Another English Sailor Moon Raws Expansion

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! I know it’s a bit late, however it works perfectly in that this is a Monday Night Raws post! Today, we have another expansion of the raws section, with more English Sailor Moon raws being posted online!

North American Sailor Moon Dub Books
North American Sailor Moon Dub Books
We will start the update with various books based off of the Sailor Moon dub. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, different publishers obtained licenses to make books based off of the Sailor Moon franchise. Tokyopop had their Sailor Scout guides which doesn’t seem that odd, you might be surprised to hear that Scholastic actually had children books that followed some episodes. Another bit of a shocker is that Kodansha used to have a branch, Kodansha America Press, back then, and released a basic information book! See all of these in the new North American Sailor Moon Dub Books section.
Next up is a series of Role Playing books published by Guardians of Order. Created in the same vein as the popular series Dungeons and Dragons, Guardians of Order created table top RPG books for the North American dub version of Sailor Moon in the late 1990s. The Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book became one of their top sellers, inspiring a separate volume for villains, and three smaller supplementary books for Knight, Dark Warrior, and Sailor Senshi characters. Enjoy all of these books in the new Sailor Moon Guardians of Order Role Playing Books section.
Sailor Moon Guardians of Order Role Playing Books
Sailor Moon Guardians of Order Role Playing Books
Sailor Moon Collectable Card Game
Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game
Lastly, we have scans of the cards from the Sailor Moon Collectible Card game. Back in 2000, Dart Flipcards Inc. had made a card game based off of the Sailor Moon franchise, with an expansion set releases in 2001. It contained events and characters from the first two seasons. A thank you goes to staff member Cyborgarmgun for scanner her collection to share with everyone in this Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game section online!

And that is all for tonight’s update! We hope you enjoy this massive English Sailor Moon raws expansion just as we enjoy bringing it to you. Coming up soon will be our final release of Sailor Moon: La Reconquista, with the last performance, higher quality source, a higher quality soundtrack compilation, and possibly more! We are packing as much as we can to make this a very special release to commemorate this first big addition to the franchise in nearly a decade! We certainly have more raws on the way in various forms, and more doujunshi in queue, and possibly other things that escape me currently. Until then, we hope you enjoy the new English Sailor Moon raws posted tonight, and everything else we have. See you next time! =D

Massive Raws Section Expansion

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! With things getting back in order, we have finally been able to finish preparation on many scans. Because of this, today we are doing a massive expansion of our raws section! Online today, we are putting up FOUR new sections. Yes, that’s right. No trickle effect today. We are doing a lot all at the same time! =D And there is something for everyone today!

Sailor Moon: The Novels by Tokyopop/SMILE Books
Sailor Moon: The Novels by Tokyopop/SMILE Books
We will start off with English language content. Our first section today is the series of novels done by Tokyopop, based off of the American dub episodes. There were eight books written in total, covering about 24 episodes. We are able to obtain the full collection of these book, scanned for your enjoyment! As with all releases, these are available for reading in galleries and direct download sets. As this is a full set, I have gone ahead and made a torrent for these books.
Next up is more English language content. This time, instead of Sailor Moon merchandise, it’s a collection of magazines that featured Sailor Moon articles or content in some way or form. A big thanks goes out to our staff member, Pixeluna, for letting us scan these from here collection. We didn’t even know a number of these even existed before she showed us them! On top of Animerica which was previously on the site, this includes issues from In Power, Anime Invasion, Tokyopop, and more! This is a great way to see what you may have missed back then like us. Or a good way to relive memories for those who remember these magazines!
North American Magazines Featuring Sailor Moon
North American Magazines Featuring Sailor Moon
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Scripts
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Scripts
We will now shift over to Japanese language content. This section is made possible by Eternalruth, letting us borrow the materials for these scans. This section are scripts from the live action series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon! Yes, these are the actual scripts that were used for the show! Currently, only four scripts are available, and we hope to be lucky enough to expand this over time. Until then, please enjoy this rare treat!
And we will finish off with more novelty Japanese content, with various magazines that contain Sailor Moon content! Much like the English magazines posted above, these magazines have articles, interviews, and more. Some magazines have had the relevant Sailor Moon content translated already such as ROLa’s Naoko Takeuchi interview. Others have content that we plan to translate in the future, such as an older interview with Naoko Takeuchi in Figure King magazine. You may notice that previous magazines we had online have been moved here as well. Since these aren’t as big as Nakayoshi downloads, I did not prep any torrents for the new magazines added. However, I will do them on request if there is interest. In any case, galleries and direct downloads are fully working for them as with all of the other posts today!
Japanese Magazines Featuring Sailor Moon
Japanese Magazines Featuring Sailor Moon

And that will complete this week! I still haven’t scheduled out future postings, but things are looking up for yet another section in our raws portal. We’re always working, and won’t stop until we have everything possible that we can get our hands on! XD Please enjoy all of today’s new downloads, see you next time! ^_^

Naoko Takeuchi Interview in ROLa Magazine November 2013

Thank you to Mizuno Caitlin from Wild Mushroomland, who kindly scanned this Naoko Takeuchi interview in ROLa Magazine November 2013 issue! Because of Caitlin, not only can we share these scans, but we could also translate this interview into English. Please enjoy!

