Additional La Reconquista Goodies and More!

Happy weekend Miss Dreamers! It sounds like everyone has been enjoying the new musical, Sailor Moon: La Reconquista, throughout the week. I’m still impressed that we busted through the network pipe. ^^;; This weekend, we’re adding more goodies to this section!

Sailor Moon La Reconquista Cast and Staff Translations

To start off the update, ainomessage has been hard at work with the new La Reconquista Cast and Staff Translations page. She has been translating tweets and blog posts by the actresses of the musical over the past few months on her tumblr, and has been gracious enough to compile these all in one place! These are fun reads, with lots of pictures as well! Definitely highly recommended, I’m sure y’all will enjoy them!

God of Backstage - Interview with actresses: Tuxedo Mask, Venus, Mars, and Jadeite
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Another work she has finished was the most recent God of Backstage show which aired just after the start of the musical! This third installment includes the actresses for Tuxedo Mask, Sailors Mars and Venus, and Jadeite! This is done in the same vein as the previous installments, and this also includes reactions the ladies had from the first performances! It was mentioned how surprised they were to see a lot of foreigners there, and altogether a fun watch!

All of these have been added to our Sailor Moon: La Reconquista portal. For those of you who haven’t been to this page yet, outside of what was mentioned above and our translation of the musical itself, it contains more segments from the God of Backstage show, the (unofficial) soundtrack and lyrics, pamphlet translations, and much more. In the bottom of the page, there are two new flyers added. Thanks and credit goes to Pauline French for sharing these on our facebook page, allowing us to add these in our compilation page.

Keeping on track with the musicals, staff member P-chan has gone through and updated our Ultimate Sera Myu Guide with everything about Sailor Moon: La Reconquista. If you haven’t seen this page before, it’s a wonderful guide to all of the musicals. It is a great resource, and will get you excited for seeing all the others at some point, a number of which we have translated and posted online. We plan to add more of the Sailor Moon: La Reconquista streams, currently we only have access to two of the four performances and not all four as anticipated. So the proposed ultimate pack may be a touch less ultimate as initially planned. In any case, work is still being done to include as much as we possibly can!

Last but not least, we have a small addition to our special Naoko Takeuchi page. Thanks to ironlithium on tumblr, another artwork influence has been discovered, so it has been added with the rest! This page is also a wonderful source on anything Naoko Takeuchi including a timeline of her life and various pop culture influences to her work!

And that’s all for this weekend! We’re happy that y’all seemed to be enjoying Sailor Moon: La Reconquista along with the additional goodies on that page. If you haven’t, we highly recommend it. We’re always working on more projects for y’all’s enjoyment, so stay tuned! See you next time! =D

Sailor Moon: La Reconquista on YouTube

Happy Thursday Miss Dreamers! I’m sorry for the technical issues through the week, we broke our bandwidth limit which resulted in issues in he network through the data center. While it’s pretty cool to have such a big impact, we were not able to keep things like that. Sadly, the stream experiment has been deemed a failure and will not be returning. Even before the network-breaking bandwidth issues, people were reporting other issues, most common being the stream restarting after various periods of time. All direct downloads had to be disabled until I could find a way to manage them. I have been doing this through the week, finalized a system last night, and all direct downloads are back online! It’s been a trying week, definitely a lot learned for future projects. I hope that y’all have been able to enjoy Sailor Moon: La Reconquista by now, however for those who haven’t, thanks to four people, you can now watch Sailor Moon: La Reconquista on YouTube! We didn’t put it on there ourselves, as we do not want to risk the taking down of our channel. Thankfully these four users took the time necessary to get this online, and we hope that these will last for those of you who have no other way to watch.

Silent Polaris

MoonXenite Momô



We would like to thank the above users for sharing this musical to reach an even wider audience. It is very much appreciated! =D If anyone else decides to do the same, please link and credit us in the video and let us know, and we will be happy to post the link on the site! That is all we have for you tonight. I hope that everyone has been enjoying Sailor Moon: La Reconquista, we sure have, and the stats definitely show lots of love! And for those waiting for streams, please enjoy the links above to watch Sailor Moon La: Reconquista on Youtube! Please be sure to check out all of the other goodies on our Sailor Moon: La Reconquista portal page, with nearly everything regarding the musical translated, and even a few more things to come! Stay tuned and see you soon!

