now, with Sailor Moon Crystal having come out, I can enjoy their exploits in a whole new way. Thank you very much, Naoko Takeuchi, for providing me with a much-needed source of brightness in my life. I am in your debt for the remainder of my days.

  93. Audrey

    Sailor Moon is my oldest, biggest fandom. Without doubt it has influenced who I am today. In that sense alone, it will always be alive in me.
    What keeps that love more active is the fandom itself, through discussion, fanfiction, fanart, and cosplay. Right now there is also the benefit of new merchandise. When I see them, I feel more like I’m 13 again, happily feeding quarters into a machine to get trading cards, and scouring every store for anything Sailor Moon. I’m glad to feel part of that joy again.

  94. Katie

    my love for sailor moon is kept alive by the fact that tuxedo kamen is such a dreamboat!

  95. Christine

    I love Sailor Moon because she doesn’t give up on anyone. I don’t see to much of that in other medias so with theses stories, it gives me hope.

  96. Tadeo Campos

    Hi, greetings from a tiny country named El Salvador. I want to talk to you about something really important for me, which is: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. How can I explain my love for Sailor Moon? Well, I discovered Sailor Moon in the early 2000’s when I was in elementary school (I guess I was 7 years old). My older sister (who was 11 at the time) , one day turned channel 12 and suddenly I heard the phrase “Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up” (which corresponds to the third season of the original anime), in that moment I knew that I had to keep watching.

    Now, I am 18 years old I have watched all 200 episodes, 3 movies and 5 TV specials, read all the manga series and then I heard about its well-known-reboot-series Sailor Moon Crystal. I could not believe it. My love for Sailor Moon has never faded, sometimes after class I like to dig deep into my PC to randomly find an episode of the original series and trust me… all of them still feel like brand new for me. (Today I watched episode 136 “Protect Mamoru! Jealousy of Usagi the Ninja” which was when Mamoru sleeps on Rei house and Tiger’s Eye attacks her to get her Dream Mirror) I still laugh about it. Definitely Sailor Moon has influenced me, I highly identify with every of the Senshis.

    At some point every Sailor Scout has something in them that talk to me.

    I really look forward to see all Sailor Senshis being brought back to 21st century and beyond!!!

    I would like to be named the winner of this giveaway, since I live in El Salvador Sailor Moon stuff and anime in general cannot be found so easily. I imagine myself yelling “Moon Healing Escalation” with that Proplica Moon Stick, or finally re-decorating my bedroom with those posters and maybe…. Just maybe share my prize with my sisters (yes, I have a younger sister, who joins me every other Saturday to watch a brand new Sailor Moon Crystal episode) who had joined me with my love for Sailor Moon.

    Thank you in advance to the Miss Dream Team for making Sailor Moon available for everybody with just one click, keep up the good work, and hopefully I will hear news from you soon.

    Love. Moon Prism Power. Tadeo.

  97. Nue

    I met Sailor Moon 20 years ago, when I was just a little girl. Being a brazilian made really hard to get anything SM related so I struggled to watch the original series and buying the manga in japanese was just perfect. To me, SM is important cause those girls taught me how to be myself. To be strong. They show me loving another girl wasn´t wrong. That I could accomplish eveything if my heart was strong enough.
    This show is with me in every moment of my life. When I lost my mother, last august, I went to a really dark place and just SM brought me back.. So, thank you for everything.

    And thank you Miss Dream staff.. you guys are wonderful on your mission to spread this miracle story all over the world.

  98. Nicole De Jesus

    What has kept my love for Sailor Moon alive? Well.. So many things actually. But I’ll try to keep it short. When I was little around 5-7 years old, I would always play Sailor Moon with my sister and friends because we’ve always dreamed of saving the world in pretty outfits and treasuring love and friendship. Sailor Mercury used to be my favorite because I used to have short hair like her when I was little but after a while, Sailor Moon became my favorite. She loves videogames, food, clumsy, funny, loves romance, etc. She is literally me. A huge part of me. And without her, I would never be the young lady I am today. She made me believe in the power of love, to never give up on your relationships with anybody, and just being yourself will make people smile. She is my hero, my role model, and she is myself. When I saw there was going to be a re-release of the manga, anime, toys, and other things, my love for Sailor Moon grew even more and I cherish and appreciate everything that has happened. I love you, Sailor Moon. And Naoko Takeuchi. Thank you for being a huge part of my childhood and my whole life. ♥

  99. Jena Green

    Ive never stopped loving Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon was in my childhood and has been part of my life since the anime first came out in the USA.Sailor Moon was my hero as a child and she is my hero now! I am a Moonie for life! Love Sailor Moon!

  100. Alicia Cordero

    Watching as a child, reading the manga as a teen, and continuing the love I have for Sailor Moon has never been hard. From the goofy, simple, silly to the beautiful, romantic, and then with the inspiring story lines, the fights that make you want them to win. Sailor Moon is beautiful and teaches us many things. I am a Neo Queen Serenity cosplayer, as well as Sailor Cosmos, Usagi is an amazing character that I can’t help but want to relate with and want to be in some ways. Because of watching and reading Sailor Moon, I have been helpful to others but not letting them use me. I am nice unless provoked, as well as just being a person others can count on. Because of my love for Sailor Moon I am a person like a Sailor Scout.

  101. Ksassypants678 H.

    You ask what has kept my love for Sailor Moon alive? There are so many answers to that question but I’m going to have to say myself. From the moment that my mom introduced me to the series, I was hooked. I began trying to draw the characters, collect any kind of merchandise I could get, and tried to seek out fans like me. I somehow knew that from that show, my true friends would like Sailor Moon too. This all seems like a perfect happiness in a child at that age but it wasn’t. I was starting middle school in a new town and state when everything fell apart. I was ridiculed for liking something that was so “childish”. I couldn’t even talk to the few people that also liked the show because they would also be ridiculed. So when I would get home after all the harsh words said and things being thrown at me, I would watch an episode of Sailor Moon. My problems melted away while learning what true friendship was, how to stay strong, and know that things are tough but they get better. I don’t even want to think where I would be if I didn’t have Sailor Moon. I’ve met some of the most amazing friends through the mutual love of the show. I’ve even cosplayed as my favorite senshi, Sailor Pluto and as Princess Serenity and I cried each time when I tried the costume on for the first time. I felt beautiful for some of the only times in my life.

    As I’ve gotten older, I’ve never forgot about Sailor Moon. My love for the series as only gotten stronger especially when I find new things out about it. The second story arc became my favorite when the “lost episodes” premiered on Toonami but I couldn’t get home fast enough when they started showing S and SuperS. The internet usurped my favorite season when I was introduced to Stars. I will never forget that my first musical was on a burned disk and had Pegasus as a moving light show. I was late to the game when Pretty Guardian came out but I didn’t care. I couldn’t stop smiling as I was marathoning it. Now I wait impatiently for each new episode of Crystal to come out. I’ve started running panels because of how much this series means to me and hope that I can show people what I see in this series that makes me happy when there are times that life doesn’t want me to be happy. I’m even planning on getting my nieces into it with that same hope.

    I don’t know where I would be without Sailor Moon but I’m so glad my mom had it on TV that morning when I woke up just a bit sooner than usual and watched Serena and Raye compete in a skiing competition. My life changed at that moment and I am thankful.

  102. Audrey

    I always return to Sailor Moon because of the friendships involved in the series. Sure, the plots can be silly, the clothing and technology may be a bit outdated by now, and the villains love being over-the-top. But the truly timeless things are the relationships between each of the Sailors and their friends. Behind their prestigious title as Sailor Guardians, they are all teenage girls who care very much about each other. They were friends in the Silver Millennium, they will be friends in Crystal Tokyo, and they continue to be friends twenty years after the manga and anime first came out. All these characters with conflicting interests and personalities and their own weaknesses manage to be the greatest friends they can be, and I think that’s important to teach to girls of all ages. Whether you are a shy smart girl like Ami, have a competitive need for approval like Rei, or are a bit of a hopeless romantic like Usagi, there is no shame in being who you are with your friends. Thanks Sailor Moon, for illustrating what a beautiful timeless friendship looks like!

  103. Holly Giesbrecht

    I never grew out of loving cartoons, Sailor Moon has been a constant inspiration for me, and drove me go become an animator. I was introduced to Sailor Moon by a friend in 1995, we were instant fans! We loved to draw the characters (and turning ourselves & friends into alternate Sailor Scouts), bought the dolls, and had sleepovers to have Sailor Moon marathons. I love that she’s not perfect, but she is honest and loves her friends. Anytime I need to be inspired I still go back to Sailor Moon.

  104. Tonya

    Honestly– it’s some really heartwarming memories. I love Sailor Moon, and it’s just something that’s never going away. We would download these tiny clips from S long before it ever was translated into English, and just be amazed at the outer Sailors.

    I could never stop loving that. :)

  105. Jennifer E

    Sailor moon has and always will be my favorite anime grew up with the English dub then when i was 12 and got high speed internet i discovered the original uncut Japanese version i was so angry with all the changes the dub had made i bought the entire series on DVD and when i was 16 i discovered the sailor moon musical and the new live action sereis what drew me in was the friendships between the girls i am so excited about the 20th anniversary and sailor moon crystal Moon Prism power!

    congrats on your fifth anniversary!

  106. Aylin

    Since Sailor Moon aired on german TV I didnt missed even one episode.
    It filled my little heart with passion and gave me my strong sense of justice which I still have.
    And I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to grow up with this show.

    It’s not only a show it always kept me warm when I was lost in my life – and that happened many times.
    And thanks to the internet I could always keep on with other fans around the world.
    I still remember when I heard about the new Sailor Moon Anime.
    I was so happy !! Every time I told somebody about these news I shed a tear
    And now I’m still more happy than ever living the dream of a new/revival Sailor Moon Anime !

    It’s like my biggest dream came true … with many other girls that probably think the same :)

  107. Erica Diaz

    My first memories of sailor moon go back to when I was three years old, so around 1995. I remember catching parts of the show and simply falling in love with the show. and later When I would do visitations with my father, we would go to the local movie rental store and he would let me pick whichever movie I want, and so I would pick out the Sailor Moon S movie, and more than once, I think. I learned so much from Sailor Says! and life lessons taught throughout the anime series. So at a young age I always had a deeper understanding of love and friendship. When I was 10 and 11 , I would watch re-runs at a friends house. I loved that very much. But for awhile, my life got very difficult and I didn’t think about sailor moon for a long time. Almost three years ago, I began looking for Sailor moon again, and started watching the TV shows online. I even found some online recordings of the Sailor Moon movies. I started falling in love again.
    and that’s the inspiring bit to my story here. Growing up, I went through a lot of hardships, dealt with domestic violence and abuse through different personal relationships. I badly needed love. I tried so hard to love others But I didn’t even love myself.
    After watching Sailor Moon The movie again with different older eyes, I couldn’t stop crying. It was the moment Usagi gave up her life so that she could use all her power to save the Earth. She died. And through the Power of love of her best friends, they brought her back. In a way, seeing that was a moment to see within myself. That despite everything I have been through that I am still a good person on the inside and would be willing to bring that person out. So with help of my own and the guidance of someone I feel so blessed to have in my life, I am learning to heal and grow. To love myself. And that is why I love Sailor Moon. It is the message of Love and Hope and the Desire to do your best no matter what. That there is a star in all of our hearts. As long as we remember that and hold onto love and work through our fears we can triumph over the Negaverse!
    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and even if I don’t win, I am glad to have shared my story with you all!

  108. Amber Dively

    It is truly difficult to pinpoint one exact reason why I love Sailor Moon so much…between the awesome crime fighting Usagi to the love between her and Tuxedo Mask I truly love everything about Sailor Moon. What got me most was probably the fact that I could relate with Sailor Moon and her progression in love and growing more mature. Fighting her own weaknesses to persevere with every fight. I had a rough life growing up…I had a really hard time coping with things that were happening around me. I used Sailor Moon as an outlet to drown myself in. I’m not really sure what I have done if I didn’t have Sailor Moon to watch or read then. I truly felt like I grew up with her as season went on. I remember running around my neighbor hood dancing around pretending I was fighting evil. In high school I had the nick name Sailor Moon. Even now I even have a tattoo dedicated to Sailor Moon…that’s just how much Sailor Moon means to me. Sailor Moon has also been a gateway for me into this whole Otaku life I lead right now and I couldn’t be more happier without it I’m sure I would be completely lost. <3

  109. Sarah Rose

    Sailor Moon got my through a lot, my drunk parents, their divorce, having to leave my home. She taught me that crying doesn’t mean you aren’t brave. Anyone can be a hero, and that friendship is a powerful and that is why Sailor Moon sticks with me. I wish I could type something long, meaningful and novel worthy but I have a hard time getting things out of my head and on to the computer! Whoever wins this I hope they treasure it <3 :)

  110. Arleen W.

    To me it never has died out, always alive. Ever since I saw an episode back when they first aired I was hooked and fell in love with them, to this day I still watch the reruns or reread the mangas and watching the new series.

  111. Moonie

    I started watching Sailormoon in 1998 on Cartoon Network. Once I wasted a snow day just to watch a mini marathon of SM. My teen years I hid my love of SM until I was an adult and twitter came out. I found so many other adults who still passionately loved Sailormoon as much as I do! The show is so powerful and entertaining! I’ve seen the 90’s dub, sub, live action, the first set of musicals, played the many games and now Sailormoon Crystal! Sailormoon is never leaving my heart

  112. Abe

    When Sailor Moon came out, something resonated with me and I fell in love with the show. There was a story, there were friends coming together to overcome obstacles.. Unfortunately, I had only seen a little into what I now know as “R, season 2,” and I had to do more research and find out what this amazing show was about.

    Growing up with this show was a little difficult for me, because it was a “girl’s” cartoon. I didn’t want to be teased, and I already knew that I liked boys and was trying to avoid any negative attention. In middle school, I had a friend who liked Sailor Moon, too, and we would talk about it before and after class, hushed and excited. He would record the show on VHS and trace the transformation pens and brooches for me so I could draw them more accurately(as accurately as a 6th grader could, anyway). My twin brother and I loved the show, too, but could only catch them during summer and winter vacation. One year for Christmas, my mom and sisters bought me the Sailor Moon adventure dolls, but I didn’t want my dad to know I had “adventure dolls,” so after I found out what it was by sneaking a peak that morning, I waited to unwrap them alone with my brother. I loved them so much, and it made me feel like it was okay that I liked boys and that I liked a cartoon for girls. I saved up my allowance and bought the “Crescent Moon Wand” and Sailor Moon’s first transformation brooch, and I kept them hidden aside behind my Power Rangers Megazords and action figures.

    My freshman year of high school, I used the library computers to listen to MIDIs of Sailor Moon music and look up pictures and trivia about that show. I found out that Zoisite and “Kunzite” were actually a gay couple in the cartoon, and that Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, actual heroines of the show and part of the main cast, were lesbians. The show became more than just a cartoon for me: it was understanding that there were cartoon characters out there that were like me, so someone out there must think that it’s okay.

    It’s a bit sappy, but Sailor Moon taught me that it was okay to be gay. I loved the show like it was my best friend, and you always keep in touch with a friend that close. I’m really happy for Sailor Moon Crystal, all flaws aside, because it’s keeping the show alive. :) Good times, man. <3

  113. Adam

    I have been watching Sailor Moon since it first came out here in America and have stayed in love with it for all of these years. I have watched all of the episodes, most of the musicals, and the live action show multiple times. Now I watch Sailor Moon Crystal and think about how people now are rewatching the show still showing their love for it and even watching with their children to show them about what their childhood was like. It is an inspiring thing to know that this show has such long lasting effects on life.

  114. Jennyfer Ramos

    I have always loved sailor moon! at first it was just time to spend with my mom, but when CN changed air times, my mom started to record them for me and we would still watch them together. It wasn’t until my senior year that i found out about the stars series. It was by far my favorite even then! As much as I missed Tuxedo Mask, I did like Seiya. It wasn’t until recently that I even got that much of sailor moon things. My mom got me the first and second seasons of sailor moon. (My second set is missing T_T) and a doll. Even though the doll doesn’t have the box, I still have all her pieces and now have her setting out for the world to see.

  115. Leda

    My love for Sailor Moon has always been kept alive by the story. In all it’s myriad forms, it’s a story about being strong while appearing weak, about love, about being true to yourself and your past, about friendships and about what it means to be a hero. I started watching it at 16 and just haven’t stopped; watching, reading, listening. It’s my favorite story.

  116. Julian

    Unlike most fans now, I became a fan in late 2012. Right around the 20th anniversary. I had heard about it for a while and decided to try it, after episode 1, I fell in love. XD Ever since, I’ve been a full Moonie and no regrets. And I’m a straight male, so I defy most of the stereotypes. :)

  117. Holly Leifer

    My love for Sailor Moon has been and will be eternal! I love the underlying message about how anyone (even a clumsy, crybaby, comic book reading, video game playing,goof-off) can be a superhero! For an overweight, nerdy girl (and teenager… and adult…) that was a very empowering message that has stuck with me.

  118. Bobbi Clark

    Most recently my love of Sailor Moon has been renewed by the new episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal. I also have two daughters and getting to watch sailor moon with them is a wonderful experience. Before SMC and my daughters my love of Sailor Moon was kept alive by how inspired I am by Usagi’s pure heart, she never wants to give up on people. I aspire to be like her.

  119. Jessica Wilson

    My Sailor Moon love is something that has never really faded. I got a SM tattoo a few years ago just to always remind myself of the show and to never forget what it means to me. My love for the show is a way to remind myself of my childhood. Every morning I would wake up early and watch the show on Cartoon Network and would pretend that I was a sailor scout. I admire how strong Serena can be when the circumstances demand it and how she always tries to face her job with courage even though many times she clearly isn’t very confident in herself. She is always so kind and gentle and wants to see the very best in people. She is a pure light in the world of evil around her and that is what keeps my love of SM alive. My love for this show never wavered because of how happy watching the show always made me feel. Every few months I go back and restart watching from the very first episode because I just like to be reminded of how it all started and how a strong belief in yourself can change the world. It reminds me that I should always see the very best in people the way that Serena does. I just don’t think my love of SM will ever die because it is a symbol of my childhood when I thought maybe one day “Moon Prism Power” might actually work. The show reminds me of my childhood back when I thought anything was possible and it reminds me to keep dreaming. SM will always be one of my very favorite shows because it reminds me to never give up. The strong themes that run through this show are what keep my love of SM alive because it is just such an uplifting show, I mean girl power right?

  120. RTsukino

    When I was a child, I loved Sailor Moon for the great values it taught me on friendship and love. As an adult and a femenist, I continue to love Sailor Moon because of that good ol’ fashioned girl power. It inspires me every day. When everything seems so futile and worthless in life, I remember that we all have a warrior in all of us. I sigh like a little girl at the eternal bond Serenity and Endymion share. Cheesy, I know, but I love to revert to my childhood when I read the manga or watch the classic series. It reminds me on a daily basis that life is good.

  121. Elainey

    I’ve kept my love for Sailor Moon alive by looking it up on the internet. That sounds silly, but it really helps with keeping up with what is still being sold or the latest news. It was a fun part of my childhood that I like to revisit when I can. None of my IRL friends are fans so reading what other moonies online have to say really helps me.

  122. Jennie

    Sailor Moon, watching from day 1 of the repeats in Canada, and the movies, the fanfictions were the things that kept me loving Sailor Moon and finally getting the discs from my fiancee at the time in 2008. When he died, I still watched my discs or on line, and when I read more fanfictions and played the music, that kept me going!

  123. SailorSorceressEris

    My love for Sailor Moon didn’t its self until high school. Even tho i was partially raised on it(being born in 1995). i mean the last episode i remember watching was of the SuperS on Toonami when i was 4 until it was completely cut off from me. it wasn’t until the 8th grade that i started to watch it online. when i saw that it was censored i was ticked. Ooh boy i was ticked off!!! and i couldn’t believe that there stars season also!! my mind was blown, during my freshman year, when found PGSM the tokukatsu live action series! that’s when i started to draw fanart. then comes sophomore year. i was in English class killing time working on my fanart because there was nothing else to do. my good friend Glory saw me working on it and told me that she saw the manga and bought it at Wal-mart. the original by Naoko Takeuchi i was stoked!! i told my mom to get them first thing when i got home. i was so happy! I learned so much about life form them. they helped me get through the dark times. and taught me to chase after my dreams. my love for Sailor Moon soared even higher junior and senior year when i heard VizMedia was subbing Sailor Moon Crystal, re-releasing the original subbed, and re-dubbing it. I also discovered the SeraMyu (AHHH I LOVE MUSICALS!!!!!) so i’m watching those too. i was born to be a Sailor Moon fan. Because of her now i feel like i can do anything i set my mind to. And when it gets darker the more i want to shine. hoshi yo chikataoh aino starshine! My love for Sailor Moon will never die. Point Blank Period!

  124. Jennifer

    Sailor Moon was my first anime. I’ve loved it since I was a child. It has always held a special place in my heart and my love for it has never diminished. And now with the new sub and Sailor Moon crystal, my love is stronger than ever! Fan art and my friends have helped to keep my love for it alive.

  125. Angela Menne

    I was introduced to Sailor Moon by a good friend, Jessica who looked exactly like Serena in the U.S. dubbed version by DIC. when we were in high school. She invited me over to her house and we’d watch Sailor Moon episodes and I’d quickly identified with Amichan, Sailor Mercury of the group because I was socially awkward and painfully shy, but very artsy and wished I was as smart like a genius like her. My love for Sailor Moon grew exponentially as I started discovering the original Japanese anime series with English subtitles with all 200 episodes and 3 movies. Plus, our friendships grew to include Nate 1 as Tuxedo Mask, Nate 2 as Moonlight Knight, Jen as Sailor Jupiter as she was very athletically built and looked like her, Aleef as Sailor Saturn as she is Bangladesh and identifies with being painfully shy, but mentally strong at heart, Sandy as Sailor Venus, The senshi of love and beauty and is incredibly smart and quick-witted and sarcastic, Chrissy as Sailor Neptune because she was older by a year and more street smart, and Ruthi as Sailor Uranus because she was highly athletic, worldly sophisticated with psychic abilities, and identified with her strongly with her bi-sexual nature. We all met in our freshmen and sophomore years and our became inseparable “moonies” as we called ourselves and watched the anime at Jessie’s house (she’s our Usagichan). Our friendships from the 90’s still continue to this day, even though some of us have moved, and one of us have passed away. But, we have all kept in contact by e-mail/Facebook,phone, and in person. The last time we were all together was at my wedding in 2009, and I was soo happy to see us all together that I cried, “tears of joy!” For, I was afraid that they wouldn’t or could not come. I love them all, and I thank God for Sailor Moon for bringing me the best friends I could have ever dreamed of having, and having the memories of growing up together are some of the best years of my life. :) Sailor Moon, whether it be the original anime series, the manga, or even the musicals, and it’s numerous incarnations it has taken on, including currently, Sailor Moon Crystal will never grow old, for the series instilled my most cherished wish, to have true lifelong friendships that evolve and sometimes go for long periods of time without “keeping in touch,” but we still can keep tabs on each other and talk to each other and bump into each other from time to time. But, we will always share our “history” together and that’s something that will bind us together for as long as we shall live. And, Sailor Moon’s powerful message of love is eternal, no matter the race, gender, sexual orientation, or social status in life.

  126. miriam

    My love to Sailor Moon has never ended… I belive in the message of love since I saw Usagi-chan 1995 first time in german tv. At this time I was 10 and I was to small to get any merchandise. 1998 when the first manga was published in germany I felt in a much deeper love to this story. Since this time I collected a few goods, got 3 tattoos (because my love has to go under my skin ^^) and I was so lucky, when Sailor Moon Crystal was aired. I was crying about her beauty and that I could see Naoko’s story animated :’)

    I don’t want the moon stick for myselfe. But I have a friend, who has a really hard time because her big love has an accident and haven’t wake up till now (it’s just about 8 month now). She love sailor moon, like I do, but she can’t get the moon stick. I want to make her a little bit happy but I don’t have enough money to make her this gift. I know, she want this stick from the bottom of her heart and never get it. To make her smile is my message of love and what I’ve learnd from Usagi: “Belive in good things and help others to get happy. You will get happy, too.”
    Sorry for my bad english, it’s not good at all.

