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Hire Miss Dream

Hello everyone, Ever wanted to see your favorite doujinshi or Japanese movie translated into English, but no one will take on the project? Please consider hiring us for all of your Japanese to English translation and digitization service needs this holiday season! We’re willing to take on ANY project, and rates are negotiable! Check out… Read more »

Raws Odds and Ends

Maria (novel version) Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! Tonight we have another nice edition of Monday Night Raws, finishing up some odd and ends abound. First off, we finally complete our collection of Naoko Takeuchi books, with the novel version of Maria being added today. Maria was written my Naoko Takeuchi and Marie Koizumi, and… Read more »

Another English Sailor Moon Raws Expansion

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! I know it’s a bit late, however it works perfectly in that this is a Monday Night Raws post! Today, we have another expansion of the raws section, with more English Sailor Moon raws being posted online! North American Sailor Moon Dub Books We will start the update with various… Read more »

Sailor Moon: La Reconquista on YouTube

Happy Thursday Miss Dreamers! I’m sorry for the technical issues through the week, we broke our bandwidth limit which resulted in issues in he network through the data center. While it’s pretty cool to have such a big impact, we were not able to keep things like that. Sadly, the stream experiment has been deemed… Read more »