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More Doujins of the Outers!

Welcome to August, Dreamers! This week’s update continues our doujin uploads from our generous donor, wolf1806! This set is mainly focued on the Outer Senshi! Also, Mermaid Panic’s 2nd volume has been translated and up for viewing! Take a look! This week’s doujin uploads Ajasai Cache-Cache Six Flowers Wish Mermaid Panic Volume 2 As a… Read more »

SDCC Recap! Also, Bringing The Doujins Again!

Hi, Dreamers! This week’s update has a recap from Viz’s Sailor Moon panel at San Diego Comic Con International…yep, we’re continuing to bring more doujins from our generous donor, wolf1806! This week’s doujin uploads 2002*20 Soda Planet Following A Reader Zento Tanan Sailor Moon @ SDCC 2017 Recap With San Diego Comic Con over, we… Read more »

Even More Doujins & Sera Myu Translations!

Hi, Dreamers! This week’s update is about more doujins from wolf1806…yep, we got more donated! Also, translations of the Sera Myu songs, provided by Sasha. This week’s doujin uploads Shrakawa Yofune Gaden Insui Kodoku no Megami (Uranus/Neptune) Kodoku no Megami (Pluto/Saturn) Sera Myu Updated Lyrics Updates are provided by Sasha. Ones that are new to the… Read more »