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Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage Musical Summer 2015
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Release credits

Special thanks to the following people:

* James and Katie – Translation of the musical

* @ares00 – Provided the raw recording

* MarioKnight – Trimmed video and ripped songs

* sassypants678 – Pamphlet translation

* Hexefrau – Pamphlet graphical work

Musical Summer 2015: Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage

Sailor Moon: Un Nouveau Voyage is set to be the final performances for the casted 5 Sailor Senshi, as this follows the storyline of the Infinity Arc. It is also the Nakayoshi 60th Anniversary concert.

The title of the latest in the series of Sailor Moon musicals was announced on the Official Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary page, on May 1st, 2015,

along with the dates of of performances:

September 18-27, at the Tokyo AiiA 2.5 Theater
October 2-4, at the Senkei Hall Breeze Theater in Osaka

Bookmark this page to keep up to date with all the latest news and information about Sailor Moon: Un Nouveau Voyage!

Fun facts

  • “Un Nouveau Voyage” is French for “A New Voyage.”
  • This will be the first Sailor Moon musical ever to utilize the Subtitle Glasses. They will be subtitled in English, French, and Chinese, for the international audience. (SOURCE) It was demonstrated how it was done. Naomi Toda of Public Relations and Tokyo 2.5 Dimensional Musical Association Secretariat, said it was influnced by Sailor Moon’s musicals and it’s international audience, that the glasses were introduced into the Naruto musical. (click here for video).

Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage – Final Performance Fansub

Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage Musical Summer 2015
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Pre-order Sailor Moon: Un Nouveau Voyage on DVD!

Un Nouveau Voyage Home Video Ad

Pre-order from CDJapan!
A DVD for Sailor Moon: Un Nouvau Voyage will be released for purchase on February 24th, 2016!
Thanks to Mizuno Caitlin from Wild Mushroomland, for the scan!

Sailor Moon: Un Nouveau Voyage – Live Performance Songs

Sailor Moon: Un Nouveau Voyage - Live Performance Songs
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Sailor Moon: Un Nouveau Voyage Pamphlet Translation

Sailor Moon: Un Nouveau Voyage Pamphlet Translation
read or download here

Sailor Moon: Un Nouveau Voyage Promotional Material

Un Nouveau Voyage Cards
Un Nouveau Voyage Pamphlet
Un Nouveau Voyage Flyers
Un Nouveau Voyage Visual Book
Visual Book

Sailor Moon: Un Nouveau Voyage Promotional Videos

Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage Promo (subtitled)
Sailor Moon - Un Nouveau Voyage Promo
Direct Download
Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage 30-Second Promo (subtitled)
Sailor Moon - Un Nouveau Voyage 30-Second Promo
Direct Download
Uranus & Neptune Promo (subtitled)
Uranus & Neptune Promo
Direct Download

Sailor Moon: Un Nouveau Voyage Promotional Posters

Sailor Moon: Un Nouveau Voyage Promotional Flyer

Sailor Moon: Un Nouveau Voyage Cast Messages

At the end of this new musical the 5 Sailor Guardians will graduate. Here are messages from the 5 cast members.

We’ve added news about the 2015 new musical! Please check here for details.

We also have an important announcement for everyone who has supported the “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” musicals.
At the end of the new musical the cast who have played the 5 Sailor Senshi in 2013′s “La Reconquista” and 2014′s “Petite Étrangère” will graduate.
The subtitle of the new show is “Un Nouveau Voyage.”
The phrase is French for “A New Journey.”
This show will mark “A New Journey” for these 5 girls. Here are messages from the 5 Sailor Guardians to all of you.

moonSailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino – Satomi Ookubo
To be honest, I’m really sad to be graduating from Sera Myu!!
I mean Sera Myu was a starting point for me, it’s where I met irreplaceable friends, and it’s a precious place where I’ve grown along with Usagi Tsukino.

La Reconquista was my first musical so I was really insecure, but I was really happy to be encouraged by the support of my friends and the fans who said things like “You’re perfect! I’m glad Saaton was chosen!”

