Sailor Moon Amour Eternal Pamphlet Translation

Please enjoy our English translation of the Sailor Moon Amour Eternal pamphlet! Thank you to Mizuno Caitlin of Wild Mushroomland for scanning and providing the raw pamphlet to us. The translation was done as a joint effort by sassypants678, Katie, and Izam, with the page layout handled by MarioKnight.

Welcome to the musical “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” -Amour Eternal-!
I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart that you’ve come to the theater.
These plays were revived for the first time in 8 years in September 2013 as part of the 20th Anniversary Project. Thanks to a man who knew Sera Myu well, scriptwriter and director Mr. Hiramitsu, the great support of the production team, staff, and all of the cast who put their souls into their roles, the musical has continued in high quality into 2014 and 2015.
With dazzling dancing, catchy songs, moments of great laughter, moments of beauty that
take your beath away...
Fans who have become sucked into the world of this play, giving their time and their hearts...
I, Takeuchi, can only express my deep gratitude to everyone involved in the plays.
No shoujo manga author in the world is as happy as me...
I’m the only one in the world who surrounds herself 365 days a year with only one story
and can’t move past it (can’t grow up)... no, no.
There are lots of other girls who never grow up, sticking by the same story forever.
(Japanese comics, anime, games, and idols are really wonderful!)
Even among all of that, Sailor Moon has a special magic like a wonder drug...

When I was writing the comics, I was dashing my way through the first, second, and third arcs, so I didn’t begin to notice the story’s charming effect until the fall of 1994, when the idea for the mysterious 4th arc came...

In September 2015, the 5 Sailor Guardians I loved graduated from the play...
It was a very sad and lonely winter...
But the new cast to play the 5 Guardians in the 4th arc are arriving in October 2016!
I’m really excited to see the new, beautiful, energetic 10 Guardians come together on stage!

Stage plays are living things.
Stagy plays are a battle between people. A battle between people and the atmosphere of an extraordinary world...
Sera Myu certainly has a strong magic, and I think they give you the energy to go on even moreso than the comics or anime.

Please believe in the magic of the moon and enjoy the new world of SeraMyu!

Author: Naoko Takeuchi

Greetings from the creators

It’s been 4 years since the new Sailor Moon musicals began in 2013. In that time I have always been the scriptwriter and director, but I realized something new last year. I realized that all of the actors and the staff including myself, for some reason become “good people.” You might be thinking “what do you mean?” but basically no matter who comes in contact with this musical, during their time here they find somethign pure within themselves and evolve. You might think that sounds stupid, but it’s really true. Even for a 60 year old man stuck in his ways like me, my time with Sailor Moon has made me a sparkling person. That’s the power of our hero, “Sailor Moon.” Even in the story, a normally stubborn, dumb, crybaby who seems totally unreliable in reality has the strength to take on anything, won’t lose to anyone, and it can’t be said briefly, but the strength of her purity has a very strong effect on everyone involved in the musical, perhaps even on the audience.

The immense presence that is Sailor Moon and her four fellow guardians are being played by 5 new actresses this year. I’m sure once again Sailor Moon will bathe us all in her power and make the whole theater shine. Please look forward to it!

Scriptwriter / Director – Takuya Hiramitsu


Member of the theater agency “En.” Scriptwriter, director.
Member of the comedic group “Kaibutsu Land” formed in 1983. Writer and director for all works.
He has worked on the “Sailor Moon” musical series since 2013, and also wrote and directed the first generation of Sailor Moon musicals from 1994 ~1998. In addition, he has directed many other musicals. As an anime sound director, he has also worked on countless popular works such as “Prince of Tennis” and “Hetalia.”
[Definitive Directoral Works] Musical “Hunter x Hunter,” Rock musical “BLEACH,” Morning Musume’s “Edokko. Chuushingura,” Theater Troupe En’s “Foust,” “Richard the III,” “Macbeth,” and “Othello.”
[Definitive Writing Works] Novel for “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -La Reconquista-” “30 Things You Must Do to Become a Famous Voice Actor.”


This will be my fourth time composing the music for the “Sailor Moon” musicals, but each time I’m truly shocked by how wonderful the story is. In a world of limitless scale, we see delicate emotions change and of course it’s still a “cute” play.

For more than 10 years I’ve worked on 2.5 dimensional musicals, but I think “Sailor Moon” is the story most suited to being a musical. With all the roles played by women, there are no interruptions in the story by men, everything is done smartly, and every scene makes for a beautiful and magical play. This wonderful originality also comes with the challenge of expressing everything in only a woman’s register, but that challenge is the real pleasure of working on the “Sailor Moon” musicals.

The new 5 Guardians are making their first appearance in this fresh new play. Please enjoy this “cute” Japanese-made original musical all the way to the end.

Music – Toshihiko Sahashi


Graduated from Tokyo Arts College as a composer in 1986.
In 1988, he won best artist in CBS Sony’s “New Artist Audition 1988” and additional won the Christine Liard award. He was in charge of the music for Tokyo Disney Land’s 5th Anniversary show “Castle Show, Starlight Fantasy.” He wrote the opening song for NHK Kouhaku Utagassen from 91~94, and in 1999 wrote NHK’s “Minna no Taisou.”
Currently, he works on various film, TV drama, and anime scores in genres from classic to rock.
[Definitive Musical Works] Toho Musical “Kaze to Tomo ni Sarinu,” NHK serial drama “Chiritotechin,” Mobile Suit Gundam SEED,” “Kamen Rider Den-O,” and “Saint Seiya Omega.”



Usagi and friends are now high school students and trying to live a new life in pursuit of their dreams. However, on the day of the solar eclipse, the “Dead Moon Circus Troupe” appears in search of Pegasus, who hides in the dreams of humans, and the hand of evil stretches towards the girls. On top of everything, Mamoru has fallen victim to the curse of the black rose...
Priest Helios, of Earth’s holy protective land “Illusion,” warns Usagi and her friends of a danger to life on Earth and tells them to search for the key to saving everything, the “Golden Crystal.”