  127. Nicole

    What has kept my love for Sailor Moon alive is twofold.
    1) The sheer volume of media! Whenever I get tired of rereading the manga, I can watch the anime, the live-action, or one of the musicals. The music (both from the shows and musical) is pretty good (especially for tie-in songs) and can be heard over and over again. The fic hasn’t all aged well, but the old classics are still good and people are still contributing, especially now with Crystal.
    2) Sailor Moon is just very inspiring. It’s kind of silly, but whenever I’ve had a bad day, I can listen to “Kirari Sailor Dream” or “The Power of Love” and I feel like I can do anything, no matter how much I may have screwed up. I grew up on the series and even as an adult (I’m 26) Sailor Moon still inspires me. Especially when a lot of other hero-type stories are following a more “dark and gritty” style, I can fall back on the Senshi who experienced very realistic problems – a lot of which I identify with personally – but never let them drag them down. Usagi most of all: she believes in the goodness of people with every fiber of her being, and she will save everyone, no exceptions.

    Oh man, I’m getting really emotional! I’ve never really analyzed why I like SM, but I’m kind of tearing up a little now.

  128. Jess

    My love of Sailor Moon spawned like everyone else, I was a kid and I found it on TV and I’d never seen anything like it. Female superheroes protecting the world through love and justice. But each character stood for something and they were strongest together. The Senshi taught me that you can be as girly and hopelessly romanticy as you want, but that doesn’t stop you from kicking butt, standing up for yourself and those around you. You can be strong and kind, you can be a crybaby and hero. Since then, I’ve probably seen the original anime a million times, read the manga a million more and when I heard about Crystal, my heart exploded in joy. I’m pretty sure Sailor Moon will be with me well into my future.

  129. Dyna Jane

    What has kept your love of Sailor Moon alive?

    Sailor Moon has been a part of my life and it will be forever be in my heart. I am an only child and often I am alone, just like how the characters in Sailor Moon was before they meet Usagi. It was the very first anime that I have loved and will be a forever fan. It was my companion and the one that give me great joy with each episode. It was like when I am watching, I was right there with them. Forgetting the woes of the real world. I would say that what I am today part of my being and lessons in life, some I have learned it with Sailor Moon. How you treasure yourself, your family, your friends and your true love.

    I also love Mamoru and Usagi’s love story. It is so pure, unlike the others I have seen. So pure and so in love, that I wish I would find my own Mamoru someday. After Sailor Moon has ended, I was really hoping to watch it again at sometime or have a reboot and it did! after 20 years! I was really glad I get to see it again even better!

    I am really thankful for Sailor Moon, for it really made me feel that I was not alone and there is always better things to come and treasure. This what keeps it alive because it is a party of me.

  130. Veronica Bonkoski

    Sailor Moon is just apart of my life. I found it on the TV one morning and just got sucked into it and haven’t let go of it since. Who doesn’t want to be apart of Usagi’s life? It’s like she was friends to us all. In our moments of loneliness, heartache or when we hard a day you just watch some Sailor Moon and boom! You felt so much better. I don’t think I would of survived my childhood without her. With the internet I was able to discover fan art and fan stories and my love kept growing (what people create is just amazing to me because I don’t have a shred of creativity in my body.)

    You also have a wonderful story of friendship and love, of heroism and watching the characters mature, especially Usagi, that just sucks you in and you get so wrapped up in it that you just don’t want to let go.

    When Sailor Moon Crystal was announced my inner child burst forth and just danced like mad because here was Sailor Moon and she’s back! My love for Sailor Moon will never die and I’m so glad that I’m able to enjoy her and I’m so glad that as my daughter gets older, she’ll be able to enjoy her too.

  131. Raihana Khan

    The flame of Sailor Moon never died to me and only burns brighter as years go by. When I was little my much older brother introduced me to the DIC Sailor Moon English dub (or so he tells me that he did because I was so young I honestly can’t remember.) All I know is that from the first episode onward, I was completely hooked. Any chance I got to watch it trust me I took it and got my family to watch it too. My mom was very supportive and bought me anything Sailor Moon related that she could find which I appreciate so much today because we never really had alot of money. I would pretend to be Sailor Moon all the time and I was teased but I never cared because I loved it so much and ‘Serena’ was always my favorite. Unfortunately when my parents got divorced, my mom and I moved to an apartment that had no cable TV so I was no longer able to watch the show but my mom still rented the VHS tapes and bought books for me. Those tapes and books were all I had at that point in my life and I treasured them so much. Everytime I endured a painful experience I tried to be courageous and brave. To be loyal and fight for what I love the most. That was what Sailor Moon taught me and I always carried those lessons in my heart. Years after when I got my own laptop (and was much older) I was finally able to watch every episode of the English dub and the original Japanese version. It was even more special to me because I understood it better and I related to Usagi so much. Even after so many years, watching those episodes gave me an unbreakable confidence, teaching me that I may not have much in the eyes of others, but having my friends and my loved ones by my side triumphs over all else. Today, I am 21 years old and seeing Sailor Moon Crystal makes my heart feel so warm and fills me with so much love and joy to know that it can inspire an entire new generation of girls and boys to have that strength, love and loyalty, just like it has done and continues to do for me. I hope that everyone can get their friends to watch it and let Sailor Moon’s light and legacy live on forever. I know this entry is one of many and it’s a little long, but thank you so much to whoever takes the time to read it and thank you for allowing us to share our stories. – Raihana Khan

  132. Samantha

    Ah Sailor Moon…where do I start? Sailor Moon was one of the first anime series I had ever watched (before I knew what anime was really) I didn’t get to watch it much as a child though due to my parents not approving of it. On the slight chance I did get to watch it at my grandmother’s house on Toonami. I loved it so much! Action! And the main characters were girls! And it was really colorful, AND CATS. I had forgotten about it briefly for a few years after I had no television to watch it on. The Sailor Moon flame was rekindled when I had began searching the wonders of the internet in 2003. Sailor Moon Shrines! And the websites! Some of my favorites were TheOracle and for their webcomics! Sailor Moon really helped my with the loneliness of middle school, I was kept home a lot (parents didn’t really like the “childrens” running off to friends houses. haha) so I’d just sit in my room listening to Sailor Moon MIDI’s and writing fanfictions about the characters from Sailor Moon. When we did have internet I would download clips from SM fansites and make AMVs (they weren’t very good…but hey I was in 6th grade and only used windows movie maker)! Sailor Moon was also the first manga book I ever owned. Now…I had started with Stars (which I really didn’t know any better) I still have it to this day, even though it’s quite beat up…I blame the crappy quality of the tokyo pop version of the book. Reallllly bad binding. So now that I am an adult I have been able to indulge fully in the series. I now own the whole second edition of Sailor Moon plus the short stories, I also have been able to buy myself some of the recent figures that has come out as well. Really makes me happy knowing Sailor Moon has been such a large part of my life. I’m totally that friend that could go on and on about Sailor Moon. HAHA But now I am geeking out about the revival to my sister (who loves Sailor Moon just as I do) and the SM community of Tumblr. Anyways, really bad at writing these…like I am at everything else (except aparently SM fanfictions from when I was 10…where did all that creativity go!??!)

    – Samantha Griffith

  133. Meghan

    My love for Sailor Moon has always been alive and well since the anime came out in the US. I collected all the manga and other toys which I still have. I never wanted to give those up. My friends also kept that alive and even helped me try and find Stars on DVD since I had lost all my videos since my external died. When I heard the news that they were doing another anime it made my love grow even more. New we have the new dub, the new anime and more merch. I have so much Sailor Moon stuff than before it not even funny. I love Sailor Moon and will never give it up for anything. It is who I am!

  134. Anahi

    I’ve always been a fan of Sailor Moon since I was little. I’ve always admired her ability to be kind and a loving friend. She never gives up and always does everything to protect her friends. To me she keeps inspiring me to be a sailor senshi in my own life fighting my own evils. Wether it be fighting obstacles that get in the way of my dreams or fighting my lupus she inspires me to keep going. I try to be positive, kind, and loyal to my family and friends. With the new sailor moon anime out and the new merch out I feel happy and motivated to keep going in my journey as a sailor senshi in my life.

  135. Luna Nova

    I first fell in love with Sailor Moon when I was 14. As I went through high school I found myself rereading and rewatching everything Sailor Moon related, spending lots of time on Sailor Moon forums, making friends with Moonies around the world, and drawing artistic inspiration from Naoko. I would developed a love of bunnies and the color pink and a deep love of the moon. When ever I look at the moon now, I always see the rabbit, I don’t think I will ever not see it. The values of love, friendship, mercy, and strength I learned from Sailor Moon have helped shaped me into the young lady I am today.

    Even though I am not as active in the Sailor Moon fandom anymore, Usagi exists within me everyday.

  136. Shannon C,

    There are so many reasons why I adore Sailor Moon.

    As a child, I watched the English dub and had wands that Sailor Moon used from season one and season four and would run around the house yelling her attacks. I adored Sailor Moon for so long and Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. I would sing the opening theme song for it too.

    As I grew older, my attention shifted. However, on a website I saw a Sailor Moon picture and watched the dub, then I discovered Sailor Stars and re-watched the entire thing. I then started collecting Sailor Moon stuff again. I seem to have lost all the wall space in my room.

    I woke up back in July 2012 for the big announcement for them to say a new Sailor Moon anime was on the way. I waited 2 years and when the day came, I woke up at 6:00 am to watch it. I was snuggling with my Sailor Moon pillow and I am so happy they are following the manga now. I am 18 years old and adore Sailor Moon with a passion that I can’t even describe. If I am sad or not in a good mood, I watch Sailor Moon, she cheers me up and the episodes always remind me that everyone is the same.

    I can’t describe how much Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Haruka, Michiru, Hotaru and Setsuna have gave me hope. I always think, “If I think of what the Sailor Senshi say, I can over come anything.” Sailor Moon has opened me up to being an anime fan, I have watched several animes but I have to say Sailor Moon is by far the best for me.

    Sailor Moon also inspired me to learn Japanese, thanks to Sailor Moon, I can now read the manga in Japanese with help of the computer and dictionary but I do not need it most of the time. Usagi can accept anyone and she has made me do the same, no matter what kinds of problems they have.

    I have a Christmas list with a bunch of Sailor Moon things on it. Sailor Moon is my life, I adore it so much; I think Usagi is such an inspirational person for everyone and I believe everyone can relate to one character somehow in the show.

    I had a bad experience with my Epilespy medication a couple months ago, I had a bad allergic reaction. I watched Sailor Moon and from the episodes, I get the feeling she was telling me, “You can get through this, you are a strong girl.” Sailor Moon gave me the hope that I knew that the dark tunnel would soon be lit up with light. Everyone tried giving me the hope but something which the girls did in the show, it made me have more courage and hope. I can say I will never let go of Sailor Moon, no matter how old a get.

    Once Sailor Moon Crystal ends at the Star arc, I plan on rewatching the whole thing. Sailor Moon is what makes me who I am and she will always be a huge part of my life.

  137. Janet

    Sailor Moon has always been a main source of inspiration for me. Not only for art or entertainment, but through my life as well. I’ve discovered so much about myself through the series.

  138. Alvaro

    I used to watch SM as a kid, and I always loved the story. The shenshi always fought for the things I believe in friendship, love and beauty.
    I do believe that my fascination for the moon was the thing that always kept me coming back to Sailor Moon every time.

    And my love for SM was also a main reason to get me a nice group of friends to share my anime and manga interest.

    I even think that, because SM always maintained my fascination on anime and Japan, it even helped me to apply for an exchange program in Japan.

    Remember: The Moonlight carries a message of love.

  139. Brosephine

    Most recently, I’ve been rewatching the original anime and screencapping my favourite moments (there are a lot). Because Sailor Moon is such a huge world, it feels like there’s always something new to experience – the musicals, live-action PGSM, and now Crystal! I love comparing all the different iterations of each character, and I feel that having so many variations has made them iconic. I also love seeing how people understand them through fanwork and meta. Ultimately, I think that connection with a wide canon and a wide fanbase is what will keep my love of Sailor Moon alive forever. <3

  140. Dawn

    The messages of Sailor Moon are what always stick with me, even now that I’m older. You don’t have to be physically strong to help people. There’s no wrong way to be a woman. Your friends are important. And love is more powerful than hate.
    This giveaway sounds amazing! Thanks Miss Dreamers for all your hard work <3

  141. Angie

    My love for Sailor Moon started in my childhood. I grew up with the anime, I dreamed of being like Usagi who turned into my role model in life. Even without the new anime my love has been strong for so many years because this anime represents my life in so many ways. As a child I wasn’t very friendly and sort of missunderstood, my father dissapeared from my life, I was the little crybaby that just wanted to make friends, but I knew I wanted to be like Usagi. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be who I am today. I am strong because of her, I am hopeful and energetic because of her. The story is something so beautiful and can trasend through time, I have even told the legend of the moon princess to my students (I’m an elementary teacher). and even then my students love the story so much.
    The message of this show has been my source of inspiration: girls can fight, girls can be sweet and fall in love but still be tough and can stick together in good times and bad times. It has also made me make so many friends thanks to the fandom on tumblr and I am so thankful for this story who has united and will still unite the hearts of many in the past, present and future

  142. Casey

    I’ve never needed a reason for my love for Sailor Moon to stay alive. It’s always felt like a big part of my life and has influenced the paths I’ve taken. Through thick and thin, Sailor Moon has always been there when I needed her :) So, no matter what Sailor Moon will always have a place in my heart.

  143. Kristen

    No matter how bad of a day I’ve had, Sailor Moon can always brighten it up. She’s been a near-constant in my life since I was 10, even though I really didn’t get “hardcore” about the fandom until I was a bit older. She’s the reason I continue to write and dream. She’s the reason why I’ve been able to meet so many interest people (both online and off). She’s the reason why I haven’t given up.

    But I think the reason my love for this story hasn’t waned over the years is because it’s constantly reinventing itself. Be it through anime, live-action TV series, or musicals — it never gets stale or tired. It always seems bright and new with each incarnation. Best of all: The message remains the same. It warms my heart to know that my future children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy a story that is near and dear to my heart.

  144. Kelli A.B.

    I started watching Sailor Moon when I was 7 on Toonami, as I’m sure many of my peers did. My best friend, Sarah, and I would watch it everyday after school. My grandma made us some leotards that we would wear and we would play “Sailor Moon.” I was Moon, she was Jupiter. When she moved a couple years later, it was very tough on me. I stopped watching Sailor Moon because it was “our thing” and she was gone, so it didn’t seem as special.

    After a few years, I was looking around the Internet and saw a DVD set of the first couple seasons for a reasonable price (I found out years later that they were bootleg, but they worked, oh well). So I bought them and watched them in, like, 2 sittings. I forgot how much I loved the show.

    About 2.5 years ago, I pulled those same DVDs out and watched again. After a quick search, I learned that they were preparing for the 20th anniversary of the show and there would be new musicals, re-releases, reboots, and merchandise galore! That’s when I discovered Tumblr and its wonderful community of Moonies. I have made many friends on that website and I have seen some wonderful fanfics, fanart, gifs, and original content stem from a show older than some of the people making these works of art. I am so happy that I continued loving Sailor Moon for about 17 years because it is so important for fans. Some people credit the show for saving their lives or helping them get through divorces and abuse; it inspired some to get into certain industries and careers. For me, it simply makes me happy. Whenever I get a package, my mom asks if it’s a Sailor Moon thing. 97% of the time it is. And I don’t want that to change anytime soon. Long live the Neo-Queen!

  145. Andrea

    My love for Sailor Moon is endless since I saw the first season when I was little. She taught me lots of importabt values and the true importance of friendiship and love!! I Love everything about her and the other Sailors !!!!!! I love their strength and beautiful transfoormations=)… Now that i’m becoming a woman ( i’m transitioning) My love for Sailor Moon is stronger than ever because I remember when watching the show I used to say….. i just b
    want to be like them!!!And Now finally it’s happening !!! I LOVE YOU SAYLOR MOON

  146. Casey B

    The original Sailor Moon was awesome and this remake is doing a really good job so far. :-D

  147. Katie G.

    My love of Sailor Moon has been kept alive because of the love and magic of the show – as cheesy as that may sound.

    When I was in first grade, I would get off the bus every day and come inside and turn on Cartoon Network and watch Serena and her adventures everyday. I started to watch more than just the television episodes, buying VHS tapes and finding videos anywhere I could. My parents would help me win ebay auctions, (I was too young to do it on my own), so I could gain my favorite items and pretend to be just like the superhero herself. My mom helped me make my first cosplay, which turned out quite interesting actually! (It surprisingly still fits me!) I bought number 6 of the manga, and would admire all of the drawings. I had the CD and would put on little performances singing the songs from the show with friends too! Sailor Moon R the Movie: The Promise of the Rose was my favorite movie!

    As I got older, I would go through random binge watches and move away from Sailor Moon and then back again. Then one day, I realized I had never seen the whole series or knew the whole ending. I decided to read the whole manga online, which was AMAZING. Then I went back to my ways of ebay auctions, and bought all 5 seasons of the 90s anime. I watched every single episode. I cannot believe I went so long without watching Sailor Stars! Then I purchased all of the first generation manga to go along with volume 6 that I bought when I was younger, and re read all of them. I made a (better) cosplay to go to Dragon Con with. I began to watch Sailor Moon Crystal, which is SO GOOD. I continue to collect items and am so in love with everything sailor moon.

    I have always felt a special connection with Usagi, since I am a crybaby and a klutz… I am a fool for love and have been dreaming of my wedding my whole life. When I watch her, I truly feel inspired. I may not be a moon princess, but I like to think I am. :)

  148. Heather C

    Sailor Moon has been something that I’ve watched because I was maybe four. It was my first anime and the one that really got me interested in the whole idea of non-American cartoons and entertainment. Learn to read and write Japanese and took it as my high school language class mostly because I started watching Sailor Moon as a kid. To this day it’s still my favorite story, and the fact that they’re and now animating the original manga is so exciting because of Venus and her sword!

  149. Setsuna Ayu

    I’ve loved Sailor Moon for a long time like many people here. All of the Sailor Senshi in some way have inspired me from my choices in life to my choice in career. If it wasn’t for Sailor Moon I wouldn never have gained the interest to study Japanese and study abroad in Japan. It made me realize what real friends are because I was often surrounded by not so good people when I was growing up. This anime gives me a joy like no other series. I know that it sounds silly to say that fictional animated characters can meann so much to you but that’s why Sailor Moon is special to me. Fictional things usually are not that important of a thing but only Sailor Moon gives me that feeling. It is something that you can’t forget and that’s why it means so much to me even now.

  150. Phat Tan Bui

    While many fans have issues with the English version of the series, there’s one thing that they all agree on: the theme song was awesome! How many of us constantly sang “fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight” over and over again? At least the music in the English dub was spot-on!

    In both the original Japanese anime and manga, Haruka Ten’ou (aka Sailor Uranus) is dating Michiru Kaio. While this aspect of the story was changed for both the U.S. and Canadian versions, it is great to see LGBT characters portrayed in a positive light and who have a happy relationship.

    Despite being a manga and then later getting turned into an anime, ‘Sailor Moon’ has some fantastic characters and compelling storylines. Usagi and her friends are not cardboard cut-outs who can do no wrong, they’re incredibly human and often make mistakes. Plus, as the series progressed, the plotlines got much darker. In the final season of the Japanese anime, most of the Scouts die and it is up to Usagi as Eternal Sailor Moon to face the enemy alone. While the series does end on a happy note, Naoko Takeuchi makes sure to point out that sometimes happiness comes with a price: you have to work hard to see change in the world.


  151. Katie

    I have been an avid moonie for years due to different aspects of Sailor Moon; the idea of fate, mystery, love, heroism, and the amazing story line have kept me coming right back again and again. I’m so happy about SM Crystal and I really hope there will be Crystal dolls released soon ^.^!

  152. Bunny Kou

    Over the years fans have always keep the love in mealive. Years after I’ve watched the serie, thanks to internet I come across with fanfics about my favorites guardians, and it was such a joy being able to see them fight the evil and fall in love again. It was in that time, too, that my love for writing reborn, so I can’t describe how much this story has gave to me in all this time. Writing, one of my passion will always come in hands with Sailor Moon. And all the rainbow of feelings that I’m capable of feel, are indeed, thanks to all the happiness Sailor Moon has gave to me.

    Thank you!

  153. Belle

    My love for Sailor Moon has never died because it wasn’t a phase I could grow out of, it was a multi-faqueted meta-series with so much for me to explore, so many different ways of enjoying the same general story, so many different incarnations of every character. As I grew older I could appreciate the nuances of the series that didn’t really exist in other media at the time it came out and just grow to love other characters I didn’t care for before (Uranus and Neptune definitely come to mind, but really just the outers in general). Yet, despite me being able to intellectualize the series and disassemble it I still get that happy girlish feeling every time I watch Sailor Moon, and that’s what really makes it special.

  154. Fred F

    What I kept it alive, at first, was fan fiction on how the story would continue past Sailor Stars, with Mercurius’ return from the SuperS special, Ami’s First Love. I eventually stopped along the 4th installment of my fan fiction, where they fought Sailor Sun, discovering that she was thrown out for being unfaithful to the Moon Kingdom, before the Dark Kingdom invasion.

    Going from just writing fan fiction, I went to watch PGSM, when it aired, and made the girls in wrestling games, to make a visual fan fiction, with other characters from other franchises. I continuously done so, for the past decade. But back to PGSM, where I bought the entire series with the one-night-only musical and specials, along with the first 2 seasons of the classic anime in R2 format. I still have those, to this day.

    As Kodansha brought the manga back, I bought every volume of it, including the Short Stories. I continue to buy more Sailor Moon goodies, with the SH Figuarts for both Mercury and Jupiter, ZERO Mercury, the Sailor Mercury poster. I’m a strong supporter for the franchise, and never backed down from it, believing that she would come back someday.

    That day finally came, thanks to Viz.

  155. Bethany

    Sailor Moon was one of my favorite shows when I was little. I watched it as much as I could and my friend and I used to pretend that we were the scouts fighting evil. Sailor Moon was my very first anime and was the gateway to anime in general and anime is now one of my main interests. To this day, I have yet to find another series that I love as much as I love Sailor Moon. I love everything about it especially the whole “girl power” theme it has.

  156. Amanda

    I discovered Sailor Moon when I was eleven. That was 14 years ago, and just as Sailor Moon was starting to go out of fashion in the States. I would race home after cheerleading or swimming practice and watch the newly-dubbed S and SuperS over and over again. I taped episodes. I got up early to watch before school. And then… it stopped.

    I had the manga. The manga kept my love alive. My original Mixx copies are falling to pieces. I learned to draw by copying pages out. I had the music, just about everything I could find. (it also introduced me to J-Pop and J-Rock, and heavily influenced my music tastes today) I swore sacred vows with my friends that somehow we would bring it back someday… and then the 20th anniversary happened, and we didn’t even need to.

    Over the years, Sailor Moon has influenced me in so many ways. Heroines, love, magic, hope in the darkest hour, even what to look for in a romantic partner. In everything I’ve written, you can see traces of Sailor Moon in it. My love for the series was kept alive because of how much it influenced me when I was young. Even today, I did critical video think-pieces on the original anime and the manga, and continue to do so with the new anime. Usagi might get bored with it, but I like to think Ami would be proud of me.

  157. Rose Roberts

    My love for Sailor Moon started when I was younger about maybe 12 or 13. I was going through a very tough time in my life I was depressed and lonely. And when I started to watch Sailor Moon and the messages it had within the show it helped me to believe in myself and helped make me a bit happier I remember always waiting for the show to come on. And on a bad day I would write down certain messages I caught onto in a journal so I would look at those entries when I was feeling down and alone. The years went by and I found my journal and read through its pages and then I started to watch it again and suddenly I felt happy again and remembered all the love I had for Sailor Moon and still do. I will always love Sailor Moon she was my therapist and friend.

  158. Lalo

    I love Sailor Moon because it conveys the meaning of life; in spite of the chaos and uncertainty in life, it is always possible to overcome anything and to start anew. It is possible to overcome darkness and find light, love, hope, beauty, and happiness afterwards.

