Topic: Site Stuff

Massive Raws Section Expansion

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! With things getting back in order, we have finally been able to finish preparation on many scans. Because of this, today we are doing a massive expansion of our raws section! Online today, we are putting up FOUR new sections. Yes, that’s right. No trickle effect today. We are doing… Read more »

Galleries Back Online!

Happy weekend Miss Dreamers! Today, months of hell comes to an end, with the relaunch of all the galleries! They may have only been down for a month on the site, but we’ve been having issues for much longer. I was able to finally put together a good solution for this site earlier this week,… Read more »

Additional La Reconquista Goodies and More!

Happy weekend Miss Dreamers! It sounds like everyone has been enjoying the new musical, Sailor Moon: La Reconquista, throughout the week. I’m still impressed that we busted through the network pipe. ^^;; This weekend, we’re adding more goodies to this section! To start off the update, ainomessage has been hard at work with the new… Read more »