To protect their beloved planet... the Sailor Guardians combine their powers once again!!

Musical Numbers

Act 1

  • Speed of Light
  • A Maiden's Dream
  • Viva, Viva Dead Moon Circus
  • Flower Garden of the Mind
  • Five Women of the White Moon
  • When Destiny Calls
  • Double Encouragement
  • Time of Awakening
  • Inner Venus
  • Concentrate - The Place Where Dreams Gather
  • Act 2

  • Loving Satellite
  • Thoughts to Helios
  • Music of the Spheres
  • Nehelenia's Curse
  • Changing Fate
  • Amour Eternal -Speed of Light-
  • Love's Starshine
  • Characters

    Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino: Hotaru Nomoto
    The mysterious guardian of love and justice who protects the moon. But normally she’s a clumsy girl. She is the reincarnation of the princess of the moon. She has the power to heal evil, and that power grows stronger as she grows as a person.

    Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba: Yuga Yamato
    Usagi’s kind lover who always protects her. When the Sailor Guardians are in a pinch, he always comes to help them.

    Sailor Chibi Moon/Chibiusa: Airi Kanda
    Usagi and Mamoru’s daughter from the future. She’s training in the present as Sailor Chibi Moon.

    Helios: Hikaru Hiarayama
    Priest of the Holy Land “Illusion,” and secret protector of Endymion (Mamoru). Changes into a Pegasus because of Nehelenia’s curse.

    Sailor Guardians: Four Guardians who Protect the Moon Princess (Sailor Moon)

    Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno: Yume Takeuchi
    Guardian of the planet of water and wisdom, Mercury. She’s a genius with an IQ of 300.

    Sailor Mars/Rei Hino: Karen Kobayashi
    Guardian of the planet of fire and passion, Mars. She’s a cool beauty who is mature and specializes in seeing the future.

    Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino: Kaede
    Guardian of the planet of thunder, Jupiter. She’s powerful and strong in a fight, but she actually is also good at cooking and sewing and has a girlish side too.

    Sailor Venus/Minako Aino: Rimo Hasegawa
    Guardian of the planet of love and beauty, Venus. She’s the leader of the guardians. She’s very assertive in love, a true “guardian of love.”

    Guardians of the Outer Solar Sytem: The Isolated Guardians who Watch Over Space, Other Dimensions, and Time

    Sailor Uranus/Haruka Tenou: Shuu Shiotsuki
    Guarded by the planet Uranus, she is the guardian of flight. She is both a man and a woman. She’s also a talented car racer.

    Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kaiou: Sayaka Fujioka
    Guarded by the planet Neptune, she is the guardian of embrace. She’s also a world famous violinist.

    Sailor Pluto/Meiou Setsuna: Mikako Ishii
    Guarded by the planet Pluto, she is the guardian of change. She is a calm and kind-hearted mysterious woman.

    Sailor Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe: Karin Takahashi
    Guarded by the planet Saturn, she is the guardian of destruction and birth. She is a quiet and mysterious girl.

    Dead Moon: Formed around Queen Nehelenia, they move against the Earth

    Nehelenia: Sayu Otsuki
    Queen of the New Moon an founder of the Dead Moon. By getting her hands on Mamoru and the “Phantom Silver Crystal,” she plans to rule the earth, the moon, and the universe.

    Zirconia: Kanami Sakai
    Old woman who manages the Dead Moon. Carries a walking stick that serves as the perch for “Zircon,” a flying eyeball.

    Tiger’s Eye: Chihiro Ando
    Member of the Amazon Trio. Born a Tiger, he was given human form by Zirconia.

    Hawk’s Eye: Riona Tatemichi
    Member of the Amazon Trio. Born a Hawk, he was given human form by Zirconia.

    Fish's Eye: Yumi
    Member of the Amazon Trio. Born a Fish, he was given human form by Zirconia.

    Dead Moon Circus: Yuka Kobayashi, Risa Kawamura, Yoshimi Hidano, Chihiro Doi, Ayano Nagasawa, Ayumi Sagisaka


    Sailor Moon / Tsukino Usagi
    Hotaru Nomono

    What is your "dream" you'll never forget?
    When I was in elementary school, I was taking dance lessons and I adored my teacher at the time, and I decided that I wanted to be like her when I grew up, so my dream became to grow up to be a dance teacher!! That's what I always said I would do. I still want to be a teacher, but now I also want to give a really strong performance, so in a way my dream is already coming true.

    Please tell us what is your character's favorite catch phrase and why.
    It's whenever she says "He's my Mamo-chan!", I think.
    But I wonder if I'd ever say that to my favorite person that way?!
    Actually, I wouldn't. But when I'm wearing my costume, I can feel Usagi's love for Mamoru and it's wonderful.

    Please give a message to the audience!
    Thank you for coming out to see us perform.
    I'm really giving it my all! And every day I'm working hard and having a lot of fun.
    I'm one of the new five sailor guardians, and we're doing it all. Thanks for believing in us! And thank you for keeping the world of Sailor Moon alive. Even when it gets tough, just work hard and hold tight to your beautiful dreams!


    Born February 20th, Tokyo.
    Part of the Sunaoka agency. Her works include the Musical "Momo", "POST", Stagework "Annie", "Colorful" and many others. She's also appeared on TV Tokyo in "I Love Making Discoveries", and in the films "Wherever, wherever you walk", "Itozuki the Math Genius", and "Confessions" (Currently filming) and other works.


    Sailor Mercury / Mizuno Ami
    Yume Takeuchi

    What is your "dream" you'll never forget?
    When I was in elementary school I used to play basketball. It was always my dream to compete in the national leagues, and I used to practice hard every day and learn everything I could about the game. I couldn't have gotten so good at it without the support of my friends, I think. But now my dream is to grow and get stronger with all of my new friends, and we're performing together on Sera Myu together and it's like a dream come true!

