Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Scanlations

Miss Dream hosts a collection of translated Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon scanlation downloads. By selecting the links below, you can view the galleries for each particular project, as well as download .rar archive files. Our manga releases have been converted into .pdf format for use on your eReader of choice.

Kodansha Photo Books
Kodansha PGSM TV Photo Book Volume 1
Kodansha PGSM TV Photo Book Volume 2
Kodansha PGSM TV Photo Book Volume 3
2011 DVD Box
2011 DVD Box Set Pamphlet

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (PGSM) is a Japanese live-action TV show that aired between 2003-2004. It loosely followed the manga version of the “Dark Kingdom” arc of Sailor Moon, with some substantial new creations, including several new characters and some plot twists. A number of TV photo books, art books, pamphlets, advertisements, and children’s story books were produced to promote Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Many of these books were published by Kodansha and Shueisha, and are extremely difficult to find outside of Japan.

Here at Miss Dream we have made it a goal to collect all of the PGSM books that were published, and translate them into English for your enjoyment. We host the largest collection of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon scanlations on the internet. Here you can find Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon scanlations for the PGSM TV Photo Books, PGSM DVD Box Set Pamphlet, and much more. We are always updating with more Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon scanlations.

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  1. Mikala

    Thank you for the scanlations. It was fun reading your translations of the Kodansha books. I have the first two and the Kodansha sticker book.


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