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Another Tuesday Update is here again, Dreamers! This week’s update…well, I kinda lied when I said there’s going to be a few, when I did comparisons from the recent Bluray release of Sailor Moon Crystal. There’s a lot, I managed to sneak in! So, let’s get to them!

This week’s additions

Animedia December 2014 Issue
Animedia December 2014
Animedia January 2015 Issue
Animedia January 2015
Animedia February 2015 Issue
Animedia February 2015
Seiyu Gran Prix December 2014 Issue
Seiyu Gran Prix December 2014
Vivi January 2015 Issue
Vivi January 2015
Cosmode May 2015 Issue
Cosmode May 2015
Sailor Moon Crystal Character Song Collection
Sailor Moon Crystal Character
Song Collection

MP3 (320kpbs) | FLAC
ripped by Mizuno Caitlin of
Wild Mushroom Land

Comparison Shots from Sailor Moon Crystal, Volume 8 are up!

Comparison shots of Acts 15 & 16 are now up on Go and view what changed from the Web-aired to the home video release. To simplify where to go, here you go: Act 15, Act 16

Un Nouveau Voyage musical update!

We recently reported that ALL the villains and allies from the Infinity Arc will be casted in this latest musical! Check that out here, and bookmark the page, as we’ll make updates leading up to the premiere in September!


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