PGSM Acts 47 – finale + Nakayoshi October 2012

Miss Dream Monday is back! Today we are finishing off the main story line for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon:

Act 47: direct download | torrent
Act 48: direct download | torrent
Final Act: direct download | torrent

Next week we will be posting Act Zero and the Special Act. After that, we intend on releasing the Kirari * Super Live event and the Super Dance Lesson, but when will be determined by demand. We’ll likely get them both online some time before the end of the year but we’re not sure when at this point. Ditto for the DVD omake videos. :)

Today I am pleased to announce that we finally have our lyrics database back online! You can access it via the “translations” drop down menu or by clicking here.

Also worth checking out is the Nakayoshi October 2012 issue, featuring an advertisement for the 2013 Sailor Moon anime, as well as DVD and manga box sets to be released this month.

I have a subscription to Nakayoshi magazine and there is no mention of Sailor Moon anywhere in the November or December issues of the magazine. However, since I now have a regular subscription I will be providing full scans of all the current issues of Nakayoshi magazine for the foreseeable future. If Sailor Moon makes a random appearance again (and I have a feeling it might) we’ll have copies of it here for your downloading pleasure.

That’s all for today! Check back next week as we wrap up the PGSM project and kick off a new one. <3

PGSM Acts 44-46 + Spa Magazine

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Miss Dream Monday!

Although a majority of our staff was affected by Hurricane Sandy, we’ve managed to pull through with some updates for today. Here are the next three episodes of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, for your viewing enjoyment:

Act 44: direct download | torrent
Act 45: direct download | torrent
Act 46: direct download | torrent

Next up, please enjoy a download of the ultra-rare SPA Magazine, featuring an exclusive photoshoot with Sailor Moon series creator Naoko Takeuchi. The images from this photo shoot are extremely difficult to find and were never released outside of this magazine – so having nice, 600 DPI scans is definitely handy for any die-hard fan! But please be aware, this magazine is intended for an adult audience. Definitely not safe to flip through the entire publication at work.
SPA magazine issue 5.25 download

We are a bit behind schedule in our scanlation releases, but this is due to the fact that several of our graphical designers have been left without power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Please send your thoughts and/or prayers to our designer Rebecca of fame, as she and her family have been left without power for almost a week now.

If you can, please consider donating to the Red Cross in their effort to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

We’ll see you back next week with a massive haul of Nakayoshi magazine back issue raws. Until then, enjoy!

PGSM Acts 38-40

It’s Miss Dream Monday, and we’re back with more goodies!

Here are the next three episodes of PGSM; we’re getting close to the end now!

Act 38: direct download | torrent
Act 39: direct download | torrent
Act 40: direct download | torrent

Also give a read to Misty’s latest Kodansha error guide, detailing the mistakes made in Sailor Moon 7.

Today we are also releasing Prism Time volume 2, by Sailor Moon series creator Naoko Takeuchi. Prism Time 2 is a collection of short stories that were made long before Sailor Moon ever became a serialization, and was released in tankoubon format after Sailor Moon’s manga had ended. It is definitely worth checking out if you’re a hard core fan of shoujo manga!

Check back next week for a slew of new raw additions, as well as the resurrection of our lyrics database. MarioKnight has been hard at work manually re-coding the section and we expect to have it ready next Monday. Until then, enjoy and have a great week!

Also – happy birthday to Aino Minako, AKA Sailor Venus!

3rd Year Anniversary

It’s our third birthday, and we’re here to celebrate with downloadable goodies!

So here’s a nice big download of the December 2005 issue of Nakayoshi magazine, featuring the 6th and final chapter of Toki * Meca by Naoko Takeuchi. This book is almost impossible to find and hardly anyone has read the series finale to Toki * Meca because it was never released in a tankoubon like the first four were.

(for fun, here’s a bonus download of the October 2005 issue of Nakayoshi magazine; featuring well, nothing at all by Naoko Takeuchi. But I got it for $2 and couldn’t resist sharing ^_^)

To commemorate the occasion I have written a little something, detailing our plans for the future as a group. I hope you’ll all give it a read.

Thank you for continuing to support us throughout the years – this place would be nothing if not for our fans.

Drop us a comment below – we want to know what project you think we should take on next!