Sailor Moon Merchandise and Sailor Moon Musical 2013 News

Welcome back! After last night’s flurry of updates I have some news to share!

20th Anniversary: Sailor Moon R Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder Crystal Star Brooch Compact!

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Premium Bandai Sailor Moon R Shining Moon Powder Crystal BroochPretty Soldier Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Premium Bandai Sailor Moon R Shining Moon Powder Crystal BroochPretty Soldier Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Premium Bandai Sailor Moon R Shining Moon Powder Crystal Brooch

The Sailor Moon R Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder compact went up for pre-sale last night at 11 PM EST at the Premium Bandai website. Within five minutes of the posting the website had slowed considerably, and by the time it was in working order again all of the pre-orders had sold out. There is mention on the sale page currently that there will be a second opportunity to pre-order, but we do not know when this will be. This item was only available to ship within Japan while pre-order was up. I have received some reports that CDJapan had offered pre-orders for this item last night as well, but that they are now also currently sold-out. So if you are outside of Japan, it will be difficult to get this item at all.

The item itself has a pretty cool background. It is made by the specialty company, Premium Bandai, which is known for producing high-end anime and manga related merchandise. The Sailor Moon R Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder compact is also co-created by Creer Beaute (that’s not a typo!) known for making cosmetics based off of famous anime series.

Sailor Moon Channel and Premium Bandai have updated with some information regarding the new Sailor Moon R Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powder compact. I have translated everything I could find.

JPN | full-size ENG

Sailor Moon Musical 2013 News

While browsing Sailor Moon Channel for news, I happened upon an update about the new Sailor Moon musicals set to begin in September, 2013. I also found information about the new Sailor Moon musical on the Nakayoshi official homepage. Both sites confirmed that the new Sailor Moon musical will feature an all female cast, and will be a re-boot of the original series, featuring the Dark Kingdom as the main villains on a quest to take the Phantom Silver Crystal away from Sailor Moon and the other soldiers.

It is worth mentioning that the decision to make the cast of the new Sailor Moon musical all-female is based in a strong tradition of Japanese theater. To briefly summarize (since I am no expert), Takarazuka Revue has been producing adaptations of Western theater, as well as stand-alone productions of musicals and other Broadway-style shows related to anime or manga series, with an all-female cast since the early 1900s.

The significance and impact of Takarazuka Revue can not be denied in Japanese theater tradition; especially in this case, since the creator of Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi, has written about her love for Takarazuka Revue. In fact, some of the characters in Sailor Moon were based on famous Takarazuka Revue actresses. Takarazuka Revue has long been a symbol for girl-power in Japan, and it is no surprise that in celebration of Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary, the series creator wants to move the series back towards where it started; closer to the tradition of Takarazuka Revue.

JPN | full res in ENG

For anyone interested in learning more about the history of the Sailor Moon musicals, or Takarazuka Revue in general, I recommend visiting Sera Myu Antics, one of the internet’s oldest websites on this subject. It is an excellent resource, and now is a great time to watch through the musicals and get up to speed on them before the new one releases in September!

New Sailor Moon Musical Flyer + Nakayoshi

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! It certainly has been the exciting weekend, with the big news of a new Sailor Moon musical to come this September! Today, we have received our copy of the July 2013 edition of Nakayoshi magazine with another flyer of information!

JPN | full size ENG
It appears that the new Sailor Moon musical will be a relaunch, with the Dark Kingdom returning! For those interested in actually going to these performances, you can find information here on Nakayoshi’s website, as well as more details about the schedule, questions, contact info, and more here. On this page, you can actually pre-register for tickets. These are going fast, as of this post the last day of performances have already sold out!

For those of you unfamiliar with Nakayoshi and possibly coming here for the first time with this huge news, Nakayoshi magazine is a famous publication in Japan which has features shoujo manga for many decades. Sailor Moon is one of many series that was featured in this magazine. News relating to any franchises serialized in Nakayoshi is usually posted within the magazine as well.

We here at Miss Dream have been working on obtaining magazines that include chapters from Sailor Moon and other of Naoko Takeuchi’s work, which feature differences between the magazine and the eventual book releases.

Some months after the new anime announcement last year, we subscribed to the magazine to be able to bring scans such as above as soon as possible. We also post full issues of our collection for everyone’s enjoyment. While we do get the issues as they arrive, we post the full issues a month after the publication date on the first Monday of each month. Therefore today, the May 2013 issue is being posted!

