Chix Comics Complete Set Online!

Hello Miss Dreamers! Welcome to a special edition of Monday Night Raws! This week, instead of starting a trickling posting over a period of time, we’ve decided to do a giant posting. Tonight, we complete our Chix Comics section! In the late 1990s, Tokyopop released individual chapters of Sailor Moon under their Chix Comics line. There were 35 issues in all, which we had only a handful up previously. The full set is available for your viewing and/or downloading pleasure, as individual volumes, and we’ve made a bulk download torrent available as well! Enjoy!

Love Witch Finished

Happy Miss Dream Monday, late edition! We finish up our release of Love Witch with chapter 3 now posted online. This was a fun story to prepare, and we’re sad that it didn’t continue beyond this point. For our Monday Night Raws contribution, we continue our postings of Nakayoshi magazines from 1996, posting up issues from the months of August and September. Each issue contains a chapter from the Stars arc of Sailor Moon, as well as many other great stories from the mid-90s!

That’s all for this week. Next week, we’ll be able to put up the nifty curveball I was planning to a couple of weeks ago. It will be a nice break from the norm, and is definitely fully ready at this point. Enjoy today’s offerings and see you next week!

Love Witch Continues

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! While it might be April Fool’s Day, we are not pulling any prank and are just going as normal with our postings. Today, we continue through Love Witch, with the posting of chapter 2! This is a fun story, and we hope y’all stick around as we go through it all! As we have entered a new month, our Monday Night Raws posting is the recent March 2013 issue of Nakayoshi magazine! Keep up with current stories as we post up these new issues! That’s all we have this week, be sure to come back next week as we continue Love Witch and have more raws for your enjoyment. See you then!

Love Witch Scanlation Start

Happy Miss Dream Monday everyone! I know I promised a big curveball this week, however a couple roadblocks came into play so that will have to wait for the time being. Because of this, we will now start posting our scanlation of Love Witch! Online today is chapter 1 of this story, which was only published in Nakayoshi magazine throughout 2002. We’ll be going through this whole story as time passes, please enjoy this first chapter!

For our Monday Night Raws offering, we are NOT posting a Nakayoshi magazine (so I guess there is a bit of a curveball this week =P ). Instead, we are putting online Animerica Magazine Volume 6.11. This magazine posted news of anime and manga throughout the 1990s, where this issue in particular features Sailor Moon!

That’s all we have this week. Sometime in April, we intend to have another Miss Dream Garage Sale! We will be selling off most of our unbound collections that have been used to make what we have here on Miss Dream. We are hoping to have this ready within the next couple of weeks, if you are interested in this start saving now! Next week, we will continue our scanlation of Love Witch, and with it being the first Monday of a new month, I’m sure y’all can guess what our raws contribution will be. Enjoy this week’s postings and see you next week!

Edit 3/26/13: Added raws for Love Witch chapter 1, chapter 2, and chapter 3! Thanks to IttyFox6 for the heads up! :)

Special Doujin by Naoko & Yoshihiro

Happy Monday Miss Dreamers! As we prep our next scanlation projects, we have some special plans in store. Today is a nifty offering, in the form of the 1998 Declaration of Rehabilitation by Naoko Takeuchi and Yoshihiro Togashi. This is a fun Q&A session by the couple, give everyone a fun look at their personal lives in the late 90s. Today’s raw offerings are more Nakayoshi magazines. June 1996 continues on with the Sailor Moon story, where as January 2001 helps fill the gaps of that particular year. Both issues are certainly packed with lots of fun! Next week will be a pretty nice curveball in postings, we’ll see you again then! Enjoy!