Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère

Sailor Moon Petite Entrangere Musical Summer 2014

Musical Summer 2014: Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère

Sailor Moon: Petite Étrangère will follow the story line of Sailor Moon R.
The title of the latest in the series of Sailor Moon musicals was announced at Anime Stage’s Super Stage event at NicoNico Douga on April 26th, 2014.

Fun fact: “Petite Étrangère” is also the title of Act 14 of the Sailor Moon manga!

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Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère – Final Performance Fansub

Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère
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Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère DVD On Sale January 28th
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A DVD for Sailor Moon: Petite Étrangère will be released for purchase on January 28th, 2015!

Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère Song Collection

Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère Song Collection
Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère Song Collection
Removed, see here for details

Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère Song Lyrics

Coming Soon!!!

Act 1
Codename: Replay Operation
Petite Étrangère
Eye Candy
We Are Your Nemesis
Sanjou! Tuxedo Kamen
Belief ~ What is Believing
Five Damsels of the White Moon
Chronos Guardian (Who Goes There?)
Silver and Black
Feelings That Can’t Reach You
Abracadabra (Dark Refrain)
Act 2
Pure Goddess
One Heart
Dark Madness
We are the Pretty Guardian (instrumental, no additional lyrics)
When Black Lady Sings
Last Wish
Not Loneliness
Starshine of Love
Pretty Dreams ~ (Until the Day We Meet Again)

Sailor Moon Petite Etrangere Pamphlet Translation

Sailor Moon Petite Etrangere Pamphlet Translation
Pamphlet Translation Page

Sailor Moon Petite Etrangere Promotional Material

Petite Estrangere Cards
Petite Estrangere Official Pamphlet
Petite Estrangere Official Pamphlet
Petite Estrangere Flyers
Petite Estrangere Press Images
Press Images
Petite Estrangere Light Wand
Light Wand

Sailor Moon Petite Etrangere Interviews and Articles

Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère in Comic Natalie
Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère in Comic Natalie
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Sailor Moon Petite Etrangere Article in Geinou News LoungeSailor Moon Petite Etrangere Article in Geinou News Lounge
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Sailor Moon Petite Etrangere Promotional Videos

Sailor Moon the Musical -Petite Etrangere- Dress Rehearsal (subtitled)

Direct Download
Sailor Moon the Musical -Petite Etrangere- First Day Digest (subtitled)

Direct Download

The Plot

A mysterious girl who came from the future. And, a fierce battle against the new enemy, the Black Moon clan!!

Last time, the Sailor Guardians faced off against the Dark Kingdom. They had been searching for the Phantom Silver Crystal, and wanted to use its powers to control the world.

After the battle, our sailor guardians emerge victorious when out of nowhere a mysterious girl named Chibiusa appears before them. And not only that, but a new enemy called the Black Moon clan appear as well!

Attacking the guardians with their Black Crystal, they are after one thing. They will destroy everything in their path to get the Phantom Silver Crystal.

A new battle for Sailor Moon begins beyond time and space!
Protect our planet’s present and future!!

Confirmed cast:
Confirmed staff:

source: Nelke Planning

Cast bios for the Black Moon Family:
Song Listing:
(translated by ainomessage)

Prince Demand – Erika Mahiro

Born October 1st. Joined the Takarazuka Revue in 2002. Her Takarazuka stage name is “Shun Mahiro.” As a promising otokoyaku [male role], she quickly gained attention. During the newcomer show the year after she joined, she played Ethiopian Princess Aida (female role). After taking on the role of Oscar in “Rose of Versailles,” she was chosen for the lead role of Vronsky in “Anna Karenina” and received honorable mention from Northern Japan Newspaper’s Art awards. She nails every role she plays and sings with a rich, talented voice. After leaving Takarazuka she has continued on with a wide variety of activities such as movies, commercials, plays, and recitals.