That’s why I hope the fans will closely watch us Sailor Guardians protect our loved ones and precious friends until the very end.

I’m going to fight with all my strength as Usagi Tsukino and Sailor Moon.

mercurySailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno – Momoyo Koyama
Being a part of the “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” musicals was my dream.
I’ve yearned to be a part of this dream world since I was little and that still hasn’t changed.
I’m truly happy to continue in my role as Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno in my dream musical.

This time the musical’s subtitle is “Un Nouveau Voyage” which means “A New Journey,” and as the title suggests the five of us will graduate at the end of this show.
We’re going to use the power of love that you all have given us to power up, so please come to the theater to see the 5 Guardians set off on a new journey!


marsSailor Mars/Rei Hino – Kanon Nanaki
I’m truly happy from the bottom of my heart to star in the “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” musical commemorating the 60th anniversary of Nakayoshi, “Un nouveau voyage.”

I met Rei-chan Mars and the other 5 girls in the spring when I was 16 years old… Saaton Moon, Momoyo Mercury, Yuu-chan Jupiter, Shii-chan Venus. And Miiyan Mercury.

Because communication is extremely important to me I always get very nervous and insecure when I first meet someone, but for some reason I was easily able to open my heart to them. I think it was because they accepted me as I am and because I was accepted by the bonds of friendship that are so strong in Sailor Moon.
I will always treasure my precious friendship with everyone.

My sister who is 4 years older loved Sailor Moon, so when I was little we enjoyed watching the anime together. I loved Mako-chan.
So when I was called to audition for Sera Myu I thought “Yay!” and got super excited even though I hadn’t even passed yet. When I heard that I got the role, I remember I actually drew a blank. Being able to achieve my goal of being in a musical so soon after I had entered the entertainment world made me so happy I couldn’t express it.

This fall I’m now 18 years old and I will finally have to say goodbye to Rei-chan Mars after 3 musicals, but I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart to be able to do my best again this year. I’m truly happy for the musicals I’ve appeared in and to be able to work hard alongside the other Guardians in this new show. I’m so proud of this work.

The new musical is called “A New Journey.” I’m going to give my all to this show for the sake of the Sailor Moon fans all over the world and so that the 5 of us can graduate with our heads held high as we move forward.

Along with all of the others who love Sailor Moon, I will always continue to love Sailor Moon and Rei-chan Mars.

jupiterSailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino – Yuu Takahashi
Sera Myu was the place I met treasured friends and my beloved fans.
As I’ve played Mako-chan, Sailor Jupiter, I’ve truly gained many treasures and a lot of strength.
On one hand I’m happy that the 5 Guardians can graduate together, but at the same time I’m of course sad. We’re going to use our strong bonds to work extra hard at rehearsals so that we can give you an unforgettable performance!
Please come to see us.



venusSailor Venus/Minako Aino – Shiori Sakata
I’ve loved and admired Sailor Moon since I was little.
I never even dreamed that I would stand on stage as Sailor Venus in a Sailor Moon musical.

I discovered new things about myself through Sera Myu, made wonderful friendships that could never be changed, and received a great deal of love from the Sailor Moon fans.

As a Sailor Moon fan myself, every time I’m on stage I feel like I’m in a dream and my feet aren’t touching the ground.

I really wanted to continue as Minako forever, so I’m really sad about graduating, but I have my unchanging “Guardian Friends,” so I want to bring you all an amazing performance with my wonderful friends!★

I’ve always felt like being Sailor Venus was a dream, so I’m going to remind myself that it isn’t a dream, it’s reality, and I have the other Sailor Guardians with me!! I’m going to give you all a performance you can’t take your eyes off!

Please watch our culminating performance! I’m looking forward to seeing you at the theater!★

Source: Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary SeraMyu Cast Messages

Translated by Katie!

