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Hello everyone! Yes, this is Dan updating today, and no, it is not a Tuesday evening. As we work diligently translating Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage and its supplemental material, I’ll be posting materials as things happen. The main musical is still in progress, however I still have a treat in the form of the Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage songs as performed in the musical!

Sailor Moon: Un Nouveau Voyage - Live Performance Songs
Removed, see here for details

I apologize that this is much later as compared to the last couple of years, however this week has been so much busier this year compared to the others. In any case, you can now enjoy all of the Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage songs anywhere! There are a few special things I wanted to note in hopes of heading off questions that I anticipate coming my way:

* The Nico stream this year was really not as good as previous. This collection is at 96kbps as opposed to 128 previously due to this.

* The pamphlet listed “Piano Arrangement: Light of Destruction”, with three separate movements, two in the first act, the third in the second. The two in the first were either a perfect segue or the printing lied. In either case, track 15 is labelled as if they were combined. Amusingly, the supposed third movement in act two probably could have easily been separated of different movements. However, track 21 reflects the title of the third movement. I hope a future script release or official CD can potentially clear up this confusion.

* Every song after track 22 is an encore performance, and therefore unlisted in the aforementioned pamphlet.

* Another Nico-related issue involved them transitioning to the splash image after the initial curtain drop. The audio remained, where the start of “Starshine of Love” began, then was cut out. Suddenly they realized their mistake, and switched both back to the stage. This was not fixed in the timeshift video. Therefore, the few second intro of the song isn’t there, so I provided a fade-in after this intro to try to make it sound natural.

Regardless of the above notes, I know that y’all will really enjoy the Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage songs. We will continue to work hard on the musical and other material, however I can’t offer anyone a solid ETA due to how this week has been thus far. Please donate to help keep this and all of our projects going, and a big thank you to those who have. I hope you enjoy all of the Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage songs, and we will see you soon!

12 Responses to “Sailor Moon Un Nouveau Voyage Songs Online”

  1. Kate

    Has there been any reason given as to why they aren’t releasing official soundtracks for these new myu? While I certainly appreciate Miss Dream’s work on releasing MP3s of the songs, I just don’t get why they are foregoing a traditional CD release (or even an official digital release). I have all of the original myu soundtracks, and I would have loved to add the new myu soundtracks to my collection.

    I’ll likely buy the DVDs at some point. But it’s just not the same as an official cast recording.

    • Robin

      I wonder if there are just too many songs that are interspersed with dialogue to record properly. The one from La Reconquista where the Shitennou are trying to pick up the Inners comes to mind.

      • Kate

        They did this in the classic myu songs too. Sometimes the song would include the dialogue, sometimes it would just go to music for a moment. This is a very common practice with stage musicals and their soundtrack recordings. I highly doubt that is the reason for the lack of an official soundtrack release, when musicals have been dealing with this for as long as cast recordings have existed. The only think I can think is that the company simply doesn’t think they will sell. If they thought the discs would sell, they’d release them.

  2. Sataan

    Thx for the Songs. I have seen, that you have pu 2 Songs in 1. It´s not bad, but, I miss the Song Mugen labyrinth?? Do you have forgotten to put it in the download link?


    • MarioKnight

      The “two songs in one” compared to the pamphlet is addressed both above directly under the download links and in the notes file in the download.

  3. Sataan

    Ok, I have found it. XD
    In the pamphlet it is the next song after “Kibou wo sutezu ni”. But inn your list it is the song after A chain of thought. ?_?


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