Naoko Takeuchi special page online, Nakayoshi 2005 & 2006 Issues

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! It sure has been a crazy last week, with all of the events surrounding the new Sailor Moon musical, including a couple of new songs being revealed and performed! It was also a very special moment when we had finally finished posted Toki Meca, effectively finishing all of the major works of Naoko Takeuchi! We will certainly be trying to obtain any of her smaller works as well as continue our quest to provide all of the different versions of her major works for our raws section, but today is not about that (though progress in the wars will be had). To help celebrate our completion of her works, Elly has put together a very special Naoko Takeuchi page, which can be seen by clicking on the picture below:

Naoko Takeuchi

In this page, Elly has gone through and put a detailed look at Naoko Takeuchi’s life and works in a timeline. This page also details a lot of the influences that Naoko Takeuchi had in fashion, art, figure skating, and more, when she had created all the works that we know and love. This is a very good compilation she had put together that we hope you enjoy! =)

Nakayoshi January 2006
Nakayoshi January 2006
We also continue Nakayoshi Rush this week, posting online a few issues in 2005, and the first quarter of 2006. Yes, we have upped this week’s posting to include SEVEN issues. Nakayoshi magazine is a famous publication in Japan which has featured shoujo manga for many decades. Sailor Moon is one of many franchises that was featured in this magazine. News relating to any franchises serialized in Nakayoshi is usually posted within the magazine as well. While there are no Sailor Moon chapters in the Nakayoshi magazine 2002 issues, Naoko Takeuchi’s story, Toki Meca, is in many of today’s posted issues! These issues also contain chapters of other popular shoujo series including Nakayoshi’s Disney Princess comic! Fans of Disney and shoujo manga will be very pleased with these finds now online!
Nakayoshi February 2005
Nakayoshi February 2005
Nakayoshi April 2005
Nakayoshi April 2005
Nakayoshi November 2005
Nakayoshi November 2005
Nakayoshi February 2006
Nakayoshi February 2006
Nakayoshi March 2006
Nakayoshi March 2006
Nakayoshi April 2006
Nakayoshi April 2006

As mentioned last week, we are currently lacking the May 2006 issue which contains the final chapter of Toki Meca. If anyone knows or can assist with us obtaining this issue so we can do our own raws just as for everything else, it would be greatly appreciated.

That is everything for this week. Normally here at the end, I would give a preview of what to expect next week, however today finishes the schedule that I had made months ago! While great to see, I am still in the early stages of planning out the next few months of updates on top of news as it happens. At the very least, Nakayoshi August 2013 will be up next week, and I do have a pool of options that I will be exploring in the next couple of days. I definitely anticipate more promotion of the new musical, only weeks away! Also, the new ROLa Magazine will be out, so you can look forward to the next part of the Naoko Takeuchi interview not long after we get that (which no, I don’t know exactly when that is yet)! It is definitely an exciting time, and we hope you’ve been enjoying everything we’ve been doing to keep up! Enjoy the Naoko Takeuchi section along with today’s downloads and we hope to see you again soon! =D

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon La Reconquista – Animelo Live Event

Hey guys, this is James!

Some of you may be aware there was a big event in Japan about eight hours ago. It was part of the Flag Nine Animelo Summer Live event. A lot of great stuff happened, but most importantly to us Sailor Moon fans, a huge show from the five actresses playing the Sailor Guardians in the new musical La Reconquista!

I worked up a translation of the second song “We Are the Pretty Guardians” as fast as I could so we could put that up for you all, hope you enjoyed it! But now I’ve completed the entire event, and have it ready for your enjoyment! Normally I ask Elly and Dan take care of the business end of making the DDLs Torrents, News Posts etc. but seeing as they’re both dead asleep and I’m still hopped up on Red Bull and a sense of accomplishment, I thought I’d take care of that for them!

direct download | torrent
So there you have it! I’m sure Elly and Dan will have my head for making an ugly site update, but I wanted to get it to you guys asap!

Hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed translating!

We Are the Pretty Guardians

We’ve got an English translation of the brand new Sera Myu musical song “We are the Pretty Guardians” online for your viewing pleasure!

[hana-flv-player video=”/We are the Pretty Guardians.flv”
autoload=”true” autoplay=”false”
loop=”false” autorewind=”true”

Check it out: We Are the Pretty Guardians

Sera Myu La Reconquista Performance at Animelo Summer Live 2013

This will be streamed on Niconico for premium account holders, of which we do have an account. We’ll be streaming the event on this page, and live translating it via twitter. Read along with the live twitter feed, and chat with other Sailor Moon fans in the chat below!

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Sailor Moon 2013 Merchandise Update – Eyeliner, Stickers, Cups, and Smart Phone Character Pins!

A big update was made today on Sailor Moon Channel, featuring lots of new Sailor Moon 2013 merchandise! Let’s jump right in with the details:

eyeliner01 eyeliner02

First up is a new line of Sailor Moon Miracle Romance eyeliners, made by Premium Bandai’s “Creer Beaute” line. These Sailor Moon 2013 Merchandise items are series three in the line of Creer Beaute’s Sailor Moon Miracle Romance set. They will be available for sale beginning September 26th, and will be available in five colors: black, brown, blue, white, and red. All colors except black and blue will feature shimmer glitter in the eyeliner itself. These are set to be on sale in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore simultaneously – so it looks like the line of Sailor Moon cosmetics is gaining international attention, and is at least spreading throughout Asia quickly! From left to right, the first four eyeliners are retailing for 1260 yen (~$13 USD) and the last one which is the white highlighter is retailing for 945 yen (~$10 USD) – so these are to date the least expensive of the Miracle Romance cosmetics set!




Next up are these adorable plastic cups! They are being sold by a company called Hasepro, and are currently scheduled to go on sale in late September. There will be three designs – one featuring Sailor Moon and the outer soldiers, one featuring the inner soldiers with Luna and Artemis, and another with a pattern of Sailor Moon’s items. Similar “melanine” cups are retailing on the popular site for around ~680 yen (roughly $7 USD) so these will likely also be pretty cheap. Stay tuned!



Perfect for any smart phone owner are these adorable “character pin” charms! They attach to the bottom of your cell phone or .mp3 player for a cute decoration. They will be released in two designs: Luna and Usagi’s Transformation Brooch. They will be manufactured by Gourmandise, Inc.,  and are scheduled to go on sale in early October!


Last up are these two sticker sheets! There are two design sets available – on featuring Sailor Moon and the inner soldiers with their planetary symbols, and the other featuring Princess Serenity, Chibimoon, and the outer sailor soldiers. They will be manufactured by Gourmandise, Inc.,  and are scheduled to go on sale in late September!

Looks like the folks running Sailor Moon Channel have been very busy updating with pictures of the upcoming Sailor Moon 2013 Merchandise, but there’s very little information about final release dates, if these items will be on sale in stores, etc. Right now it looks like the only items you can definitely pre-order are the S.H. Figurarts Items and the Premium Bandai Creer Beaute items, and even then you have to live in Japan to get those items.

Some specialty retailers like have been beginning to carry the Sailor Moon 2013 Merchandise, but the markup on the items is very high and international shipping is expensive. There are no final “for sale” dates for anything yet, which is frustrating. Stay tuned Moonies! Hopefully we’ll have more information for you soon. :)