Sailor Moon: Un Nouveau Voyage Cast Listing

Confirmed cast:
Confirmed staff:
  • Creator – Naoko Takeuchi (Kodansha Press)
  • Screen play and  Production – Takuya Hiramitsu
  • Music – Sahashi Toshihiko
  • Lyrics – Lynne Hobday, Hirakou Takuya
  • Choreography – Taima Satomi
  • Artwork – Katahira Keiko
  • Acoustics – Nakajima Satoshi
  • Lighting – Kobayashi Hidenori
  • Filming – Arakawa Hiroki
  • Costumes – Okushima Hiroki
  • Hair and Makeup – Kuai Yoshitaka
  • Swordfighting Instructor – Ichinose Hidekazu
  • Vocal Coach – Izumi Tadamichi
  • Music Coach – Kouyama Rio
  • Piano Instructor – Tobe Yuria
  • Director’s Assistant – Sugisaki Yukiru
  • Director’s Aid – Ueno Naomi
  • Stage Director: Konno Kenichi
  • Promotional Artwork – Eguchi Shinjirou
  • Promotional Photography – Miyake Yuusuke

Source: Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Site

91 Responses to “Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage – Anything and Everything”

  1. Philip

    I’m really bummed about this! By the sounds of things, the girls didn’t have a choice in the matter and were kinda forced out. I truly feel that Mars/Jupiter/Venus were perfectly cast! Moon was really good too, she just needed to work on vocals.

    Apparently the actress for Tuxedo Mask is sticking around, so that means the musicals will be continuing at least.

    I really enjoyed the messages, and thought it was so sweet that Kanon mentioned the first Mercury. Dang, this sucks, I’m really gonna miss this group of inners!!!

    • Muraki Ujou

      I do agree about the Mars/Jupiter/Venus, a perfect cast. For SatomiMoon, I think her singing had definitely got better in Petite Etrangere, I was caught surprise at how she sounded so pretty when she was caught by Prince Demando. Satomi obviously did work herself up a notch.

      I like MiiyanMercury a lot, she has the sweetness and serious of Ami that captivates people, but MomoMercury is so cute, even though I don’t think Ami has to be that cute. Well, very bump about all of them graduating too :(. They all deserve to play all 5 Arcs.

      I like these new musicals better because they act extremely well, like truly act on stage. The old seramyu had perfect songs and dancing but lacking in the acting department, seemed like an amateur school play xo.

      Oh well, we get to see Uranus and Neptune then. Hope they too are well cast like the rest of Inner and Pluto. Pluto is divine!!!

      • Raina

        I agree with you. They nailed the fight scenes, choreography, acting and poses since day one. They practically sprung out of the manga. Satomi’s singing has improved as well. They deserve all 5 arcs. Until now I don’t understand why they have to be replaced. If growing older is the issue, why even give a damn! Their faces didn’t get old :'( Heck! Satomi Okubo just got cuter and younger looking.

  2. B

    I’m really bummed that they have to graduate so soon. I would’ve liked to see them complete the five arcs of the manga in the musical interpretation. I think all five of them, and also the previous Mercury, are pretty much perfect for the characters. I had my doubts about a live musical before, but these girls showed me how awesome it is. Now I’m starting to catch up with the older Sera Myu shows. But I’m very excited about the upcoming one!

  3. Ren

    Hey friends!

    I’ve been an obsessive admirer of the Myu since I was young, watching and rewatching horrible 3rd gen VHS rips of Anza and the gang and having no idea what was going on. The new Myu’s have been a flying leap of nostalgia for me, and I was both immensely excited to see the announcement for Un Nouveau Voyage and simultaneously upset to see them graduating the セーラー5 so soon…they really pulled it together in Petite Etranger, and I adore them… :(

    I’ve never been to Japan before, and after seeing the release dates checked airfare and holy crap y’all, it’s insanely cheap right now to go during the show dates in September (~$800). So I booked the flight! @_@ But now I realize I have no idea how to go about securing tickets for a show, especially from the USA. Can anyone with experience give me some tips? Going to Japan for my birthday is fun, but it would be legendary if I could see a Myu while I was there!!