    Please tell us what is your character's favorite catch phrase and why.
    "The Princess is... our dream!"
    She shouts this line out when she's trying to protect Sailor Moon's life, and I think it's the perfect phrase to illustrate what a strong and protective friend Ami is. The keywords in this musical are "love" and "dreams", and I think that line really demonstrates those ideas.

    Please give a message to the audience!
    Thank you for coming to see us perform.
    This is my first time in a Sera Myu musical, but the wonderful cast and the staff have made me feel really welcome, and it's been nothing but "big love" from everyone. But man, the Dead Moon circus really gives me the creeps, so watch out for them!!

    Born October 15th, Hokkaido.
    Part of the Theater Academy. She has appeared in a number of live high school performances. She appeared on Fuji TV's "Number 1 Singing Competition", where she was a semifinalist. Her stage work includes "Card Fight!! Vangard!!" and virtual stage performances. She has also appeared in a number of Pocari Sweat advertisements.


    Sailor Mars / Hino Rei
    Karen Kobayashi

    What is your "dream" you'll never forget?
    I wanted to be a prima ballerina. I started taking ballet lessons when I was three years old. I never hated taking ballet, and when I have time to do it I still love it. It was my dream until after my third year of middle school. After I entered high school, I started to think more about a career and my dream changed, so now I'm working hard to chase my dream job!

    Please tell us what is your character's favorite catch phrase and why.
    It's a scene, where she's angry and teasing Usagi.
    I love Rei's fierceness, and especially the way she is always so passionate about everything she says, and how she looks, even when she's angry. There are a lot of ways that Rei and I are similar and that's one of them. But she's harsh and I'm pretty soft. But it's a lot of fun, playing that gap!

    Please give a message to the audience!
    It's my first time performing in a musical, so I'm trying my best, but playing Rei has been a lot of fun and I hope everyone enjoys my performance. To the audience, I want to share my love of the character and I hope it shines through in my work. It's been a dream to appear in a Sera Myu musical, so thank you all for helping me get there.

    Born March 23rd, Tokyo.
    Avia agency. She debuted in 2011. She has been doing ballet since age 3. In 2014, and 2015 she was the "ENDLESS" image girl. She has appeared in commercials for "Dream Town", "Pocari Sweat", and on TV Asahi's "Kamen Rider Ghost", among others. This is her first musical performance.


    Sailor Jupiter / Kino Makoto

    What is your "dream" you'll never forget?
    My unforgottable dream is "You got on Sera Myu"!
    I've always wanted to be on stage! This is my first time but being on Sera Myu is a dream come true. Even before I auditioned, I knew I wanted to be Jupiter! So getting to play this role makes me so happy. As someone whose dreams have come true, this is Jupiter, telling you all out there to follow your dreams.

    Please tell us what is your character's favorite catch phrase and why.
    In this musical, Jupiter says a lot of really strong things, so it's hard to pick just one, but in one scene she says to Usagi: "What have you done?" with this big booming voice. It's so perfect for Makoto, it really sums up her character. She's kind but strong too, and I think she's wonderful to play.

    Please give a message to the audience!
    Thanks for coming, and for getting this pamphlet too! This is my first time in a musical, but I've made new friends with the other sailor guardians, and we're powering up in this Sera Myu musical! That said, we're really trying our best. I hope I can be the best image of Sailor Jupiter your eyes have seen, and I'm so happy to get to be Makoto too, thanks for giving me the opportunity.

    Born February 23rd, Aichi.
    From the Sense Up agency. This is her first stage work, and first musical.
    She has done some modeling work previously. Check her out in some of the issues of FRESH magazine.


    Sailor Venus / Aino Minako
    Rimo Hasegawa

    What is your "dream" you'll never forget?
    I wanted to be a casting agent!
    Ever since I was little I've had a complex about being short. And so I wanted a job where I don't have to stand a lot, and I thought, a casting agent would be a good fit since I could work from on top of a tall chair. Plus, it's a really cool job and you get to travel the world. I love studying world history, and I think as a casting agent I'd get a lot of chances to see different places.

    Please tell us what is your character's favorite catch phrase and why.
    "If you don't say what it is, your dream will never come true!" is my favorite. I think it's important that you don't just think about what your dreams are, but that you act on them too. When you say your dreams out-loud, I think that gives some power to them. I know that when I do, I feel more confident in my own dreams... so, that's why that's my favorite catch phrase of Minako's.

    Please give a message to the audience!
    Thank you to the audience for coming to watch us perform! Really, I'm so grateful you all came to see us. I've been doing my best as one of the five new sailor soldiers, and I've been learning a lot from the veterans in the cast. I'm loving being a part of this world as the role of Sailor Venus and Aino Minako. Am I portraying this character's love out to all of you in the audience? I hope so! Venus Crystal Power, Make Up!

    Born November 24th, Shizuoka.
    Part of the Sunaoka agency. In 2013 she debuted in magazine work. Since then she's appear on TV Japan's drama series line up, in shows such as "The Things Kurozaki-kun Didn't Say" (2015), and TV Asahi's "Our Sister Hirapa" (2016), and the film "The Things Kurozaki-kun Didn't Say" (2016) as well as various commercials.


    Sailor Uranus / Ten'ou Haruka
    Shiotsuki Shuu

    What is your "dream" you'll never forget?
    I had a lot of great dreams when I was a kid, like becoming an artist, a dancer, all kinds of stuff. I ended up choosing stage work, so I'll show you my killer technique!! Thanks for helping me make my dreams come true with Sera Myu.

    Please tell us what is your character's favorite catch phrase and why.
    "We aren't needed anymore. The Princess has given up on us."
    There's a lot going on when she says this line. As Uranus, she always acts like a leader. But as Haruka, she's always brimming with self confidence; although sometimes she can sulk and be kind of cruel. Despite all that, she's cute and I love her.