  159. Astria

    I’ve loved Sailor Moon since I first sat down to watch it. It was refreshing to see a show with female lead characters and the whole magical girl genre was pretty new (to me) then. I spent so much time and money back then, and while I moved on to watching other shows and reading other manga, I always looked back fondly on Sailor Moon as the first big thing that got me into anime as a whole. The resurgence of products and visibility makes me happy, even if I can’t afford all the things I want like I could before.

    To me the show always inspired hope. No matter how dark and bleak things got, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Usagi/Serena always tried her best to raise others up even when she was struggling to do the same for herself. That’s something I admired and related to. Some of the music was pretty catchy, too. Music’s pretty important to me and every once in a while I pull out the old Sailor Moon playlist and give it a listen.

  160. Avery

    I have always loved Sailor Moon since I started watching the show when I was 7. It wasn’t until I lost my Dad and I started college that I realized that Sailor Moon was much more important than a cartoon that I watched. It showed even through her hardest times, she can still become Sailor Moon and fight with everything she has. That friendship is huge and she will always have their backs and they will have hers. After having a tough start after everything I needed that inspiration! I have a bigger appreciation for the show in my 20s then when it first aired! Sailor Moon is an inspiration to me and it will be to my future kids one day!

  161. DrMM

    Why do I love Sailor Moon? Because it’s awesome. It was the first anime I ever saw and led to my obsession with anime. It was a show with amazing female characters, plot and heart I’d never seen in an animated show before. I have no idea how many times I’ve watched the series, but I still love every episode.

  162. Jessica Parnell

    My love for Sailor Moon didn’t click right away. I remember seeing the doll commercial where all the girls were having a sleep over and Jupiter was late. I used to think it was for little kids (I was 12 at the time?) and think nothing of it. That is until one fateful night my rebellious self stayed up ALL night and saw the show at 6am that morning and from there it was all i needed. Usagi (or Serena) and the scouts where what I had always wanted to be in my life. They went through the same things I did whether it be my weight loss struggle and my wanting to learn how to cook so I could be like Lita. 10 years later these girls are still my role models and I hope that If I ever spawn a chibi they will have that opportunity as well.

    Thank you for all your hard work and the opportunity to win such amazing prizes.

  163. Chris

    For me, it’s always been the beautiful character designs and costumes. Whether it’s Naoko Takeuchi’s original manga or the way it was translated into the anime series and then to the live action musicals, the designs are just so perfect!

  164. Valerie

    I discovered the English dubbed Sailor Moon on TV when I was 14. I loved the character designs and the fact that it starred strong female magical girls who were able to save the world. My friend and I collected the trading cards and got some of the Japanese Animanga books to practice reading for Japanese class.

    Over the years I enjoyed drawing the Senshi and eventually downloaded the whole subbed series online. I’ve re-watched it many times, collected the manga, cosplayed Sailor Saturn and Moon, and now I’m collecting some of the new merchandise.

    Usagi always inspired me to do my best, even if I’m scared, or if I doubt myself. When my dad passed away, I reminded myself to keep strong, like the Sailor Senshi. There’s always an end to the darkness. And watching Sailor Moon Crystal is inspiring me all over again. :)

  165. eiviana

    Sailor Moon always was, always is, and always will be part of my life. I remember first watching it when I was a kid, my friends and me used to roleplay in school, and my mother always nurtured my passion for SM by buying me the magazines and some other mercies, like bags and shirts.
    As years passed, I forgot about SM a little because tv channels stopped playing it, and I didn’t have internet for a very long time, so I was kind of out of days about the news and stuff; Crystal hit me like hell, when I first heard about the reboot.

    All I can say, SM always has been a weak spot for me, the story itself and the characters who I love so dearly,and I’m really glad to be part of this experience and to see how big of this fandom is, and after 20 years it’s still out there,and I wish the youngest generations could experience this SM feeling, and I hope it’ll still go on after, like a hundred years,and I sure will show it to my children too.

  166. ChiefBunney

    My love for Sailor Moon started when I was 12, it must be in 1997 – and it never really stopped! I’m a dreamer and romantic, even I was left from former friends in the deep of my soul I never stopped believing in true romance. And so does Sailor Moon. She stands for heartiness, love and hope. I feel always better when watching it. :)

  167. Edip Goktug

    I’m someone who is very attached to my past. And what I can recall from my childhood is only Sailor Moon. I remember hurrying back from school to catch the new episode on TV and forgetting to breath when I watching it.
    That is why whenever I watch SM now, it fills me with kind of a happy melancholy.

  168. Tiffany

    What has keep my love of Sailor Moon alive? That would have to be the languages of love, friendship, and hope it gives girls and women of all ages across the world…it made a difference in my life by showing us that girls don’t have to be super-strong in physical strength like men to get what we want or need. Sailor Moon has shown me that you can be intelligent and strong, be feminine and strong, and be yourself and be strong–most importantly, that you can love and be a woman and still be strong. Thank you so much for keeping that hope and strength in my heart with all you do, Miss Dream staff.

  169. Kathleen Zane

    My love for Sailor Moon has stayed open and vibrant since the very first day I watched my first episode at 6. My brother introduced it to me as my first anime, and I’ve loved Sailor Moon and anime ever since and I’m 26 now. After I first watched it I gathered friends to watch it every saterday and we would pretend to be the senshi and try to do the awesome moves and say all the lines! 2 years later at 8 my life changed drastically after being diagnosed with a lifelong condition. Time with friends was limited, so I turned to Sailor Moon even more at that point. Re watching the series all the time, reading the manga, I got several of the magazines around then to. The story, the strong senshi, Usagi’s strong sense of self and love but still being a typical young girl helped me keep my head held high and make it through some very rough times. I cried when they decided to do Crystal, I was so happy! Even now when I’m having a rough time I’ll re-read the manga or re watch a bit of the series especially stars, and it will still help me to this day. I’ll be forever grateful to Takeuchi Naoko for creating Sailor Moon and my brother for showing it to me, and my friends for enjoying it with me! Sailor Moon will remain alive forever in my heart.

  170. Manuel Herrera (EndyMX)

    What has kept your love of Sailor Moon alive? Love itself. I fell madly in love with the series when I saw it BY CHANCE on TV in 1996. I remember vividly one time -with the Internet being pretty new- while I was searching desperately for pictures of Sailor Moon (in Mexico they where still broadcasting the R season) when I found a Sailor Stars Trading Card of Sailor Uranus… I got so excited! New Sailor Scouts (now Guardians hehe)!!! I have that engraved in my memory, I loved the trading card and I didn’t even understand who she was, I just knew new Sailor Scouts will appear. I was really excited.

    To stay on subject, my love for Sailor Moon and Computers made me create my own website, starting with Dragon Ball because my parents weren’t very trilled about me, being male and loving Sailor Moon, and also, trying to fool myself, but I woke up and stayed true to myself, transforming it into a Sailor Moon Shrine (remember shrines? haha), and it was online for almost 10 years (here’s a mirror from the one before last version and I even wrote a fanfic (in spanish) with a crossover with my other passion (not so alive anymore but still there): The Simpsons! It is called “Sailor Moon Simpsons Stars”, it had modified images -90s photoshop- and even music (90s midi); it’s still alive without pictures though: This fanfic was written after Sailor Stars aired in Mexico (1998).

    Anyway, my love for Sailor Moon stayed there with my website being alive until 2001-2002 and then PGSM appeared. Stayed in love after it, util 2012 when Crystal was announced. So, my very love for Sailor Moon stayed alive by itself. Sailor Moon is like a brother/sister/mother/father/BFF for me, it won’t die, it didn’t after the 90’s-2000 and it won’t after Crystal. I will stay there until my last breath.

  171. Jessica Miller

    My love for Sailor Moon never died, just burned quietly until I came across legit used copies of Super S while working at a movie story. It returned to a rawring flame then.

  172. Kaye

    Sailor Moon has always been alive and well in my heart. It is what first got me interested in anime, drawing, and storytelling. It basically shaped me up to being who I am today, and I love it. Not only that, but it really taught me to believe in myself and be strong. The scouts always kick butt, and now I do too. I’m so happy it’s back in the form of Sailor Moon Crystal, and I will never stop loving it.

  173. Kelsey Michael

    My love for Sailor Moon has never died out. My friends like to say I am a professional Sailor Moon aficionado because I get my hands on anything Sailor Moon and soak in details like a sponge. However, my vast knowledge of Sailor Moon does not make me a bigger fan than anyone else. What has kept Sailor Moon going for me, is that it opened up a lot and was a lot of firsts for me.

    It was my first anime, I came home wanting to watch some Cartoons and they had replaced an old one with this one. At first I was like, “What?! Why?!” while I was fuming and watching the prologue to the Moon Kingdom. I was super mad. But the longer I watched the more captivated I was, and as soon as the theme song started…I was hooked. After my first episode I went and grabbed my keyboard and learned to play the theme song (and while it took me a couple of hours to sound it all out and remember, I did it!). Needless to say, this got me hooked on anime in general as well. The manga was also my first manga that I ever owned, and it got me into comic books as well as manga. Sailor Moon was also my first taste of Japanese culture, and I was enthralled by the fact that they were using real life locations and references so I continued down my path as a Japanophile as well. It was also my first fan art, and through Sailor Moon I learned that I was artistically inclined and loved to draw and paint (and still do to this day). My first real best friend was bonded with over Sailor Moon (on her first day of class in a new place, she was sat next to me, and there was no, ‘Hi, my name is…’, it was ‘Hey…Do you like Sailor Moon?’).

    The story itself, no matter in what media form, will always stick with me and it and the characters are what keeps me loving it. When I was younger (I’m 26 now, and my first episode was when I was 6) I had my trials and tribulations just like everyone else, some not so huge, some very life altering. Whenever I was having a hard time, Sailor Moon was what I preoccupied my mind with. Whenever things were really bad and I thought it wasn’t going to get better, I thought of the scouts and what they would do. Later on in high school when I had a particularly life-changing event, I was pretty devastated and I did spend my time wallowing. But at that time, the StarS manga had come out and I read how Sailor Moon and Cosmos inspired each other to keep going, to be the hope of the universe and to keep going. That really inspired me, and I still think of that today. Sailor Moon taught me a lot of invaluable lessons through my life, like that it’s okay to lean on your friends and family, that you can’t make it through without them. I watched the girls mature and change, and I also changed and matured with them. They (and the series) were always there with me to draw from, learn with, and enjoy with; even in the hardest times, we were rooting for each other and giving each other energy to do our best and continue on. It taught me about love, friendship, family, hope, the past and the future, accepting and understanding, strength and weakness, and being true to who you are.

    Sailor Moon continues to be a passion of mine even today, and I enjoy bonding with others over it as well as enjoying it by myself. It will always have a place in my heart and mind and I will always think on the Scouts when times are good and bad because they will always be with me laughing, crying, caring, and growing. Even if things change in life, Sailor Moon will always be a constant for me, and I am so thankful I was able to have this wonderful series to grow with.

    • yasemin er

      when i first saw Sailor Moon on TV, i was 12. After that day,i have always followed Sera Muun:) till the end..I did achieve watching final episode on Tv. I cried with my friends on the phone when all sailor senshi died.
      Now I’m 25, i still love Sera Muun. I dont have much friends i mean close friends(maybe because of my asperger :P) When i watch Sailor Moon , I feel like I m not alone…

  174. Heather

    Over 15 years ago, Sailor Moon became my gateway to discovering who I am. Not only did she open the door to many of the interests that I have today, she taught me that you don’t have to be the strongest or bravest in order to be powerful or to make a difference. Because of her, I learned to believe in myself; something that I have used now in my almost 30 years of existence, more than I ever have before. A little over a year ago, I started down the road to achieving my black belt in taekwondo. I was never athletically inclined growing up; never played sports or took dance or gymnastics as most of my friends did (I did marching band in high school though!) I’m also in a class that is predominantly male and mostly consists of teens and children much younger than I am. So not only was I trying something new, but I was forcing myself outside of my comfort zone by starting an activity I had no background in and was past the typical age for beginning to learn. My interest in Sailor Moon has been a persistent love throughout the many years since I first discovered her on Cartoon Network and it is Usagi’s resilience and courage that reminds me that I too can succeed even if I’m not the best, the bravest, or the strongest. Her message of “girl power” still resides within me today and it is the core of my love for Sailor Moon that has been kept alive all these years! Sailor Moon Kick!

  175. Tea Bručić

    Happy anniversary!
    My love for Sailor Moon? Well, I watched the first episode of Sailor moon when I was about 6 or maybe 7 years old. Usagi was always so beautiful and positive and nice to everyone that she became my roll-model. I remember, I used to watch the episodes on the family TV, but I had to have earphones plugged in, because my mom hated her. Here in Croatia Sailor Moon wasn’t so popular and there wasn’t anything to buy that was related to it, but my best friends did watch it. We used to play that we are the sailor soldiers, but there wasn’t anyone to play as Tuxedo Kamen! As a little girl I didn’t quite understand what love was, but I did know what friendship was, and I found it so lovely that those sailor soldiers, even very different, were the best friends in the whole wide world. Then the Sailor Moon “craze” had stopped and we’ve forgotten about it. Until about 8 years ago when I found my Sailor Moon sticker (number 18) that I got from my friend from the USA. It was my first and only item related to Sailor Moon and it was one of my most precious treasures. You can buy it from ebay for $1.68, but I wouldn’t sell mine for one million dollars. I remembered how I used to enjoy watching Sailor Moon so I dug out an old video cassette on which we’ve taped the first episode. I fell in love with it again and dreamed that one day I’ll find my Mamoru. A great depression started, and I felt that I don’t have anyone. But I did have Sailor Moon. They were like my friends, they made me laugh and happy, and because of them today I am who I am. A positive person. I started drawing and painting scenes from the anime, my favourite ones were with Mamo-chan and Usa-ko. And today I do have my Mamo-chan. I think that that ideal love that Usagi and Mamoru is what made me fall in love with the whole Sailor Moon thing. They were ment to be and they knew it from the start. And that’s how I feel about my Mamo-chan. And he likes Sailor Moon! Whenever I feel sad I just turn on Sailor Moon and I forget all about my problems, I start feeling happy again. So thank you Sailor Moon for being a great part of my life, for helping me when I am in struggle and for opening my eyes and my soul.

  176. Kristen

    My childhood friends have kept my love of Sailor Moon alive! We still talk, laugh, and joke about Sailor Moon. I even sent them Sailor Moon themed bridesmaid invitations and I think we might dress up in costume for my bachelorette party!

  177. Xandri Clifton

    Sailor Moon was the first thing my sister and I could share an interest on. We always fought over everything. One of my favorite memories is the first episode we watched together. Our was season four, when Sailor Moon saves the kids on the bus in a tunnel, and I said to my sister “Woah, that’s so cool, she has wings?!” Unfortunately she never flew, but my sister and I have never been closer, and it’s all thanks to Sailor Moon. I also love it because even though it’s pretty campy at times, there are real emotional moments.

  178. Cielle

    Since watching the first American airing of Sailor Moon, and later reading the manga, to searching out merchandise in Japan, my love of Sailor Moon is simply the need to have beauty in my life. And the best love story in all of history!

  179. Marisa

    Although I don’t recall the first time I saw Sailor Moon, what will never fade is the impact it has had on my life. As a child I was obsessed. My friends and I often played Sailor Scouts at lunch or recess and even at home. I rushed home after school to watch the show and had a big box full of tapes with recorded episodes. There was even a little import shop near my house and I would save up my allowance to buy Sailor Moon stickers, gachapons, cards and whatever else I could get my hands on. Besides the obsessive childhood collecting of the series that was so important to me I also spent a great deal of time and thought emulating the messages the show portrayed. Though flawed, “Serena” was quick to make friends, quicker to forgive her enemies and always tried her hardest even during difficult times. This meant a lot to me back then and still does now; I adore her as a character and try to be as accepting of people and circumstances as she is.

  180. Lily

    I remember discovering Sailor Moon as a child and I fell in love. I spent hours on end on the internet trying to find more information and stream episodes on the dial up connections we had in the old days. Even after 10+ years, my love for Sailor Moon hasn’t died. I loved how the heroes were all girls with magical powers and how, with friendship, they could overcome any obstacles. I wished that I could one day become like the girls who were seemingly ordinary but were, in fact, very special! The story, while very simple from a high level perspective, had some very intense and heartfelt moments that really touched my heart. That’s probably why I’ve always kept it close and why I like to re-read the manga every so often.

  181. Brandy

    my brother and little sister is the big reason my love of Sailor Moon alive because it something the three of us like to watch together.

  182. Jessica

    My love for Sailor Moon is alive because despite the bad translations, monster-of the-week anime, and drawing issues in the manga, it makes me feel warm and happy. I always want to do something romantic for my boyfriend after reading or watching.
    And I appreciate (now that I’m older) that there is a character for everyone to identify with. Smart, forgetful, strong, girly, straight, lesbian, lonely, outgoing–the cast is incredibly diverse. I always liked Ami and Hotaru as a child because I was a good student but I was also lonely.
    It’s always been an encouraging series for me.

  183. Miyuki

    When my father introduced me to Sailor Moon at 5 yrs old, he bought me some merchandising (pretty rare in my country) when he was travelling for business. At that time, I wished for some toys from bandai that were on TV but since my country had barely opened its economy to the world, there wasn’t any things such as those toys sold on USA or Europe. However since I was fan of SM, my father got me some posters, a bag and a pack of three official licensed VHS with three chapters each. However the company that released them never got to release more VHS and I could never buy the complete series. I used to rewatch the first 9 episodes for years because my favorite parts were the transformations scenes so thought I didn’t could buy official wand toys I imagined I had one with a random unrelated toy that was for girls (obviously not SM). When internet became available (and it was expensive) I used to go to cyber coffees only to search for images to save and print for later (in 31/4 discs ahahaha) and information of Sailor Moon. I was 11 yrs old and that’s when I discovered in fansites that my favorite cartoon was japanese and that there was a manga and many information I didn’t now yet. I was cautivated. I decorated my work table on Middle School with images and bios from Sailor Senshis and everyone got to know I was a fan. Now I realize that thanks to my posters (that are still displayed in my old room, and I’ve been watching them everyday for the last 15 years) and my old VHS tapes I never had been able to forget Sailor Moon. To this date I don’t. I became fan of Mahou Shoujo and enjoyed more of this kind of shows but SM was always special. Now I got to collect the series in Talk boxes (very pretty stuff) and finally will be able to buy the Golden Star Locket after all these years. I’m pretty excited. Thank you for this site :)

  184. Liz

    My friends are what keeps Sailor Moon alive for me. We all fell in love with it when it first aired and used to larp the characters, way before larping became a thing. These days we are scattered all over the world, but occasionally we will meet up for cons and cosplay as our favorite childhood characters. Since Sailor Moon Crystal has come out, we have made a routine of watching it together while we skype so we can talk about it as we watch it. It definitely makes me reminiscent for the days we would all cram together on the couch after school and watch the original series.

  185. Margyy

    I discovered Sailor Moon when I was in kindergarten and my older brother went away as an exchange student to Germany for the year. I missed him so much I would look out the window everyday waiting for him to come back, but then I discovered Sailor Moon on Tv and it filled that empty void in my life! Years later I was still watching it, especially episodes on VHS when I was sick. I still love it because it is so uplifting and amazing and holds great memories!

  186. Sonia Flores

    Like many people entering this giveaway my obsession started when I was young. I was never able to purchase merchandise but running home to watch Sailor Moon on Toonami was the highlight of my evenings. It was the first anime I watched and it opened new doors for me. I started drawing and stuck with it. throughout the years I would re-watch all my Sailor moon VHS’ and fall in love all over again.

    To me sailor moon was someone who taught me a valuable lesson that although things might get tough and even though I’m young I can get through anything. To others this love for sailor moon might be silly but not to me. She is the brave heroin who keeps the 10 year old in me alive.

    Going to conventions and seeing people with the same interests and obsessions as me made me feel included in a way that I had never felt before.

    I guess to me Sailor moon has always been present in chunks throughout my life. Her lessons will never leave me and has made me a better person for it.

    Here are some drawing I’ve done in-case your interested :)

    Also thank you so much for this give away. For people like me that works hard for every luxury I have it means a lot.

  187. Sean

    As a gay 10-year-old, the only superhero I could relate to was Sailor Moon. She gave me hope when no one else could. She saved me from depression when no one else listened. Without her, my imagination would have never flourished. Without her, I would have died. Usagi’s cheerful disposition was the way I wanted to live. Even though she is not “real”, to me her strength and emotions are what make her real. Without her, I would not have the courage to be myself in a society where I am taught to hate myself. She loved me for me.

  188. Jenny Quach

    I love the strength that Sailor Moon shows, especially during the most difficult times. Her endless capacity for empathy and love is something to be admired. The second best thing is the love between Usagi and Mamoru. I am a hopeless romantic and they make such a cute couple.

  189. Stephen

    Sailor Moon was the very first anime that I ever saw, my gateway anime if you will. I fell in love with the series because it was just so different than anything else that was on TV at the time. Being the 90s though it was difficult to find anything outside of it’s aired episodes. I bought anything and everything I could find at the time. As the 90s came to a close anime became more prevalent allowed me to view more of the genre. Fast forward to June of this year when Crystal came out. I decided to watch the series mainly because of nostalgia but the new series has made me fall in love all over again. The rebooted series has surpassed my expectations. Last weeks episode had me staring at the screen as slack jawed as Tuxedo Mask after Usagi’s kiss. How this series does this to a 3o year old man I don’t know but yeah I still love it.

  190. Jennifer

    Sailor Moon started a lot of my discovery of the internet–from the random turnpikes with mailing lists of pictures to all the different plushies and stuff from Japan. It introduced me to Anime and showed me that you can still be both girly and do awesome things. Usagi and ChibiUsa have always been incredibly special to me and I actually used “Rini” for many of my first usernames. I even remember finding a store that let me rent the episodes subbed on VHS for 5 dollars each so I was able to watch everything.

    It was just a super awesome show and I’m glad it’s still part of my life.

  191. Jade

    Sailor moon has never gone away for me. The first I remember of it i was 7 (21 now) my twin and I didn’t have many friends in school besides the other set of twins. we would always play sailor moon at recess, of course I was always sailor moon.
    I would come home lay in front of my tv and wait for it to come on. I grew up alone besides my sister. My mother was always on drugs and my dad just moves farther and farther away. But I believe that one day I would find my own Luna and she would tell me everything is going to be okay and she would take me away to be the moon princess.
    I never fell out of love for sailor moon. I read sailor moon fanfictions every day and I have for the past I would say 10 years.
    even now as a adult I believe in the moon goddess Selene, because sailor moon taught me these things. I could go on for days for all the ways I love sailor moon.

  192. Samantha

    I’m 35 now and not at all ashamed to admit I sqeee’d when I first learned they were going to remake sailor moon. It was basically my first anime, and my first Manga, and my first anything bought from Japan. :) you should have seen my college dorm room. I still have my sailor Pluto metal key chain from then. It’s just an eternal story that always makes me happy.

  193. Ali

    Sailor Moon has always been there for me. When I was severely depressed a couple of years ago, I used to watch the old dub episodes and it reminded me of a time of innocence and happiness. Sailor Moon changed the genre for female led superheroes and made it so that you didn’t have to compromise your morals to get the job done. You could cry and Sailor Moon would still like you and find the best quality in you. It reassured that there is good in the world with friends like the senshi and how they faced real problems as well. Of course, the art and style of animation helped cement my love for the series and led me to become an artist. My love for Sailor Moon has stayed strong because she’s never left.

  194. Mariah

    Sailor Moon was essentially my introduction to anime. It led me to new hobbies and shared interests with many of my best friends to this today. We had a Sailor Moon party the day Crystal debuted, and I even bought a SM printed cake for the occasion.

    How has my love for it stayed alive? I’m not sure how it ever could have gone away. I still have Sailor Moon posters from years ago, and all of my Sailor Moon trading cards. I have the entire collection of DVDs that were put out by ADV and Cloverway. Heck, the first website I ever built–back in 2003?–was a simple Sailor Moon fansite.