  4. Maria Fernanda

    They have gathered the perfect cast and I’m so sad the girls won’t go through the 5 arcs.
    Mars is absolutely perfect! She is powerful on the stage, she is gorgeous and she is one of the best singers. Rei is my favorite character of all times, so watching Kanon playing her so beautifully was a treat! Shiori and her Venus are lovely as well. Ah, I’m truly disappointed they won’t get to play the next musicals. :(
    It was the first time I really enjoyed Sera Myu, because the previous shows seemed pretty amateur to me (those lame wigs and poor acting kinda turned me down). I hope they keep the high standard they set with the last three musicals at least.

    • Lina

      oh my *_* were you able to find a ticket to watch?

      The tickets for this year’s show is on sale until 11th Oct if you’re interested to come again xD

    • MarioKnight

      As of this typing, there has not been a live-stream announcement as there has for the past two years. We’d like to do what we did for the past two years, but until there is such an announcement, we can not plan any sort of release schedule.

      • Raina

        Is there a subbed video clip of Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen after their La Reconquista play? The one that looks like they’re in an office. Also the dress rehearsal interview of the cast in AiiA Theatre for Un Nouveau Voyage? Usagi was saying something about Haruka, she looks cute. :)


      • Raina

        Please translate the MaidigiTV press conferences for La Reconquista, Petite Estrangere and Un Nouveau Voyage. ^_^

  5. Ida

    They just announced that the live-streaming of the final performance (Oct 4, presumably) will happen on Nico, but have not specified the details, such as when exactly it would be made available.

  6. Betti

    Hi guys! I don’t know if it’s allowed to write it here, but my friend is selling 3 tickets for the 12:00 show on 4th October, in Osaka. Write me a message if interested! Or any idea where should I try to advertise them?

    • MarioKnight

      It was announced yesterday that online streaming of the performance will begin on October 4th. The goal is to have a translation available within about a week afterwards.

  7. Meg

    I can’t wait to see it and hear the soundtrack. Did you hear anything about original soundtracks for these latest musicals yet? Thanks.

    • MarioKnight

      Sadly there hasn’t been news of an official soundtrack for any of the most recent musicals yet. In regards to one being made for here for Un Nouveau Voyage as I’ve done for the past two years, that will be happening. I’ve been really busy and just haven’t been able to knock it out as fast as previously. I’d like to say within the next couple of days or so, keep an eye on this page and/or social media to see when this has been completed.

  8. Chocochan

    I can’t wait for the last stage for the five guardian be uploaded. Been watching for a few scene and music on tumblr. Thank u for miss dream staff that did a good job on translating. Keep it up :) me and my sister can’t wait for the next myu to be uploaded ?

      • ShuuSayaka

        Thannnk u..i miss the live sorry but you guys the best ever. I woke up and the link here!!! Thank you..thank you…thank you…thank you!!!!

          • MarioKnight

            I have this addressed on the top of the FAQ. Basically, simultaneous direct download cap has likely been reached. Either check periodically later to try to get a slot, or use the torrent which I always recommend. I was told someone downloaded the whole performance in less than a minute using the torrent!

          • ShuuSayaka

            Eh really? I try use torret but it won’t load on phone. Ill try again. Thnx :D

  9. Yuhka

    Hey there!
    I have a Problem with the download too. I followed the FAQ but it still does not work. I tried to downlaod it with two different Computers but it still does not work… and I tried it often also waiting some hours . When I click on it, nothing happens. Could it may be, that the LINK is broken?
    ~ Yuhka

    • MarioKnight

      It is not, I tested the link before the go-live and it was fine. Basically, web server protocols were never designed to transfer high-data files (1.47GB might not be high-data today, but the modules for web servers have remained largely unchanged for many years). Thus, it’s already a bit of a risk that something can go wrong. While that risk is low in itself, now there a lot of people trying to make that connection, and for the sake of not breaking a network (yes this has happened), I need to put limits on how many people can connect at a given time. With such a big release, the limit is reached in less than an hour, and remains that way for about a week or so if I recall correctly. It sucks, but there’s really nothing else I can really do. Web servers are not made for this, and I can’t afford to buy a big enough network pipe for the server to turn off the limits. I will always recommend using the torrents as those were made for downloads in mind, and after the first hour, they’re so well seeded that the download goes exceptionally faster.