Sailor Moon La Reconquista Preparation Weekend!

Hello Miss Dreamers! Today is a very special day, as we were able to successfully record Sailor Moon La Reconquista in its first stream! We have been working hard all day to bring this, and many other things, to you as soon as we can. As of this typing, I would estimate that maybe a third has been translated and subtitled. I’ve been told that this is the hardest segment, so things may start moving a bit faster around the halfway point. We will see. I would like to take this time to ask for donations to our caffeine funds helping us power through everything we’ve got going on. We have a PayPal button on the top of our main page, and while linking to it seems to be interesting, this link should be working. We love doing this, and appreciate all of your support as we prepare this major release for you.

Sailor Moon La Reconquista Portal Page

That being said, while the performance is not ready to go online, we have so much other material relating to Sailor Moon La Reconquista coming online today to get y’all pumped up for the big show! First off, as announced on social media last night, we put together a massive page containing every La Reconquista posting we’ve had thus far, and all future postings will be added there as well, including the translation of the performance itself. We have a link to it in the main menu as well, this is your one stop for all things Sailor Moon La Reconquista outside of Japan.

Our first new addition to this page today is an interview with the main cast posted in Engeki Book magazine’s October 2013 issue. This is another good look at how the cast gets along and various other topics. I believe this is the first interview of such that has all five of the sailor soldiers’ actresses present, which already makes this a fun and unique read!
Sailor Moon La Reconquista Pamphlet
The next posting is something that has been very anticipated all week long. Thanks to Anne fron, as well as some assistance from Sakky/sailorastera and smobss, we have good quality pictures of the official Sailor Moon La Reconquista pamphlet. With these, Elly has spent a good part of her week translating the whole thing. It is massive. It is a pretty good read with lots of information and the official song listing! This is something that should really get you going for when we have the performance online. I can’t recommend this enough, it is easily the single page that has gotten the most attention in this entire site. Between Elly’s week of translating, my night formatting the page to look good, and Serenity842003’s time to read through and edit, this is something you will want to read. You can start by clicking here.

And here’s a nice surprise that none of you expected, but I know will love to no end. While reading our translation of the official pamphlet, why not listen to all of the songs in the performance?

Soundtrack Download
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Yes, you read that correctly. All of the songs in Sailor Moon La Reconquista for your listening pleasure as you read the pamphlet while waiting for our translation to be completed. I have taken the time to make tracks from this morning’s performance stream into MP3s to listen to on the device of your choice, or burn to your own CD with. This unofficial soundtrack clocks in at just under an hour, and features all songs performed in the musical in the order they were performed in, titles translated from the pamphlet. If this doesn’t get you excited for watching the show, I don’t know what will.

And that will round up today! As you can see, we are focused on bringing you everything we possibly can for Sailor Moon La Reconquista. This is a very exciting time, and it is wonderful to be able to play a part in doing everything that we’re doing here. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor, this musical has consumed our lives, though it certainly has been an enjoyable process getting everything together. We will post the translated performance as soon as we are able to do so, however please enjoy all of the material that we have brought online today! =D

Another La Reconquista Cast Interview, Raw Additions, and more

Good evening Miss Dreamers! It feels like it’s been a long time since the last update, but I’m looking to rectify this!