    With the birth of the new series that love has passionately flared up again. I’m seeing so many things available to US buyers now that I would have been green with envy over when the show was airing while I was in middle and high school. The only thing holding me back now is my wallet! And the best part of all is sharing each new episode with my friends. Reliving the story and eagerly waiting to see what small additions they’ll make (the Shitennou <3). Sailor Moon is too much a part of me at this point to ever fade from my heart. :)

  195. Danielle

    Like others, Sailor Moon was my introduction to anime and manga, and I very clearly remember the first time I saw an episode (dubbed, on USA Network, 1995-ish). It was so DIFFERENT from all the cartoons I’d grown up with. I dived into the manga shortly afterwards, and fell in love with the story. And I keep falling in love with it, over and over. There’s just something about Sailor Moon! I built fansites, I collected goods… and no matter what other series I may read or watch, there’s just no replacing Sailor Moon as my favorite series. I love the art, I love the characters, and I love the story!

    I’m really enjoying Sailor Moon Crystal, and it has me rereading the manga (again.) Having live-stream access to the new anime is mind-blowing, compared to how things were for BSSM fans in the 1990s. This is an awesome time to be a fan!!

  196. Fangirl

    Sharing my love about the series in one form or another has kept SM alive for me. When the English dub came out I wrote my first real fanfic. I had no internet then, so the idea of talking to lots of fans was unimaginable.

    That story led me to write more fanfics and eventually I discovered the internet. I could share those stories with other people around the world when I couldn’t at the time I wrote that first story. I have written many stories since then, but I’ll always remember that first one!

    Fast forward to now. I’ve made friends thanks to SM and can talk to fans about the silliest things about the series when they happen. With Crystal airing, I feel like every new episode is like the dub episodes airing all over again. The excitement and sharing my thoughts is fantastic when I compare to the old dub days.

    The merchandise dump has been majorly insane and it’s all thanks to fans that I’ve been able to keep track. I was massively into the trading cards over the past decade, both Japanese and English sets. I remember bonding with others during trades.

    Recently, I sold a huge chunk which was hard since I spent years collecting and still liked them. I sold by choice which felt a lot different than selling by necessity. I don’t regret selling. I helped fans start their own card collections and seeing how excited they get has been gratifying. Passing down cards I had gotten over a decade has been a moving, yet interesting experience and I’m glad I could do it.

  197. Danielle

    I grew up watching the 90’s Sailor Moon anime on TV, and my love for the show and for her character has survived because I see her as a role model. Sailor Moon taught me how to accept the responsibilities that you are given, and how to be brave during the darkest of times. She rose to all of her challenges and accomplished more than anyone thought she was capable of; even surpassing the limits she perceived in herself.

    One thing that has kept my love for Sailor Moon alive is how many incarnations of it there are. I grew up watching (and still rewatch) the 90’s anime. I have been lucky enough to read the manga and the short stories collections, and these became my favorite incarnations of Sailor Moon because Usagi’s growth is even more evident. PGSM and the Sailor Moon musicals are great for those who prefer live-action shows, and now I am so excited to be watching Sailor Moon Crystal! I hope that Sailor Moon continues to be adapted for many generations to come because it teaches lessons of feminism and equality that will always be important in our world.

  198. Kiley Eriksen

    Sailor Moon has been my role model since I was 4 or 5 years old. When I was about 16 I revisited the series and realized that so many of my morals and mannerisms could be explained by the inspiration I got from Usagi as a kid. It brings tears to my eyes to think about how I’ve been on a mission to fight for love and justice since I was very small, trying to make the world a better place because this story gave me strength to do so! I have learned so many valuable things from Usagi I consider her a close friend because she has given me so many truths. She taught me to have hope in everyone and to always trust in the people you love and to always have compassion for them! They all taught me that it’s okay not to be perfect and that is what makes us all beautiful! They all taught me not to give up because I CAN make a difference! Honestly this all sounds so idealistic and I don’t even care. I think the sentiments in Sailor Moon are like soul food for anybody who’s willing to experience it. Hope in humanity? The power of true friendship and undyinglove? Beauty in Imperfection? These are things the world needs always.

    My love for the series has always been kept alive, because I always carried the lessons with me as I grep up. Honestly I don’t even know who I would be if it wasn’t for Sailor Moon! Thank you all for being such a loving and awesome community too! The moonlight carries the message of love ~ <3

  199. Kylie

    My name is Kylie and I am 7 years old. I love Sailor Moon because it is really interesting. My favorite scout is Sailor Moon because she is the star of the show. I also like her because she has cool powers. I know her “In the name of the Moon, I will punish you” pose! I also like the other scouts and can do their poses, too. I like to play with my Cardians. And also we have to correct my sister who says she is Sailor Potato (how goofy!) I like to watch Sailor Moon when she does all her cool stuff. I’m excited to see Crystal Tokyo and Sailor Mini Moon. I also started watching the live action show with my brother and I can read along! It taught me how to say Tuxedo Mask in Japanese (Tuxedo Kamen!) If I won the big prize I would be super excited.

    Thank you very much
    Love Kylie

  200. Ryan

    My name is Ryan and I am 9 years old. My favorite sailor scout is Sailor Mercury. My second favorite is Sailor V, also known as Sailor Venus. I like Sailor Mercury because she and I are both smart and good at electronics. I like Sailor V because I like her superhero mask. I like the show because the Sailor Scouts have awesome superpowers. I like the live action show, too. I like Ami in the live action show because we both have glasses. I want to see Princess Mercury.I like playing Sailor Moon games and I made Mercury into a Super Sailor Mercury with a cape a sword and a mask and a super powered brooch.I am going to dress up as Sailor Mercury next year. If I won the contest I would use the wand to play Sailor Moon in the backyard with my sister all the time!

    Thank you very much,
    Love Ryan

  201. Tina Raikar

    My love for Sailor Moon has been kept alive ever since I was a little kid. I always remembered those times when I’d be jumping on the bed in my parents’ room, waiting for Sailor Moon to come on! How could a girl not love such a cool super hero. Usagi/Serena shows that even though she may be clumsy and not perfect, but even so, she is good at heart and cares about everyone around her. As long as you have these qualities, you can be anything possible! Just by knowing that, Sailor Moon has always been one my role models and forever took a place in my heart!

  202. Jennifer

    Happy 5th anniversary, Miss Dream! :)
    I first was introduced to Sailor Moon way back in 1995, when it aired on WB in the mornings when I was very young, as my mom discovered it on tv one day while channel surfing, and then she began recording the episodes on VHS tapes for me, and I watched them when I got home from school, and I fell in love with the show and the characters, especially always loved Sailor Jupiter, and how she was so strong and tough and she had lightning attacks, and yet she was still very feminine at the same time. and I loved how Sailor Moon always so kind and caring to everyone and she loved to help others, even her enemies, and how she had healing powers, and I always was inspired by her strong will and determination, that no matter how tough the battles got, she never gave up. I also loved the loyal friendship between all of the sailor senshi, and how their friendship remained strong throughout the series. I also always loved the romance between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, it always inspired me and I loved how they always had such a strong love between them, no matter what challenges they faced, even to the end of the series. I’ve seen the entire series, and also the PGSM Live-Action series, and I’ve seen some of the Sera Myu musicals, and within the past year, I finally read the entire manga series too, which I really love as well, and now I watch the new series, Sailor Moon Crystal as well as the original series every week on Hulu with my mom, as she and I both love Sailor Moon alot. Sailor Moon also inspired me to draw anime, and to learn japanese, as it was my first anime I ever watched, and I honestly can’t imagine my life without it, and my love for Sailor Moon keeps growing stronger every day.

  203. Anna

    My love for Sailor Moon started when I was a little girl. My love for Sailor Moon was kept alive through the fond memories associated with Sailor Moon. As a girl, I was obsessed! I remember spending time with my little sister tracing and looking at Sailor Moon images. I remember my mother taking us to the comic book stores to purchase Sailor Moon comics and cards. As of now, I collect Sailor Moon cards as a hobby and my love for Sailor Moon continues on through it and now, through Sailor Moon Crystal.

  204. Heather Ann

    My love for Sailor Moon has been kept alive in the story itself. I really enjoyed relating it to by everyday life events as I grow up. I think about what type of senshi I might be. I always kept dreaming and hoping for a new remake of the Manga. The story has given me courage in my life. There have also been moments in my life where I have been totally alone with no one to rely on, no family and no friends. I would watch the series and think about Usagi is with me and I would feel better. Usagi says Heather, you’re not alone. You don’t need to handle everything yourself. Just like galaxia, I find the strength to make things right again.

  205. Megan

    My twin sister and me loved to play pretend with our friends as sailor moon characters (we switched off on being venus and usagi because we were both blondes). I still have some of my sailor moon stickers that i collected. It was easy to keep our love strong for the series because of all the wonderful fans on the internet and at cons. Even now we send each other fan pictures or videos.

  206. Kelsea

    The huge sense of community we Sailor Moonies have keeps my love alive. Just last night I met a girl in the bathroom of a cabaret club during intermission; she casually mentioned that she was going to be Venus for Halloween, and I responded immediately, “I’m wearing my Sailor Moon cosplay for Halloween!” We ended up barhopping and hanging out until five in the morning and I made a new friend, all thanks to Sailor Moon! The community is so friendly. Times change, and I’m no longer the nine-year-old who answers the door with her Moon Stick and Princess Serenity gown, but I still bond with great people regularly over Sailor Moon. That keeps my love alive.

  207. Madigan

    Pretty Soldier Sailormoon has always been my passion.Since I discovered, it, I haven’t been able to let go of it. What really keeps it alive for me is actually sites like Miss Dream, Sailor Moon Universe, Sailor Moon Music, and Sailor Moon Collectables. I can have every book, episode, song, and bit of information right at my fingertips. Without websites like these, all I’d have is the Japanese manga. Thanks to them, I can experience every bit of Sailormoon.

  208. Maria

    My love for sailor moon has always been alive. I would watch it when I was little, started maybe around five or six, and have continued to love it into adulthood. There was a video store down the street from my house where I would go rent the same VHS, the ending of the first season. When the video store went out of business and I walked in while they were cleaning up, the owner gave me the sailor moon video because I had rented it so many times over the years.

    My cousin and I actually used to have the moon stick and some of the wands, but they were children’s toys and we had broken them after a while. I don’t even know where they are now :(

    Anyways, sailor moon had always been a part of my life and the magic of the story has kept it alive for me after all these years!

  209. pinkChibiMoon

    The first time I saw the Sailor Moon’s anime was in 1996 and I like this show since then. In this moment I’m watching the Sailor Moon Crystal’s anime and I have to admit that is better than the old one, not just for the graphic but for the similarities with the manga. That’s so cute!
    If I have to say what’s the thing that keeps my love of Sailor Moon alive, I can say that’s the manga, in wich the lovestory between Usako and Mamo is the sweetest thing!

  210. Savannah

    I’ve been an admittedly intermittent fan of Sailor Moon since I was a little girl, and it’s only been in the past few years that I’ve grown truly attached to the series. Having recently been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder, Sailor Moon has provided solace, given me hope, and helped me to persevere—when I have wanted to hide, or, as in some cases, put an end to my life. Thus, along with nostalgic reasons, Sailor Moon will always hold a special place in my heart.

  211. Samantha Brooks

    Sailor Moon for me is something that has been a treasured part of my life for many years. I still remember the very first time I saw Sailor Moon, though I didn’t know what it was at the time. It was an episode that was airing in Chinese from Stars, and I was captivated. A little while later they started airing the dub in the UK, and I fell in love!

    Usagi was a role model for me at a time when I had no one else, when times were tough I’d put Sailor Moon on and binge watch it. It always made me feel better, and it inspired a life long love of another culture for me.

    I’m so thankful to Sailor Moon, and to amazing people like Miss Dream who have been invaluable for keeping up with the fandom and all the awesome new stuff going on!

  212. Courtney

    I first found Sailor Moon when I was around six years old. My mom would drop me at my aunt’s house on the way to work, and while everyone else slept, I ate cereal and began to fall in love with a show that would never leave me. I continued to watch SM until it was cancelled on Toonami, but by then I had discovered the internet and kept myself immersed in the magical world of transformation pens and talking cats. SM grew up with me, and it still reminds me of lessons I forgot or teaches me new ones on each rewatch. Whenever I sit down to watch an episode of SM Crystal, I’m filled with the same sense of giddiness and wonder I was on those chilly summer mornings. I just get to share it now with friends and my fiance (who refuses to watch the old show with me). Maybe my small collection will be worth nothing but wasted space, but maybe someday I’ll be able to pass the joy I’ve experienced throughout my life.

  213. Karen

    Middle school. Blech right? That is when I discovered Sailor Moon. I was invited to a party by a new acquaintance and didn’t know what I was getting in to. That evening we watched the Sailor Moon Super S movie. I remember it all clearly. Laying on the floor, eating Chick fil A with these new friends. Approx 18 years later we are still friends. Sailor Moon is what brought us together. We would discuss who was which sailor scout etc, play Sailor Moon video games, and visit our local anime shop all the way til high school graduation. Any time anything Sailor Moon pops up we message each other. With Sailor Moon Crystal we continue to gab about Sailor Moon. We experienced middle school along with Serena and the gang. And it started our friendship and kept us together. Sailor Moon keeps me young at heart and united friends that will always be! Sailor Moon has even forged a new friendship in my adult life. Like Serena bringing the scouts together in deep friendship, so had Sailor Moon brought friends into my life.

  214. Nicole

    My love of Sailor Moon has stayed alive because the story is beautiful and inspiring and touches so many peoples hearts. There’s a reason so many people love this story and it’s because it’s so easy to see ourselves in these characters. I’ve been a fan of Sailor Moon since the first episode I saw after school when I was five, and I know that my love for this story will remain for the rest of my life.

  215. Victorita

    The first thing that has kept my love for Sailor Moon alive is the true love story between Usagi and Mamoru, their strong bond of love based on deep love, that ideal love, that unique kind of loving someone with all your heart no matter what that could make you easely give your life just for the sake of the one you love, just to protect your soulmate.
    I would always remember my favourite scenes (like the ones in epidose 170,171 and especially ep. 200 from Sailor Moon Stars), scenes which presented Sailor Moon as an awsome girl with a pure heart, capable of protecting her true love, Mamo-chan / Endymion, her friends and the entire planet. I had never forgotten her kindness even towards enemies.
    What is more, I will always adore Sailor Moon because of her personality, her moral values reflected on her actions. I love her attachment and deep love for Mamo-chan and for everyone, her strong will and actions which protect everyone even with the cost of her life, her pure heart thinking at the benefit of the others instead of hers. I also love her confidence that everyone could have a pure heart and could be on the good side, her will that everyone should live peacefully and should fight to fulfill their wishes.
    Beside this, I have always kept in mind the song Moonlight Densetsu which was perfect for Sailor Moon. Since I was a child the humming of the song made me fondly recall what true love and true friendship mean and it allways made me feel very good and positive. Since I ws a child I have always kept in my mind two images: the image of Serena and Endimion couple, Serena in her beautiful dress and Endimion in impressive armor, and the image of Usa-ko and Mamo-chan when they seal their love with a kiss, having the moon in the background in episode 200. Their words from this last scene came to my mind every time when I listen to the song and made me want to watch again Sailor Moon and to try to act like Usagi, the way my role model would act.
    All in all Sailor Moon had a huge impact in my life, I tried to be a good person after watching it. I tried to be polite and nice to everyone. It made me want to find my true love, wich I did.
    I truly believe that Sailor Moon made me have trust in the Miracle Romance and now, although I am 30 years old I relive again the love story more pasionately and I am waiting forward to each new episode, picture and product with Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal because Sailor Moon is and forever will be a part of me.

  216. Marcy

    I’ve kept my love for Sailor Moon alive by watching the show uncut subbed, preordered the set 1 and 2 of the new dub on limited edition bluray, got a super sailor moon costume, and ordered the gold star locket. looking forward to getting all these items in the mail soon!

  217. Andrea

    My love for Sailor Moon was kept alive as a teen with Toonami, and was revived again when I discovered the Live Action and SeraMyu musicals in college. The internet in general has given fans total access to everything Sailor Moon whether they have lived in Japan or not!

  218. Steena

    I think my love for Sailor Moon thrives because as I’ve grown and changed I’ve found new aspects and facets to love in Sailor Moon – anime (old and new) and manga. A younger me strongly identified with Makoto, a blend of girly-girl and tomboy, and, a little later, when I was a book obsessed, introspective college kid, it was Ami that I looked to. Currently, I identify with Setsuna but no matter what I’m going through the Senshi seem to relate. And the basic principles – girls are fighters, being vulnerable can be your greatest strength, and love conquers all – remain timeless.

  219. Allison

    My love for Sailor Moon began in my days as a young’un, catching my girls on Toonami whenever I got the chance. My brother, being no fun whatsoever, didn’t like girly shows. I did. Something about battling in a miniskirt and high heels was REALLY COOL to me. To this day I find myself a magical girl enthusiast–I can recite their history better than any other genre of any other media–and I can only thank Sailor Moon and Naoko alike for starting it.

    Though my interest began with the sheer awesome things I saw on Toonami (funnily enough, considering how hammy the 90s anime series was), my love for the franchise has been steadfast. When Sailor Moon Crystal was announced I, like many another nostalgic dork, completely lost it. With my aging came an appreciation for the manga in its brilliance, its gorgeous but mature art and storytelling, its dynamic and delightfully feminine cast. I loved that Naoko revelled in a portrayal of LGBT characters, being a gay girl myself. I guess Sailor Moon helped me in ways I never knew until putting it into words now.

    One day I want to learn the absolute basics of Japanese just so I can tell Naoko in a fan letter exactly how she changed and developed my life. She probably knows, but I still want to tell her.

  220. Vivian Lam

    I have loved Sailor Moon ever since I was a kid. It has and always be the one anime/cartoon/character series that I am obsessed with. I don’t know what keeps my love going. I think it’s just cause Sailor Moon is just SO awesome that it never dies in my heart. None of the other Mahou Shoujo series can compare with it. I just love all the characters, the plots, the magicalness, the transformations, the wands, the friendship and teamwork, and everything about it. I think that Sailor Moon is forever. Forever the one and only, the best.

  221. Sarah

    My love for Sailor Moon never really died away or anything because I kind identify myself with some of the characters (Usagi and Makoto) and some of friends were also into the Sailor Moon series so it helped keeping everything alive.
    Btw, thanks for the giveaways **

  222. lara

    I discovered Sailor Moon at a formative age and not only did it introduce me to strong female characters who over come their demons with team work who I aspired to, but it also introduced me to the concept of manga, graphic novels and telling vivid stories though pictures too, which opened my imagination and continues to provide me with hours and hours of pleasure. From metaphorically becoming the assigned scout to emulate along side my ‘sailor scouts’ at school age 12 (i am/will always be Jupiter): to my prized complete collection of original edition manga at 25, the series has still never lost its resonance and impact on my life and imagination.

  223. Kella

    What an amazing giveaway! My love for sailor moon was kept alive by my love for Haruka and Michiru. I can’t wait to see them in Crystal!!

  224. Felicia

    Sailor Moon was one of the first magical girl anime that I stumbled upon, as well as one of my first anime overall. I was around 9 when I first discovered Sailor Moon, and now I’m almost 18. What has kept my love for Sailor Moon alive during the years?

    First, the story itself is remarkable and original; after all, Sailor Moon was the first “real” magical girl anime. Countless series have borrowed Naoko’s formula of having a kickass all-girl superhero team that simultaneously battles evil and everyday life, but Sailor Moon was the ground breaker for the whole genre. I love how the themes of friendship and love are what drive the characters’ actions. Crazy killing bad guys who steal energy/dreams/souls? Destroy them with kindness and love! Plus everyone’s from outerspace? Way cool!

    Second, I have always identified very closely with Usagi. She’s by no means perfect, yet she makes up for it by having a huge heart. Even at the age of 9, I someone felt as if that was me, that I had so many of the same flaws and even the same ideology of just loving everyone. 9 years later, I still feel that. I see Usagi on the screen (or page) and she’s doing something silly or sweet or stupid and I’m just like “that’s totally me when I’m acting more extroverted”. So I’ve always related to her actions… and it was always like that was /me/ being the amazing superhero.

    Third, the overall BIGNESS of the series has kept it alive for me. An anime of 200 episodes (that has TWO English dubs now), a NEW anime of 26 episodes, a manga (with multiple English translations), a live action show, /musicals/, toys, doujinshi, fanfiction… There’s just so much and there’s always something new to find! And since I’m very slow and like taking my time, I don’t think I’ll ever feel like I’ve run out of Sailor Moon.

    So yeah, Sailor Moon has been alive in my heart for so many years and I’m sure it will continue to be for many more!

  225. Ashley

    Nothing could ever squash my love of Sailor Moon! Around the time I first discovered it on Toonami is when I first began to learn that true friends love you for who you are. I definitely had some mean little girlfriends when I was younger, and I had yet to really have any true confidence in myself. I loved the story of these young girls, none of whom are perfect, all accepting each other and their flaws. The folks behind Sailor Moon Crystal have been doing a really phenomenal job at showing this friendship without nearly as much bickering and teasing. I am loving it!

  226. Jessica

    I started loving Sailor Moon back when I was maybe 7 or 8 – I’m 27 now. Every recess my friends and I would pretend to be the sailor scouts and the boy we were all crushing on would be Tuxedo Mask… and chase us around for some reason…

    I always had to be Sailor Jupiter. Even till this day, that little girl inside me still yerns to be Sailor Jupiter and control the power of lightning and be an amazing cook.

    I’m so glad Sailor Moon is coming back because for too long it was almost forgotten and nearly impossible to find anything merchandise wise, at least where I live. I feel more happier than ever to unleash my girly side in the one story/characters that have grown up with me for all these years.

  227. Kelli

    Everyone has a story to tell. A past to remember and a future to look forward too.
    My love for Sailor Moon runs deep. Everyone has a hero or heroine that makes them have more hope in the world, if even for a second. I’ve been watching Sailor Moon for the past 19 years, I just turned 23 a month ago. The manga, the musicals, the toys, art-work, fan-art- everything! She has been my one passion and obsession that I’ll never grow out of.

    I remember living in England, watching my Sailor Moon VHS tapes, from 3:30 to 5: 30 as if it was still on TV. I would play dream of being a Scout. Sailor Moon has taught me that no matter what happens or how low you feel, there are people who love you and care about you.

    She taught me to never stop or doubt your hopes and dreams. She taught me to always cherish your loved ones and new ones! She taught me that its okay to cry. She taught me that even if the odds aren’t in your favor, never give up. She taught me to love your “flaws” and show ’em off. She taught me to be a positive being. She taught me that love and friendship with always be a force, a power to reckon with.

  228. Ebunny

    Moon Prism Power! Has kept my love for Sailor Moon alive!
    And by that I mean that the hope, power and strength I feel Sailor Moon has always reminded me to have has made my love for the story and shows that have come from it always grow. It’s grown with me for over 20 years and it’s been a moon romance that has helped me like Luna helps to guide Usagi. Guiding me through many good and tough times in my life to reveal the cosmic power that was always there, even if I couldn’t always see it or feel it. I know it’s been a magical source for so many and I’m so grateful for it and it’s community! So much love moonies! <3 And thanks Miss Dream!

  229. Avery

    My love has stayed alive because Sailor Moon taught me to never give up! I also related to Ami because I was always in the top percentage of my class and always got ridiculed for it, with the help of Serena (name I grew up with) I was able to see that I don’t need to have a ton of friends as long as I was loyal to the ones that accepted me! Even in college it still holds true! Sailor Moon also gave me the ability to show that even if I am a girl, I am capable of great things! I am now aiming for a degree that is male dominated, so I am doing everything in my power to carry on!

  230. Sonira

    Sailor Moon has brought me together with so many friends over the years. I can hardly believe how many friends I’ve made through Sailor Moon, and how many more I’ll make still. I used to pretend to be sailor senshi with my friend on the playground. In high school, we’d watch old VHS tapes of the dub. On the internet, I frequented a Sailor Moon fansite, where I met a lot of my online friends.