    • ShuuSayaka

      Have u tried torrent? I got the same problem first, try 6 times direct download and the 7th times the downloader stop at 50% and error..try torrent 3 times and the 4th times its worked. It is possible that the website was down for direct download, make sure that nyaa torrent didn’t blocked at ur country (in my case nyaa torrent was blocked and i have to use fake router). It’s worth to try again and again, and when i typing this reply the torrent work perfectly fine?..miss dream did a good job in translating :)

  10. Lisa

    I’m torrenting the show right now. Thank you so much, Miss Dream! Thanks to you, I was able to watch Sera Myu and Pretty Guardian, and they’ve honestly become one of my favorite things ever. I’ll definitely try and make a donnation, because you deserve it. You’re a beacon for all SM fans. You’re awesome <3

  11. Crystal

    I’ve noticed something odd with the soundtrack you guys made. The track titled “Infinite Labyrinth” actually plays the song “A beam of light”. it seems like the song “A Chain of Thought” has been split into two different tracks on the download as “A Beam of light” and “A Chain of Thought”. I’m a bit confused. Can you clarify this please? Thanks so much for your continuous hard work! I really appreciate it!

  12. Erick

    Greatings, thank you so much for your work, and thanks for sharing it to all the SeraMyu fans all over the world..
    I have a question, is there any way to watch the Graduate ceremony? Its a very emotive moments and i dont want to miss it =(

  13. Marcus D.

    I was able to download the full performance. However it was the version without subs. How do I download the subtitles version. Over all very happy to see this performance. thanks for making it possible.

  14. Bethany

    Thank you so so so much!! This was an amazing addition to the world of Sailor My! Is there anyway you all are going to sub the graduation ceremony as well??

  15. ChibiKym

    Thank you so much for subbing the musical, you guys rock! Ah, although it’s sad to see this cast go, this was a great story to go out with.

    Do you guys happen to have the lyrics available too so I can sing along haha?

  16. BollyK

    What an amazing musical!! Thank you for subbing it – just a little error after Hotaru and Chibusa are playing piano , the subs say Haruka instead of Hotaru. Thanks so much for making this available for all the sailor moon fans in the world! Xoxoxo

  17. heyheyhey

    Awwwww man, I bawled like a child at the end. I’m going to miss them so much. They were all amazing, superb! It’s evident that everyone worked hard in it, Satomi truly was fantastic. I have nothing but praise for this musical. At some point during the final battle, she looked as confident and royal as Tuxedo Mask (and s/he makes me swoon every time). The actress they picked for Hotaru was also strikingly good, in my opinion. The change from Hotaru to Mistress 9 to Sailor Saturn was convincing. The duo between her and Chibi-Usa was easily one of the highlights, it was SO emotional. The actresses they picked for Haruka and Michiru? APPROVE. I only wish they’d had more screen time, and the same goes for Pluto.

    I’m so sad that we won’t be seeing an arc for, at least, Sailor Galaxia :'( They can skip Elios, just gimme a desperate battle where Usagi stands alone and shines her brightest, and I will be set for life.

  18. Jack

    Reading the comments above, I see talk about using a torrent and reading the FAQ. There isn’t a recommended torrent on the FAQ so is there one that you would recommend using?

  19. Nai Calus

    Thanks for uploading this!

    Man, they really hit it here. La Reconquista didn’t quite get me, and Petit Etrangere was better but not quite there for me, but this one just hit it perfectly! I think I’d put it as… Mmm, like it felt like SeraMyu, instead of just a musical about Sailor Moon, if that makes any sense at all. The music and the staging and choreography and structure all just felt *right* this time. Reconquista I liked actually less than Gaiden(I know, I know, but the tacky 90s camp makes it so fun), Etrangere I didn’t like as much as Black Lady, but this one I like more than Mistress Labyrinth. XD (Not going to compare ED/SRD/KOK for Dark Kingdom arc, or S/LD for S since those go very different places.)

    It’s a shame they’re getting rid of the cast right when Satomi especially has hit her stride.

