Another Sailor Moon Musical FanKan Event!

Hello Dreamers!

Welcome back to another week of something musical related! This week we bring you Kakyuu Ouhi Kourin Fan Appreciation Event! Back in the days of earlier musicals, Fan Appreciation Events (also known as FanKan) were held before a musical to give a chance to show songs, ask staff questions, sometimes hold contests, and occasionally show a few readings from the scripts. Then you were able to take photos of the cast yourself at the end at some of them.

Note: These musicals are all encoded, but are NOT subtitled. If you are interested in getting them subtitled quicker, please make sure to check out our Fandom Services option.

Also huge thank you to Brady for donating the VHSs for us to share this content!

We also have a brand new page for the RAW Sailor Moon videos if you would like to see all the content in one place!

This week’s Downloads

Kakyuu Ouhi Kourin
Fan Appreciation Event
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I’m also back with another fun musical fact! In the 1994 S musical, Sailor Pluto appears, but it’s actually the Jupiter performer, Kanoko, playing the part. In FULL Jupiter gear! If you look closely you can clearly tell it’s not anyone dressed as Pluto. Also, did you know that one time Ooyama Anza once forgot the dance to La Soldier of all things?


With just 3 more days to the new musical, we’re getting a look at the goods released! More badges are back once again. Will you be fighting to collect this set like the previous 3?

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