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Nakayoshi Rush – 1995 Start

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! This past week has seemed to calm down on the Sailor Moon news for a bit, and while it’s been exciting, it’s also nice to have a bit of a break. In the sense of trying to keep up on events in close to real time at least, since we… Read more »

Nakayoshi Rush – 1994 Continues

Nakayoshi May 1994 Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! Among all the excitement of the new merchandise being announced, we are still going strong with our Nakayoshi Rush! Five more issues of raw scans for downloading or viewing are being posted online today, continuing our journey through 1994. These issues continue the Dream arc of Sailor… Read more »

Nakayoshi Rush – Early Sailor Moon Chapters!

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! Today, we continue the Nakayoshi Ruch, featuring issues that contain early chapters of Sailor Moon! We start it off with December 1993 to finish off that year, and start off the first quarter of 1994! These contain the ending of the Black Moon Arc, along with the start of the… Read more »