Naoko Takeuchi Interview in ROLa Magazine November 2013

Naoko Takeuchi Interview in ROLa Magazine November 2013
click here for full size

Naoko Takeuchi Interview in ROLa Magazine November 2013Through some miracle, my wish to interview Naoko Takeuchi has come true. As I’m talking to my goddess, as she discusses her feelings, she becomes more and more human before my eyes, her smile making me feel totally dumbfounded. We began this interview by talking about the birth of Sailor Moon, but this time we’re going to discuss the new merchandise, as well as some more personal information about the goddess herself. This is a really valuable piece. I hope you’ll cherish it as much as I did, so read on!

Aya: These days it’s just like back when Sailor Moon first came out – there’s so much new merchandise for sale. I’ve been collecting it.
Takeuchi: I used to buy a lot of it too; I used to have giant piles of the stuff all over the place. And then I sold a lot of it off. I really regret that now.

Aya: Hearing that makes me want to cry…I heard that you had some influence in the design of them, isn’t that right?

Osano: There was one rod (Super Spiral Heart Rod) in particular she did. We were up late at night in a restaurant and she made the entire design there.

Takeuchi: That’s so nostalgic. Even though I’m no longer involved, I think the new stuff feels really authentic. I wanted the new designs to have a regal, beautiful image to them, and the designers have really come through on fulfilling my request.

Aya: So you want today’s children to have luxury, then.

Takeuchi: You know, there’s something I’ll never forget – I was talking to our manager at Bandai about pricing, and he said, “If we go with your plan, we’ll loose .04 of a yen”. When I think about that conversation now, I think he was talking about the price to manufacture the items in China, and how to keep the cost low, our managers used to negotiate to push the prices down by even just one yen. I was really shocked by that.

Aya: And to think that so many wonderful things came out of such negotiations. But still, all of the Sailor Moon items have a feminine elegance to them.

Takeuchi: It was impressive – there was a female manager at Bandai who kept saying, “The aura is really important”. What was this “aura” she kept talking about? I used to think to myself – maybe she means that it should be round. “Please make sure this has the right aura”, or “This aura here” – she used to talk about it all the time, “aura” was her keyword, and she did everything in her power to make sure it was in the items.

Aya: So the reason the Sailor Moon items are so magnificent is all thanks to this big important “aura”!

Takeuchi: When I made Sailor Moon I was in my 20s, and there were a lot of young female managers at Bandai too. I think the timing of us girls was perfect – in fact, it was long overdue for us to be involved in the industry. Nowadays there are series like “K-On!” that I think are really cute, and from what I understand there are a lot of women on the staff involved in that franchise. Women have a certain aesthetic sense, and I think their sensibilities are reflected in the products they make, which is something I’ve always wanted to see happen.

The Gods of the Goddess

Aya: Mrs. Takeuchi, I have a more personal question for you this time. I heard that before your debut as a manga artist, you used to draw original cell stills for fun…

Takeuchi: I won’t get too specific so I don’t give away my age, but, back when I was in high school I bought a “How to Draw Anime Cells” kit from an anime shop, and I used to draw with it a lot. I used to play hookey from school a lot to go to anime stores (laughs) I was a total nerd girl.

Aya: Can you share with us some of your favorite girls comics series?

Takeuchi: When I was in kindergarten, I had three cousins, all sisters, who lived next door who used to always show me their manga. I loved “Aim for the Ace!“, “Rose of Versailles“, “Haikara-san ga Tooru“, “Suna no Shiro“, and others – my cousins set the standard for what manga I got to read, but one that I really loved as a child was “Candy Candy” – I was entranced by it.

Aya: So you liked the stuff that was on the girlier-side.

Takeuchi: I really loved the difficult but dark works from the 1960s, especially those of Machiko Satonaka and Waki Yamato. After that, I loved the beautiful, dramatic work of Kimiko Uehara. I also loved the dream-like works of Chieko Hara and Yumiko Igarashi, those five women were like goddesses to me. And of course – Suzue Miuchi is my goddess too! I have all of her tankoubon releases. Her series “Glass Mask” is fantastic. I used to read it as a serialization, way too much, and it had a tremendous effect on me.

Aya: So even the goddess herself has gods of her own…

Takeuchi: Well you know, I wasn’t just interested in girls comics. I became absorbed in Yuki Hijiri‘s “Locke the Superman“. I loved it. It was one of the series that got me really interested in science fiction.

Aya: It certainly sounds like the essense of “Sailor Moon” came from a lot of places.

Takeuchi: Exactly. I also love the science fiction works of Leiji Matsumoto, and I read a bunch of the manga series by Moto Hagio and Keiko Takemiya! I love it even now. Those four are also like gods to me.

Aya: Hearing the goddess herself describe these works…it fills me with emotion.

Takeuchi: When I became an adult, I re-read the works of all the masters, the artwork and the stories were perfect, there weren’t any gaps in it. In those days, screentoning and GC wasn’t really used, and the works are still incredible. I’m embarassed at how shoddy my own work is by comparison. My scribbles aren’t the real thing. And to my fans, I have to say, I’m really terribly sorry about my lack of professionalism in that regard. I really apologize for how unsightly my manga is.