    Hopefully they continue these. Each successive one has been better than the last.

    Heh, I just wish they would have used La Soldier as the last service number instead of Moonlight Densetsu. ;P Then again I probably would have actually lost it if they had lol.

    Anyway, thanks again!

  20. Mishi

    Any chance of getting the full song + translation for “Eye of the Storm” (Uranus & Neptune’s song) in the Lyrics section?

        • MarioKnight

          As from our FAQ:

          I’m having trouble playing [file]. How can I view it?
          If you are downloading any of our video releases, I recommend you use either VLC Player with the Combined Community Codec Pack installed, or Media Player Classic. I am a Windows user, so I’m not much help when it comes to troubleshooting playback issues on Macs – sorry!

    • MarioKnight

      As from our FAQ:

      I’m having trouble playing [file]. How can I view it?
      If you are downloading any of our video releases, I recommend you use either VLC Player with the Combined Community Codec Pack installed, or Media Player Classic. I am a Windows user, so I’m not much help when it comes to troubleshooting playback issues on Macs – sorry!

  21. Cindy

    The DVD is out today, so is the engsub for the 5 inner senshi graduation will be out in a week?

  22. Lizandra

    Awesome work on everything!
    Im wondering when the graduation ceremony is released so we can download it? :)
    Been waiting since the musical came out and dont wana wait much longer xD

  23. SisterWicked

    Thank you for all the hard work. I’m wondering if you’ll be releasing the other 19 or so musicals as well? I’ve enjoyed the ones here, especially Voyage, but would like to see the rest, particularly the Dracul arc.

  24. stray

    its a shame all 5 of them are graduating!! i really felt like they fit in the characters very well. especially usagis actress. she was so fun to watch.
    i didnt seem to like this musical as much as the previous two though? but i guess its mostly because i am biased when it comes to the outers and we have barely seen them. it was weird not seeing their side of things. and i really wanted a longer reunion between pluto and chibiusa. and some more hotaru chibiusa bonding? but at least she got plenty of great scenes. but yeah idk without seeing so little from the outers pow the build up seemed a bit weaker for the final battle(s). mamoru barely got any scenes too. and the second part was basically just about the fights? maybe the dvd version will change my mind a bit.
    other than this i was really happy with seeing the rest of the cast return esp pluto and the chibis. mamorus actress was fab as always. and the newly cast michiru and haruka are perfection,

  25. Jenny

    I was just wondering now that DVD has been released if you plan on translating the Gradation Ceremony? There are unsubbed videos on Youtube already so I was just wondering. ><

    • Elise

      I have the same question!
      So in love with the cast! Perfect senshi and tuxedo kamen!
      I’m soooo interested in the interviews with the inner and also the outer senshi. It would be great to have fansubs so that I can understand. Thank you very very much for the great work, Miss Dream Team!!

  26. ravenndei

    I’m a new Moonie (actually a resurrected one: I remember watching the anime when I was a kid, and only just recently had enough time to consume anything and everything Sailor Moon) and I initially had doubts as to whether a stage musical could actually convey the awesomeness of the anime/manga–I mean, how do you do those superpower attacks on live stage???? But UNV was the first ever Seramyu I ever watched, and I was very, very impressed! I can’t fathom how the people behind the musicals were able to transport the magic of SM from the manga -> anime -> then to a live musical stage! I was… mindblown. The cast was amazing, they’re all fit for their roles… gaaah. On this note, I’d like to give a huge, huge THANK YOU to Miss Dream and to everyone who took the time and effort to sub this and the other musicals! You guys are amazing, and are a huge help to all Moonies who can’t understand a lick of Japanese or can’t afford to go to Japan. D: Again, thank you!!!!!

  27. Andrew

    Thank you for the upload! I finally finished watching. Will you eventually upload the graduation ceremony?? I would love to see it and I can’t find it anywhere!

    Thanks for the great work Miss Dream team <3

  28. JAson

    Can anyone point me in the direction of the Graduation Ceremony if it is somewhere else? Did anyone else sub it, maybe? I really really want to see it!


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