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Sailor V Spanish Tankoubon

Hello Dreamers! This week we bring you the Sailor V Spanish Tankoubon volumes! And don’t forget, Miss Dream is still looking for any scans from the Nogizaka musicals! If you have scans of the pamphlet, postcards, or photos, we would LOVE to host them for everyone to enjoy! Please contact us if you’re willing to… Read more »

Le Mouvement Final Live Songs Up for Download!

Just a quick post to give you guys a real treat. Even though Le Mouvement Final, and Sera Myu itself, are done, you can relive it. We got the official ripped songs from the musical, thanks to Sailor Busters, and track listing translation by Katie, from It contains 28 songs! TRACK LISTING: Maiden’s Road… Read more »

Dolce & Duckbill Doujins! Also, some Sera Myu lyrics!

How’s things, Dreamers? This week’s update has more doujins from wolf1806, including the rest of the Dolce works, and a couple from Duckbill. Also, our muscial lyric contributionist, Sasha, brought us some lyric updates to some Sera Myu songs. This week’s doujin uploads Cure Black Butterfly Refresh Sailor Moon Arara Sera Myu Lyrics We added… Read more »