Saphir – Sora Manami

Born December 9th. Joined the Takarazuka Revue in 2000. After her first role in the Hanagumi show “The Tale of Genji” she was assigned to Yukigumi. She is known for her precision dancing that makes use of her height. She retired in 2010 with the production “Roger / Rock On.” After that she continued to focus on acting in plays such as the dance operas “Belle ~Beautiful Soldiers~”, “DREAMTRAIL ~Takarazuka Legend~”, dancing dinner show “ACTION?”, Anju Mira dance act “FEMALEvol11,” “TAKARAZUKA FOREVER,” DANCIN’CRAZY2”, “DREAM LADYS” and more. In July she will hold a live dance show and from November to December she will be in the musical “CHICAGO.”

Rubeus – Riona Tatemichi

Born September 1st, she began learning many styles of dance at the age of 2. She appeared as a guest at dance events and won many contests. She currently also works as a dance instructor. She became the leader of a group of dance contest winners called CUBE Spirit and choreographs and organizes every song. Some of her best works include the play “Shinjuku Station ~Love Carnival~”, “Tokyo Actors’ Market 2009~2012”, “BLUE DESTINY ~act ZERO~”, “Ikebukuro Rainbow Season 1”, “FAB FIVE THE MUSICAL”, “RO-DOKU Otogi Soushi ~99 Tears~” and more.

Esmeraude – Mitsumi Hiromura

Born July 16th. She has worked in a number of fields including TV, movies, plays, and commercials. Her list of awards is long, including “Miss Tokyo Girls Collection 2009,” and the “2011 Nihontelegenic Judges Award.” Some of her most prominent roles include “Ouran High School Host Club,” the short film “Minestrone,” Air studio’s “GO, JET! GO! GO! Vol. 2 Paradise Love,” and the Asahi Soft Drinks commercial for “Calpis Soda.”

Black Lady – Yui Ito

Born April 26th. She debuted with the film “Confession.” Since then she has been in television shows, dramas, movies, and commercials. Her most prominent appearances include “R’s Law,” being a regular on “Bobby’s Stadium,” and a commercial for “PlayStationVita.” This will be her first musical and her future career is much anticipated.

Act 1:

  • Abracadabra アブラカダブラ
  • Codename: Replay Operation コードネーム: リプレー・オペレーション
  • Petite Étrangère
  • Eye Candy
  • We Are Your Nemesis
  • Sanjou! Tuxedo Kamen 参上! タキシード仮面 He Has Arrived! Tuxedo Mask
  • Belief ~ Shinjiru to wa (Belief ~ 信じるとは / Belief ~ What is Believing)
  • Yokan (予感 Premonition)
  • Shiratsuki Gonin Musume 白月五人娘 (Five Damsels of the White Moon)
  • Chronos Guardian (Who Goes There?) クロノスガディガーディアン (Who Goes There?)
  • Silver and Black
  • Todokanu Omoi 届かぬ想い (Unfulfilled Feelings)
  • Abracadabra (Dark Refrain) アブラカダブラ (Dark Refrain)

Act 2:

  • Junpaku no Megami 純白の女神 (Pure Goddess)
  • One Heart
  • Dark Madness
  • We are the Pretty Guardian
  • When Black Lady Sings
  • Last Wish
  • Not Loneliness
  • Ai no Starshine 愛のSunshine (Sunshine of Love)
  • Pretty Dreams ~ Mata Aeru Hi Made Pretty Dreams ~ また逢える日まで (Pretty Dreams ~ Until the Day We Meet Again)

77 Responses to “Sailor Moon Petite Étrangère”

  1. Linda R.

    Man, another all girl cast?! Ugh! Don’t like that Usagi has to have a female Mamoru, it’s NOT right! Sorry, can’t support this myu until they make the male characters how it’s ment to be!

    • Bunbun

      Who cares the gender if they can act? feel free to be over where you are, we’re gonna enjoy the myu.