Nakayoshi May 2013 download

We started doing recently what I call the Nakayoshi Rush. Previous to a couple weeks ago, we were only posting anywhere between 1 – 3 Nakayoshi issues a week. Well, when we saw how big our queue was and how many more we have on the way, we decided to really up our posting rate for our backlog to post 5 Nakayoshi each week no matter what, which will still have us covered until late August. The other four issues going online today all include different chapters of Sailor Moon, which are:

Nakayoshi April 1993
Nakayoshi April 1993
Nakayoshi July 1993
Nakayoshi July 1993
Nakayoshi August 1993
Nakayoshi August 1993
Nakayoshi September 1993
Nakayoshi Sept. 1993
Osabu Tweets Sailor Moon Merchandise
JPN | ENG @ full size
As we were finishing up this update, Osabu, an editor for Nakayoshi who has worked with Naoko Takeuchi, has posted some news on his Twitter account. We are his official translator for this account, with an account for these translated tweets. Today, he has posted an update to the Sailor Moon Channel site, announcing Sailor Moon cosmetics! You can see the official section of the Bandai site here!

That’s all we have this week. Next week, expect the Nakayoshi Rush to continue, and we will also post more news as we see it! Until then, follow us on Twitter for breaking news updates and more! Also, please considering donating to a fund to help staff member Jen bring her pet cat to the vet as he is getting really sick. Thank you, and see you next week!

Breaking News: New Sailor Moon Musical to Begin in September 2013!

Osabu Fumio, Naoko Takeuchi’s editor from Kodansha LTD confirmed via twitter that a brand new Sailor Moon musical (Sera Myu) will begin in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan in September of 2013.


Sailor Moon musical announcement
JPN | ENG @ full size
Sailor Moon musical flyer
JPN | ENG @ full size

Here is what we know so far:

1. You can pre-reg for a ticket through July 2013 issue of Nakayoshi magazine, releasing June 3rd.

2. Otherwise you can buy tickets through AiiA’s ticket hotline beginning in July.

3. Cast will be:

4. Producer is Hiramitsu Takuya, who is famous for his works on Hetalia Hunter x Hunter, and more. Music will be by Toshihiko Sahashi, famous for his work on Cutie Honey, Gundam Seed, and Magic Knight Rayearth

5. Initial Sailor Moon musical run will last 10 days, from September 13th ~ 23rd. May extend for more performances / more location depending on fan reception.

Osabu has also tweeted that there will be an announcement regarding new Sailor Moon merchandise tomorrow morning, so please stay tuned to our official English twitter feed of his account by following us on Twitter here: OsabuP_English

Update: Flyer from Nakayoshi July 2013 with information issue and much more here.

Update 7/3/2013 Musical name, more cast members, and more info here!

Character Art Books Online, Nakayoshi Rush Continues

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! In this Memorial Day posting, we have some nice additions to our art books section. All five of the Pretty Soldiers Fan Books have been scanned and are ready for your viewing and downloading pleasure! This books are very rare and highly sought after, many thanks to staff member Tommy who let us scan these gems for your pleasure!

We also continue our Nakayoshi Rush this week! We are continuing posting up issues in the order of publication that are in the queue. You’ll notice that the first issue is out of place in comparison to last week. This is because I was unable to locate the RAR archive in time for posting, which is why it has been posting this week. I have gone through and ensured that everything else is in the proper place, naturally the only thing out of place was what was just mentioned for the first week of the rush. -_-;; Without further ado, here are this week’s postings!

While checking to ensure everything is in place, I plotted the schedule for the rush. All issues that are prepared and in queue at the rate we intend to post them in, we won’t be done until mid-August! Yes, with the five a week rush rate! Crazy! @[email protected];; This does not include issues we have purchased that will be on the way to us over the next month or two. Next week, expect the rush to continue, and possible more fun postings as well. Also, please don’t forget about our garage sale! Own a piece of internet history for a fraction of the cost, and make room in our house for more goodness to post! See you next week, and enjoy this week’s downloads!

PGSM v2s and Nakayoshi rush start!

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! Today is the day you have all been waiting for, the v2s of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon are finally online! Head on over to the PGSM portal to get the bulk download torrent, and all of the direct download links have been updated as well. Enjoy y’all’s massive downloading spree!

This week, I am starting the Nakayoshi rush! As of this typing, we have over 60 issues prepared! (A good chunk of these are for sale, buy them!!) We have more on the way next month (clear out my house!!), and the 2 – 3 each week just isn’t going to cut it, or all of these will take forever. Starting this week, every update will have at least 5 issues posted online. About three and a half months seems a lot better than over a year to get up just what we have ready, not even counting the ones on the way. This week, we’re going 80s! All issues today are from the late 1980s! While none of these have any work from Naoko Takeuchi, there are a lot of classic shoujo titles that you will not find anywhere else!

* January 1986
* September 1986
* February 1988
* April 1988
* October 1988

That’s going to finish this week! Please buy our old magazines to create space in our house for the new ones! These are cheaper that what you would find them for elsewhere, and can be bound back together with just a little effort. Next week, the rush continues! We’re also working on getting another interesting thing posted that I’m aiming for next week as well. See you then, and enjoy today’s downloads! =D