Nakayoshi September 2013 and Three Doujin Online

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! Yes, it’s true, we are finally back to Monday updates again! While yes, we are still doing catch-up on prepping our queue following the relaunch of the galleries a couple days ago, I did take some time to prepare content for an update today, in the form of the Nakayoshi September 2013 issue and three Sailor Moon based doujinshi.

Nakayoshi September 2013
Nakayoshi September 2013
Yes, for the first time in a few months, we have a current Nakayoshi magazine issue on schedule. For those of you who haven’t been here, on the first Monday of each month, we post downloads and galleries of the Nakayoshi issue that has the publication of the month previous. As it is October, this means that Nakayoshi September 2013 is being posted online today. Nakayoshi magazine is a famous publication in Japan which has featured shoujo manga for many decades. Sailor Moon is one of many franchises that was featured in this magazine. News relating to any franchises serialized in Nakayoshi is usually posted within the magazine as well. While there are no Sailor Moon chapters in this issue, or anything by Naoko Takeuchi, it features plenty of other popular series like Doki Doki! Precure!

Normally I would round out an update with even more issues of Nakayoshi Magazine in what I like to call Nakayoshi Rush, however I don’t have the ability to do so this week. So instead, we will start posting up a series of Sailor Moon doujinshi, which has been commissioned by an anonmyous donor who also provided the raws. We thank this person for their donation and support, and I’m sure y’all will do the same. There is a lot of work that we have scheduled with them, so doujinshi fans will have semi-regular posts to look forward to! Today, we post three stories from the Rainbow Over the Moon series.

Rainbow Over the Moon 3
Cyan Fiber

Rainbow Over the Moon 7
Green Crystal

Rainbow Over the Moon 8
Pale Blue Current

And that’s all for this week. Work is continuing on our Sailor Moon: La Reconquista Ultimate Pack, which I’m sure everyone will enjoy! There’s work for a lot of new content to be added to our raws section over time, and other goodies are in the works as well. Until then, please enjoy today’s offerings of the Nakayoshi September 2013 issue and the three doujinshi! See you next time!

Galleries Back Online!

Happy weekend Miss Dreamers! Today, months of hell comes to an end, with the relaunch of all the galleries! They may have only been down for a month on the site, but we’ve been having issues for much longer. I was able to finally put together a good solution for this site earlier this week, and have spent the last few days importing and coding them into each of the pages. As of this typing, everything that had a gallery prior to the takedown has one back on! I am so happy to finally have this issue put behind us so we can move forward with future postings. It will be some time before I have another schedule set and more pages ready, but I’m hoping to have regular postings return sometime later this month. It sucks that our queue ran out before these issues were solved, but we finally are ready to give me a giant queue again! x_x While there’s no new content today, this is a big enough announcement to merit an update everywhere. Everyone who has been waiting, please enjoy the return of the galleries, and they can be better enjoyed in mobile than previously as well! A big thanks go out to Anna and Dawn for helping me with the importing process to make this possible today! ^_^ I’m going to break from site for for today, but we will have more things to come soon! See you next time!

P.S. – Fun fact, after finishing this, we have 92,989 files in 476 albums! X_X

Sailor Moon 2013 Merchandise: Lip Stick, Eyeliner, Nail Art, and More!

Hello everyone! It’s time for another Sailor Moon 2013 merchandise round up. My plan is to do one of these once a month. As always, information comes from Sailor Moon Channel and has been translated into English by yours truly. Let’s get started!

Keisuke Kanda Sailor Moon Collection

Last time Sailor Moon Channel had only given us information about the Keisuke Kanda collection show at Iseten Department store, but now we have some pictures of the collection to share:

Keisuke Kanda Sailor Moon Paper Aprons
Retail price is 1,575yen each, roughly $16 USD. What these are intended for, exactly, is anybody’s guess. They’re made of thin paper and would probably shred if you tried to wear them around, so I’m assuming these are just a novelty item…? If you own this item, please feel free to comment with more details!

Keisuke Kanda Sailor Moon Pillow Bag
Retailing for 22,050 yen (roughly $225!), these designer Keisuke Kanda Sailor Moon Pillow Bags are limited edition. They are listed on the Isetan website as being made 100% of polyester, so this is kind of a rip off – even though the bag is cute.

Keisuke Kanda Sailor Moon Socks
Retailing for 4,700 yen (roughly $50 USD) these limited edition socks are no longer available, as the Keisuke Kanda Isetan event ended on September 24th. This item was only available for purchase in stores, so I hope you bought a pair!

Sailor Moon Character Nail Art

Of all the new Sailor Moon 2013 merchandise coming out, I have to admit I’m really excited about this item.

Retailing for 1,050yen individually (around ~$11 USD), you can buy these in sets of one packs, three packs, or a complete set of all 6 designs. There are six designs available – Love&Justice, Sailor Mode, Pretty Guardian, Midnight Town, Make Up, and Sailor Streamline. These are acryllic fake nails, and adhesives are not included. They are scheduled for delivery in mid December are are available for pre-order via Premium Bandai. They will also be on sale in retail stores such as Loft, Animate, Village Vangard, and others.

Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Eyeliners

Available for pre-order at Premium Bandai are the Sailor Moon Star Power Prism Eyeliner Limited Box Sets. There are 2 box sets available. The blue box includes the black, blue & white eyeliners, while the pink box includes the brown, red & white eyeliners. These sets are limited edition and only 2,000 sets are available for sale. Retail price is 3,465yen (roughly $35 USD) They are scheduled for arrival in December 2013.

Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Moon Stick Lip Stick

Available for pre-order from Premium Bandai, this is the 4th in the line of Creer Beaute’s Miracle Romance cosmetics line in celebration of Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary. Retail price is 1780 yen (roughly $18 USD) and is a lip balm in a Sailor Moon Moon Stick shaped dispenser. The balm itself is a blended of jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, collagen and vitamin E, and has a peach fragrance. They are scheduled for delivery in February of 2014.

Naoko Takeuchi Interview Pt. 2 in ROLa Magazine

On sale October 1st, the November issue of ROLa magazine will contain the second part of the exclusive interview with the creator of Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi. This issue retails for 680 yen (around $7) You can buy a copy at or through a deputy service like Celga. I’ve already bought my copy and will have the translated interview online as soon as possible :)

Additional La Reconquista Goodies and More!

Happy weekend Miss Dreamers! It sounds like everyone has been enjoying the new musical, Sailor Moon: La Reconquista, throughout the week. I’m still impressed that we busted through the network pipe. ^^;; This weekend, we’re adding more goodies to this section!

Sailor Moon La Reconquista Cast and Staff Translations

To start off the update, ainomessage has been hard at work with the new La Reconquista Cast and Staff Translations page. She has been translating tweets and blog posts by the actresses of the musical over the past few months on her tumblr, and has been gracious enough to compile these all in one place! These are fun reads, with lots of pictures as well! Definitely highly recommended, I’m sure y’all will enjoy them!

God of Backstage - Interview with actresses: Tuxedo Mask, Venus, Mars, and Jadeite
download | torrent

Another work she has finished was the most recent God of Backstage show which aired just after the start of the musical! This third installment includes the actresses for Tuxedo Mask, Sailors Mars and Venus, and Jadeite! This is done in the same vein as the previous installments, and this also includes reactions the ladies had from the first performances! It was mentioned how surprised they were to see a lot of foreigners there, and altogether a fun watch!

All of these have been added to our Sailor Moon: La Reconquista portal. For those of you who haven’t been to this page yet, outside of what was mentioned above and our translation of the musical itself, it contains more segments from the God of Backstage show, the (unofficial) soundtrack and lyrics, pamphlet translations, and much more. In the bottom of the page, there are two new flyers added. Thanks and credit goes to Pauline French for sharing these on our facebook page, allowing us to add these in our compilation page.

Keeping on track with the musicals, staff member P-chan has gone through and updated our Ultimate Sera Myu Guide with everything about Sailor Moon: La Reconquista. If you haven’t seen this page before, it’s a wonderful guide to all of the musicals. It is a great resource, and will get you excited for seeing all the others at some point, a number of which we have translated and posted online. We plan to add more of the Sailor Moon: La Reconquista streams, currently we only have access to two of the four performances and not all four as anticipated. So the proposed ultimate pack may be a touch less ultimate as initially planned. In any case, work is still being done to include as much as we possibly can!

Last but not least, we have a small addition to our special Naoko Takeuchi page. Thanks to ironlithium on tumblr, another artwork influence has been discovered, so it has been added with the rest! This page is also a wonderful source on anything Naoko Takeuchi including a timeline of her life and various pop culture influences to her work!

And that’s all for this weekend! We’re happy that y’all seemed to be enjoying Sailor Moon: La Reconquista along with the additional goodies on that page. If you haven’t, we highly recommend it. We’re always working on more projects for y’all’s enjoyment, so stay tuned! See you next time! =D

Sailor Moon: La Reconquista on YouTube

Happy Thursday Miss Dreamers! I’m sorry for the technical issues through the week, we broke our bandwidth limit which resulted in issues in he network through the data center. While it’s pretty cool to have such a big impact, we were not able to keep things like that. Sadly, the stream experiment has been deemed a failure and will not be returning. Even before the network-breaking bandwidth issues, people were reporting other issues, most common being the stream restarting after various periods of time. All direct downloads had to be disabled until I could find a way to manage them. I have been doing this through the week, finalized a system last night, and all direct downloads are back online! It’s been a trying week, definitely a lot learned for future projects. I hope that y’all have been able to enjoy Sailor Moon: La Reconquista by now, however for those who haven’t, thanks to four people, you can now watch Sailor Moon: La Reconquista on YouTube! We didn’t put it on there ourselves, as we do not want to risk the taking down of our channel. Thankfully these four users took the time necessary to get this online, and we hope that these will last for those of you who have no other way to watch.

Silent Polaris

MoonXenite Momô



We would like to thank the above users for sharing this musical to reach an even wider audience. It is very much appreciated! =D If anyone else decides to do the same, please link and credit us in the video and let us know, and we will be happy to post the link on the site! That is all we have for you tonight. I hope that everyone has been enjoying Sailor Moon: La Reconquista, we sure have, and the stats definitely show lots of love! And for those waiting for streams, please enjoy the links above to watch Sailor Moon La: Reconquista on Youtube! Please be sure to check out all of the other goodies on our Sailor Moon: La Reconquista portal page, with nearly everything regarding the musical translated, and even a few more things to come! Stay tuned and see you soon!