      • Lina

        I actually share Linda’s disappointment. I mean, I love girls. I love manly girls even more. Hell, I’d tap Haruka anytime. But I grew up with male Mamorus and (some) side characters. I have nothing against Takarazuka, but Sailormoon as it is has few enough males characters that… it feels sad to use girls for all of them. Feels a little emptier inside…

    • Berry-chan

      You know this is THEATER, right? Whatever your personal opinions are on girl+girl relationships, has NOTHING to do with a theater production.

      Sailor Moon is all about strong female characters, having a female cast is strongly supporting that “girl power” message. If you haven’t even watched La Reconquista, I suggest you give it a shot. It’s not like they made all the characters themselves female. They chose absolutely fantastic actresses for the parts and suited them extremely well.

      If you look into the history of theater, there used to be all male casts for productions, and I’m sure they even do the same today. Theater is for FUN and to put on a SHOW! Genders shouldn’t matter.

    • Kel

      That sounds a bit unfair. Why should gender matter?? I was a bit suspicious about the portrait of Mamoru but after I watched the show I was amazed and converted. Just enjoy the show is great enough for the fans isn’t it?

    • Jeishii

      Your comment sounds really homophobic. I understand not liking an all-female cast for reasons like, the vocal range is more limited, the “audio flavor” of the tones etc. is very different with a female-female duet versus a female-male duet, and/or it’s just nice to be able to swoon over an attractive male theatre member. Haha.

      But to trash it because “Usagi deserves” a man? Have you read the manga recently? Usagi is not against female-female relationships; she allows herself to be kissed multiple times by female characters without being grossed out or upset. She’s actually a little ashamed because it’s cheating on Mamoru a little; not “oh ew a girl kissed me”!

      I take it you’re also unfamiliar with theatre history. Shakespearean plays and the Japanese art of Kabuki are both mediums where the cast were all men; even the women were played by men.

      The Takarazuka Review style of theatre troupe isn’t any weirder than that.

    • Magri


      have you even seen Yuuga’s preformance? Read about Takarazuka and learn something about japanesse culture, then comment that it’s “Ugh!”.Yuuga was so far the best Mamoru and definitely was the star of this show.

      • Tiaker

        I was about to disagree with you, and then I went over the various Mamorus in my head. And now I agree with you. I’m sure the fan favorites are Mochi and Yuu Shirota, but I’ve never been fond of either. Mochi was just too smegging OLD, and Yuu was more of a pretty boy than a Mamoru.

      • Amber

        I think to suggest that it is disgusting for females to play male roles is complete and utter bull crap. After all, the original seramyu Prince Demand was phenomonal and she was female. I can only hope the new actress is just as good. However, I disagree with Magri on one point, my favorite Mamoru was the second and longest running one. When he sang my knees went weak. Loved him, but Yuuga was fantastic as well.

    • Duckie

      Naoko-sensei specifically said she wanted a female as Tuxedo Kamen. I think what the original mangaka wants is a bit more important than what you want.

      You also realize that one of the original Hawk’s Eye and Prince Demande was a woman as well, right? A lot of females have played male roles in the myu and anime.

    • JRiVe

      Did you know that long ago, at europe, teathre could perfomed by males only? So, at plays, the female roles were played by males.
      This is nothing new, just a reversal of that, plus Naoko Takeuchi said several times she loves Takarazuka, a type of theathe at Japan with only females; as long as they play their roles well, should anything else matter?

    • tenoko1

      The all female cast is to make all the characters have that same bishoujo-pretty look like in the manga. They are trying to make the characters look as much like the art as possible. Mamoru isn’t a girl. The peraon playing him is. Voice actors have done this for years, why is it such a big deal to see it on stage?

    • J

      I have to disagree! Yamato Yuuga is a former Takarazuka performer and she plays Mamoru so well. I don’t think the plays would be doing so well, were she not the star of them. She’s made them more accessible to more than just the original Sailor Moon fan base and all most of the contributions, flowers, etc. at the show are always made for her. :)

    • Argocub

      Linda! Shut the fuck up and get over it, It’s 2014 and I as a gay male approve the change of male characters to females, Shakespeare had men play as women in his plays and no gave a rats ass back in that time period.

