Sailor Moon Crystal (Anime) + Petite Etranger (Musical) news!

Niconico Douga Anime Stage Super Show Event: Sailor Moon Crystal News

NicoNico Douga Sailor Moon Talk Show Event Part 3 Anime Stage Super Show
NicoNico Douga Sailor Moon Talk Show Event Part 3 Anime Stage Super Show
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Sailor Moon Crystal Character Designs

Sailor Moon Crystal Character Designs
Japanese | English

Early this morning (yesterday evening in Japan), there was a NicoNico Douga Sailor Moon Talk Show Event that took place. Thank you very much to all who joined us live for the event! =D

In case you weren’t able to tune in, we’ve got you covered! Information about the voice acting cast was revealed, and character designs were released too. You can download our fansub of the event, and check out English translations of the character design pages.

NEW MUSICAL Sailor Moon: Petite Etrangere

Sailor Moon Petite Entrangere Musical Summer 2014
Coming August 2014: Sailor Moon Petite Etrangere

The new Sailor Moon musical has been announced, named Sailor Moon: Petite Etranger! Some information about the plot, cast, and staff is available, check out our page to find out all about it!

Sailor Moon: La Reconquista DVD Pre-order

Sailor Moon La Reconquista DVD On Sale July 9th
Pre-order on CDJapan

A DVD for Sailor Moon: La Reconquista will be available for purchase on July 9th, 2014.
(Thanks to eternalruth, we’ll be getting a copy of the DVD to make a new fansub from!)

That’s all for now! Our crew was up for a long time translating the new event, so we’re off to get some much needed rest. If you enjoyed our coverage of last night’s event, please consider donating to keep Miss Dream operational! :)

9 Responses to “Sailor Moon Crystal (Anime) + Petite Etranger (Musical) news!”

      • Alex

        There are subtitles in this video but unfortunately they’re turned off by default. You must turn them on in options of your player so you can see em. It took time for me to figure out this issue.

  1. CarissaFowler


    I downloaded the link about 3 times, still no translation for the video. Don’t know whats going on with the video.

  2. Nyxity

    I must say, Sakata really stands out amongst the Musical’s Guardian Deity Senshi. She gives off a lot of enthusiasm and charisma the few times I’ve seen her in interviews.

  3. Hbz

    i just pre-ordered trough your link, maybe it helps you :+

    to bad no BluRay :(

    no to wait for the momoclo BluRei and the luxendarc Kikou BluRei to arrive ;_;


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