Monday Night Raws: Zettai, Kare wo Ubatte Miseru!

Happy Miss Dream Monday!

This week, before we kick off the highly anticipated Project Animanga, we are sharing something very rare.

Please enjoy a copy of Zettai, Kare wo Ubatte Miseru – the last of a series of books written by Marie Koizumi and illustrated by Sailor Moon’s author, Naoko Takeuchi.

This book is incredibly rare and difficult to find. Only a handful of collectors know about its existence and are lucky enough to own a copy. It had a very limited print in 1998 and many of the copies have significantly deteriorated over time. When I found a copy at a good price online, I immediately snagged it with the intention of digitizing it for longevity.

Sincere thanks are owed to Brad of, who was kind enough to forward this book to me in New York since the seller would ship within Japan only.

Marie Koizumi and Naoko Takeuchi collaborated on a series of illustrated girls’ romance novels published by Kodansha between 1994 and 1998. The two manga authors remain close friends today.

I hope everyone will enjoy this download. Have a great week, and see you this Thursday for PGSM goodies! :)

Monday Night Raws: Artbooks + More!

Hi everyone!

As an insert between two major raw projects, this week I thought I’d share scans of the Sailor Moon art books I own:

Art Books:

  1. Kodansha’s Ketteiban Sailor Moon Artbook
  2. Nakayoshi’s Anime Album Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S Volume 1
  3. Nakayoshi’s Sailor Moon R Movie Memorial Album

My collection is by no means complete, though I do hope to add more volumes in the future :)

Additionally, I found something by luck: a copy of the ultra-rare novel Atashi no Wagamama wo Kiite, written by Marie Koizumi and illustrated by Sailor Moon’s author, Naoko Takeuchi. I managed to snag the book for $3, even though copies are selling on eBay for $60! I consider this an act of fate, so I have decided to share my fortune with the internet.

Other Stories by Naoko Takeuchi

  1. Atashi no Wagamama wo Kiite

That’s all for today. Enjoy the super high-res scans! See you on Thursday.