      If you don’t like it then don’t watch it. Bitching about it won’t change anything!

      So Shut up…Let it go..or get over yourself, because this is the new format of the musicals.

    • Jen

      You do realize that back in the old days, all theater roles use to be played by men, even women characters, right. Is that how it’s meant to be?

    • Anna

      How is an all girl cast any different from Elizabethan theatre rules, when women weren’t allowed to be actresses so female parts were played by boys that hadn’t hit puberty yet?!? It doesn’t MATTER what gender is playing the role as long as the role is acted well!

    • Christina

      I have such a crush on this Tuxedo Mask! I think she portrays him really well and gives me definite heart-eyes! I do not prefer women over men but I have no issues with saying they are darn cute, and she(he) is darn cute.

      • Kat

        I totally agree! Yamato Yuga-San is totally かわいい! She plays an excellent Mamoru/Tux/King, imho. I mean, check out those smooth dance moves! (; She’s got it down to a T!

    • Dan

      oh un-clench, linda. you sound like a homophobic grandmother that’s afraid of her grandson being gay. just…. chill out. your opinion doesn’t matter regardless because you’re not the one casting the show, dummy. you’ve probably had no experience with theater but girls get cast to play male roles all the time. also, yuuga yamato grabbed this role by the balls and did absolutely amazing, it left us all shell-shocked. I personally believe she did better at playing mamoru than any of the other actors prior. so please, slow your roll and realize that there is no problem with having an all female cast.

  2. Tiaker

    Give it a chance. I didn’t like the all-female cast of LR either, but I love Sailor Moon so much that I watched it anyway. And it’s really not bad. The casting works. Is it my favorite Myu? No; that’s Kaguya Shima Densetsu Kaiteiban. Is my least favorite Myu? Absolutely not. Is it a solid show? Yes and yes.

  3. clm

    Eh, I hope they at least make people like Rubeus as guys. Somehow I can’t help but see Yuuta as black-haired Haruka. :D Though Zoisite totally made a gentle boy’s image in Reconquista. But at least for really masculine roles, it’s quite natural that some girls want to see attractive boys on those, isn’t it? :D

  4. Kaiser

    Yay! Almost all of them are back! and even Yamato Yuga-san!

    Still curious as to who will be portraying Demando-sama in this one. I doubt they’ll have Hikari-sama back, but I hope whoever they pick will be as good as Hii-sama and give justice in his/her portrayal of Demado like Hii-sama did :3

    I wonder who will be the Black Moon Ichizoku also…. :3

    • Amber

      She’s pretty. I don’t know if she’ll live up to Hikari, but she’ll put her own twist on it. I saw the cast list and sadly, I don’t think the Ayakashi sisters are going to appear :(. I always liked them especially Berthier and Kooan.

  5. Moonstick

    More curious why Mercury was replaced after only 1 show, and she was a good Mercury too. All female cast works great for me, I liked it.

    • Tiaker

      She may not have been replaced due to her acting ability (we see little enough of it during the show, which is a shame). She may have been busy with the Junon Girl stuff…unless she’s no longer the Junon Girl. I dunno. I am quite sad that they couldn’t get her, though.

      • Meg

        There was one site that said she had scheduling conflicts with the shows running dates. I believe this is why Misako and even Keiko missed one show appease as Mars and Saturn with Anza’s Sailor Moon.

  6. Aino

    I really like the idea of an all female cast that they’re doing. I just… kinda… slightly want a cute guy to gush over >.< lol

  7. Nephilim

    Eh, I was a tad upset to learn that mamoru was going to be played by a woman, but she did a fantastic job during the last one. That comment was defiantly heteronormative. Jeez.

  8. Meg

    Hey everyone remember at one time in England roles where played by men — it was not until the Restoration Period and the return of the King in England that is when we have the first recorded actress in England. Other countries allowed women to act in the theatre and in Kabuki – it was actually all women until they outlawed it started with boys than outlawed that and went directly toward adult males – which you have to be trained in from childhood.

