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PGSM Act 15!

Welcome back to Miss Dream’s Toku Thursday! Sorry it’s a little late tonight ^___^ Today, please enjoy Act 15 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: direct download | torrent While you’re waiting for your download to finish, please consider checking out this cute little Sailor Moon doujinshi translation site: Crystal L Moon That’s all for today… Read more »

Monday Night Raws-Mar 19

Greetings! Welcome back to Miss Dream’s Monday Night Raw downloads! This week, we’ve got the first-print scans of the original three volumes of Sailor Moon’s tankoubon run. Sailor Moon Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 I’d also like to remind folks of our contest: The first one to find the Easter Egg in one of… Read more »

Codename: Sailor V raws!

Hello Miss Dreamers! Monday Night Raws is back in the game, and we’ve got a new project! We’re going to be releasing raw scans of the first-print tankoubon of Codename: Sailor V, followed by the first-print run of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. We’ll be putting 3 volumes up each week, which makes for seven weeks… Read more »