    Please give a message to the audience!
    This year I'm striking off on a journey into being a Papa!
    The four outer solar system guardians have started on a new mission alongside the new cast playing the five inner solar system guardians, and I hope you can all feel the bonds that have formed between us.

    Born January 10th, Fukuoka.
    Beginning in 2004, she is an 11 year veteran of the Takazuka group. She has played male roles in "Rei's News" (lead role), "Lancelot", "Oceans 11", and others. Recently she has appeared in stage performances of "Five Time Travellers" and in the girls performance of "Continuing - With the 11 of us!". In addition, she does work as a backup dancer.


    Sailor Neptune / Kaiou Michiru
    Sayaka Fujioka

    What is your "dream" you'll never forget?
    When I was little I wanted to be Sailor Mars. I thought she was so cool, and I wanted to be a fighting girl too. I loved all of the sailor guardians back when I was a kid, but especially Mars. But now, getting to play a sailor guardian as an adult, that's a dream come true too.

    Please tell us what is your character's favorite catch phrase and why.
    "We'll definitely return to you. It's a promise."
    That's my favorite catch phrase from this musical. It's a little different than the original line, though. She says it after Tuxedo Mask and the 10 sailor guardians have assembled, I think. But my favorite phrase of all time of Michiru's, has to be..."Haruka". Definitely.

    Please give a message to the audience!

    Born June 9th. Ibaraki.
    LIBERA agency. Began her career in 2006 as part of Takarazuka Revue. She was part of the Moon troupe and performed many musicals with them. In 2012 she broke out into other stage roles. She was the lead role in "Blue Kiss" and others. After graduating Takarazuka, she performed in the musicals for "Otogi Songs", "Persona 4 Altimax Ultra Super X Hold", "Hanamachi Dandelion" and on TV Asahi's "Doctor X Foreign Doctor" and others.


    Sailor Pluto / Meiou Setsuna
    Mikako Ishii

    What is your "dream" you'll never forget?
    I wanted to be a model. It's always been my dream since I was little. But it was also my dream since childhood to be a sailor guardian. I've worked hard, and now my dreams are a reality.

    Please tell us what is your character's favorite catch phrase and why.
    "I always knew we'd fight alongside each other..."
    Back in the 2014 musical Pluto said those words. And I remember when I read the script for the first time those words stuck in my memory. I think those words sum up Pluto's character in the Sera Myu musicals, it really portrays Pluto's feelings. Even though her fate is to be lonely, Pluto cares about protecting everyone and guarding time, but for the first time she's allowed to really speak what's on her mind and what's in her heart. Even though she's the loneliest guardian, she's got the same goals and desires as all of the other guardians too...

    Please give a message to the audience!
    "We'll fight with love for Earth". That's the most beloved theme in Sailor Moon to me. Every year my performance in the Sera Myu musicals gets larger, and I'm so grateful. I couldn't have gotten this far without everyone's love and kindness, I really believe that. Of course, it's thanks to the love of the fans that we're able to keep making Sera Myu musicals. So to all of you out there, I'm sending you my love. And tomorrow I'll have fun doing this again too! It makes me really happy. Thank you all so much.

    Born April 17th. Ibaraki.
    Debuted in 2008 in the magazine "non-no". That same year, she also appeared in TV Japan's "Allies of Justice" as a regular character, and in the drama series "Time Travel Girl". She has also appeared in a number of fashion magazines as a model. REcently, she has been appearing in the magazine "Oggi" as one of their regular models. Her musical performances include "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon", "Alice in Wonderland", "Sakura Taisen 2", and others.


    Sailor Saturn / Tomoe Hotaru
    Karen Takahashi

    What is your "dream" you'll never forget?
    I've always known that I wanted to pursue acting as a career. And this dream has been realized through the Sera Myu musicals. This series has allowed me to take a step closer to my dream by acting on stage, and I'm so thankful that I've had the opportunity to do this.

    Please tell us what is your character's favorite catch phrase and why.
    My favorite Sailor Saturn catch phrase has always been "There is only destruction".
    She says this after the four outer solar system guardians are assembled for the first time, and I remember reading Sailor Saturn saying that when I read the manga series a long time ago too. Out of the four outer solar system guardians, I think she's the most serious of the bunch (laughs).

    Please give a message to the audience!
    I've loved Sera Myu since I was a kid, so getting to be a part of the performance is definitely a dream come true for me. This year I'm playing the same sailor guardian, which is great because Sailor Saturn / Hotaru Tomoe is my favorite character. Of course, now all four outer solar system guardians are together, making up the complete set of all ten sailor guardians! I hope everyone all over the world there enjoys this year's Sera Myu!

    Born July 22nd, Chiba.
    She has performed the theme song for "Digital Real" as well as performed in the band PRIZZMY. Her stage work includes "Good Night Jack The Ripper" where she played Azuki-chan, and "This is really me", among others.

    Sailor Chibimoon / Chibiusa
    Kanada Airi

    What is your "dream" you'll never forget?
    Since I was really little I've always wanted to be a ballerina. I started lessons when I was 3 years old, and I've been studying it ever since then. The Sera Myu musicals are my first experience with performing in a musical, but I'm trying my best. I keep saying "Ohh, I've got to keep studying, there's still so much about this character I don't know yet!" so right now I'm living my dream. I'm so grateful, I'll never forget this, and thank you all so much!

    Please tell us what is your character's favorite catch phrase and why.
    "I won't be scared! Because I'm here with everyone!" is my favorite.
    In this year's musical, Chibiusa meets Helios for the first time, and she realizes that she has to help Sailor Moon for the first time too. Sailor Moon is fighting with all of her power, and everyone has to come together to help her, especially Chibiusa. That has been my favorite part of the musical this year.

