Miss Dream Monday-September 10

Hey there Miss Dreamers!

We’ve got three items for you in today’s update.

First off we have the Comickers 1995 Summer Issue, found here. This seasonal magazine features interviews with the creators of popular series. The issue we have here, from the summer of 1995, has an interview with Naoko Takeuchi. There is a photograph of Naoko, illustrations from both the manga and the artbooks, and a number of interview Q&A’s, which we hope to have translated in the near future.

The second item in todays update is “5 jin no PUROJIN / AMAJIN Hen,” or “Exhibition of Five Amateurs Turned Professional.” The segment on Naoko has a brief commentary, and a number of images from the Sailor Moon artbooks. This can be downloaded over here.

Finally, we have Nakayoshi Anime Album Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Classic Volume 2. (Wow, that’s a mouthful.) This last download is right here.

Have a good week, fellow Moonies!

Miss Dream Monday – September 3

Hello Miss Dreamers! Tonight’s raws update includes something many of you have been requesting for quite some time now. The entirety of PQ Angels! Tonight’s update is six full issues of Nakayoshi magazine, spanning the second half of 1997.

Nakayoshi July 1997
Nakayoshi August 1997
Nakayoshi September 1997
Nakayoshi October 1997
Nakayoshi November 1997
Nakayoshi December 1997

If you’re looking just to get the issues that include PQ Angels, these are in September – December, each containing one chapter. While the summer issues do not contain any work by Naoko Takeuchi, there’s still plenty of raw series to enjoy, including chapters of Card Captor Sakura!

Please note these archives are quite a bit bigger than normal, I have made some tweaks to reduce the chance of timeouts in downloading however would still recommend only one be downloaded at a time. Torrents will follow later this week for these archives, and many more torrents for other downloads will be created through the month. We’ve also been doing some cleanup around sections of the site for easier navigation, where work will continue on this throughout the week.

We’ve been processing many more scans for the upcoming weeks for y’all to look forward to! Also, work has continued for getting translated versions of Naoko Takeuchi’s non-SM series posted, where at least one book should be up by the end of the month! PGSM postings shall continue as normal, there’s a lot of activity planned! Interesting stat, when poking around, it looks like by next week, we should hit 200GB of content! Amazing! Thank you all for your support as we near this milestone, and here’s to many more gigs of content to be added in the future! ^_^

PGSM Act 28 + DJ Moon 3

Happy Toku Thursday! Ready for your viewing pleasure is Act 28 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

Things are heating up!

direct download | torrent

We’ve also finished work on DJ Moon 3, a joint project with Sailor Moon German who is releasing a German language version of PGSM. We did the translation for our joint DJ Moon releases, and I think they’re pretty nifty! Here’s the third album:

[SMG & MD] DJ Moon 3 download

We’re finally (mostly) unpacked from our move and back on track with our updates. Stay tuned!