Aya: How can you say that about yourself!

Awake at 5 AM to Make Lunch

Aya: Do you have any hobbies these days?

Takeuchi: I still love clothes shopping, just like I did back in the day, but nowadays I shop online – it’s much cheaper and there’s so many cute things to choose from. Though to be honest, I don’t get to go shopping all that much, I rarely have any time.

Osano: Even though you wake up really early in the morning, right?

Takeuchi: Right. I wake up at 5 AM to make lunch for my kids every day…

Aya: The goddess makes people’s lunches?!

Takeuchi: Well, the kids have to have a proper lunch to eat, and that wouldn’t happen if I didn’t do it.

Aya: You’re kidding! Now I almost want to scold somebody about that! Anyway, about your kids, how are they doing…

Takeuchi: My son is in 6th grade now, and my daughter is 4 years old.

Aya: Have you shown your daughter Sailor Moon…?

Takeuchi: Only a little bit. It embarasses her. If she goes off to camp with say, a Sailor Moon back pack, then everyone points at her and says “Oh look, it’s Sailor Moon herself!” – even the teachers. (laughs)

Aya: I should think that running into Sailor Moon by chance would be romantic. Maybe they’re just jealous that she has the goddess herself as her Mama.

Takeuchi: Oh no, I’m sure that can’t be – I’m a pretty scary mom at home. (laughs) I always thought that when I became a parent someday, I’d raise my kids with a lot of freedom, that I wouldn’t be like my own parents were. Now that I think about it, I wish I were more like my own parents were, I catch myself saying “You can’t do that” “You can’t do that, either”, “No no no” all the time. I’m just a regular old mom after all (laughs)

Aya: It almost sounds like you’re scolding me now…


Sailor Moon Kanzenban + iPad Mini + Smart Phone Cases

Sailor Moon Kanzenban Manga

Sailor Moon Kanzenban Manga Flyer in Nakayoshi Magazine November 2013 Issue
click here for full size

This flyer, published in the November 2013 issue of Nakayoshi magazine, gives us more details regarding the Sailor Moon Kanzenban Manga release:

    1. Volumes 1 and 2 of the kanzenban (complete edition) of the Sailor Moon manga will be available for sale beginning in November 2013
    2. All of the covers will feature new art by Naoko Takeuchi
    3. All books will feature foil lame covers, and will have high quality French binding
    4. All color pages that were printed in the original serialization of the story will be included in this edition
    5. These will be printed on A5 size paper, so they are significantly larger than the original tankoubon edition
    6. Features digitally remastered artwork, all reviewed and approved by Naoko Takeuchi!
    7. The short stories will be republished in two volumes, but the order of the stories will be reshuffled
    8. The side-story Codename: Sailor V will also be included in the Kanzenban set
    9. Sets will include entry tickets for a 20th anniversary prize raffle!

No word yet on what they will cost or where we can order, but as soon as I have more information I’ll share it on Miss Dream :)

Sailor Moon iPad Mini Cases

Sailor Moon iPad Mini Cases

Retailing for 2100 yen (approximately $22 USD) there are four iPad mini cases to choose from: “Silhouette Pattern”, “Artemis and Luna”, “Item Icons”, and “Stained Glass”. These are being manufactured to order, so you will receive them roughly a month after ordering via Premium Bandai

Sailor Moon Smart Phone Cases Series 2

Sailor Moon Smart Phone Cases

Retailing for 2100 yen (approximately $22 USD), there are five smart phone designs to choose from for the following phone types: Xperia A, GALAXY S4, iPhone5/5s, iPhone5c, iPhone4/4S. These are being manufactured to order, so you will receive them roughly a month after ordering via Premium Bandai

S.H. Figuarts ZERO Sailor Moon + Gashapon Compacts

A little earlier than expected, but I couldn’t resist sharing some information about the latest two pieces of merchandise to be released in celebration of Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary this year ~

Transformation Compact Mirror Gashapon

Transformation Compact Mirror Gashapon

Available for pre-order through Premium Bandai, there are five transformation compact mirror gashapon to choose from:

  • Transformation Brooch
  • Crystal Star Brooch
  • Cosmic Heart Compact
  • Crisis Moon Compact
  • Chibimoon Compact

Each costs 300 yen, approximately $3 USD. If you live outside of Japan, you can pre-order the set at JList for $22 USD.

The flyer also mentions that the new anime is coming THIS winter, to be broadcast on NicoNico Douga, with theme music by Momoiro Clover Z!

S.H. Figuarts ZERO Sailor Moon

S.H. Figuarts ZERO Sailor Moon

This 1/8th scale PVC figure is based off of the VOLKS line from the 1990s, when Sailor Moon reached the height of its popularity. Unlike the other line of figurines in the S.H. Figurarts series, ZERO Sailor Moon is not poseable. This is available for pre-order at S.H. Figuarts for a retail price of 8800 yen (roughly $90 USD). If you live outside of Japan, you can pre-order it for $110 at JList.