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After-Contest Mini Update!

Hey Ladies and Gents! The after-contest mini update is underway! We’re bringing you new content in two new languages! Spanish and Chinese! Now onto the new stuff! Spanish Conexion Manga Volume 290 June 2014 Conexion Manga Volume 290 June 2014 is a magazine hailing from Mexico. It has an interview with Mitsuishi Kotono, voice of… Read more »

After-Contest Mega Update!

Happy Tuesday Miss Dreamers! We hope that everyone enjoyed our 5th anniversary special celebration! But now that it’s over the after-contest mega update must commence! And now onto the update! Sailor Moon Crystal BluRay and DVD Scans Last week was the release of the first and second Sailor Moon Crystal LE BluRay Set in Japan!… Read more »

Sailor Moon Giveaway!

Hey Miss Dreamers! We’ve got exiting news and an opportunity ;3 Miss Dream is hosting a Sailor Moon Giveaway! Miss Dream’s 5th Birthday is the 18th! Today :D sassypants678, Dan and James have recorded a special video for the celebration and the giveaway! Rules Comment below on the topic of what has kept your love… Read more »

Sailor Moon Nakayoshi Translation Wha-bam

Hey Fans! Today we bring you a Sailor Moon Nakayoshi Wha-bam! With the Nakayoshi 45th Anniversary Special Issue, the Nakayoshi September 2014 Issue, and the EX Taishu September Issue, as well as it’s translation. Let’s get to it! Nakayoshi 45th Anniversary Special Issue This Special Issue Celebrated the 45 Anniversary of Nakayoshi. It is a… Read more »

Petite Etrangere Pamphlet Translation Plus

Hey guys and chikas! Today’s update brings you the Sailor Moon Petite Etrangere Pamphlet Translation, lots of magazine snippets brought to you by Jamie D, a Hyper Hobby Issue, and ebooks of The Materials Collection! Sailor Moon Petite Etrangere Pamphlet Translation Please enjoy our English translation of the Sailor Moon Petite Etrangere pamphlet! At the… Read more »