First, an explination in regards to the sudden halt. While it’s no secret that we prep everything we post ahead of time, with the exception of any news and information that comes from Japan, a wall has been hit in one very important aspect of these postings: the galleries. A little over a year ago not long after we moved the site to the then-newly build Deimos, we started to really amp up what we made available in galleries. Previously, only our scanlations were viewable in gallery pages with all raws and other materials available in a download only basis. The plugin that we used, NextGEN Gallery, was working well, so Elly went hardcore into making everything that we had online available in a gallery format for ease of use and options for all. Over time, it started to become apparent that this plugin was having issues with the giant galleries created, where a few months ago, importing images became nearly impossible. A massive update was made for the plugin in early August, with many more options and many improvements. However, the resource management when upgrading was actually worse, making galleries barely loadable. I rolled back, to at least have galleries viewable even though we couldn’t create any more. A number of fixes were made, some testing was done, on a development site here, and I decided to risk re-doing everything with a fresh copy of the gallery plugin due to the success I had. I took them all down to put in the work to bring everything back up and work better. Sadly, the scope of them was still too much, bringing other errors that hadn’t been there before, and keeping us at a halt for new content. I’ve been in discussions with the developers for the past couple of weeks since I had purchased Pro support, however the issues that break the site still remain unresolved. We have decided to forego the continued usage of this plugin as we can no longer wait for it to potentially be fixed for bigger sites such as this one. As of this typing, we are still working on a viable solution. I do not know when this will be, I can only say right now it has been my top priority, however I need a break and to get some stuff online today.

Before we get to new content, I would like to formally welcome CyborgArmGun to our staff! She has been a big help in doing a lot of grunt work for us over the past couple of weeks, making it possible for us to spend our time elsewhere. She has also provided more materials for our raws section (our twitter followers got a hint about what one book will be coming soon…)!! We are happy to have CyborgArmGun on board!

As y’all are aware, this past weekend was the opening weekend for the new musical, Sailor Moon: La Reconquista! Today, we add a fansub for another God of Backstage show segment containing a La Reconquista cast interview!

God of Backstage: La Reconquista Cast Interview 2
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In this La Reconquista cast interview, the actresses for Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Nephrite, and Zoicite, are all on the show. They talk about working on the stage, females playing male roles, and much more! Please enjoy this fansub to get ready for the new musical!

We are also adding two items to our raws section. The first of which was actually added steathily to the site when some pages were getting redone, in the form of the Nakaoyshi Sailor Moon S Memorial Album artbook! As with the others, this has many high-quality images, now available in high-quality in a digital format for your enjoyment!
Nakayoshi Sailor Moon S Movie Memorial Album
Nakayoshi Sailor Moon S Movie Memorial Album
Nakayoshi August 2013
Nakayoshi August 2013
Another addition has been a staple this year. Since it is my first update of the month, the Nakayoshi magazine dated last month is due to go online! The Nakayoshi August 2013 issue is available for your downloading pleasure! Nakayoshi magazine is a famous publication in Japan which has featured shoujo manga for many decades. Sailor Moon is one of many franchises that was featured in this magazine. News relating to any franchises serialized in Nakayoshi is usually posted within the magazine as well. You may remember that this issue contained a lot of news when released. You can now get high quality scans of these pages, Doki Doki! Precure, and much more!

Last month, a new site was opened in Shojo Power, which is focused on providing a feminist analysis of Sailor Moon and more. Anne, the owner of the site, has written some great articles in analyzing these different aspects over the various mediums of the franchise, and definitely worth reading! She had approached Elly to write a guest artice, posted last week, this one tackling the topic of menstrutation in Sailor Moon. Today, we are adding this article to our editorial section here. It is quite the read, which we hope you enjoy! Please visit Shojo Power, and enjoy many more articles Anne has put together!

This is all that we have for today! Due to the ongoing gallery issues, at this point in time I do not know when regular postings will resume. We will continue to post anything going on in Japan, as I type this Elly is hard at work translating the pamphlet for Sailor Moon: La Reconquista! This should be ready sometime in the next week, please keep an eye out for it! The Nico streams of the musical start this weekend as well. We appear to have found a methos to record this ourselves, however we would love any assistance that anyone can give in providing us with the raw from the stream, so we can get this online for y’all’s viewing pleasure as soon as possible before the DVD is released. Yes, we will update our download to the DVD version whenever this is available. I am sorry that the galleries are currently unavailable, but I hope you enjoy everything else that we have for you such as the La Reconquista cast interview! See you next time!