    Please give a message to the audience!
    I got to play Chibimoon / Chibiusa last time, and I loved it so much - it's a series that people love all over the world. I hope the strong feelings between Chibiusa and Helios reach you all in the audience this year, too. I hope that the shine and sparkle of the sailor guardians reaches everyone! Just like everyone else, I'll never forget this series, and thank you all so much.

    Born October 10th, Tokyo.
    Part of the Jobikiss agency. Has been studying ballet since age 3. Lately, she has been appearing in many commercials. Her works include the drama series "Tomofuji-san 2", the commercial for "Takanashi Takano", as well as stage appearances in "Don Dracula", "Ribbon Knight", and others. In this year's musical she is reprising her role as Chibimoon / Chibiusa.

    Hirayama Hikaru

    What is your "dream" you'll never forget?
    It hasn't changed since I was little! That is, I want to be a world-travelling dancer. When I was in elementary school I went to a concert, and thought, "wow this is incredible!", and my eyes were opened to what I wanted and I felt so happy. As I've gotten older I still love dancing, nothing has changed. So now, I'm here, aiming for my dreams with all of you.

    Please tell us what is your character's favorite catch phrase and why.
    "It's going to be okay..."
    He says that line when he's inside of Chibiusa's dreams. He has such a peaceful demeanor, and he's always so gentle and kind to Chibiusa - really the perfect gentleman I think. He's very sincere and self-sacrificing, and I just think - I'd love to see a more grown up version of him, I'd be entranced!

    Please give a message to the audience!
    All of us characters are filling the air. Many of our characters have two sides to their personalities, and especially Helios, but that's what makes them so interesting. I hope our performance reaches all of you in the audience, especially Helios's!

    Born March 1st, Tokyo.
    Began dance at the age of 3. She specializes in street style and melodic dance. In 2013 she appeared as a dancer in "a-nation" and in 2015 in "Live Special NARUTO". In addition to street dancing, she has been getting more involved in the world of contemporary dancing. She has been pursuing a career as a contemporary dancer.

    Amazon Trio

    Hawk's Eye
    Riona Tatemichi

    What is your "dream" you'll never forget?
    When I was little, my dream was to own a pastry shop or maybe a flower shop. I've always loved making cakes and flowers, and I'm a bit of perfectionist, and that hasn't changed at all. Maybe I'd be good at being a factory inspector...I think.

    Please tell us what is your character's favorite catch phrase and why.
    "I don't have any interest in brats like you...a lady should carry herself nicely"
    When I read that line in the script, I thought, "Wow, that's just like Hawk's Eye to say that!" I get the impression that Hawk's Eye is fond of women, and it's been a lot of fun to play his character.

    Please give a message to the audience!
    Thank you so much for coming! Back in 2014 I had the opportunity to appear in the world of Sailor Moon, and I'm so happy I could do it again. I haven't changed much (laugh) but my character sure has, and I hope you'll enjoy my performance. Let me show you the team work of the Amazon Trio!


    Born September 1st, Saitama
    Has been studing various dance styles since the age of two. She has appeared as a dance performance guest in a number of contests. Recently she has been creating choreography work. She appeared in the musical "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Petite Etrangere" performing the role of Rubeus, and also the stage performance for "Blue Voyage", "Requiem" as well as the Six Suite performance of "Mates! Facing a brown wall", and many others.

    Fish's Eye

    What is your "dream" you'll never forget?
    Since I was a third grader, I've always had a dream of debuting as "singer", and since then that's been my singular goal. I even went on a trip with my family to Korea, and on my first flight I met a tall, kind casting agent who speaks English beautifully. I was really shocked! That was the first time I've felt close to my beloved dreams coming true, and I'll never forget it.

    Please tell us what is your character's favorite catch phrase and why.
    "I just, I wanted to be like you."
    It was kind of a shock to hear such a pure and honest line from an enemy, but it's just like Fish Eye to be so straightforward. But in that moment, he showed the parts inside of him that are full of doubt, parts of him that aren't really like the rest of his personality. And so I really loved that line.

    Please give a message to the audience!
    This is my first time doing any stage work, but I really love Sailor Moon and all of the characters, so I'm pumped to be here! I've met a lot of wonderful people during my time working on this production, and I'm grateful to have had the experience to play Fish Eye. definitely, come see us again! And thanks for coming to see us today!

    Born October 29th, Hyogo.
    Debuted in the stage production of "Juliet" in 2009. Her debut song, "Summer Love" and second song, "Winter Love" both rank #1. Her work is enjoyed by women between the age of 10 and 20 years old. Her love of music inspired her to appear in musical works. Her latest production of "Juliet" coincides with the release of her first album, "7th Summer."

    Tiger's Eye
    Chihiro Ando

    What is your "dream" you'll never forget?
    To join Takarazuka.
    I went to see a Takarazuka performance when I was in elementary school, and I became totally addicted. I knew that when I grew up I wanted to be a part of it, so I've been working hard to reach that goal. After a lot of effort I did realize my dream, and I'll never forget the experience.

    Please tell us what is your character's favorite catch phrase and why.
    "I... like to use female speech... like a woman... but I'm a guy!"
    When Tiger's Eye shared that he's a guy in drag, portraying a woman, I completely lost it because in a lot of ways I relate to Tiger's Eye - I'm always playing a reverse gender role too! So that's why I loved that line.

    Please give a message to the audience!
    I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to play the part of Tiger's Eye in the beloved series, Sailor Moon! Please enjoy the team work of the Amazon Trip!! The Amazon Trio has their work cut out for them, trying to capture dreams inside of mirrors... and trying to find beautiful dreams in the first place without success. Please enjoy while you think about your own beautiful dreams, whatever they are!

    Born December 1st, Fukushima.
    She specializes in Japanese dance. In 2008 she joined the Takarazuka Revnue. Her works with Takarazuka include "Romeo and Juliet", "South Pacific", "Royal Castle Alcazar", and others. Beginning in November of 2015, she performed in the stage production of "GUYS & DOLLS".