  231. Caroline

    To be honest, I’m one of the newer Sailor Moon fans, only having joined the fandom about a year ago. I resisted for so long (probably because I had read up on the story and knew I was going to get completely sucked in) last year I heard about the new anime coming, so I decided it was a good time to finally start the series, and I totally haven’t regretted it. I quickly became obsessed with the story, watching as much of the 90’s anime as I could and reading all of the manga. And now, anybody who knows me knows what Sailor Moon is. Whether it’s me wearing a SM t shirt, carrying around my SM purse or just drawing SM fanart, all my friends and acquaintances know what it is now (unfortunately none of them are into anime so I can’t get them to watch it). Sailor Moon has definitely been one of the greatest series I’ve ever gotten into. <3

  232. Erin

    My love of Sailor Moon has kept alive thanks to all the amazing fans out there! I have made so many great friends through our love of Sailor Moon. It’s amazing to have people to totally fangirl out about everything the show does. Every time new merch comes out, or one of us makes new fanart or cosplay, we have someone else to turn to and talk about it!It’s just really amazing!

  233. Stephanie Lai Gilmore

    My love for Sailor Moon has always been alive !! This show has taught me so much growing up ! I love the empowering message of “girl power!”. This anime hold a very special place in my heart! I remember when my childhood best friend first introduced me to Sailor Moon, we were hooked! We often spent countless weekend reenacting and pretending we were the sailor senshi. Growing up and facing my own personal battles, I always felt that I could conquer anything as long as I believed in myself and those around me that supported me. Another reason why my love for Sailor Moon will never fade is also because of my grandfather. Once he found out I was completely obsessed with this anime, he began recording the Dub for me and would send me care packages whenever he would fill up a VHS tape. This was really comforting to me growing up because my grandfather later on was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. We would talk for hours about the show, what new bad guys appeared and even what I thought about the latest tape he had sent me. I felt like we grew even closer simply through him taking interest in something that I liked. Whenever I watch Sailor Moon, I feel like he’s there with me even if it has been almost 15 years ago. When I heard there was going to be a reboot, I was ecstatic !! I was so happy that I would be able to reminiscence and even see a new side of the show !! I love EVERYTHING about Sailor Moon, whether it be the storyline, the powerful message of love and friendship or even just believing in yourself ! This show even after 20 years can still render me speechless !! I am also excited about the new Sailor Moon Crystal ANNND all the new merchandise that is being released! Growing up, I was never able to get my hands on any Sailor Moon merchandise, and now that I am an adult in the real world I can now overdose on as much Sailor Moon Merch as I want !! This show has and will always be precious to me, it has taught me so many things and I have also made many precious memories because of this show.

  234. Lena

    Sailor Moon was the first Anime that I’ve ever seen and I’ve loved this show since I was a child. For me it was a part of growing up and influenced my character. My friends and I loved watching the show after school together and we used to reinact what happened in our free time. My mother got me the VHS of some of the episodes and 2 of the movies and I still love watching them. For Christmas I got small merchandise bags from Sailor Mars and Mercury which included nai polish and lipstick and I was carrying the bags with me for many months until they broke, sadly. For Halloween my cousin even sewed me a Sailor Mercury costume and I remember how happy I was when I saw what she had made for me. Sailor Moon was part of my childhood and I can’t imagine it without the show. Sailor Moon showed us kids many great values in life. We saw that we can’t give up, even when it’s hard and we failed before. We learn to believe in ourselves and give love a chance. I’m sure that many girls see Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask as a perfect couple and want to find their own Mamoru who does everything for them.
    One of the most important values is the one about friendship. Sailor Moon and the senshi’s always stick together, trust each other and do anything for each other. We see how important it is to have such friend and how happy they can make us.
    My best friend and our mutual friends even cosplayed as Sailor Senshi’s this year. I hope that out friendship and bond is as strong as the one of the girls in the show.
    Sailor Moon is an important part of young adults nowadays who have watched Sailor Moon in their youth and childhood. The memories and values will always be with us and that’s why a person who once loved Sailor Moon can’t stop loving this show.

  235. Frank

    Sailor Moon was the show I would rush home from school to watch. I was lucky to have a computer in the home for almost as long as I can remember (thanks electro-savvy dad!) and it was at the height of my interest in Sailor Moon when we got the internet. Through that means I was able to learn so many thing about the show that we didn’t have available to us in the states. I was ecstatic to discover there was outer senshi, particularly Saturn as it had always been my favorite planet and that her fuku was purple (favorite color) was just amazing to me (I *may* have cried tears of joy).
    In junior high I met someone who would become a life long friend who just so happened to love Sailor Moon as well. My love for Sailor Moon is kept alive by the fact that I never felt the need to outgrow it and I have a buddy with the same philosophy.

  236. Wendy O.

    turning on the T and seeing a sho that I had no idea would change my life forever in s that I had noooo idea would change my life forever in such a dramatic way. girls where th where the heroes in such was fascinating to m. I began collecting anyth I began collecting anything I could get my hands on named all of my friends sailor scouts to recor sadly as I got olde I packed away in my Sailor Moo I packed away my Sailor Moon things in a box and put them to the side it was time to grow up I thought time to put childish things behind me when I heard about the new or of Sail Sailor Moon I was ecstatic that it didn’t that it didn’t matter what people thought and what made me happ was watchin collectin and just loving Sailor Moo out in the open for the world to se Sailor Moon’s always been a live in mlive Sailor Moon’s always been alive in my heart

  237. Keli

    I started watching sailor moon when I was 11 or 12. It aired before school in the morning. I was really drawn to the animation and art style. Unlike most American cartoons at the time the characters changed clothes, there were more details, and the girls looked beautiful. What I loved most though was that the characters were Japanese. I am Japanese American and I grew up in a predominately white area. Most of the other cartoons I watched mostly had no asian characters. So Sailor Moon had girls who were asian, they kicked ass, and that was amazing. It was suddenly cool to be japanese. I read the manga, and collected what little amount of toys I could find at hot topic. I went online and spent hours reading the character bios and looking at the artwork. I I also started drawing because I loved the anime/manga style so much.
    I am really excited that they’re releasing all the 90’s anime episodes on blue ray and making crystal – it reignited my dormant obsession.

  238. HeatherB

    I have loved Sailor Moon since 8th grade (1996-1997) when it aired on channel 6 with the DiC dub. I loved having a female heroine, I love the magic, I love the mythology. The idea of a Moon Princess. I devoured all the info I could find. I had 3.5″ discs filled with images from the manga and the anime, slowly building a meager collection translated comics, horrible dolls. I still treasure a Sailor Pluto that my dad got me from Taiwan, the boot leg tape of Sailor Stars.

    I didn’t have cable so when Sailor Moon went to Toonami I had to leave it behind, then came youtube and I could watch it all. I have passed this love onto my daughter, how is being Sailor Moon for Halloween. Every week, we sit together and watch the new release on Viz of the old anime and Crunchyroll for Crystal.

  239. Steven

    Believing that all you need are some good friends and a big heart to overcome the trials and challenges in the world.

  240. Ashley Holcomb

    While I would like to say my love never died (though technically it never did die) I reached a time where it waned. I was a middle schooler to early high schooler when I was introduced to Sailor Moon and collected all the Tokyo Pop manga when I got a job. It was my inspiration and favorite fantasy! Years passed, and adulthood kicked in, as well as the show stopped airing. Like most anime fans then, collecting the show then was a whole lot harder and more expensive than it is now. But then I went to a local con and checked out the artist alley, and when I stumbled upon a Sailor Moon themed booth (Sakky, as a lot of people know her as) all the feels came right back. I realized I now had money to get all those things I missed out on, and a few years later the revival took place to increase it tenfold! I’m now living a bit of my childhood again as someone who is 29, and I don’t give a crap what the others might say! Sailor Moon is still my inspiration to this day for my writing, and if that isn’t enough, that shiny new merch that’s being released back to back keeps me going, as well as the new show that I absolutely adore!

  241. Jolanda Do

    I started watching Sailor Moon a while ago, a friend told me about it and I watched all those episodes in holiday break, and I finished in 2 weeks. I absolutely loved the Anime ever since.
    I loved it because of these few reasons:
    – The dialog is so funny, sometimes I just replayed it 10 times to hear it again…and to laugh again
    -The characters are so good, I cried in the Classic and Stars finale.
    -I couldn’t stop watching.
    I was kinda sad because I watched them all, and there were no new episodes. When I heard Crystal came out, I was really happy. I finally could start watching again.

  242. Kathleen

    I kept Sailor Moon alive in my life by always singing the songs (in my home recording studio or on stage), doing fandubs of episodes with friends, watching PGSM or the musicals over and over…
    My Sailor Moon dolls have always been on display in my office.
    I made a Sailor Moon cosplay for my daughter, which she has been wearing for over 3 years now.
    She’s also been watching Sailor Moon on her little tablet, which kept it alive not just with me but with my entire family.
    Sailor Moon is here to stay!

  243. Dennis

    Sailor Moon has show me to become a better person in my growing, in those dark days of my life were i thought there was no hope in life when i was falling apart and then see this precious anime it show me how powerful the friendship can be when you have true friends, It also make me realize that no matter what situation your going thru in life anything is possible as long you be strong and never give up and fight for those who you love and beat your fears wich would make you a stronger person and never let go your dreams there always hope thats why sailor moon have become a silver crystal in my heart and i keep coming back to it and it still live inside of me and everyones pure hearts (Sailor Moon Forever).

  244. mimi

    Sailor Moon was like a whole new world to me when I discovered it sixteen years ago. Even after all these years there was never anything for me that came close to Sailor Moon. There is just something special about the characters and story that never failed to cheer me up when I was sad. It always showed me that there’s still hope in the end and still does. I’m thankful for having the Sailor Senshi as the heroines of my childhood and showing me the beauty of friendship and to never give up ♡ ♡ ♡

  245. Elijah Dorian

    I was always connected with it since I was a little boy. It keeps coming up in my daily live even today…it’s like always in the back of my head and I think the reason for that is because it had such a huge influence on me…save to say that it kinda helped to shape my personality as a kid. I just slimly love to dwell on it…the story never fails to make my cry. =)

  246. Laura

    Sailor Moon is a miracle in my life. I have never realized the impact it has had on my life up until the topic made me think about it. I have always had horrible luck with friends I’ve never been able to hold onto friends and thinking about it makes me really depressed. But then I think about Sailor Moon and how much I hope I can be like her one day. She is a friend to everyone and I hold her love for everyone so dearly in my heart. She is the light in my darkness. She is my greatest example and I think so highly of her. I’m thankful that I was able to watch Sailor Moon at the age of 6 and be able to carry her on with me for 19 years. Thank you Sailor Moon for soo many memories. I will treasure them forever.

  247. Wendy Wineriter

    My love for Sailor Moon has always been with me ever since I was 8 years old. Learning from Sailor Moon to not give up even when all seems lost keep on having faith knowing that no matter what you have to keep on fighting. In my life all seemed lost when I was growing up especially in high school, but I kept holding on to Sailor Moon and her personality of never giving up. I would look up at the moon night after night praying to the moon goddess for help and guidance. Years laters I still look up at the moon and know that she is looking down guiding me and she has helped me through good times and bad times. o(^__^)o

  248. Kristina

    I grew up whit sailor moon
    all though it was when i was around 4 or 5 years old maybe ealier too and saw this one episode whit chibimoon and black lady~ i always enjoyed watching it even when the show was on German I’ve been trying to find some German episodes too to try bring back the wonderfull memories i have when i do watch sailor moon I never intend to stop doing that they mean so much to me. If i just had more than one Sailor Moon Merchandise but haven’t had any luck but I will keep on trying.

  249. Nico

    Hello, all.

    Sailor Moon was one of the shows I remember from childhood. Saint Seiya way, it was always fun to see their adventures, but now with brand-new animation and following the manga is just a PLEASURE to enjoy again.
    Just go ahead, SM :D

  250. meguibex

    MY love for sailor moon will never die no matter what!
    but all the different adaptions to the story i fell in love with definatly help.
    i loved the origional animes dub because it was a cartoon about a girl who was powerful but was not affraid of showing emotions. she was a girl who lit up my entire world to be honest.
    then i watched the japanese version. it was like i was returning to an old friend. i am actually quite thankful for the changes made in the english dub because- annoying as they are- they made the japanese version all the more of the adventure. i mean think about it- it would have been pretty boring just watching the exact same show all over again but this time having to READ it.
    then came the manga. oh the manga. such beauty, such elegance, i am behond words.
    then pgsm which in my opinion i the most interesting of all the adaptions. i mean yeah its over the top but it brought the sailor moon story to a place it had not been before.
    then there sera myu which i have yet to see all of yet (Kessen / Transylvania no Mori,La Reconquista,Petite Étrangère,10th Anniversary Festival – Ai no Sanctuary so far!) its just so much fun! and it explores many things that were just touched on in the other media(stuff like mamoru x pluto and shitenou x senshi). sera myu also makes a nice pick me up after all the drama of pgsm.
    then comes crystal which brings back the elegance and subtlety of thje manga while taking inspiration from more modern MG shows (mainly thinking about precure here) while also touching on the senshi x shitenou thing again.
    all these different ways the origional story has been interpreted help keep my love sailor moon alive.(and i have not even mentioned another story and all the wonderful fanworks out there)
    thank you naoko takeuchi for starting it all.
    thank you japanese fans for giving the series the strength to reach out to the rest of us.
    thank you international fans for keeping the story alive.
    and thank you usagi for giving us hope for the future!

  251. Jeanette

    I’ve loved Sailor Moon since I was about 5-6. I remember watching it on Toonami and never knowing it was a “Anime”. I had no idea what anime was and that it was originally in japanese. I was surprised when I was older and realized it and it opened my eyes to the county of Japan and to the world of anime and jpop. All have been my whole world from then on out. As years have gone by there have been times that i didn’t have access to any of them cause of not having internet access and that being my only connection to them. I would still find a way to experience Sailor Moon by ways of old vhs copy of the DIC dubs of the tv series and movies and just that little bit was enough to put a smile on my face. What drew me in was that it was like another world full of magic and things that weren’t possible in this world. To see a ordinary girl magically transform into a beautiful soldier that could kick butt with just a crescent wand and a talking cat by her side. I grew up wanting to be like her. Everyday after school me and my sisters would watch sailor moon and afterwards i would go in the backyard and sing the theme song and grab a stick and pretend I was her lol. I love now that there are so many people out there that love this show as much as I do and put so much time and effort into presenting it to others to show how wonderful and exciting the whole concept of a sailor suited solider could be. Websites like this one keeps my love for sailor moon alive. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  252. Vanessa

    My love for Sailor Moon will be part of me forever! I first found Sailor Moon while in the fifth grade. My friends and I all loved to pick a character, and be that person for the day. Once I reached middle school, I had major medical problems and spent a lot of time being home schooled and not being able to see my friends. Sailor moon allowed me to escape and become that powerful girl that could kick butt and be an awesome friend to me when I needed one the most. Sailor Moon books and movies were what got me through that really hard time in my life. To this day, I continue to fall back on my Sailor Moon collection whenever I need a pick me up – Sailor Moon can always brighten any day!!!

  253. angela

    the beautiful tragic story of serenity and endymion has always captured my attention though i didn’t stick with sailor moon most of my teen years sadly, but anyway here is my small story. I was super young when i started watching sailor moon, i fell in love right away. i will always remember how beautiful the transformation scenes were and sailor says! but then i drifted away leaving everything behind, not just sailor moon. but i came right back at a perfect time. an old friend (only other moonie i knew) one day had asked me “you remember sailor moon right?” i hit me hard at that moment i could read the manga since i never did but always knew about it. so i read it and fell in love all over again.i would want a boyfriend like Mamo-chan! then soon started reading sailor moon fanfictions and re-watching ALL the episodes in about a month!! then the announcement came about the return of sailor moon and its reboot, i cried so much, i had a bumpy childhood and didn’t live a happy one either so the fact that sailor moon was coming back, was like giving me a chance to make up my childhood. I learned a lot from usagi and the other senshi, i can protect myself, but also accept help when i need it, from the love of my friends and true love, and keep a smile on my face and try to get to class on time :P Tsuki ni kawatte oshiokyo!

  254. Evelyn Thompson

    What has kept my love for Sailor Moon alive is my imagination and my friends. I was an awkward child and even grown up I still am. I rarely made friends and kept to myself most of the time. All that changed when my mom brought home a VHS copy of Sailor Moon! I still have that same VHS. Soon I was starting every conversation with “Do you love Sailor Moon??” As can be expected I still didn’t make that many friends but the ones I did make just by asking that small question have stayed my friends to this very day. Sailor Moon opened up my imagination as well. When I did have lonely nights I would day dream about going on adventures. Soon I had Venus riding unicorns and fighting vampires with Saturn and Chibi Moon while Mercury communicated through her computer. Naturally when I acted it out it was just me screaming into a Polly Locket and spinning around with a TV antenna as my transformation wand! As I grew up the stories I made up grew with me. Slowly Hotaru and Chibi-Usa took on new forms and new names that made then my own and I added my own characters. To this day those characters and stories I made based on Sailor Moon have been my best friends on silent nights and I look forward to dreaming because sometimes I take their form. My real life friends and my imaginary friends/stories are what have kept my love for Sailor Moon alive. And to think it all started with a small VHS and a girl who was lonely.

  255. Rosie

    I was in middle school when Sailor Moon started airing in the US. I didn’t need to keep my love alive for a show, story, heroine, and characters that spoke to me. It never mattered that I was in High school and the show was here considered a “kids show.” Sailor Moon was awesome so it didn’t matter that I alone loved it. (Of course I knew I wasn’t alone, but I had not met anybody else who shared the interest.) When the manga hit comic book shops, Sailor Moon became both my first anime and manga. The art and story in the manga is without equal, my favorite! I’ve Terra’s and treasured it over the decades. I’m so thrilled the new show has captured so much of the original manga. It’s so beautiful that at some point in each episode I tear up! Moon Pride indeed!!

  256. Heather

    Sailormoon is kept alive by the happiness it brings me. Whenever I read a chapter, find a new bit of merchandise, listen to music, or meet a fellow Moonie, it makes my day great. I try to find a bit of the sailor guardians in everything.

  257. Malin

    Sailor Moon is one of those things I always loved. I remembered waiting to turn 14, cause I hoped a cat with a band aid would come that I could help. Didn’t happen unfortunately. ;) I always would watch the anime when it was on TV and would be rally sad if I missed an episode, even though it was re-runs and I had probably already seen it a couple of times. Growing up I then found more Sailor Moon stuff, like the Live Action series, musicals and the manga, and that is what has kept Sailor Moon interesting and fresh for me. I really like exploring the different ways the story is told, and when the Crystal anime was anounced I was so hyped and overjoyed I didn’t know what to do. (I still am hyped, it’s amazing I LOVE IT!) Same for the new musicals (SO GOOD!).

    I really hope miss dream will keep going for many years more. It’s my favourite Sailor Moon site! :D Happy birthday! :)

  258. MoonP86

    One saying in the musicals (I believe manga too) that has always stuck with me is “We are all lonely stars, searching for each other, trying to become one.” And for anyone who has ever been truly lonely, as I have often been, this phrase lets us know we truly aren’t alone. There are others out there, desperately looking for our purpose and people that love us.

    Sailor Moon will always be a part of my life… literally….I have a Sailor Moo silhouette tattoo on my ankle. Even when there isn’t a new musical, live action reboot, or animation in production, I always find myself coming back to it. Probably just for that spark that only listening to “Yakusoku” from PGSM can provide, or the 5-6 page thrill when Saturn is battling Pharaoh 90 and cooling commenting on how beautiful looming destruction can be, or coming across a new fan made transformation on Youtube. The Sailor Moon Universe and fandom will never truly fade, whether it be as big as running one of the BEST Sailor Moon sites there is (**wink**) or even as small writing your own fanfic that will never be read by anyone but you, we are all a part of something vast, magical, and immortal. It is a universe where we all can shine for our own special reasons, and where we are constantly affirmed we don’t have to be perfect, we just have to love and accept ourselves and others. After all, the moonlight is love’s message.

    I feel like I should be diving head first into a blob of evil energy with a shining crystal right now!

  259. Le Minh Tam

    It’s totally not too much to say that SailorMoon is a part of what made me who I am today. All my childhood revolved around SailorMoon when it was first broadcast in my country, it’s true that I lived with SailorMoon.

    Being born and growing up in a “traditional” South East Asian family, where we girls were taught to be ashamed of ourselves, SailorMoon helped me realize how beautiful women are, what we can do instead of staying in our rooms. Thank to SailorMoon, I learned to make decisions and depend on myself, not some other boys.

    After 17 years, SailorMoon is still my most beloved shoujo manga and will forever be. It’s so luck that there’re people like you guys to keep the passion and the youth won’t miss a masterpiece. Thank you so much!!

  260. George

    Sailor Moon is my favourite childhood hero ever since that Saturday morning where I stumbled upon it watching morning cartoons. I never missed an episode since. It was sometime in the Autumn of 1994 in Greece. I’ve been a huge fan ever since that year. Now 20 years later and my love for Sailor Moon is still growing. I will never forget how closely I related to Usagi (or Bunny as she was called in the Greek dub). The VHS tapes that I recorded back then are a childhood keepsake that I still keep and I had them converted into DVDs so that I’ll never lose these episodes that connect me to my 4 year-old self.

  261. Erick C.

    I’ve never stopped loving Sailor Moon! The first time I saw it was in 1993 when I lived in Texas and it was broadcast in Spanish. I’ve been in love ever since. I’ve seen every episode, sang along to every musical, grew to love the tackiness of PGSM, and am currently very excited to watch every episode of Sailor Moon Crystal! I’ve collected lots of dolls and a few of the older wands and transformation brooches. I’ve read every chapter of the manga many times over and have recently completed my collection of the English Kodansha translations. I’m happy to have Sailor Moon in my life, because it’s taught me that women are just as powerful as men. And it’s helped me never to give up on love. Sailor Moon will be a part of me forever.

  262. Christina

    I am excited that Sailor Moon is back in her new reboot of Sailor Moon Crystal, this year is nothing but Sailor Moon for me. Looking forword to seeing more of Sailor Moon Crystal, the animation and artwork are flawless and simply inspiring.

    I have loved Sailor Moon since I was 7 years old, and my love for Sailor Moon has still been strong. The first major reason that I kept Sailor Moon alive was because of my friends. We all started watching Sailor Moon in elementary school, and that was all we ever talked about. Especially at recess my group and I would play Sailor Moon pretending we were Sailor Scouts, and I remember we were all fighing over what scout we wanted to be. My one friend was a major Sailor Moon collector and she would bring her Sailor Moon toys to school, and we would all be jealous of her collectibles especially her Moon Stick. In elementary school I was the outcast, and was “different” from the others and got bullied due to my uniquiness. Sailor Moon always cheered me up when I was depressed, and feeling alone she would always put a smile on my face. After watching season one of Sailor Moon on YTV I was excited to watch the season two. Once it started into the first few episodes it stopped airing in Canada. I was devasted when Sailor Moon was not on tv, I was so upset I got rid of all my Sailor Moon items because I thought I would never see Sailor Moon again. I was left in a major cliffhanger and was never going to find out what was going to happen in the end.

    Almost 20 years later, my aunt surprised me with the whole Sailor Moon season from one to five. Its crazy that I waited almost 20 years to finish the Sailor Moon series, but it was so worth the wait because I was mature enough to fully understand the story. This was the time to introduce Sailor Moon to my younger sister and brother, and they were in love with it! Especially my sister who spread the word to all of her friends and so on. Just finished college, and graduated from graphic and web design. I am now a graphic, web designer and illustrator, Sailor Moon’s animation art style both new and old have inspired me and motivated me to create. Back in graphic design when I had to created my own logo it was a struggle because it kept looking like a church logo. Sailor Moon has introduced me to a new symbol that represents my identity and my name. The letter “C” in my logo is in the shape of a cresent moon. I thought it was the perfect design for my indentity and it sets me apart from the others. In my college experience I united with my old elementary friend that I haven’t seen in years, and I am still in contact with her today and thanks to Sailor Moon Crystal we have reunited which made our friendship much stronger. Now every two weeks we talk about each new episode and drool over how handsome Tuxedo Kamen is!

