Nakayoshi 1989 Issues Keep On Coming!

Hello again, Dreamers!

This week’s update continues our past Nakayoshi magazines from 1989, as well as a reminder of the release of the Sailor Moon musical fansub!

This week’s Nakayoshi issue uploads

Nakayoshi April 1989
Nakayoshi April 1989
Nakayoshi May 1989
Nakayoshi May 1989

Le Mouvement Final Fansub is Online!

Last Saturday, we released the fansub of the final musical, Le Mouvement Final! So, in case you missed out on the news, here it is!

A big thank you to James and Katie who translated this musical. And also a very big thank you to evilneptune who was able to provide us with the recording! =)

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Please enjoy our English release of Sailor Moon – Le Mouvement Final!

Sailor Moon: Le Mouvement Final, Autumn 2017

magnet torrent download (preferred) | standard torrent download | direct download

NOTE: We must recommend you use the torrent, to keep our servers from overflowing and keep costs down. Seeding helps others get theirs faster, too. We appreciate it! :D

We also posted this in our Le Mouvement Final page, so you know where to find it, just in case. ;)


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