Miss Dream Monday–August 13

Happy Miss Dream Monday!

We’ve got the final three volumes of the Sailor Moon animanga, which covers the end of the SuperS arc of the anime.


  1. Volume 4
  2. Volume 5
  3. Volume 6

Unfortunately, Nakayoshi never released an animanga for the Stars season, so this is it for the animanga project.

With this update, we are now finished with the release of the Nakayoshi Animanga. That said, we are currently running low on projects to release. Elly has some magazines on order that should arrive later this month, but at the moment? We don’t have any large projects lined up.

We’ll still be releasing PGSM for Toku Thursdays,=, but our print releases may slow down for the near future.

Thank you for your continued support!

LEAKED Sailormoon.co.jp Page + Translation!

Thanks to reader RZ, we were able to obtain an advanced copy of a page going up on Sailor Moon.channel.or.jp – the brand new COMMUNITY page!

english | JPN

In the near future, the “Sailor Moon Channel” page will be accepting fan notes of encouragement to Naoko Takeuchi to celebrate and congratulate her on 20 years of Sailor Moon. Sending pictures and fan art is HIGHLY encouraged, and it seems as though some submissions will be printed in some publications promoting the 20th year anniversary of the series!

Just wanted to post this up today since it’s new information – we’ll see you back here tomorrow for more animanga raws and PGSM! Have a great day!


The Miss Dream headquarters is moving location – and in order to downsize the amount of stuff we have in our humble abode, we are holding an online garage sale!

Payment is accepted via Paypal. All items are on a first-come, first serve basis.
Whoever pays first is “first come”

Price of shipping is not included in the cost of each individual item.
I will combine shipping for the purchase of multiple items.
Shipping will be USPS Media Mail unless otherwise specified.

Comment below to buy items!
Prices are negotiable.
Paypal address: [email protected] for payment!
Otherwise, I will send the items to the next waiting offer!


Love Hina Kodansha BILINGUAL comics vol 1 – $2
Card Captor Sakura Kodansha BILINGUAL comics vol 4 – $2 SOLD
Saint Tail Tokyopop – $5
Onegai Teacher Volume 1 – $2
Onegai Teacher Volume 2 – $2

Magic Knight Rayearth Volume 2 Complete Box Set Tokyopop – $10 SOLD
Sailor Moon SuperS Volume 2 DEBOUND – $1 SOLD

Sailor Moon S Pioneer Signature Series: volumes 1, 3, and 5 – $5 each; all three for $10 SOLD
Akira: $3
Cardcaptors: The Movie – $3 SOLD
Tenchi: The Movie 2 – $3 SOLD
Super Mario Super Show: $1
Z.O.E. – $1 each – all four for $3 – SOLD

Kare Kano Volume 1 – $3
Love Hina Volume 1 – $3
Marmalade Boy vols 3 & 4 – $3 each or both for $5 SOLD
Yotsuba 1-4 – $3 each or the entire set for $10