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Sailor Stars Sera Myu Lyrics Re-translated!

Hello again, Dreamers! This week’s Sailor Moon news has been slow…but there’s some light at the end of the tunnel, when we get to Usagi’s birthday, at the end of this month, when we’ll hear something about Sailor Moon Crystal, Season IV! Hope for a date..and possibly more! For now, this week’s update is an… Read more »

SuperS Sera Myu Lyrics Updated

Hello, Dreamers! This week’s update is an update for the lyrics to the SuperS Sera Myu, provided by Sasha. Sailor Moon SuperS: Yume Senshi – Ai – Eien ni Updated Lyrics We added and updated lyrics, which are translated by Sasha. Most include notes and/or which character sang a part of it. The new songs… Read more »

Sera Myus…Sera Myus Everywhere!

Hello, Dreamers! This week’s update is all about Sera Myus. Our musical lyrics from the Sera Myu, Sailor Moon S: Usagi – Ai no Senshi he no Michi are added & updated, thanks to Sasha, as well as Le Mouvement Final posters, that were revealed last week. And, we got a tribute video from the… Read more »

Much Sailor Moon News!

Hello, Dreamers! This week’s update has many news in the Sailor Moon world, over the past week! Ranging from baseball, to Sera Myu, and everything else in between. Sailor Moon Crystal Day at the Golden Eagles Game Sailor Moon had a presence at the Rakuten Golden Eagles ballgame, where it had it’s Rakuten Girl-themed day,… Read more »