    Just thought I’d remind you so when woman play men’s roles they should be given a chance — it is not supposed to be seen as anything but a male role — remember many of those actresses have families – married with children so to speak — at least here in the USA.

  9. alfie

    we dont know who will portray the ayakashi sisters , assuming they are even in it , i hope so !

    • Tiaker

      I’ve been hoping so, but I would have thought a cast list for them would have been released by now. I wouldn’t think they’d be saving bios of the Ayakashi sisters (more or less Monsters of the Day in the manga) when they’ve already shown Demando and Saphir. Makes me a bit sad, though…they didn’t get nearly fleshed out enough in the old Myus. Berthier didn’t even show up until BLK.

  10. Shin

    I find Yuuga Yamato to be an amazing tux, I wish the rest of the first cast was up to her standards. Great voice, delivery and presence, I think she is an anchor for the cast. Prince Demando was played by Hikari Ono, she was also a great actress. There was a Hikari t-shirt that said…”Hikari Ono, making people question their sexuality since 1995″ (not sure on the year). She was the bishie-est Prince I ever saw, she was great in all her roles, one of my faves. I have never given gender a second thought in the theater.

    If you allow your imagination to fly, these actresses can transport you, I am amazed at the way the Myus can move me to laughter… and to tears, why? Most uninitiated people might see the Myus as inconsequential, or even silly. But they can be quite moving if you allow yourself to take the journey. Everlasting Moonlight!

  11. Hbz

    lol i still didn’t watched the last musical dvd >_<

    hope we will have live streams of this myu for us to enjoy :)

    • Chi

      Reason for two Chibi Usas in the past was that there were so many performances, I think: the other could take a break while the other performed. The laws concerning child actors in Japan are pretty strict, so they need to get a lot of rest, I think.

  12. Meg

    there will be live streaming online for the final performance. I hope that I can get to see it. I really can’t wait. This so exciting!

  13. Hbz

    funny detail, on youtube there are 1080p clips from both the la reconquista musical and the latest one but there is only
    a dvd for the last musical (yes i do have the dvd :p) :/

    • J

      The new musical is still running in Japan thru September, which is why it hasn’t been released on DVD yet. You’ll probably have to wait until next year for the DVD, but the final show will be broadcast live streaming, so I imagine at that point there will be those who rip and sub it. If there are YouTube clips now, it’s because of some media outlets reporting on the play, or people taking illegal footage during the show.

  14. Lauren

    So this is the first official Sailor Moon musical I have ever watched. I love every form of the fandom but I never had a strong desirer to watch the Sera Myu versions. I have to say I definitely fell in love! This was overly theatrical and just so much fun to watch. I loved Pluto in this. I definitely even shed some tears.

    I have to say that I was minority disappointed with an all female cast just because of the vocal limits and the awkward body language at times but they did pick some FANTASTIC actresses! They were spectacular. Love it!

  15. suzanne

    hi! i was super excited to see this… but the subtitles don’t seem to be working for me. it doesn’t come up at all on divx, and only comes up as a bunch of AAAAAA in vlc. any thoughts? :)

  16. pan2dapan

    Was there a special font used for the sub of this myu? When I play it in VLC, (the program and all codecs are up to date) the font is readable, but oddly spaced out. I’ve seen this happen with another fansub from a different group and all I needed to do to remedy the problem was install the font used.

  17. Bay

    Thank you so much for the translation and upload; great work. Great cast (delighted to see an all-women cast; so cool) and a really fun production.

  18. fish

    As an original manga enthusiast I used to laugh off the idea of the musicals- in theory it sounded amazing but I expected to be disappointed. La Reconquista was the first I ever watched and I was riiiidiculously entertained. It’s over the top and earnest and endearing, which is exactly what it should be. And the all-ladies cast is inspired! It couldn’t be more in the spirit of Sailor Moon. :3 Anyways, I figured I’d throw that out there while I wait for Petite Etrangere to download… Thank you, Miss Dream!

