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PGSM Act Zero, Special Act, and Much More!

We’re back and hitting the ground running! This week we’ve got a lot of new content for you to enjoy, such as… The finale of PGSM! Please enjoy downloads of: Act Zero direct download | torrent Special Act direct download | torrent Which officially wraps up our PGSM project! We’ll be releasing omake videos from… Read more »

PGSM Acts 44-46 + Spa Magazine

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Miss Dream Monday! Although a majority of our staff was affected by Hurricane Sandy, we’ve managed to pull through with some updates for today. Here are the next three episodes of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, for your viewing enjoyment: Act 44: direct download | torrent Act 45: direct download… Read more »

PGSM 41-43

It’s Miss Dream Monday, and we’re back with more PGSM! Act 41: direct download | torrent Act 42: direct download | torrent Act 43: direct download | torrent As most of our staff is in the path of Hurricane Sandy, our updates are a little lighter than usual our need to prepare for the storm…. Read more »