    These past few months have been nothing but Sailor Moon, and it has come to my realization that I have a strong connection with Sailor Moon. She reminds me a lot of myself both phyiscally and emotionally as well as mentally. She has made me who I am today, kind, loving and warm hearted but strong and wise. Funny that we are both major cry babies and we whine a lot, but as well we enjoy spreading the love around and making people smile. I was told that my presence makes people happy and heals them from their pain, which Sailor Moon as that ability. I feel that I must of been a reincarnation of Sailor Moon because I can relate to her story, her personality and identity. As for the story connection, my love life today as been ironicly related to Sailor Moon’s love story. I do currently have a crush on someone who I went to college with and we were like an old married couple. It reminded me of the relationship between Usagi and Mamoru, where it was nothing but bickering but loved each other very much. Unfortunately he had to go back to Italy and I was upset for a while because I missed him, he was a part of me. Though he came back and surprised me with a beautiful gift that kind of reminded me of Mamoru giving Usagi the pocket watch, though mine was a bracelet. This past summer I was invited to a Comic Con, this was my first time being at this event. I was a volunteer for my school and adveristing graphic design, but what surprised me the most was the orginial english cast of Sailor Moon was there. It was a dream come true to see my favourite idols of my favourite show in front of me. Meeting them was the best moment ever, I got them to sign my original Sailor Moon posters and as well as get photos. As a gift I gave them each one of my Sailor Moon drawings for memories. Ever since that day we have kept in contact through social media and they always brighten my day. For my 23rd birthday I was surprised with a big Sailor Moon cake, T-shirt, and Sailor Moon costume it was amazing to re-live my childhood. Then to complete my childhood dream, for the past month I have been working on my Sailor Moon costume accessories for Halloween. It was great to finally be Sailor Moon for once in my life because as a child it was so hard to find her outfit. Now I was able to achieve that goal and looking forward to any comic cons in the near future.

    I am the Sailor Pretty Solider Senshi of Art and Design. Sailor Stina. In the name of creativity, I will create.

  263. Katie C

    Let’s see… Well, I guess for me it was very much a purposeful choice to keep my love for Sailor Moon alive. Like a lot of others, I first saw it on Cartoon Network as a kid and I LOVED it. I had the theme song memorized, drew art, coveted all of the rare merchandise (though my parents never let me get any of the manga). I never saw the show all the way through though (I think my only experience with Usagi in princess mode was in my much loved VHS of the R movie (you’ve got to belieevvee (got to believe) in the poweer of looove… er, sorry. ahem.)) and it was fairly patchy and got increasingly hard to access on tv and eventually became impossible. So I went a very long time not knowing what had happened or anything about it, really. It just became this nostalgic thing that I remembered fondly.

    Then, finally – I’m not exactly sure what prompted it; maybe just curiosity as to what I’d missed or the magic of the internet to re-expose me to it – a couple of years ago I was able to watch the original Japanese version with subtitles, which was a fantastic experience that was so vastly different than what I remembered. I was finally able to watch entire seasons and arcs and really become invested in the story itself in a way I was unable to before. I was essentially seeing it for the first time and I got hooked all over again. In the really lucky timing that sometimes occurs, this just so happened to be around the time that Kodansha was rereleasing the manga. I was so happy that I was getting another chance to read it and each new volume brought it all back. Then, I discovered and happily devoured PGSM. I was skeptical at first, but the amazing character development blew me away and so that served as another kickstart to my love for the series. After all of those published, it was fanart, fanvids, the first new musical and Nycea Summaries PGSM recaps that bolstered my enthusiasm. Now, with Crystal and all the merchandise and the second new musical (which I actually just finished watching – that was so fun!), it’s just a really fantastic time to be a Sailor Moon fan. Easy, in a way. I came back to it at the right time, and I admire the people who stuck with it so steadfastly for all those years when the kind of resurgence we’re having now probably seemed like a dream. The waiting and the love paid off.

    But I suppose, to really answer this question I need to look at what kept Sailor Moon shining quietly underneath the surface all those years for me – what made me seek it out again when I had the chance. When I was a kid, I loved the magic powers and transformations and girl power princesses. And that’s still great. But now what really gets me are the more fundamental things: the strength of the girls’ friendship, the epic romance, the really admirable persistence of Usagi’s optimism and the depth of her love for everyone. Things that I probably noticed on a subconscious level as a kid but were never really explicit. I think the were always there, though. And that’s what keeps drawing me back. At its heart this is simply an incredible story with a lovely message presented in gorgeous ways: it’s the power of love, baby. Simple as that.

    Congrats, MissDream, on your anniversary!

  264. Alberto Larios

    Realizing that many elements in Sailor Moon actually happen in real life, is what has kept my love for Sailor Moon alive. Sailor Moon has taught me that we are all vulnerable beings; we all want to love and be loved. Of course, many people have different definitions of love, and its spectrum can range from love between couples, friends and/or family. I see that in Sailor Moon and in my life; these kinds of love move all of us. Sailor Moon contains a powerful story and reflects humanity’s true nature, regardless of it being coated with hearts, magic attacks, stars, unicorns, or talismans (which is always a plus :))
    Sailor Moon illustrates the contrast between weakness & strength, light & darkness, and its necessary balance (this can be more appreciated in the Manga). Sailor Moon has taught me it is okay to show vulnerability, even if it hurts sometimes. I see this in my life and the lives of the people who surround me.
    Sailor Moon is a perfect example of what a human can be: a person with a mixture of emotions and attitudes with dark and joyful moments; a person who feels for others and desires to see them shine; a person who experiences depression, jealousy, rage, and hope, who then transforms into a stronger person after a great challenge.
    She can’t be more human than that…!
    How much I love Sailor Moon!

    Thank you Missdream for creating this space to reflect upon this wonderful series.

  265. PPN

    I started watching Sailor Moon in my childhood because it was actually broadcast right before the show I used to watch. It grew up on me and I ended up also liking Sailor Moon. At the time I could not really read the manga and in my country we never had anything else related to Sailor Moon at the time (no decent CD or VHS release, there were some ok toys though) so this was all I had for a while. I have always liked it but had pretty much given up on it until a few years ago thanks to the internet. Also I could not be happier when I heard about rumours that a new series was in the making (after a 2 years delay it turned out to be Crystal). It is so much easier nowadays to be in touch with Sailor Moon news, it’s almost surreal.

    Also congrats MissDream! I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of you for the great translation work you’ve done! :)

  266. Julia D

    Because I’m fairly young, my first memories of Sailor Moon are pretty vague. The earliest I can remember watching it was when I was around 4 years old, so 2003? I guess? (god, I might as well be a millennium kid) I really liked it, as most kids I knew did. (My favourite character was always Venus!!) As I grew, I didn’t really care about it very much.. I never though about it when I was older, although the scene that had always stuck out in my head was the girl with raven black hair sitting in front of the fire, who I later found out was Sailor Mars (she always seemed so cool and powerful to me, so I’m not surprised that that was my biggest memory of the show as a kid). I didn’t care about the show until I was about 12. My really good friend, who like I myself, had loved Sailor Moon as a small 4 year old. Although she hadn’t grown out of it like I did. (lucky!!) And even when we were 12, she still loved it! She told me how Sailor Moon was actually originally a comic, and that it was really good! (she’s right) To my dismay, she made me read it. I did reluctantly, but I instantly loved it!! And eventually, I read the entire series. Until now, I had only really thought of it as a source of entertainment, something to read and watch and enjoy in my free time. As I’ve grown a bit older (I’m in high school now.. gross) It’s become even more important to me. I’ve always had my own issues, but it seems even worse now.. As cheesy as it is (and cliché) when I feel like I’m at my worse, I think of the sailor soldiers. Especially the girl who’s always been my favourite, Mina. Mina has had her heart ripped in two so many times. She was told that she will never really find love. Mina was told that she was destined to be a soldier when she was 12 or 13. She’s been through so much, and she went through that when she was even younger than me! But she doesn’t let that turn her bitter. Mina is always an energetic, optimistic girl who doesn’t let anything get her down. And I always think, well if she can go through all that, and still remain hopeful, then so can I. I am energetic and optimistic. And I think that’s what has kept my love for Sailor Moon alive. People will always tell me that I’m too hopeful, or too much of a dreamer, or too optimistic. But in Sailor Moon, that’s one of the best things you can do. Hope. Be optimistic. Dream to your heart’s content. And if dreaming doesn’t cut it, then, like Minako would, get out there and make it better.

  267. Lisa E.

    My love for Sailor Moon … well, that’s an easy one! Growing up with it has made it a huge part of my life, I first watched the anime when I was only 6 years old, and I always was so impressed by how fierce and strong those girls were! I rewatched it several times, especially when I was a teenager. Sailor Moon also helped me with its portrayal of Haruka and Michiru’s relationship, I feel like especially those two had a huge impact on my emotional development. To this day, Sailor Moon is my favourite series of all time!

  268. Elena

    I am a fairly new member of the Sailor Moon fan club!!!! I started watching it in 2011 thanks to my older sister who wouldn’t stop comparing me to someone named Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mars. I was 13 when I started watching Sailor Moon and it was my first anime. My first impression of Sailor Moon was OMG LMFAO!!!! I was like “this girl is a heroine how?!?!” LOL. But as the series went on I really got addicted to it (it got to the point where all I drew on my notes were little crescent moons and the symbols of the Senshi). 2010-2011 was a really dark year for me to the point where I thought of ending it all….However thanks to Sailor Moon, she gave me something to be hopeful for. She and my family showed me that there is light at the end of a tunnel. She taught me that when you get knocked down by a comment you stand up and fight, no matter how many times you get knocked down. I was especially connected to the episode in Season 3 where Lita (Makoto) was training at that academy because she didn’t think she was strong enough but, the strength was within her all along. Sailor Moon and Jupiter both helped me with some of the most unbelievable problems whether it was soccer or friends, I got though the day because of them. When I have a bad day because of a fight with a friend or some really ironic moment I would turn to Sailor Moon! One of my favorite episodes in the entire season was in season 3 when Chibiusa came and told Minako (Mina) to read a letter from Neo Queen Serenity and Usagi (Serena) started flipping out lol. All the Senshi taught me a different lesson every time I watched the episodes. I learned how to be a caring friend (Moon), how to stay determined (Jupiter), how to be faithful (Mars), to be hopeful and encouraging/ help people with science :P (Mercury) and how to follow your dreams no matter how far it seems (Venus). When I finished watching all 200 episodes I was that’s it….NO!!!!!!!! I started re-watching all the episodes (I memorized some of the lines LOL). I also watched it in Japanese and learned how to say her monologue before battle lol. Then my friend told me about something called Manga and I was like sure I will read it. After that scene with Venus saying she was Princess Serenity I got GLUED to it because, Serenity/ Sailor Moon is my favorite character (Chibiusa (Rini) is my second tied with Jupiter). I read the entire Manga in a week (mostly at night before bed and I remember once I read til 4 or so in the morning….opps) then, I read the manga to my sis (loved her reactions to everything) and showed her all the musicals. Then one day I was searching on Sailor Moon season 6 and I found Sailor Moon Crystal….I was like……this…..then I grabbed my sis and was like “OMG ITS OFFICIAL!!!!!” and what’s funny was that me and my sister finished the entire Sailor Moon season a year or two before Sailor Moon Crystal was announced (I didn’t have to wait 20 years like her LOL) Also that year I got to meet the English cast of the 90’s anime in an a comic con ….I sprained my ankle a few weeks before I meet them and started losing my passion for soccer until Linda Ballantyne (Sailor Moon) helped me. It has always been my dream to play in the Olympics as a professional soccer player (goalie) and she told me “That’s amazing! I want to see you there!” since then I have been on fire with soccer and not just because I was Sailor Mars this year for Halloween LOL. Thanks to her I made it to a showcase team and I am leaving for Bethesda Maryland this week and going to North Carolina next week to get that scholarship in Soccer!!!!!!! In the end, what kept my love for Sailor Moon alive… it was her determination, her smile, her laugh, and even through the tough times how strong she was…the unbeatable Sailor Moon will always be my undeniable, number one inspiration.

  269. Lucas

    Guys! You’ve got a dozen comments! CONGRATULATIONS!!
    I’ve been following Miss Dream since it started and I’m very grateful that you’re still so passionate about Sailor Moon and the sites continues to grow every week. When first official announcements started to appear regarding the 20th Anniversary you guys were updating us with every single detail each day – I believe it was like that until the 1st Musical. Miss Dream was definitely the most dedicated fansite at that time and I would like to thank you for that :)

    In two months I’ll be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of being a Sailor Moon fan.

    What keeps me going is a multitude of amazing messages, great stories, amazing voice acting, animation and gorgeous watercolours by Naoko.
    For me Sailor Moon is about seeing pride and strength in femininity, overcoming prejudice, intolerance and embracing individualism. Each character is a misfit (not just the senshi but most of the bad guys as well) – not understood by most, ignored or ridiculed for no good reason. Each character handles that differently – some live tragic lives (like Nehellenia) or become obsessed with a goal that will help them become acceptable (like the Amazonian Trio hoping to become real people) – others find people who share their experiences and they become great friends and support (like the main characters). When you think about it Usagi is the only character who doesn’t fit this description yet she never judges, she genuinely see everyone as equal and can befriend anyone who will allow her. She truly has the purest heart you can find and it’s not surprise she doesn’t need swords or elemental powers to win battles – she never fights to win, she only fights to end battles and that’s why it’s so easy to believe that the Silver Crystal – when is used by her – can truly do anything.

    I love how the series is full of gay, lesbian, transgender characters and despite being created in the 90s there’s nothing but a positive message behind them. Even the villans are never truly evil and we can always relate to them and understand why they do what they do. I love how Toei changed Starlights to men proving kids like me that even boys can become senshi and the message behind Seiya and Usagi’s little love story truly engraves in children the idea that gender has nothing to do with love. Usagi never looks at Seiya differently after discovering he’s really a women. I think that’s a beautiful message.

    The whole series is extremely feminine in the most positive way possible. Their uniforms are simple yet girly (they’re not as over the top as newer shows like Pretty Cure that clearly missed the idea), they paint their nail before putting on gloves – little details like that show to me that being a senshi is never about pleasing a man but becoming pretty to find strength in it. Sailor Senshi never have to look as butch and manly as Wonder Women to be powerful and strong-willed and I love the show for it.

    Each story Arc is very dramatic, emotional and complex. I love season finales – they truly are ahead of its time. Some season you just never forget:
    – episode 45 when the Inner die at D Point and Usagi cries that she’s alone (personally up until this day I don’t believe they are ghost, I think they truly died but Usagi imagined them to find strength to go on – and later to use the full potential of the Silver Crystal and reincarnate everyone)
    – episode 125 when Usagi helplessly cries “Crisis Makeup!” and can’t transform knowing that she’s guilty for giving Pharaoh 90 the power of the Grail that he needed and an innocent girl awakened as the soldier of destruction to now die to fix Usagi’s mistakes and save the planet
    – episode 172 when Nehellenia tells Usagi how lonely she was and how she hates Serenity for being always in the spotlight and now wants her dead ’cause she feels that her long, miserable life can never be fixed but at least she can take happiness from others
    – episode 200 when Usagi realizes she doesn’t want to fight Galaxia and she detransforms – standing naked – a beatiful way of showing that she’s an easy target but she will still will – not by force or reasoning but by showing Galaxia that they truly are the same

    Beautiful music, art, voice acting, magical items, gorgeous transformations (which I still think – no show was able to top), great character, the past, the future, astronomy, mythology… – Sailor Moon has it all and 20 years later as well as 20 years from now I know it will always be the best show I have ever seen.

  270. Daniel

    Hi everyone!

    I would love to say how I’ve kept my love for Sailor Moon alive but really it’s Sailor Moon itself that has kept me alive. I’m a storyteller myself the medium being film. And from 2nd grade I was enamored visually by Sailor Moon. I would constantly write fanfiction then. I found myself obsessed with how it was visually portrayed. It’s kept my imagination going to this day. I’ve written lots and made 2 short films, my most recent getting into Sundance. Though the stories are far from the magical girl genre, visually I am always inspired by Sailor Moon.

    I have recently found myself in in debt because of being unable to find work. But looking forward to the SMC airings every two weeks has been keeping me uplifted. I’ve been struggling financially this entire year and your site Miss Dream has helped me stay happy and inspired. With your subs of Reconquista and Petite Estrangere. Not to mention your scans of the manga and all the interviews you’ve translated. I have literally checked your site hundreds of times just for something to read about Sailor Moon. So really Sailor Moon has kept my love alive, my passion in things, my creativity, from ever becoming silent in this difficult period in my life. I certainly believe in better things to come and that I believe is in part because of the power of believing I’ve gotten from Sailor Moon.

    So even if I don’t win, thank you Miss Dream for all your work in this fandom. It has really made me happy in my darkest of times.

  271. Alexandra

    Usagi’s love is what has kept my love for Sailor Moon alive. She inspires me everyday to be the best I can be and to love myself no matter what. I think I’ve become a better person since Sailor Moon came into my life. I came for the princesses and magic and have stayed for all the countless times Usagi has surprised me with her ability to love and protect so wholeheartedly. For a while in my life I actually gave up hope, I thought the words to myself ‘why hope?’ I was defeated. But, as if I were one of the group, Sailor Moon’s spirit lifted me up and I became like one of the inners too. Completely affected by her unconditional love and the ability to take away the loneliness.
    Happy Birthday Miss Dream, thanks for doing so much<3

  272. TheQuietOne

    Due to the situation I was living in, I actually watched the DiC dub for Sailor Moon until I was 16 pretty regularly. To the point where I knew lines from the movies for R, S, and Super S by heart. When your main option for entertainment was reading library book or watching VHS, and a good chunk of them were Sailor Moon. After I moved five years ago, my love of Sailor Moon was relegated to explaining its importance on the shojo genre to girls who liked anime who mysteriously never heard of it before. Which I could understand for girls two to four years younger than me, but one of the girls older than me had cable her whole childhood and never even heard of it! Once I hit college, I stopped being involved in anime so much, excluding Sailor Moon. Only now I have people who love it to talk about it with, and then there’s now Crystal! I’m hoping Crystal gives some younger girls the chance to believe they could be heroines of their own stories too, even if it’s in small way. It’s what I got from it when I was a tiny tot in a homemade Sailor Moon outfit daily, and the feeling I get from rereading the manga through Miss Dream’s scans. Sailor Moon was one of the best parts of my childhood.

  273. Heather C.

    When I was younger I had a tough time with kids in school. I was bullied a lot, and had a tough time getting along with others. I was the quiet kid in the back of the room that never spoke, but when I got home I had sailor moon to look forward to. When I watched it it made me feel like I could do anything, or be anyone! It helped me over come some of my socially awkward phobias and helped me to make friends. Then years later when my parents were going through splitting up I had Sailor moon on cartoon network to watch and to help me get distracted from the world around me. The show helped me to get through a lot in my past, and it means the world to me. So when ever I felt down I would go back and watch it. I have watched many anime and read many mangas over the years, but nothing has touched me in the way sailor moon has. It was my first Anime and will always be my favorite!

  274. Stefanie

    I don’t know, it pretty much just seems like Sailor Moon has just always been there. There was a time where I sort of forgot about it, but then I found it again and fell in love with it again. I grew up with Sailor Moon, having been born in 1992, and while I don’t remember much about watching it when I was little, but now, it just makes me so happy to watch, or even just think about, when I’m feeling down. A girl that’s clumsy, not so great at school, loves food, can be a crybaby, etc., is able to make so many friends so easily, and was able to find a “miracle romance.” It gives me hope that maybe someday I’ll actually have some friends and maybe even find my own “miracle romance,” sometimes feeling like giving up after be 22 and never even had a date

  275. Megan G.

    Sailor Moon has been in my life on and off since I was eight years old. I watched it early every morning during the summer it first came out. It was my first fandom and Usagi and Mamoru (well, Serena and Darian) were my first OTP. I have Sailor Moon to thank for all the sappy love stories I loved when I was in high school. I never really let my love for Sailor Moon die and now it’s back in full force! I relate SO MUCh with Usagi. I’ve always felt this way and it’s so wonderful that there’s a role model for girls that is imperfect. <3

  276. KAM

    I have loved Sailor Moon ever since I discovered the show when I was around 5-7 years old, there has not been a moment where my love, passion and admiration for the show has faded, not in the slightest. It’s something that has always been a huge part of my life and it continues to do so.
    When I discovered the anime, I just instantly fell in love with it – the characters, the villains, no matter who they were, I found myself able to relate to them in some way, and the idea of going around saving the world in a Sailor Suit, and being a princess at the same time, really stood out for me, Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon was so different from all the Disney Princesses that aired during the 90’s, and I really looked up to her.

    I grew up in a very unstable household, so I never really had a real role model growing up, so Usagi was one person/character, that I truly, truly admired, even though she was fictional, she taught me so much, about how to be a good friend, and to never give up, no matter how hard it my get, to always cherish your loved ones, even if they may hurt you sometimes. She was so understanding, and even in Crystal, she still is, she is a character that never judges people, and growing up, I aimed to be just like her, and hopefully, this is something I’ve achieved. (Ha, ha!)

    Like I’ve already stated, my love for Sailor Moon, and the series itself has never faded, it was Miss Takeuchi’s beautiful artwork which inspired me to begin drawing anime/manga at a young age, her astounding and beautiful works have had a huge impact in my life, if I hadn’t began drawing when I did, then I wouldn’t be where I am today, and I would never have met all the wonderful people who also enjoy her works just as much as I do.

    It’s very had to put into words how my love for the series as well as Sailor Moon herself stayed alive throughout all these years, she is someone who has always been there, even during my darkest times in life, she was there …. I guess you could say, she’s my Light of Hope, as I’m sure she is for many, many people throughout the world.

    I hoped for a long time that they would reboot the Sailor Moon series, and when they did, my heart just exploded, I couldn’t have been happier, Crystal has just made my love for the series so, so much stronger! (I didn’t even think that was possible, I love the show so much!)

  277. Julia L

    I discovered sailor moon when I was maybe 6 or 7 (27 years old now) My family had moved to a new city, new school, my parents were getting divorced and I had never felt so alone. I was having trouble making friends in my new school since I was referred to as “weird”–the quiet, shy kid. Couldn’t get back sleep one night so I turned on the tv. There I saw a courageous girl who who faced evil (despite whining about it!) and never gave up. As the show progressed, I saw that she was kind to others without passing judgement. She accepted her friends and others for who they were. (Ex: wasn’t intimidated by Ami’s intelligence, wasn’t afraid of Makoto despite her reputation, etc) Usagi saw the good in everyone and wanted to protect her loved ones no matter what. I thought it was absolutely beautiful. Of course I also loved the romance between Usagi and Mamoru. I knew someday I wanted a love that would endure all.
    It made me believe that maybe I was experiencing a dark time, but I had the ability to endure it. Sailor moon gave me hope. Soon I met my new neighbor who ended up being my best friend in my childhood. I showed kindness to another new student at school and we also became friends.
    Sailor moon was there for me during a dark time in my childhood. The lessons she taught me about kindness to others has played an integral part in my life. Although Usagi had her flaws, she surrounded herself with friends who accepted her as she were and I think that’s important also.
    The impact this show has had on me will forever live in my heart. I will ALWAYS love sailor moon.

  278. S.Z.

    The first thing that comes to my mind when i think about Sailor moon is the 5 year old me waking up real early in the morning and almost running to the tv to not miss a single moment of the new episode. My mom even told me that when i overslept and missed a episode i would cry and be sad all day long. And i can truly say that this is one of my most fondest childhood memories.

    I discovered Sailor moon when i was watching tv in my new house after my parents divorced. Since i was still very young and didn’t quite understand why we had to move away all of a sudden and why my parents weren’t together anymore, Sailor moon was the thing that would distract me from all the sad thoughts and make me feel cheerful again. Now that i that i look back on that time, I realise that i discovered Sailor moon at just the right moment and i’m really thankful for that.The positivity of the show has really helped me in difficult times. Anyhow, I was watching tv and saw this big blue eyed girl with long blond pigtails transforming into a superhero like girl and fighting these creepy looking monsters. The transformation sequence of sailor moon then became and is still my favorite scene of the whole series. I remember thinking i wish i could transform too and become so pretty and strong like sailor moon! And that even a crybaby like bunny could become so strong! Sailor moon even learned me that believing in yourself and with the help of your friends you are able to overcome any obstacle. And many more valuable lessons. (Don’t understimate the power of animated shows!) Even though i was still very young and the memories are kind of vague, i always get this almost undescribale nostalgic, happy feeling whenever i rewatch or think of Sailor moon and that makes me know that i loved and still love this show so much! I can proudly say that Sailor moon has helped me become the person i am today. And that the love i have for this show will never fade away.