    • MarioKnight

      Both links work fine for me, however I do see that the torrent link has the special characters where some browsers throw up over themselves over. If it’s the torrent you are having issues with, I would recommend using the direct download link. Please let me know if you have any other troubles. Thank you.

  19. satoru

    Does anyone know when the soundtracks for both musicals will be available for purchase? (if ever?)

    • Meg

      That is the same questions I have, I hope they do — but I have not found anything for soundtracks on cdjapan or amazon.

      • MarioKnight

        Sadly as of this typing, there have been no official soundtracks for the new musicals announced. We did rip the songs directly out of both of them so they can be still enjoyed in the meantime. Hopefully they announce studio produced soundtracks later down the line.

        • Leah

          Do you happen to also have a copy of We Are the Pretty Guardians without voices (instrumental/karaoke version)? I see it listed, but it doesn’t seem to be in the downloads.

  20. Alicia

    Hello! Does anyone have a way to read the subtitles on this? The video is perfect, but no subtitles ever show up, no matter what program I use. I tried converting it to play on Windows Media Player, playing it with the program Windows 8 suggested and on divplayer, but no subtitles. I never had a problem with the last musical, and I watched it on Windows Media Player. Is anyone else having this problem, or I am doing something wrong? Thanks!

  21. Kat

    I just wanted to drop you a note to say, どもう ありがとう ございます!! I just finished watching Petite Étrangère, and it was the first SeraMyu I have watched in entirety. I LOVED it!! I laughed and cried along with all the actresses and was very impressed by the company’s skills. I really enjoyed watching the farewell messages at the end, and also cried along with Pluto (oh my gosh) and sang along with them at the end to Moonlight Densetsu (I’ve been a fan since the anime debuted in Canada, a long time ago). This was wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this on youtube. I hope that I can drop you a token of my appreciation at the end of next week when I get paid. Thank you!!

  22. Leah

    I was wondering if it’s possible to get an mp3 of We Are the Pretty Guardians, just instrumental without vocals (karaoke version)

  23. Piffle

    Any word on whether the DVD version will be fansubbed? I’d love to have a higher quality edition of PE!

  24. Ashley

    Is there any way for you guys to maybe transfer the files to an mp3 file? I cannot get the musicals to work for me since they are in MKV formats. I’ve even tried to download a converter to get it to work and nothing worked. Thanks guys.

  25. Alice

    Am I imagining things or wasn’t there a link on here somewhere to a download featuring clips of Ari in the role of Chibiusa?

  26. Nai Calus

    Finally got around to watching this after really not feeling La Reconquista, much better. I’m still not as much a fan of the new ones as the old ones but this one was definitely better! Hopefully the third continues the trend, will be watching that next. Thanks for uploading these!

  27. MR

    Hello, just wondering if it just me but the sub is error and cannot be read oAo….well it’s not like i can’t enjoy the show just because there’s no sub, but if there’s solution for this i would really appreciate it. Thank you for subbing and submitting this myu! <3 <3

  28. emily davenport

    Hey i have this problem with trying to watch all the subs of the musicals. when i download them they wont play and i dont know what i exactally need to be able to watch the musicals.
    if you could get back to me that would be great but as i suffer with dyslexia and dyspraxia can you word what i need and what i need to do simply thank you

  29. SevLily

    Will we get to watch the DVD version sometime soon? I’m especially interested in the Senshi Round Table talk!
    Thank you so much for your work so far!

  30. Jillian

    The video keeps crashing on me in all players I’ve tried (VLC, Windows Media, and I’ve even played it on my TV with a USB stick). On the TV it crashed after about 45 minutes, and now on anything else it won’t go past 6 or 7 minutes. I’ve re-downloaded/re-unpacked it several times, and it’s still the same. It won’t allow me to search/skip through either. Any thoughts on how to fix?


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