    Kanami Sakai

    What is your "dream" you'll never forget?
    The truth is, I wanted to become an idol... I’m sorry. I knew I couldn’t become one, so I had planned to take that secret with me to the grave.

    Please tell us what is your character's favorite catch phrase and why.
    It’s not a spoken line, but the most special part about playing Zirconia for me was singing the line “For our Queen.” I think because for Zirconia, Nehelenia is her whole world? Also, check out the line “Don’t tell everyone.”

    Please give a message to the audience!
    To everyone in the audience: Did you have fun? If you had fun, Zirconia is happy! Thank you very much!

    Born April 10th in Fukuoka.
    Joined Ryuuzanji★Productions in 2005. She has a strong ability for peculiar performances. Her main works have been “Yuurin Town,” “Oiwayuurei,” “Hanafuda Denki,” “Chanbara,” and “Journey to the West.” Additionally, since 2015 she’s worked with SET Films on NHK’s “Iya na Onna,” and EX’s “Sousa Ichikachou.”>Profile

    Sayu Otsuki

    What is your "dream" you'll never forget?
    When I was little, my dream was “to become Sailor Moon!” Just kidding, I’d never say something like that. I’m Nehelenia. That’s reality.

    Please tell us what is your character's favorite catch phrase and why.
    “You aren’t dead yet? Then I’ll bury you in darkness!” (I’ve only used those words at home... Definitely try it out when you’re killing bugs.) “The Earth’s Prince has yet to die. How does the pain of a black rose blooming in your heart feel?” (See? You want to say it, don’t you?)

    Please give a message to the audience!
    This play taught me about a maiden’s policy. I’m very happy to have appeared in Sera Myu, which is loved by a wide audience from children to adults. I hope you all have a wonderful time. To the children I might just be a bad guy, but I think the fathers and mothers will see my charm!

    Born July 3rd in Ishikawa.
    She was a member of Takarazuka for 10 years, beginning in 2003. Her main roles were in “Silver Rose Carnival” and “Elizabeth.” After retiring her main roles have been in “DANCIN’ CRAZY2,” “Rudolf-The Last Kiss-,” ”Balada Para Un Loco,” and “Tenshi ni Love Song.”

    Dead Moon Circus

    Yuka Kobayashi

    I collected the tankoubon when I was little... I never thought I would touch the beloved world of Sailor Moon in this way. I’m happy ❤ I hope to leave behind shining memories of becoming one with the audience in the world of Sailor Moon which is full of friendship, hope, and dreams.

    Born April 21st in Tokyo.
    Member of the acrobatics and dance company “G-Rockets.” She began gymnastics at the age of 6 and appeared at national intercollegiate events. Her main works have been the play “Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kouen Mae Hashutsujo” (as Ai Asato), “RENT” (as Mrs. COhen), Chikyuu Gorgeous Produce Vol. 14 “The Love Bugs,” DANCE EARTH PROJECT “Changes” and EXILE live tours.


    Risa Kawamura

    I love and look up to Sailor Moon, so I’m very honored to appear in this play. To everyone who is looking forward to this day, to the Sera Myu fans, I will use my gratitude to give my all to fighting, flying in the air, and bringing you a play full of love!

    Born May 28th in Gunma.
    Member of the acrobatics and dance company “G-Rockets.” She began gymnastics at age 5, won her local championships, and appeared in many inter-high school championships. Her main works include Ken Shimura’s 11th “Shimurakon ~Mazukenkou,” “Endless SHOCK,” “JOHNNYS’ World,” and “DREAM BOYS.”


    Yoshimi Hidano

    Thank you for coming to the theater!! Sailor Moon is a world full of dreams and hope and I’m happy to be a part of that with all of you! ☆ The Dead Moon Circus will give it our all!!

    Born August 25th in Aichi.
    Member of the acrobatics and dance company “G-Rockerts.” She began gymnastics at age 7 and appeared at the National Gymnastics Youth Championship Cup. Her main works include “Korokke on Stage Monomane Entertainment,” Chikyuu Gorgeous Produce Vol. 13 “Kuzariana no Tsubasa,” “DREAM BOYS,” and “Adekan.”


    Chiemi Doi

    I’m incredibly happy to appear in such a big play. I’m going to use this happiness and gratitude to bring you the best performance I possibly can!!

    Born June 26th in Tottori.
    Member of the acrobatics and dance company “G-Rockets.” She began gymnastics at age 6 and appeared in many inter-high school competitions. She won individual achievement awards at the Tottori Prefecture-Wide High School Gymnastics Tournament. She is using her flexibility in her activities with “G-Rockets.”


    Ayano Nagasawa

    I’ve loved Sailor Moon since I was a child, so getting to be a part of it as a Dead Moon Circus member makes me really happy. Every character in Sailor Moon has charm and is full of love, so even as an adult it still makes me feel hope. I hope the love of Sailor Moon reaches you all...☆

    Born January 8th in Tokyo.
    Her main works include GACKT’s play “MOON SAGA Mysteries of Yoshitsune Vol. 2,” Saburo Kitashima’s special show, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s 5th Anniversary Concert, the opera “Turandot,” and Masanari Ujigawa’s musical “Fantasy Planet.” Additionally, she has appeared in Mayo Kawasaki and Mami Imai’s music video, TV commercials, choreographed for plays and idols, and appeared in shows abroad. She participates in a wide variety of dance related activities.


    Ayumi Sagisaka

    Thank you for coming to the theater today. When I was little, I often dressed up as Sailor Moon and had fun. I’m happy that I’m able to return to this world. As a member of the Dead Moon Circus, I hope to show you both a flashy side and a terribly evil “dark” side.

    Born November 17th in Shizuoka.
    She has appeared as a theme park dancer at Universal Studios Japan and Huis Ten Bosch, and participated in a variety of activities from commercials, back dancing, plays, choreography, to fitness instruction. Her main plays include the Precious 10th Anniversary event “Precious SKY FASHION SHOW feat. GUCCI,” “Masanari Ujikawa’s musical ”Fantasy Planet,” “Dragon Quest Live Spectacle Tour,” and more.



    Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba
    Yuga Yamato

    What is your "dream" you'll never forget?
    When I was in elementary school, before I knew about Takarazuka, I had dreams like “I want to be a college student” and “I want to become a baker.” I liked how college students didn’t have to wear uniforms and seemed to be having fun with their freedom. And baking just seemed exciting. Even now, I love sweets that are delicious and beautiful and made with love!! They’re a source of power for me. As an actress maybe I shouldn’t live for sweets, but I think they’re an irreplaceable source of hope and dreams.

    Please tell us what is your character's favorite catch phrase and why.
    “How strange... even after the battle has ended I feel heat deep in my chest. It’s as if a star has been born inside of me.”
    It would be wonderful to always have a star in your heart that overflows with love and keeps on shining. This line feels like a symbol of the theme of the show, “Amour Eternal” (eternal love)

    Please give a message to the audience!
    This will be my fourth time playing Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru Chiba, but with the help of the new 5 Guardians I’ll bring you a fresh new show. I’m keenly aware that many fans are cheering us on even from abroad. I’ll hold all of your love close to me, enjoy these new meetings and discoveries, and continue to grow every day. Please feel the excitement and spread it around the world!!

    Born August 4th in Tokyo.
    Former Top Star of Takarazuka’s Cosmos Troupe. A natural born star, her sparkling smile charms fans. After graduating Takarazuka, she has appeared in the Broadway musical “CHICAGO” in New York as Roxy in addition to playing many other starring roles on the stage. With shows like her first top star role in “Sasameyuki,” being the only otokoyaku besides Koshiji Fubuku to star in a Matsutake Shinpa style play in its 128 year history, she has had a magnificent career as an actress. Beginning in 2013 she took on the role of Tuxedo Mask, using her Takarazuka otokoyaku skills to wow the audience with the flow of her cape. She has appeared in many TV shows and other media. Her deep knowledge of opera led her to open an opera exhibition. She’s an expert in Snoopy comics. She currently has a serialized column in the Snoopy Mook. The scope of her activities is limitless.

    Round Table Discussion ~The 5 Sailor Guardians~
    Hotaru Nomoto x Yume Takeuchi x Karen Kobayashi x Kaede x Rimo Hasegawa

    The new Sailor Guardians talked about the future of Sera Myu during rehearsals. Let’s join our love together and dive into an unknown world!

    Did you know about Sera Myu before this?

    Kobayashi: My friend brought me along to see it, and at that time I didn’t even have an inkling that I’d be in it. I just thought “They’re so cute! Wow! I want to dance!” and when I heard about the audition, amazingly I got the role of Mars. Then I did a lot of research on Mars and learned we’re both Aries, Rei likes red and black and I like red, black, and white, so I was like “Wow we’re the same!” It felt like fate (lol).

    Kaede: I’ve seen the videos many times, but when I passed the audition I rewatched them thinking “I’m going to be Jupiter...” The previous Jupiter, Yuu Takahashi, was so tall and kind and strong, she looked just like a Jupiter figure! I’m going to be playing that role, so I thought “This is how far I have to go” and got myself ready. I’ve always wanted to be in this play, so I’m truly happy.

    Takeuchi: I’ve always held Ami close as the ideal woman... she really thinks about other people, she’s smart, she’s wonderful... Watching Sera Myu, I really thought she’s the type both boys and girls love. I’m not that type at all. So I’ve been hoping that by playing Mercury I’ll become a little more like her, that she’ll rub off on me (lol). I love how dazzling and sparkly the costume is, but we have to make sure we don’t get overshadowed by the costume’s sparkle!

    Hasegawa: Up until now I’ve always acted on film, so when I saw Sera Myu the first thing I thought about was “So this is how you act on stage.” My older sister is a member of the Sailor Moon generation and she liked Venus, so I’ve known about Venus since I was little, but... The previous Venus, Ms. Sakata, was really truly Venus. I was shocked, thinking “It’s like she jumped right out of the anime!” I really need to work hard to aim towards her level of perfection.

    Nomoto: Everything about Sera Myu is so high quality... the costumes, the acting, the singing, the dancing. My first thought was that it seemed really difficult for me to enter that world. It’s really cute how Usagi is always so bubbly, but I don’t know if I’ve ever been that bubbly in my life (lol).

    Takeuchi: Hotaru is unexpectedly cool.

    Nomoto: Yeah, I’m usually like.. “Hmph.” (lol) I think the power Usagi has to always be happy and bubbly is amazing. On stage she keeps that power going the whole time, and then when she becomes Sailor Moon she becomes even more powerful, she’s super strong! In the play her energy combines with the power from the rest of the company and that’s how the Sailor Moon world is born. That strength is really the charm of the stage plays. It’s really amazing.

    How was the audition?

    Nomoto: The Moon auditions were held first, so I finished early and ended up watching everyone else. I really remember Rimo’s. The moment she read her lines I thought “She’s so Venus!” (lol). She was even wearing a bow.

    Hasegawa: Yeah, I was.

    Kaede: I remember that really well too. I was one of the last to go, so when I saw girls like Rimo I thought, “Ah, they’re all this young!?” ...I thought I might be a bit too old. I thought it was over (lol).

    Hasegawa: Everyone remembered me...

    Nomoto: I didn’t think I’d pass, so I reaaally was watching closely (lol).

    Takeuchi: Yeah, I didn’t think at all that I’d pass.

    Kobayashi: ...Uh oh. I don’t remember anything about you guys from the audition (lol). Once it was all decided I thought “Oh I see, it’s these people.”

    Takeuchi: Me too. I was so nervous I didn’t really watch anyone else.

    Kobayashi: Until I met you all I was worried about whether or not we’d get along, once we met we all felt close.