  279. Fire Magus

    Sailor Moon holds a near and dear place in my heart. I remember stumbling upon it randomly while channel-surfing when I was a kid – my first episode happened to be Sailor Jupiter’s debut! After being spoon-fed media that portrays females as damsels in distress, I found it incredibly refreshing that girls were the powerful ones defeating evil. Moreover, they did it in style with glitzy and glamorous transformations, attacks, and weapons. One of the first lessons Sailor Moon taught me was to never underestimate the power of a single girl (or a group of badass females for that matter)! Not to mention I learned some basic Astronomy too – I never failed a test on the planets! :)

    From there, well, I got very much hooked to the franchise. I made it a mission to see every single episode, movie, special, etc. One of my fondest memories was marathoning the Sailor Moon movies with a friend at our slumber party. I went on to read the manga and explore the live action TV series, musicals, etc. I remember dedicating tons of physical wall and hard disc space on nothing but Sailor Moon images and the like.

    While Sailor Moon itself shared many positive messages (i.e. friendship, empathy, perseverance, honesty), the “Girl Power” aspect always stood out for me. I particularly love how Sailor Moon showed the various aspects and degree of femininity. Every Sailor Guardian has her own unique look, strengths, and weaknesses. More importantly, the girls are never berated for not complying with certain set standards. In fact, their uniqueness is celebrating in a way even media today finds mystifying. My actual interest in Sailor Moon may have waxed and waned over the years, but the positivity the series instilled in me never faltered one bit. That’s what makes Sailor Moon very special to me.

  280. Mini Moon

    My love of Sailor Moon has been kept alive solely by its proximity to my heart. Sailor Moon will never die for me; even my first tattoo was SM-related (a rabbit in the moon). While growing up, I was always alone because I was always moving. I had no friends and had a lot of rough times. When things were dark, I’d put on Sailor Moon or make clay wands or pretend the Senshi were there playing with me. It kept me going strong. Usagi did her friend-magic on me like I was part of the Senshi and I did feel part of it – I think we all feel like we’re a part of her circle. She taught me that we can all be magical girls regardless of our flaws and to this day, I hold her messages close. Now that I’m an adult, my life is a lot better, but Sailor Moon is still just as important to me as it was then, but as a feminist message and a soothing nostalgia when I’m sick or down. Nothing can kill Sailor Moon for me. She is, of course, Eternal. <3

  281. Diagnosed

    Like most of the respondents here, I was a ripe age for the anime when it came out in all it’s DiC North American glory. It was my first introduction to anime. It was amazing to see a wide range of personality traits of upstanding girls – all types of girls that sacrificed for a greater good. I learned that these girls didn’t have to be feminine necessarily but that they also didn’t have to be manly to be powerful either. (Though, let’s be honest Uranus is pretty damn powerful haha). Over the years, I’ve drawn inspiration from Ami when studying and when needing to focus on improving myself seriously; from Minako when cosplaying and singing (I’m on Youtube now too!); from Mako-chan when planning, preparing and tasting nutritious meals for my husband and family… the list goes on. But above all, the idea that encouraging and embodying love – between friends, family, spouse, and even fellow members of the community – can have such power and influence is something that’s really guided me through life in a way I didn’t imagine was possible before I fell in love with Sailor Moon.

    But I may have just let this one anime wash over me as a casual bit of entertainment if it weren’t for a bootleg card machine at my local skating rink! Imagine that! I must have bought only 10 cards over 2 years from this machine (as much as my allowance would… well, allow). Those first ones were so magical, though. I stared at them for hours because there on the card was a Sailor Moon that was not just a reluctant cry-baby-turned-magical-girl but also a *beautiful young woman*. (Can you guess they were artbook images?) My fascination with these images alongside my engagement by the anime plot and the timely arrival of internet into my household lead me on a journey of discovery that continues to this day. (Just in the past year I finally read the amazingly cute story of Toki Meca thanks to Miss Dream!)

    This inspiration from pure information about this amazing work – whether it be the nuances of the characters, the mythology incorporated into the story, or simply the beautiful art of Takeuchi-sama – is what has kept me going the most as a fan. Knowing this power, it makes me want to give back to the community. However, I’ve tried to balance this with a respect for real-life concerns, so sadly all I have to show for my desire to give back is a handful of wikimoon edits and a bunch of files, spreadsheets, and incomplete html documents on my hard drive ^^;;;. For the same reason, my toy collection is small compared to other fans’ even though I may theoretically have more money to spend on it… But I don’t think I’m any less of a fan because of this.

    At the end of the day, if it weren’t for the devotion of Miss Dream and other sites (such as,, Dies Gaudii,,, LJs like smcollector, and many many other sites that have long ago disappeared due to their own real-life endeavours), my constant visions of the Sailor Senshi and their devotion to peace&love would have faded into nothing but a ghost of my youth. Thank you eternally for all your hard work! Also, thank you to all the other fans that I’ve met along the way through the beautiful story of Sailor Moon that unites us all!!

  282. *J Frost*

    Sailor Moon growing up to me. wasn’t just a character in an anime series, she was literally a living embodiment of true love and justice. I was in the 2nd grade when I first saw the episode A Destiny is Born. The show not only captivated my mind but my entire being. Her destined love between her and Tuxedo Mask aka Prince Endymion, is what drove me to seek true love like that in my own life. I wasn’t just looking for love but a destined romance that involved star-crossed lovers who were just fated to be together. The mission to find my only love even drove me and my friends back in elementary school, to dress up as the Sailor Scouts and ask some of the boys some questions, in hopes that they would answer like Mamoru-chan. I know it was a bit extreme for some little girls at our age, but the search for love will make you do some crazy things. For years as I continued to watch Sailor Moon and re-read the manga over and over, I’ve dreamt of finding my destined lover. It really wasn’t until my sophomore year in high-school that my eyes met with another young man’s eyes and we both stared at each other as if we’ve seen each other somewhere before. I know what your probably thinking, that things like this don’t happen in reality and that there’s no way you would ever find a real life romance like the ones in a movie or in anime show, but it did. We didn’t immediately show loving feelings towards each other, we were always placed in the same classes, knew the same people but never interacted until our last semester of senior year when our real feelings started to show. After graduation we went some long years without contact and it even got to the point of this young man having to re-enter my life and jog some of the memories we had in high-school that brought us close together. It wasn’t easy and but it wasn’t difficult remembering what my heart always knew and felt in the beginning. He confessed his feelings that he never got the chance to over the years we hadn’t spoken. He even told me his childhood memories of looking for his Princess Serenity in elementary school and his afflictions to red roses because he heavily believes in the spirit of Tuxedo Mask. Ever since then, we grew closer and closer to each other as we recollected our memories and made a new life to be together like we always wanted to but never got the chance. We are still together now and no romance is perfect but, truly believing in the Power of Love will get you through any hardships in life and the support of real friends. Sailor Moon has taught me to never give up on love and to always fight for what you believe in no matter what. I wish to pass down how Sailor Moon has heavily influenced me and my only love’s life to future generations to come.

  283. satoru

    Sailor Moon was one of the things that gave me hope in countless near-death experiences.
    I was very sick from a young age, and would be reading the manga in the many rooms of hospitals and doctors offices. It also helped me to believe in friendship at a time where I was unable to. It was thanks to her I was able to stand up to bullys for making fun of my leg braces and casts when even my so called friends would not stand up in my defense. Sure, I grew up on the classic and butchered DIC dub, but it was the manga that was the most influential. Sailor Moon was also my gateway into Japanese Manga and Anime. Also learning that Haruka and Michiru were lesbians at a young age most likely helped me to become more open minded when it comes to love.

  284. Cosmos

    Sailor Moon was my very first fandom. Naoko Takeuchi came out with a brilliant, captivating story with interesting characters who were both beautiful and beautifully flawed. One of my earliest memories of Sailor Moon is that I wasn’t a morning person when I was a child (I’m still not for that matter) and preferred to sleep in as late as possible before getting up and rushing to get ready for school. However, when I discovered Sailor Moon was being aired really early in the morning (5am or 6am, I believe) I would wake up early, sneak out of bed, turn the tv on with the volume on low, and and sit up close eagerly awaiting the episode. Then I went back to sleep until it was time wake up and get ready for school. :p

    The anime led me discovered the Mixx comics of Sailor Moon and later to the music, musicals, figures, posters, other merchandise, and finally the new anime. I devoured each issue as soon as it came out and read them all over again when the new issue (or the new volume later on) was released. The plots, themes, and messages in the Sailor Moon manga really grabbed a hold of me. I still reread them today and they are just as important to me now. The manga are what’s really stood the test of time for me and almost single-handedly kept my love of Sailor Moon alive. In the beginning, Usagi, or Bunny as I new her in Mixx comics, was clumsy, often oversleeping and/or running late, did poorly at school, was easily distracted by her passions, friendly, loyal, outgoing, and compassionate. Yet despite all that, or perhaps in some ways because of it Usagi became the champion of love and justice, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

    I felt a real connection to her. I shared some of her traits before she grew into being a hero, although, I was quieter, shyer. The challenges she faced forced her to peel away the surface layers and discover just who she really was underneath. She was such a human hero to me. It meant a great deal that she wasn’t perfect, that she worked hard, tried her best, made mistakes, was stubborn, and that she sometimes lost sight of the way and felt like giving up but never did. It made me feel like if she could do those things, I could do them and, more than that, it was OK to do or be them.

  285. Isabella

    First off, I would love to say how cool it is of you guys to be doing this!

    Like many others, I love sailor moon. I did not grow up with it at all. I actually only just recently “got into it”, and just in time for me to start high school. To be honest, I was kind of a pervert previously. A young one, at that. My mind was dirty, and people came to me if they wanted to here a dirty joke. When I saw sailor moon for the first time, I was watching in English, of course with the 90s dub. I actually loved it, and proceeded to spend my entire summer watching the whole series, in all of its 90s-terrible-dubbing glory, and of course watched stars subbed, as well as reading the entire manga (thanks to this wonderful site :D). When I got into high school, it was odd. I didn’t automatically respond to everything with “that’s what she said”. This was not normal for me. “What happened to you over summer?” my friends would ask. I had been changed, I think, by the overwhelming purity of sailor moon.

    And I’m grateful. I didn’t want to be the dirty chick at school, and now I am admittedly much happier. I am so glad that such a lovely anime like sailor moon came into my life at such a transitional time in my life. It’s funny, because I even have some poster that I drew of the senshi demanding me to be good, with usagi being on one shouting out “In the name of the moon, do your homework, or I will punish you!!”. Sailor moon has really helped to make me much more understanding of people who love each other despite being the same gender, or with age gaps. My opinion on love is that is the only definite driving force now, thanks to our favorite pretty guardian.

    I think this is probably starting to sound like an essay, and is probably not much fun to read, so I’ll try to wrap it up. Basically, I would really love to get those crystal related things, as I feel like I am one of the few people who appreciates the series for what it is. I am a tumblr user, and I can only say that it almost brings me to tears how much hate the show gets, and if people want to end the nostalgia, go back and rewatch the original! Don’t hate on the show for being modern!

    Also, I would love it if my little brother could get a look at the proplica moon stick because at the time of me writing this, my brother is 1 year old. I would love it if he could associate a series like sailor moon as a good one when he grows up, because it really is such and amazing show, morally speaking, for any young person to grow up with. I only wish I could have found out about it sooner!

    Thanks for reading, I know this was a tad. . . long . . . but I just really wanted to share how I feel! Anyways, thanks again to the miss dream team for even doing this, and congrats to whom ever is lucky enough to receive such awesome prizes!
    (PS sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes, I typed this rather quickly.)

  286. J

    What has kept my love of Sailor Moon alive has been fan fiction, the re-release of the Sailor Moon manga by Kodansha USA, Sailor Moon Crystal (though I’m not a fan of the art, still can’t get used the animation, and I haven’t been keeping up with the episodes), discovering this site and all the Sailor Moon musicals I’ve never seen + the drama series and artbooks too, the new merchandise, and the release of the newly dubbed, and uncut, version of the first Sailor Moon anime series. I grew up with Sailor Moon from the 90s, with the DiC dub, so until now my love for the series was kept alive by fan fiction and sheer will, but with all this new stuff I’m slowly getting back into being a full time Sailor Moon fan. So I think my interest in Sailor Moon will continue to be a part of my life for years to come now.

  287. Crista Thompson

    Thank you for giving a hard core Sailor Moon fan this opportunity to win some awesome prizes!

    I’ve been a fan of Sailor Moon since 1997! I used to tape episodes on YTV on my parents VCR! My parents were getting pretty annoyed with my use of the VCR, where they actually banned me to record my beloved Sailor Moon any longer. :(

    Fast forward, I’m a young adult and I moved out. Money was short; eating Mr. Noodle and Kraft Dinner was my diet but I still saved my money little by little so I could purchase my first beginnings of my Sailor Moon collection. I purchased on a Sailor Moon fan blog and bought a Banpresto 10th Anniversay (2000) Sailor Moon Plush for $20.00! Imagine all the Mr. Noodle I could of bought with that $20.00?!

    The very image of Sailor Moon I will always cherish. Even if someone says, Sailor Moon, in a conversation I get excited :D
    Silly I know but Sailor Moon and what her friends went through; all the challenges of their friendship really touched me because of all the challenges I was going through in my life. It truly spoke to me by how hard Serena/Sailor Moon fought for her friends and family. How she would never give up, even during the darkest moments of her life. Even when she was all alone she would be strong and face that dark moment. Believe it or not but Sailor Moon was my inspiration to never give up. The T.V. Series and Manga touched my heart.

    So for that reason, it didn’t take much for my love of Sailor Moon to be kept alive when the popularity was dimming. I continued my love for Sailor Moon and slowly built up my collection of merchandise through the years. It’s almost 2015, 18 years fan! :D I don’t care even when I’m 85 years old, I’ll always love Sailor Moon old and new.

  288. Crystal

    Before anyone says something, yes, Crystal is my name. Finding out that the new Sailor Moon was named as such, brought on so many feels I didn’t know how to react.

    Now, my love for Sailor Moon started when it was airing on YTV. I don’t know how old I was, but my mom and I saw the something for the show and decided to watch it together the next time it was on. So, we did, and it became a sort of ritual to us. We watched it together every chance we could get. (Sailor Moon is the #1 reason I have such a good relationship with my mom. In fact, when she has time, and I have access to it, I am going to watch the new Viz dub with her, so we can feel the nostalgia together.) What kept my love of the series alive, well it had to be branching into more and more anime!

    As I grew up, I slipped into watching all kids of anime from kiddish ones (Shugo Chara and Ojamajo DoReMi) to more adult, and sometimes gory-filled. (Aoi No Exorcist and InuYasha. Which was in fact one of the first 5 anime I ever saw. Even if it was dubbed and in the likes of the messed up Mew Mew Power (Tokyo Mew Mew), and he before mentioned Magical DoReMi).

    What made it stick always to me, was just… the thought that none of the other “kids shows” airing when I was a kid, really put girls on the same power level as guys. I grew up with a brother, not even a year younger than me, and I was constantly watching his shows out of childhood boredom, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Power Rangers. And even though my brother will deny it to his very core, Sailor Moon hit a cord with him too. I still remember him loving Minako or Rei, depending on which was kicking butt more that episode. (Seriously, he didn’t choose on their looks, he chose on who kicked butt, and I am proud of my brother for that :D)

    All in all, I have to say Sailor Moon charged my way into who I am today, if it was not for that silly klutzy blonde girl I had come to love, I wouldn’t RP, or write, or even draw. And I definitely wouldn’t have my sweet little kitty Artemis :P

  289. Jimmy Combs

    For as long as I can remember, I always had the same strange dream. In it, a princess is asking me to find something called the silver imperium crystal. I’d always ask her what her name is but she simply continues begging me for my cooperation. As the years have progressed, the dream has become less opaque and I can almost make out this princess a bit more clearly. She is always wearing a white dress and her hair appears to drape beside her like long blonde pigtails.
    Not long ago, I felt a strange yet comforting urge to type in the words “Miss Dream” on the internet. Immediately upon entering this site I saw that there she was! It was the princess I had seen in my dreams! She has a multitude of interesting names like Serena, Usagi and Bunny and she looked like any ordinary girl except for her unique hairstyle. Now, every morning, following the same dream with the beseeching princess, I watch Sailor Moon for more clues as to the whereabouts of the silver imperium crystal. As I’ve continued watching the episodes and reading the manga, I’ve noticed parallels in my own life. There are those new students at school. The intelligent one named Amy and that one named Lita who is always getting into fights. I’m too afraid to talk with her even though she packs the cutest lunch everyday. Then there’s that shop that opened up with the word “Tuxedo” in large florescent letters. Every time I walk past it I feel such a strange urge to enter. I often joke to myself that maybe Tuxedo Mask actually works there and he’s the one who’s been stealing from all those jewelry stores this month.
    Now, I have to tell you what happened to me yesterday because I have no where else to turn. After visiting the library and checking out books on crystals and astronomy, I noticed a black cat walking toward me. It was so cute with it’s little bald spot that resembled a crescent moon. I petted it and looked for a collar. Sadly, there wasn’t one. Suddenly, It dashed towards the railroad tracks and under the bridge. I ran after it, worried that it might get run over by a train. As I approached the bridge I heard the distinct voices of a man and a woman.
    The man’s voice asked, “Well, is it him?”
    Then the female’s voice answered, “Yes, we’ve finally found Sailor Earth.”
    As I rounded the corner and entered under the bridge, there was on one where except that black cat and a white cat that also had the same crescent shaped bald spot. The cats dashed away but I was left with such an eerie feeling. I know it sounds crazy, but where those cats actually talking. The only person I confided in was my friend Molly, but she said I sound crazy and need to stop reading so many comic books.
    This morning, after that same dream once again, my bedroom was absolutely freezing because the window was wide open. Now I know I didn’t leave it open before I want to bed. It was way too cold last night. Not only that, on my desk is a strange type of wand or pen of something that is all blue and brown with a symbol that looks like a circle with an equal-armed cross inside of it. Under it was a note that actually says, “Say, Earth Crystal Power Make-up!”
    Hey! I just looked out the window and there is this girl standing in front of my house. She has long dark-green hard and is wearing a and black sailor suit with maroon decorative bows. In her hands is a long staff that almost resembles a giant key with a garnet crystal ball on top. Oh, I wish my family was home so they could ask her what she’s doing. I guess I’ll politely ask her if she’s lost. Maybe she’s on her way to an anime convention of something.
    Well, thank you for hearing me out. I know this all sounds crazy but I swear all of this has been happening to me. If anyone has any information or clues that can help me I would surly appreciate it.
    Thanks again Miss Dream for all the help you’ve been already.

    Jimmy Combs

    • Jimmy Combs

      Why do I love Sailor Moon? Because without it I would never have discovered my destiny as Sailor Earth!

      Last time I spoke about that girl with the dark-green hair standing in front of my house. Well, when I went down stairs and looked out the front door she was standing right there but with normal clothes on. She told me that her name is Setsuna but most people call her Trista. Both are very interesting names. She told me that she was new in the neighborhood and is working as a nurse in the nearby elementary school. I told her it was nice to meet her and she went on her way. She was extremely nice but her red eyes were a little creepy. I thought to myself, “Why would anyone wear contacts like that when Halloween is over?”
      Anyway, this morning as I was packing my school supplies together I decided to pack along that wand/pen thing with me. It seemed strange but I get the most comfortable feeling every time I hold it in my hands. While I was in my Southern Literature class, the alarm went off. All of the students and I groaned that it was another drill and we had to go out into the cold. Then there were the screams!
      Everyone scattered towards the exits, but I felt drawn towards the action with this new-found courage swelling inside of me. As I crawled toward the cafeteria I saw people lying on the floor. I thought they were dead and started to panic. Then something grabbed by leg and held me in the air. It was a frightening woman with purple skin and long vines for hair. It was those very vines that were holding me up. I screamed in terror.
      The woman just kept saying, “Petasos, Petasos.”
      Then I heard a man behind me say, ‘Drain all of his energy, Petasos. We need all we can get for the Negaverse.”
      I felt all of my strength being drained away. I was sure this was the end of my life and my mission to find the silver imperium crystal was a failure.
      Just then, I heard someone yell, “Moon Tiara Action!” and I fell to the floor. Something had cut the very vines of that monster that was holding me in the air. I immediately saw that it was a golden glowing sort of boomerang. I followed it up my eyes as it rounded the room and went straight to the hand of . . .

      SAILOR MOON!!! It was really her! It was Sailor Moon from the anime and manga. The boomerang turned right back into her tiara and she placed it back on her head. With what little energy I had left I ran for my life back into my classroom and locked the door. Like a coward I hid under the desk and had a little cry. Then I remembered that wand/pen thing. Could it be possible? Is there any real chance? Most importantly, what harm could come from trying? So I did it.
      I took the pen out of my book bag, held it up to the sky and yelled, “Earth Crystal Power, MAKE-UP!” Immediately my clothing disappeared and my whole body became a prismatic lightshow of blue and brown. Music played with a soft, beautiful voice who occasionally sang, “Sailor Earth.” One by one, articles of clothing appeared on my body. First, a short white gloves. Then a brown and blue sailor-suit. Next a navy-blue sailor cap and a pair of white shiny military boots. I felt a tremendous surge of power flowing through me. I even held a pose with my fingers on at my forehead in militaristic fashion. I knew what I had to do. I ran back to the cafeteria and announced my presence.
      “I am the gentlemen called Sailor Earth,” I announced,” I stand for temperance and composure, and in the name of the Earth, I’ll punish you!”
      “Another Sailor brat,” yelled a man with long wavy brown hair, “Go get him, Petasos!” That monster came straight at me with a hand in the shape of deadly thorns but I jumped out of the way just in time. Then I felt inside my heart that I knew just what to do.
      I placed my hands towards the ground and I yelled, “Earth, Turbulent Terra Crash!” As I lifted my hands up to the air and giant meteorite came smashing down on that plant monster. The meteorite immediately disappeared after making contact and the monster actually stood up, but looking weak.
      “I’ll take over from here,” said Sailor Moon as she lifted up her moon stick and said, “Moon Healing Activation!” Yellow glistening energy went everywhere and that plant monster turned back into the college gardener.
      That man with the long wavy brown hair told us both that he’d be back again and Sailor Moon yelled, “Yeah, run away Nephrite!”
      Wow, it was the most incredible experience of my life, and if it hadn’t been for this website, Miss Dream, I would never have truly understood my destiny. Now, as I watch the new episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal, I wonder if my character will appear in the show. Only time will tell.

      Sailor Earth

  290. Kaiser Otto

    I owe the continuous burning passion I have for Sailor Moon first to the Wikipedia articles and the UraNepu fanfictions I spent so many days and even nights reading (I even got teased about getting obsessed about those fics lol).They were the only websites I can access back then. But through that my knowledge of the fandom improved. It continued on for years until, one fateful day, I finally discovered the Antics forums, where I met a lot of fellow Sailor Moonies, and also discovered the musicals, which then became my favourite “form” of the Sailor Moon franchise. Through Antics also, I then learned of Miss Dream, discovering more of the fandom, like the manga and lots more of other, even rare, stuff. All those factors, all the people involved, all of them kept my love for Sailor Moon alive. :)

  291. Akatori Toriko

    What kept my love for Sailor Moon alive is…
    definitely the anime, the 90’s anime. It’s one of the anime that had introduced me into being an anime fan.
    Then, ever since we got access to the internet, almost everyday we read articles about Sailor Moon.
    In Wikipedia and other Sailor Moon fan sites, trying to learn every detail of each of the Senshi and the other characters.

    And also, the musicals (First stage and the Fourth stage), my elder sib is the one who introduced me to the musicals.

    I think that’s all I can say.

  292. Ren

    I’ve loved Sailor Moon ever since I was a child! I adored the characters as well as the story, but I think it was my connection to the cast that really kept my love alive. I saw a lot of myself in the scouts, Sailor Jupiter especially, and as a kid you always want to emulate the strengths of the characters you look up to. Since my memories of the show are so fond, I can honestly say that although my interest in the show may have been expressed in more subtle ways as I got older, I never stopped loving the series. It still makes me happy after all these years. I’m so glad the revival has brought adult fans out of the woodwork!

  293. Adam Mohammed

    I think I what has kept sailor moon alive for me is that it was one of the first anime shows I saw which showed five girls that were empowered and strong individuals! From the get go it was such a fantastic and fun series that I would wait to see everyday i came home!

    In the UK we never got S onwards so ages ago, seeing online all these screenshots of villains or moments which I never saw until recently made the series live on as I hoped eventually I would manage to see the magic that was to come! :D

    Also I feel Sailor Moon has instilled great values in all of us. Personally, it taught me that girls and women are strong! I am the person I am today, who respects women because of this (and obviously my upbringing) but that is why sailor moon continues to live on within me. Not just for its wonderful story, but for the messages it continues to give to audiences everywhere!

  294. Nate Barocsi

    I was a late comer to the series, I discovered Sailor Moon in the early 2000’s while looking for videos at my town library. I watched both videos they had and instantly fell in love. Afterwards I scoured the internet for good websites that had full Sailor Moon episodes you could watch for free. What has kept me in love with the Sailor Moon universe even in the lul before Crystal came out was that I was never short of things to watch because as a late comer I had a lot of catching up to do. Also, I have always loved all the transformations and attacks and keep going to Youtube in my free time to watch Sailor Moon transformations and attacks compilations. Watching those kept my love of the series burning bright by reminding me that the powers were one of the many, many things I love about the series. I also love the characters, and the storyline, and everything even remotely related to Sailor Moon.

  295. lady j

    My love for Sailor Moon spans and grows with my development as a young girl of six years from this moment and beyond, as a twenty-six year old young adult. The stories, the characters, and the lessons never grow old – I revisit them with a devotion and esteem that informs my own growth as a young woman. The values of unlocking your potential, your possibility, the exploration of truth and social justice, the tension between wanting to be normal and safe versus doing what’s right by utilizing your gifts that terrify and isolate you. Those are such precious, valuable lessons I am still and will continue to explore. Each of the women I view as different archetypes, different facets of myself I know and know to strive to achieve, just like all the characters love to learn from each other. I never tire of the musicals, live actions, fanfictions, and community. It brings me delight and joy to revisit old stories and websites: my passion for this story ignited a creativity in me that was not available in school: creative writing, drawing, playwriting, poetry … all created in my love for Sailor Moon. I tear up whenever the “Moon Pride” song comes on with each new episode because I know fans all around the world are watching, burning with love for one of the most important stories of their childhood. The moonlight carries the message of love. xx

  296. Yishi

    My love of Sailor Moon has been kept alive by the community – from scanlations to fanart to cosplay, the sheer amount of love from the fans keeps the memory of Usagi alive for me. There’s something so powerful about the stories and the artwork that spans decades, something empowering that still speaks to me no matter how much I’ve grown. I watched it as a child (not much though as it wasn’t widely available at the time), I read the manga much later on (your scanlations incidentally) and have been cheering on Crystal over this last year. Viva Sailor Moon!

  297. Cassandra H

    I have loved Sailor Moon since I was five years old. I can remember watching the first episode with my mom on YTV, and absolutely loving it and loving her. I wanted to be Sailor Moon for most of my childhood, and i was so disappointed when i was fourteen and didn’t find a kitty with a crescent shaped bald spot. But I never realized while I was growing up that I already a little bit like the crime fighting heroine of my youth. I was kind, compassionate,and always made sure good prevailed, whether it was in the stories I wrote or in the inevitable squabbles that broke out at recess. I am still like that today, but not many other people seem to be. I still live Sailor Moon because she is a whole unique individual, with kindness and respect being of the utmost importance to her and her Sailor Scouts. If more people watched Sailor Moon and love it the way we do, the world would be a happier and kinder place. I love Sailor Moon for that, and will keep watching it and introducing it to as many people as I can! Spread the love and moon dust!

  298. GabEliz

    My Love for sailor Moon started a long time ago. I watched the anime every day and it gave me hope. Hope that you can find strenght and courage while Still being a young girl. I Loved how the story evolved and with every bad thing that happened a good thing came out of it. It gave me strenght while I was watching my brother go through lukemia, while I had my heart broken and when I Was in a bad place.

    There is a big community of sailor Moon fans and is great to see how we all have things in common and how we all feel that this is a Love for life…

  299. Meg

    I watched the original dub growing up. It was beautiful, so beautiful. Those transforms are etched into memory.

    When I was a teenager, the manga started being published in America. I lived in a very small town and was very introverted. My dad, who was this big gruff biker, would go out of his way whenever a new book came out to buy it for me. I always giggled at the image. Massive biker with tattoos, walking into a store by himself to walk out with the newest Sailor Moon.

    Sailor Moon gave me courage. I always had such a hard time talking to people as a child… but Bunny made friends so easily. She genuinely loved people, and wasn’t shy about showing it. It gave me strength.

    A bit of time has passed, and just this past summer, I’ve started watching the original dub with my daughter. She’s six and loves it. Small Lady is easily her favorite due to her time as Dark Lady.

    What I love most about Sailor Moon is just how much hope she gave to all of us.

  300. Michelle Espinoza

    My love of Sailor Moon has been kept alive by the fact that she gives me hope in a world that has none. I have a mental illness and despite the trials and tribulations of it, I found a small hope within Sailor Moon. I found that she has the power that I cannot ever hope to grasp, but somehow that isn’t true. My mental illness has taken me from the psych hospital to many different living residences and I’ve lost some true friends because of my illness, but what I haven’t lost is the light in me when I watch or remember Sailor Moon. I know this a long shot, but I do know that her willingness to keep going, strength going when things seem to fail all around her, keeps me motivated. I’ve relapsed into self harm a few times, but I do know that I can always get up again. That I can go through life no matter what despite the hard aches and heartbreaks, that I can trust people no matter what. That my friends do matter and despite some rough patches, that I can begin to see that light in me. That light that goes on and on. If you were asking why I loved Sailor Moon, this is it.My love has to do with the fact that she’s so driven to do the right thing, to keep going when it gets tough and the fact that she has love in her heart. I want to be that sort of person that continues to go on, but also has that love in my heart. I want to be an example to people that you can raise above your mental illness, that you are capable and worth recovery, all because Sailor Moon made me believe. ~

  301. Cristine G.

    The thing that has kept my love for Sailor Moon still alive would be the image I still hold of coming home sick and seeing the ending credits of a girl standing under the tree with her hair flowing. That was the day I came home sick and wanted to know what show this was. It was at the credits and I waited the next day to see it. From that day on, I would wake up at 6am just to watch it before school and go back to bed to be awoken again to go to actual school. The morals to this day that a person can be ordinary and can be extraordinary flaws and all… That has kept it alive for me. That even at age 30 I and everyone else who believes that they are just ordinary in this world are much much more than that. Each scout holds a trait and morals that I hold and believe in as well and I can relate to each and every character. That even if you are the girl with the pale or dark skin, the tall girl or the short girl, the weird girl or even a boy that you can relate to any of the characters in this show.
    Thanks and I hope everyone shares their special reason what keeps it alive for them.

  302. Astrid Reyes

    Thanks to sailor moon I got the chance to meet my very best friend, I love her to death.
    Some poeple consider Sailor Moon a cheesy anime, however my and my friend (and also a whole lot of other firends) actually practise the values shown in the series, which are : loyalty and a sincere friendship.
    This series just brings me so much joy.

  303. Junjun

    Oh…Sailor Moon…when i was an 11 year old boy, i kinda hated it. it was so loud, so cheesy, so different…but a few years later, i started to fall in love with the Sailor Moon universe and i became fanatic. So many times that i ran home to watch Sailor Moon, to record all the episodes (3 times!) on vhs. nobody understood me. Years later, i went to the university, i lost somehow my interest in Sailor Moon…but it always remained my guilty pleasure. Some years ago, now i’m 30 years old, i fell again in love with the series and i started to appreciate aspects i used to dislike. This series is gold, it is dear and it means a lot to me. Sailor Moon is a part of me and my life.

  304. Jeishii

    Sailor Moon has been alive and well in my heart since I was a little kid getting up at 5:30 in the morning to watch her on USA network. I have always loved the message that girls can be strong and don’t always need to be saved, and later, when I found out more about the Outers, that love can have many forms. It is beautiful and touching and inspiring.

    I’ve written fanfiction about it, drawn fanart, and have been participating in an rp/fan comic/fan story group for over a year. I watch the Crystal episodes and discuss the art and story with my friends, and cry like a damn baby when certain moments happen.

    Usagi is the dorky, sweet, loving girl who has been my inspiration for 20 years. She is who got me to fall in love with anime and manga. With strong female leads, and magical girls.

    She is always there with me, and I thank my lucky stars I ever got to know this series.

  305. Olivia

    I have loved Sailor Moon for as long as I can remember. It was one of the few things my sister and I both like growing up and it is still at the core of our bond.My sister and I not only watched and cosplayed Sailor Moon but after it went off the air we found the SOS campaigned and helped collect signatures for the cause. Both my sister and I are ecstatic about both Crystal and Viz’s redub, we wished for both a remake to the manga and a redub for so long its hard to believe everything that happened this year is real lol. Also, I just recently earned my degree in chemistry which I was a career I chose after being influenced by Sailor Moon and learning that Miss Takeuchi has a degree in chemistry!

  306. Jennifer C. Lazuli

    ✨ My love of Sailor Moon has been kept alive through its beautiful artwork and feminist messages. It has brought to light the power that all girls hold as well as the fact that it has proven that femininity doesn’t have to be sacrificed in order to be strong. Furthermore, Sailor Moon has inspired me to pursue a career in animation. I want to provide girls and boys with show that feature strong women.

  307. Margo

    I remember the first time I watched Sailor Moon, I was eight years old and in third grade. I fell in love with these powerful, feminine, heroes. I saved up my money and bought Sailor Moon’s Crystal Star broach. I had the dolls and a stuffed Sailor Moon. Time passed and I was “too old” to play with dolls, but I always had the Crystal Star Compact in a small plastic bag hidden in a drawer near by. I was made fun of in middle school for having a Sailor Moon binder, but I never cared. In high school I began watching the original Japanese amine and fell in love two times over. I began studying Japanese and listening to the music. I read the mangas. No matter how much time passes, my love for Sailor Moon will never fade. Usagi taught me that being perfect was never important and being a girl in a short skirt meant you could be a hero. And maybe that girl who gets bad grades and falls down a lot is a princess.

    • Margo

      Every so often, I open that drawer and open that bag and test the Crystal Star Broach to see if I’m actually Sailor Moon, I think the 1,234,564,789 times the charm.

  308. liz

    for multiple years, it was the fans. it’s crazy and amazing to think that a 20+ year old anime that hasn’t had new anything in years would still have so many fans that are so active in the fandom. there’s always new fanart, new fanfics, amazing cosplayers, and always wonderful people to chat with in regards to sailor moon. this common link between so many people from all over the world helped form tons of new friendships and made connections all over the world. back in ’95, i never once thought that this show i woke up mad early to see would introduce me to such great people and such great things. i learned so much, and i still do.

    then, the redone manga came out. then the new musical. new music and covers. sailor moon crystal. new merch. it’s like it’s the ’90s all over again in terms of newness. every time i think there’s enough, there’s something else that makes an appearance and makes the sailor moon empire grow even more. and thankfully because of that, there’s new fans, new fanart, new fanfiction, new cosplay, new friendships – it’s a fantastic time. the love has almost been reborn even though it never went anywhere to begin with; it’s been strengthened.

    i never once thought sailor moon would have new anything. i figured the only new stuff that would come my way would be from the fandom, never anything official. it’s the fandom that kept me pushing and kept me inspired and interested, and now here we all are with so much newness we don’t know what to do with all of it. every time i watched an old episode or re-read a scene from the manga, or one of the musicals, or pgsm, i found something different. i was inspired by something else. there was always something, no matter how tiny, new to see. and even if there wasn’t anything new i saw in the episode – i would find someone new to talk to about it that brought along a whole other insight. i’ve lost count of how many friendships i’ve formed thanks to sailor moon.

    i have loved sailor moon since i was nine, and i’m twenty-eight now. i never in a million years thought a show could change my life so much, but sailor moon has. this amazing fandom and this amazing series with everything it has to offer has kept my love for it alive. i don’t see it going away any time soon.

    • Mishihime

      “i never once thought sailor moon would have new anything.”

      For a long time, I felt like this too. This is why Crystal is like a freaking dream even if the quality is not the best. <3 I never expected half the stuff to happen this year. So exciting. :3

  309. Chandra M.

    Since the first time it aired on American TV, I was hooked. It wad my very first show that brought me into the world of Anime. The storyline was compelling and I loved every minute of it from the annoy Usagi to the evil Beryl. I schedule my life around it. I was happy when school was out because that meant I could watch Sailor Moon. Weekends were a drag because there was no sailor moon. When the series stopped airing I was sad. At the time, we didn’t have internet in the house so I could not watch it online.

    Yeats later when we finally had internet on a permanent basis, I would watch reruns on video websites where ever possible. I was even able to watch the Sailor Moon Stars, something I had no clue about. This even led me to watch PSGM: Live Action that renewed my love for Sailor Moon. I loved it so much, I even wrote a fanfiction about the lost soldier Sailor Earth. I still read it on my kindle on a nightly basis.

    When I heard they were going to make Sailor Moon Crystal, I was overjoyed. At first the drawings didn’t meet my approval and thought Sailor Moon Crystal was going to be a flop. I decided then to read the Manga, something I didn’t think was possible, but I did and I enjoyed Sailor Moon even more. Not only did I have the knowledge off the original source material, but now I knew the truth about what Sailor Moon was really like and I couldn’t be happier. I loved the first Anime. I loved the Live Action. I loved the movies. I loved everything and everyone in the series. With the new Sailor Moon Crystal coming out, I had to give it a chance. I don’t need to tell you what happened next.

    I’m not the only one who loves Sailor Moon. My sister and I love both loved Sailor Moon. We loved it so much that we refer each as the Anime characters. Jupiter being my favorite and Venus my sister’s, we’d often say to each thingsg like “Today, the day we get you (Sailor Jupiter)” or “You’re out leader (Sailor Venus)”. We’ve assume the identifies of our favorite characters that we loved so much. We see ourselves in them (and the fact they look so totally cute =P).

    One final thing I am proud to say. My sister and I are both happy that my sister’s daughter (my niece) loves Sailor Moon too! We both never could have imaged that the show we love so much and taught us so many things would also be the show that her daughter would grow up with. It is something we can share, bringing us together every other Saturday.

    Sailor Moon is a show that is truly incredible and can last forever.

  310. Priscilla

    I remember the first time I saw Sailor Moon. It was the very first episode where Usagi (Serena in the dub) transformed for the very first time. Every day after that, all I wanted was to become a Sailor Senshi, I wanted to become like Usagi. I wanted to grow into a kind, caring person who –although was scared and a crybaby- was strong to face what lay ahead. Even if it was Queen Beryl or Galaxia or her mom after she received a five out of a hundred on a test, Usagi was brave and strong. I couldn’t wait for the day when a cat would walk up to me and my sailor dream could begin. That’s what’s kept my love for Sailor Moon alive: that one day my dream would come true and I could be that strong and that brave.
    So, if you’ll excuse me, I have a cat to wait for.

  311. Chelsea F

    First off, congrats! Honestly, thank you so much. Me (and so many other fans) would have never been able to see so many new Sailor Moon releases without you guys.

    I have been mulling over the question, “what has kept your love for Sailor Moon alive?” these last few weeks. For me I personally think it is probably the hardships in my life. Ever since I was a young girl, whenever something went wrong Sailor Moon was always there to help me and most importantly remind me that everything can and will be okay. I mean, Usagi has had all her friends die multiple times and her boyfriend be the constant target every time. Yet she still fought even when she was all alone. Life is worth living. Sailor Moon fought for the people of Earth. It made me feel as if I had people who believed in me, the Senshi wanted me to pull through (oh dear, I hope I don’t sound crazy! lol). Without Sailor Moon I would have probably given up everything a long time ago. But aside from the sappy stuff, the immense fan base has also helped. So many great Moonies all over the world. It’s great to be a part of something that is able to connect so many people all over the world. Plus it’s still nice to look at the moon and think there are ruins of the Moon Kingdom somewhere up there. ❤

    Once again, thank you for everything. Happy birthday Miss Dream! The moonlight carries the message of love!

  312. Barbara

    My love for Sailor Moon when I was around seven years old. I used to watch it in the mornings before I went to school. I loved that they show gave young girls powers to fight evil and stay true to themselves. It showed that even a crybaby can have the power to overcome their fears and beat the bad guys.

  313. Mishihime

    I’ve been really excited that Sailor Moon has “come back” so to speak. I feel like a lot of people are rediscovering it lately, but I’ve always been one of those people who’s never stopped loving the series (regardless of the looks I get from other people). It’s always been a part of my life. What’s kept it alive? Mostly my art. Since I was 7 I’ve been creating artwork and fan stories. I’ve never gotten tired of writing them, long after people seemed to forget about the show. A lot of people ask me “Why do you draw so many Sailor Moon characters?” and I always have to tell them the same answer: it makes me happy. They don’t seem to really understand, because they see the show as something silly but it’s always resonated with me. I’ve seen more than the anime. I’ve read the manga, Codename wa Sailor V, PGSM, Sera Myu, the artbooks and now Crystal. In 20 more years, there is a good chance I will still be loving the series, long after Crystal is forgotten. <3 And hopefully, my art will be decent by then. :p

  314. Michelle

    I have loved Sailor Moon since I first saw it air on the USA network. A few years later I was introduced to the subbed and it was even more hooked. I joined a Sailor Moon/Seramyu cosplay group and have many great memories of dressing up as Mercury, Mars, and Moon. I met many wonderful friends through Sailor Moon and I’m still friends with them to this day. This is our connection, our common love. :)

  315. Sarah

    My love for Sailor Moon has been kept alive by my friends. I’m always surprised to find someone else who watched it and talking about it with them, as well as working on cosplay projects involving Sailor Moon, have kept my love going. Oh and old VHS copies of it! I will have those forever!

  316. Ryan

    My love for Sailor Moon has been kept alive by my older sister, who got me into Sailor Moon. We’ll sit and watch the anime together, read and discuss the manga together and just talk about Sailor Moon together. Sailor Moon was my escape in middle school and high school, whenever I had a bad day me and my sister would sit and watch Sailor Moon and escape the world for a little while. My love for Sailor Moon never really died it inspired me in my art as well as my life so I dedicate my life to Sailor Moon.

  317. Corinne

    My love of Sailor Moon has no bounds. There’s a favorite scene that I always love going back to when telling others why I adore Sailor Moon so much and I’m even more ecstatic that we now have Sailor Moon Crystal as well. “I’m sorry. I can’t kiss you. Rei, Ami, Mako, Minako…they all died before they could even kiss the boy they loved. So, I can’t find happiness just by myself. I’m sorry, Mamoru.” This scene always got me every time I watched it. The two, Usagi and Mamoru are finally reunited after so long, dealing with Queen Beryl, brainwashing, all the scouts have been killed off and even after reaching Mamoru, he in the end does not make it. So hoping she could say goodbye to her love one last time before she heads off to the final battle, she holds back because she considers her friends so much especially after they gave their lives to protect her to this point, that she doesn’t kiss him. She heads out, against all odds even if it means giving up her life, to make one final stand against Queen Beryl. She uses all her power and with the spirits of her friends by her side, she finally puts an end to the Queen and peace is restored once more. Sadly it didn’t translate as well in the old dub, but now knowing this scene will be captured with the new dub is going to bring me to tears again and I can’t wait.

    Sailor Moon always taught me about love and friendship to the point that having those in your life makes living worth while no matter what obstacles or difficulties you may face. Just to make that one last sacrifice for her friends was truly inspiration and something I’ve and will always remember her doing. She truly matures into the Moon Princess that she was meant to be. This show has not only inspired me to learn about anime more, but I made a lot of amazing friends along the way. I hope to one day show my kids this awesome show and in hopes they too find friends that will be with them forever.

  318. Timothy

    Sailor Moon has been with me through all the dark and happy times of my life that it has become an essential part of me. I play the soundtrack on the piano, enjoyed the games, and adore the artwork. The series has been a true inspiration for my artwork and musical abilities. There is so much I want to convey about my love for Sailor Moon, however I know that all fans of this legendary story share that love, and that just makes the world a little smaller.

  319. Anikiki

    I remember watching Sailor Moon for the first time when I was 11 years old. It was the first animated show that had it all: humor, romance, drama, action. I laughed, I cried, and I fell in love. Seeing Usagi as Princess Serenity was one of my favorite moments in anime history. After Sailor Moon had its revival with the re-release of the manga (which I read), the re-release of the original anime (in its original content), and the release of Sailor Moon Crystal, I felt a surge of nostalgia come back.

  320. Sammy Jo

    My love for Sailor Moon started when I was around 10 years old. Flipping thru channels to see what cartoons were on one Saturday morning. I was pretty excited to see an all girls group fighting to save Earth, definitely not something I had seen prior. Slowly getting into the show, I felt like collecting the merchandise from various places and I started to buy what I could of the North American toys. Sadly as I grew older, my parents wanted me to be more ‘mature’ and start following more traditional adult like paths so I gave up a few things from my collection and tried to move past Sailor Moon. Sadly (at least for my parents) Sailor Moon was ALWAYS there, reminding me why I loved it so much. I began sneaking the episodes when they began airing on Cartoon Network and later when I discovered eBay, I’d hide Sailor Moon merch in my closet I had purchased from there so my parents would not see. I felt super silly needing to hide my love for a cartoon (anime) like it was my own personal drug. Sailor Moon became a huge hobby of mine and I noticed I started to spend all my time online researching more about the series and finding out about the manga and all the things coming out in Japan for it. Finally getting older and moving into my own place, Sailor Moon followed right with me where I was more free to continue my obsession with the series. I think the main reason why I love it so much and that it became a part of me, is because of it’s huge impact it has on girls/women everywhere. You can be this timid person inside but still be a hero people can look up to. I’ve always been super shy and timid myself but through Sailor Moon and the rest of the Guardians, I became more aware of who I was and who I wanted to be. I will always love the series because of that.

  321. Rachel

    i fell In love with sailor moon the very first time I saw it on TV. I was 12 at the time. I would wake up early 3:30am just to watch it. Soon I had collected all of the sailor moon manga novels and bought all of the 90’s DVD series. I felt an affinity with every senshi. The love they have for their princess and eachother touched my heart. I have cried and I have cheered with them all. I now draw in the same style as Naoko Takeuchi, I have a fb page all about sailor Venus and General Kunzite. The hints at their love story has had me over excited and day dreaming. When I found out the senshi were coming back for the 20th anniversary I was overjoyed! Sailor moon has gotten me through severe depression. Code name sailor V ha increased my love for sailor Venus and kunzite even more! I’m now re collecting the novels in japanese and english and the sailor moon crystal series. I have shivers just thinking about the show. Without it I think I wouldn’t be as forgiving as I am. It’s not just a show or manga to me. I see these girls as the friends I’ve always wanted. They taught me to be strong, kind, forgiving and to never give up. I hope so much that Naoko decideds to make a manga of the senshis past lives on the moon and the love they had for the four kings. And I hope they all find eachother again. Their happiness is as important as my friends. I’ll never stop loving sailor moon. It was beyond refreshing to see a group of friends saving the world in amazing outfits and with amazing magical abilities. I’d never seen anything like it. They are my first anime experiance and hold a special place in my heart always

  322. Tarran

    My love for Sailor Moon started when I was 12 and is still going strong at 31. It has never waned and now my daughter loves Sailor Moon. She plays with my spare dolls and even has a wall scroll above her bed.

  323. Carlos

    Sailor Moon is not a tale, but a dream, and dreams cannot be finished by the time, it keeps when we wake up. Sailor Moon brings to my life hope, strength and faith to face all bad things in the way; it helps me to trust in love, in friendship and in a world where women and man are heroes without any prejudice.

  324. sandy Swann

    eatched when I was a kid on USA before school.
    read the manga in middle school.
    had the comic shop in town order bootleg fan-subs of the rest of the show when I was in high school.
    Bought merchandise on eBay in my early 20’s and am now working on my Sailor Moon tattoo sleeve.