    Hasegawa: Was the first time at the wig fitting?

    Kaede: Yeah. I didn’t really feel shy at all.

    Nomoto: I... was a little shy (lol).

    Takeuchi: I was. Everyone is older than me so I was worried, but first Kaede was like... we hadn’t properly been introduced yet, but she said “Hey, how does this part of the dance go?” It felt like we were close right away (lol).

    Hasegawa: With Yume, it felt like there was no distance between us at all right?

    Nomoto: Yeah. In one second it was like she was right by your side.

    Takeuchi: That’s... because I was scared, so unexpectedly I just jumped right in (lol).

    Kaede: I get it. (lol)

    Kobayashi: We all appeared in front of the fans together for the first time, and that’s when I really realized that the five of us would be working together. I suddenly felt our unity.

    Nomoto: Yeah. It felt like things had begun.

    Kaede: The fans really looked out for us, I was so happy.

    Hasegawa: They had fun, and they accepted us.

    Takeuchi: We have to return that happiness to them as we go forward.

    So now, what do you think of your character?

    Nomoto: My goal is to “become a goddess.” She’s a young girl who protects the earth, but I want to become the kind of Sailor Moon that makes the audience feel a sense of divinity. I think the gap between Usagi and her transformed self is important, as well as the family love between Usagi, Chibiusa, and Mamoru, plus the love she has for her friends. She has treasured friends and family... It’s like every girl’s dream life to both work and have a family. So I want to show her cuteness as well as her strength and divinity.

    She has a big presence, doesn’t she.

    Nomoto: Usagi is always being protected, but in the end it’s my mission to protect everyone. I want to become a Moon who envelops everyone in the theater with warmth. I’m not normally the type to show my feelings... I usually bundle it all up and let it out at the wrong time.

    Takeuchi: So if Hotaru tells you “I like you,” you should be super happy!

    Nomoto: It’s a precious thing. I hardly ever say it (lol). So I’m going to take all of that love that I’ve been storing up and let it explode in the theater... or something like that (blush).

    Takeuchi: I... I get led astray, but everyone has become more powerful than before, all 10 Guardians are together, so I’d like to portray Ami as a girl who’s strong to the core. I’m also planning to be very careful to show the gap between her normal self and her transformed self. Oh, I said the same thing as Hotaru (lol). But it really is important.

    Kobayashi: Rei seems a little cold and cool on the outside, but she has love in her heart, and she has a lot of love for Usagi and the others. The word “passion” comes up in the lyrics, but I think if I can really convey that I think I’ll seem like Rei. Normally I’m pretty happy go lucky (lol), so I’m going to do my best to be put together like Rei by the performance!

    Nomoto: Yeah. We’re counting on you~.

    Takeuchi: Karen is really cool during fight scenes.

    Hasegawa: Yeah. Her movements are really sharp.

    Kobayashi: Really? Well then I’ll do my best at fighting. Put your faith in me!

    Kaede: I received a letter from Mr. Hiramitsu about my role. “Put away your cool side. Mako is loved by everyone, and when it comes to Usagi she’s so kind she crosses over into spoiling her. When she becomes Jupiter, she’s the commanding officer who leaps into battle first.” Normally I’m not that reactive of a person, I don’t even really get mad (lol). So the part I’m concentrating on the hardest is Jupiter’s fiery expression when she says “Damnit, I’m gonna take ‘em out!” I’d like to find Mako’s strength, kindness, and cuteness, the gap between her normal self and transformed self,... I hope I can convey it all naturally.

    Hasegawa: I wore one to the audition too - I like wearing bows on my head so I always have my hair tied up in one. I guess that’s kind of Venus-like? I think Venus is like soda. She seems neat and tidy on the outside but on the inside she’s running wild, crackling and popping... something like that (lol). So I want to become a girl that’s like soda.

    Kaede: Rimo, I think you’ve already got it. Whenever you dance or sing, they always say “Okay, just like that.”

    Takeuchi: Yeah. You’ve got it.

    Nomoto: She’s the one who seems most like her role.

    Kobayashi: Yeah. Rimo is the one who is closest to her character.

    Hasegawa: Really? Then I’ll keep researching. Also my solo number is really cool, so I want to work hard on it.

    Please leave a message for the audience as “The New Five Guardians.”

    Hasegawa: I want to become such a memorable Venus that you’ll think of me not as “Rimo Hasegawa,” but as “That Venus girl.” I want to be the Minako Aino that you all love. I have a line where I say “I’ll show you the miracle of love,” but Sailor Moon is a story full of love, so we’re all going to fight hard to use our power to show you all “the miracle of love.”

    Kaede: We’re still rehearsing, I can’t say “Love me 100%” ...we’re still only at 3%? But I’ll be happy if the Jupiter I play meets your expectations. I’m going to keep working hard at rehearsals so that when the show is over you think “I like Kaede-Jupiter.” If even one more person comes to like the five of us as the 5 Guardians, I’ll be happy.

    Kobayashi: We’re the new 5 Guardians and we’ve powered up to Super form. As for the story... you’ll have to come see it. It’s really interesting, and the outer guardians and villains all seem to have jumped out of the pages of the manga, so please look forward to seeing them too. Even though I’m appearing in this musical, I have high expectations. I can’t wait to see the finished musical!

    Takeuchi: Personally I really like the Dead Moon Circus arc, the villains are really amazing! They’re cute and cool at the samse time, it’s amazing. The four outer guardians have the aura of the real thing, so I hope we can learn from them and become more united. I want you to pay attention to the gorgeousness of the 10 guardians all together. I hope the love of all of us who support Usagi will reach all of you.

    Nomoto: The new 5 Guardians are of course going to do our best. Each of our characters are very unique, and as we come together I hope we can give you love through “Amour Eternal.” I hope the power of this whole company makes you think “This series’s musicals are great.” What do you all think? I hope you have fun.